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Rosie Oct 12
Our relationship is built with role-plays and fore-plays,
You ask me to be someone I find hard to portray,
Sadly, I still do it for I want you to stay,
But I am not just some actress leading in your stage play.
Erase my face from your page
Edit me out of the life you portray
But the pictures of you left
Baby I took them

I watched your life up close
Sat on the front row
Never thought I'd just be
Your photographer

I used to be the spark
I used to steal your heart
You were a flash so bright
When life got dark

I used to be your moon
Your sunset too
Would've spent my life
Making you see how I see you

Now my only role
Now my only role
Now my only role
Was your photographer
Keep Up
by Michael R. Burch

Keep Up.
Daddy, I’m walking as fast as I can;
I’ll move much faster when I’m a man . . .

Time unwinds
as the heart reels,
as cares and loss and grief plummet
while faith unfailing ascends the summit
and the divided mind wheels
like a leaf in the wind.

Like a rickety cart wheel
time revolves through the yellow dust,
its creakiness revoking trust,
its years emblazoned in cold hard steel.

. . . Keep Up.
Son, I’m walking as fast as I can;
take it easy on an old man.

Published by Tucumcari Literary Review. Keywords/Tags: keep up, childhood, role reversal, father, son, time, seasons, years, old man
Tony Tweedy Mar 2
If it be that all the world is a stage and we are but players?
If its okay with the producer and director... can I just help paint the set!?
Someone else can have my role in the show.
Chandler M Jan 29
What hat should I wear today?
It changes every day
Maria Etre Dec 2019
in someone else's story
Harley Hucof Oct 2019
So much to take to vibrate in higher states
To liberate what you must pay.
I try to make myself see,
I find emptiness in an invisible sea.
Held, blind, my eyes are not mine,
But the truth is clear ,
But my lips are sealed,
Anyway there is no one to hear.
While i am connected i am leaving symbols maybe someone will read for me my roles.

Words Of Harfouchism
C Cavierre Aug 2019
comes-in sudden, careless,
and insensitive,
without regard to anybody,
least of all me;
wreckage is all that’s
left behind
and guess who’s
stuck to clean the mess up?

Mindless, forceful,
incorrigible change,
you have no self-awareness.
You also have the worst
The best timing?
Really dumb?
Or genius?

Amongst the chaos
and confusion
of your wake,
I learn your one
redeeming quality:
serendipity, meaning,
and surprise.
Well, more than one.
And they’re not exactly

Still, with you around,
a terrible time can turn joyous;
a seemingly unnecessary suffering
contributes to a bigger,
more beautiful story;
and a commoner
like me
has something to look forward to
in the future.
(Only sometimes.)

Therefore, even though
I beg you refrain from visiting often,
perhaps I may be able to,
at the very least, hate you less.
(No promises.)
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