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Good and bad are always housed
Under the same roof
It all depends
On who you make your bedmate
PM Oct 14
some thoughts...
As I sit here, I'm thinking why. Why try so hard when the world is working against you. When I finally feel like a can breathe and that I have reached the surface of what is the sea of such a cruel world I'm pulled back down by this current. This current of negativity, currents that are trying to pull me deeper and deeper into the unknown. But even knowing that once I reach the surface once again another current will try to pull me down. I fight to reach that surface because I know that what waits for me in the unknown is much scarier and worse than the constant struggle of life. But I cannot help to think what if, what if all this fight is not worth it, what if the unknown is not as bad as we might think, what if we just let go. Would it really be that bad?
tia Oct 4
***** feelings
a sudden need to disappear
let me exist in your heart
but never in your mind
love me and forget me
unoticed and intoxicated
I push everyone away
with closed eyes
and an uneasy state
let the day disappear
into the dark night sky
Ces Sep 25
The optimist's naivete
is his fuel for living
I dare say relinquish such notions
of fairylands and Peter Pans
For the negative has truth
in itself
and there is beauty still
in a world of cruelty.
Laiba Sep 15
The cut across my skin felt like a broken heart shattered across a million times.

Life is hard...
You just gotta do it.
Relapsed today. Feel like I have no worth
William Marr Sep 6
Beating gongs and drums

they celebrate light
in a world
where black
is white
Don’t want to hear
Them anymore
Whispering of bad odes,
Crushing the positive oath
To live healthy,
Away from all the
Evil belonging,
Follow me
Everywhere I go,
Persuading to lead
The old road,
Self destruction, oblivion
To self love,
Chiming vile verses
Demons lurking
To abduct
My trust
Not free falling,
Old chains rattling
My nerves,
Don’t want to hear
Them anymore
Whispering of bad odes

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Vkcy Aug 19
I stack up my Jenga blocks,
As if I am trying to pull out my negativity
and pile it up higher to build a happiness tower
Piece by piece, with much care and patience
However, on the 998th level
A shaky heart has made Jenga tumbled down to the bottom.
Ginger R Aug 7
Please give me something sweet
Something nice
There's not much of that in my life

I hope for the positive
Only do the negative
It's nice to see flowers untainted
(This was in my drafts. The date on this was Aug. 2019. kinda seems finished though and I like it so I'm posting it)
Kyle Jul 17
I'm tired of crying every night
I'm tired of being in pain
I'm tired of getting mood swings and having unstable emotions
I'm tired of being scared and lonely
I'm tired of having negative thoughts
I'm tired of being unhappy
I'm tired of hiding my pain
I'm tired of fighting this pain
I'm tired of being like this
I'm tired of everything
I'm tired of being tired
I just want to end this
I'm really tired
Why won't this go away?
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