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Hastfan Dec 2020
I sit there
Cold as ice
Watching all move

My mind fast
Body still
Rhythm beat
My sense of will

I stand there
Watching all
Dance and sing
I’ve yet to breathe

This girl is beauty
Moves with grace
She sees right through me
My disgrace

All in all
Your gentle touch
Lost on me
My cold is rough

For I chase
A fox through trot
All it means
I’m better off

If I caught you
Red fur gleaming
I’d let you go
For I’m not hungry

And my vanity
Holds no place
For your tail
I respect your wit  

You’re not alone
Girls I loved
Can never warm
My heart enough

I sit still
In crowds are moving
Wandering why
My hands hold feeling

I can’t bear
The weight of talking
Yours is power
Mine is fleeting

For red fur
No matter what
Still belongs
To the fox
Why do I always feel out of place ?
I close my eyes and try to hide the way I feel.
The pain
The loss
You are traveling back to Australia.
To far to think about it .

I  *couldn't
even if I wanted to .
I wish I could.
But I can't
I will just have to say goodbye.
The time .
Get togethers
Just one thing my brother was excluded
To me that was painful
That makes me feel so sad.
Mental health there is a stigma
Everyone is afraid .
Not  brave enough to confront it .
Sweep it under a nice carpet.
Sara Kellie Jul 2018
If I can't be your Daughter,
then I won't be your son.
Forget the shame and
just move on.
The next time you won't see me
I'll be wearing a skirt
and not doing just to please you
would just hurt.

By letting you go there's
nothing I lose,
I care not what you think,
nor of your views.
You should've known anyway,
"A Mother knows" or so they say.
You've run out of time,
I won't wait anymore.
So go and tell that to
the other four.

In fact they too are to leave me alone,
don't knock on my door
and don't try to phone.
You've ignored me too long and
in that time I've grown.
In fact, you've taught me
how to live alone.
The Woman I am has no
fear anymore.
Now walk straight through it,
I'm showing you the door.

Poetry by Kaydee.
As comfortable as it might make you.
I don't have bird flu, I'm not bi-polar,
and I don't have ebola.
I'm a transgender woman and
have been since 14.
Anya Jul 2018
I sit there alone;
in my cozy corner
nose buried deep in a book
But eyes occasionally peeping out,
to watch as they play;
it’s joyful faces;
far away.
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
I hate god
He devises strategies to invade
His' home and haven

Weakness being the sole characteristic of son
Constant is the spirit
Strengthening his' decedent onslaught

I cannot win
The Kingdom has come
Without any rain

Holding a crown of stone
Encased in gold
Lined with silver

I have no choice
But to worship
The tyrant who controls bold seduction
Calen C Bunn Jr Jan 2018
He was a profound *******
speaking things that he believed
Believing the things that he conceived
Conceiving the things that he had dreamed
But the things that he had dreamed didn't match with reality
The things that he conceived didn't scratch actuality
The things that he believed could only latch with a fallacy
And what he spoke was plastered
Another from my song books, this is my first (and probably will be my only) rap verse i ever made
Calen C Bunn Jr Jan 2018
Taking anything to make his mind numb
Because he can't stand the way they are
numbing everything to feel dumb
Because he wants to be just like they are
I write a lot of lyrics and this is just a little something from my songbook
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