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Idiot's abound in geniusy
Intelligence fun and kind
Aren't we
Though they see us dancing
Do they see my machinery
A fool is a tool
A genius is an idiot
For what life may be bring
Who cares lets have fun
Hit it.....
Make a song

That's what i like to do
Nothing wrong with that.

April 12 2019
Roses are red, Violets- a somber hue, my love is dead... "How?", you might ask.. Well.. He tripped and fell head over heels for you. Leaving me feeling quite blue.
I mean I never was dumped.... I was the one to dump... only because most of ex's didn't have any likeings to me anymore. When I was little a friend of mine said that the boy I liked was cheating on me with like fifteen other girls. I never listened...  This one guy and I were together since I was seven. I decided to secretly break up with him after a few years because of his abusive actions. I hardly got to see him so I couldn't get time to break up... After seeing him for the last time.. I told him that I was breaking up with him, he responded saying, "I forgot all about you.. I have a girl now.." .. And his friend kept on asking me why I broke up with him... (he was also there) I said, "First of all I haven't seen him in two years, he forgot about me, and now has another girl." .. His friend kept on asking though.... I guess I never truely loved him anyways..
Viridian Mar 24
There isn't really much of a poem
Just a couple of lines or so that depict how ****** I feel, how weak I am, and how naïve I've become
To be used, chewed, and spat back out
Given to another to have it done all over again
How did that saying go?
Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, thrice is a pattern?
Well, let's hope a third doesn't appear.
It's bad enough I was used as sloppy seconds.
I suppose some apples don't fall too far from the trees they surround themselves with.
Some things aren't sad
They aren't painful or grievous
Perhaps they're just ******
Like, it's baffling to even admit
How could something so idiotic...
Just slip past your senses?
The Labour Party is made of spam
They are communists and are as smart as Pam
They l spend and spend more and more
Until the U.K is poor

Jeremy Corbyn is mad
He is very sad
He is made of trash
Just like an annoying ****
That is why I think the Labour party is *******
MMMM            MMMM
Where Shelter Feb 20
~for Allison~

she loves your poetry,
ok you think,
cause you just love her his-stories of her/here life,
the children, the musician, nominate her as daughter,
her poetry and her yay’s spontane-us,
we are fan fanatical
of each other

and she describes us perfectly -

“So I am an idiot standing in a sad storm of letters that are unrelenting”

ok you think,
not bad, for surely
only the most precious things in life are

Johnny walker Feb 16
Close my eyes shut out what don't want to see
very easy for me to do these days so much In
this life, I don't want to
see any more

Watching this Idiot government destroying our country cruelty beyond believe against
the vulnerable of our society they are
gutless absolutely no feelings toward the poor
of this country

Just hope and pray I live long enough to see them fall as surely they will but
best of all this the town I live the council Is going to ***** a statue of Margret Thatcher

I'm sure the poor of this town to which are many will be so grateful when they have been to the food bank to try and get food to feed starving there, kids

They will be able to view this wonderful bronze statue of
Margaret Thatcher the milk snatcher who created poll tax who single handed destroyed the working class

Of this once great country for It's they who In nine years have devastated and bought to Its knees the poor of this country God bless all those that deserve so much better

In life than this so-called government of complete Idiots will ever give them Heaven help us all
God help us all save from this Idiot government would be better of running a circus
Elizabeth Feb 7
Love is a funny game,
And I am just a little insane,
Always losing,
But I play it anyway,
I’ts such a shame.
Matthew Jan 13
He was someone who was thrown into the bland beige walls of his “school”
Interminable hours spent staring at the shining blue beyond his reach...
Only to be comforted by the violent wisps streaming from his parents mouths puncturing his heart
His vacant black mind only able to realize that he couldn’t
Reach that blue
He could stare at its inviting villas
But never be….

Until one day he took one of those many knives
From the drawer and his heart
And ran over to the blue
Piercing his soul with all those words
Painting over the lovely blue with his deepest red
And before he closed his eyes he could hear the bluebirds and cardinals sing
Yet another old poem of mine
Matthew Jan 13
Do you ever want to be naive?
Yearn to be in those moments when you were foolish
Before knowledge tainted our innocence
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