c 3d
I worry that
I may be
An electron.

The negative charges
Are building beneath
The shield that I choose
To call my ribcage,
Painting my lungs blue
And weighing it
With my mistakes.

I cannot exist alone,
All too willing
To give myself away
To anything that somehow
Makes me feel whole.

I’m sorry
I couldn’t tell you sooner,
But to me
You’re so much more
Than science.
exist 4d
it’s hard to have a positive outlook on the future with depression
when that’s what i feel all the time
just. keep. going.
I fell in love with the moment and I thought I was in love with the girl.
Astral Jan 8
Take a step back,
I bet at one point
You never thought you'd get to where you are
Right now,
Whether its good,
Or bad,
That means you've already moved in life,
So just keep moving.
Omni Winters Jan 2
The storms of negativity in my mind would pierce
through my brain every day.
I thought to myself,
“What if the negativity could be erased?”  
  I was a bird in a bird’s cage.

Depression was the worst.
The days brought darkness to my once happy days, and welcomed me with a demon.
Depression once brought down the joy I had.
I could feel the shadows as they swallowed my fragile heart,  tearing away at all the positive thoughts and joy I had left.
“Congratulations, you’ve won."
Little did I know, I would see life’s light and love again.

This demon dragged me away from all the good I had.  
Thump, thump, thump..
  I heard it get louder every passing second.
Thump, thump, thump.  
My heart was a ticking time bomb, hoping for some mercy from the dastardly demon.
I thought it was only a matter of time for life’s consequences to play its role in my play’s tragedy.

The days as a demon’s prisoner are gone.
I thought of all the new, positive blessings life gave me
months after the demon was defeated.

It was then, in between the dancing trees and through the
wind’s  touch that  I’d finally come to truth with what was
  past and present.

© 2018 Omni Winters
December 16th, 2018
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
The Musketeer

People don’t want to hear negative truth,
Even when they say they do.
If I told you of my life,
You would disappear out of sight.
You only want to see smiling faces;
You don’t want to hear I have no light.

Bury me with good intentions.
Say cheer up to bring me down.
You want my love? You cannot have it.
You have not earned anything from me but a frown.

My face a portrait picture;
The eyes occasionally move.
I only look up from my despair,
So that I can see right through you.
All I see is no reflection of me.
Such empathy, such apathy.
Why does nobody feel like me?

I relate to all, only through things I saw.
There is no love for me anymore.
All you say contains no truth.
I am broken, beaten, used.

If I fall for you, I will fall alone,
Because you are already lost without your phone.
All I own could never buy your attention,
So endlessly I fail to mention.
There was a time I stood for you only;
That time has passed because you never secured me.

So at long last the time has passed,
I am standing alone at an impasse.
None shall pass, goodbye I’m leaving,
For I still protect my every feeling,
By saying naught of my ten thousand thoughts,
That I wish I had said before I left.
Now not one negative word will ever be said,
About the idea which I protect.

The lies have been said and I have faced death;
Stared right down the barrel into nothingness.
With my last dying breath,
I will hope to somehow see love again.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Dec 2018
Here I am

I am a stone and I am crashing through my own window;
Where I will end up, nobody knows.
I am sure to never become a sure thing;
I doubt I will ever find a path to leave you to your wondering's.

As I scream through the air like a banshee at night,
My words fall apart in front of your eyes.
I know a fool when I see one in the mirror;
My vision of love has become so unclear.
Next to you but without you, I stand here all alone.
Sit peacefully with me in these times of madness,
So when I fall I can hold my clone.

I have no ready-made rhymes written within my mind,
But still I drag these lines from deep down inside.
Just broken thoughts, on broken lines;
Broken hearts see all the signs.
A broken clock, my heart it dies;
Only twice in a lifetime will it tell the right time.

Until we are forever herein and going there,
We are always nothing, forever nowhere.
Nothing and no-one;
No-one, so gone.
I was loved once; will there be time for another someone?

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Megan Dec 2018
The only thing you understand is...

is that I have talent
that i'm good at drawing
But you say

you say to use it in a different way
Well what is different to you
because I sure don't know

You don't understand why I draw
but here is the thing
I don't see my drawings as dark
as negative
as  gruesome

I see it as apart of me
something that I cannot do

You said:
  rip out the negative

I heard:
tear yourself apart

It may seem silly
"it's just a journal"
But my "it's just a" journal
is so much more

I love it
Megan Dec 2018
you don't understand
you two see it as a negative
you see it's dark
I see it as art

I don't get how it is negative
I cannot draw and just
keep my mouth closed

You don't understand how this
helps me
makes me;

You did not ask
You told me:
  Go rip out all the negative
  and if you can't figure it out
  come back and I'll show you

You asked me something that
you don't know it...
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