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maria 6d
I said once
that you can't brake me anymore
and then
I let you
play me
and again
Written on November 22, 2021
I Remember, I was twelve.
It was the first time I stayed up the whole night.
Not because I could but because I wanted to.
Also because my friend said I couldn't.
Curled with a book, stifling yawn after yawn.
I watched the sun rise
So elated. So naive.
Afterall who'd willingly pass up on sleep if not a child.

I remember I was twelve
Escaping sweet clutches of sleep.
Six years later I lay in bed,
Struggling to call the sleep pushed away.
Staring aimlessly, frustrated, screaming into a pillow holding it tightly.
6:40am IST
My eyes sting and relentless tears stream from them falling like caresses on my cheek.
I twist, I turn.
I try and try some more,
Then slowly succumb to boredom,
Seeking the sleep I hid from.
I m not sure if this is a poem.
maria Jul 7
never thought of forgiving someone for something like this,
yet you're making me lose every breath
Mark Wanless Apr 28
so everyone
is an idiot and so
am i i love us
karly codr Jan 16
sits in the middle of the table
my brother is being an idiot
and just to let you know
shub, feety, qib, and yeet
are not valid words
***** atmosphere
Lame excuses
Long forgotten

Is it so?

I am weak


Do I
karly codr Dec 2020
you know what the worst things is???
when you are so stressed to the point of tears
and there are those four people in one class
that just make you so angry
that you want to slam your head against a wall.

But there are those two people
that know that there's something wrong
and make sure that you're okay.
And that's the point that pushes you to the edge,
and you burst into tears
but they let you cry because
that's what friends should do.
JoyAndPain Nov 2020
my brain is dead.
i cant think straight
my head is blank.
i cant do stuff.

i am an idiot sometimes.
what have i done?
why did i eat that
gross almond joy?

i dont like almond joys.
"Egypt will blow up
The Grand Ethiopian
Renaissance Dam!
Ethiopia ,a symbol
of Pan Africanism,
Could forget
Its development map,
For Egypt will help
Carry on colonial legacy
In to the future,"
So  did
A verbal dosido
The ill-famed abuser.

"We dote on Egypt,
Terror sowing
In Ethiopia.
Ironically a terrorist
My self
I will strike out
Sudan from terrorist
If it sides Egypt
This is my edict!"
Trump’s Verbal D0-si-dos  

“Ethiopia is a country that navigated the tide of time with a firm belief on God the Almighty as well as the unity and perseverance of its people. Though some tried to dictate to it too much giving it too little it never relied on such quarters. It always relies on it children who are alacritous to see to its dictates scarifying their lives.
It is God the Almighty that created Ethiopia. And it is its children that built it. Because of the sacrifices its children made Ethiopia had made history that astounded the world. There were allies that stood by its side when it made such golden history.  On the contrary, there were others that stabbed it in the back. Ethiopia is no stranger to such unfolding.”
This is an excerpt from the statement released by the Prime Minister Office of Ethiopia concerning the unbefitting statement or verbal Do-si-dos president trump made on the GERD.
True, Ethiopia had been a lone runner in its fight for God-bestowed freedom and struggle for economic liberation. We very well know what the response we got upon lodging our complaint to the League of Nation when Italy, using banned poisonous gas, tried to occupy Ethiopia.
Ethiopia did try to make clear the blatant aggression was inimical not only to Ethiopia but also to the world at large.
In defending its sovereignty Ethiopia didn’t sit hands crossed for want of allies. It rather mounted a guerilla fight to dislodged occupants. Vesting hopes on God the Almighty, the greatest Judge, and cognizant that a justice cause at long last will triumph forefathers had shed their blood for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.
It must be known that Ethiopians never ever compromise their sovereignty. trump’s attempt to Twist Ethiopia’s arm with financial aid shows his ignorance about Ethiopia and world history.
As Ethiopia single handedly become a beacon of freedom to the world emerging triumphant on the battle of Adwa, nowadays fighting off the injustices on the use of the Blue Nile and actualizing the dam e Ethiopia in an equitable manner will once more turn out to be an emblem of economic deliverance based on self-reliance and faith in Almighty God.
Ethiopia has launched the GERD project pooling internal resources and using its own experts precluding donors who may pull strings by the virtue of their financial aid. Ethiopians exhibiting no difference along ethnic and religious lines are supporting the dam.
It is only for development and development only Ethiopia wants to use the river so as to break away from fettering poverty. Innumerable Ethiopian mothers carry firewood to prepare foods choking with smokes. They have many mouths to feed. Recent studies reveal that almost 67% percent Ethiopians lose their life every year owing to this reason. This sad episode takes place in Ethiopia famed for being the water tower of east Africa.
Based on the aforementioned fact any right-minded person will certainly pat on the back Ethiopia’s move to materialize hydropower Dam over Blue Nile.
trumph’s statement that the dam will holdback the water signifies his blind spot regarding hydropower dam. He should have reflected very recently Sudan and Egypt were inundated by flood .
In his statement “Egypt will blow up the dam!” he did not only attempt to disrespect Ethiopia’s sovereignty but also that of Egypt because he saw the latter as a remote control that can’t stand on its own feet.
His uncouth speech was also divorced from diplomatic norms and international water law. It also means lower riparian countries could blow up upper riparian countries’ hydropower dam say for instance Hover Dam. He did not realize that his speech could backfire. If the international water law is to be rewritten there must not be a preferential treatment.
The speech he made while an African solution is being sought for the dispute shows he had also infringed on the right of Africa.
Though his speech is  beingslammed from every corner let us wind up with two stunting comments one from an Economics professor(on ETV) and another from a small kid on u-tube(Ustaze Jemal Beshir) respectively.
“It is a pity that a great nation has a little (a mentally dwarf) leader!”
“Must Ethiopian mothers  be deprived of light and electricity? Such speech is unexpected of a grownup/”

The imbecile president that is a disgrace to America. Read the feedback from the link
Sophia Sep 2020
I just saw some idiot
Put a water bottle
In the pringles
Holder by the treadmill
In the gym.
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