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Solaluna Jul 2
You are not the main character,
But among all characters you are deep,
Your thoughts are uncommon,
And undoubtedly unique.

Little by little,
Worlds are built,
By words that are uncanny,
Still, you insist.

A mysterious character,
Surely, you are.
Crossed with a curious persona,
What a dangerous plot.

It feels like we're playing,
A game of hot or cold,
But that's an understatement,
For it's freezing wherever I go.

I don't understand you,
And prolly never will,
For your walls are high,
And all entries are sealed.

You are not the main character.
But even I, the writer
In regards to all of you,
I am left dumbfounded.
Bleurose Jun 4
It was not you that we saw among the flowers.

Tendrils of flesh grasped you hungrily, a mortal coil once again fulfilled. You were part of a dying was time to go.

But who can really resist a polite request from someone who asks almost nothing?

So the flowers took you, held you tightly. Encased away from dying, hungry mouths.
A seed allowed to be.

Something flourished and grew.
It just wasn't you.

While other lights rose, singing in relief, ours crashed to the ground in dashed hopes.
Time and emotion unwisely spent.

It was not a case of
"this had always been" - you were a new babe born into this world upon petals and blood.

We could not **** just because it was the 'wrong' flower.
Who were we to do so?
We let it blossom.
What else could we do?


It was not you we saw among the flowers.
Mollymauk, we thought our light had returned.
For all my grieving critters in arms.

The pain of a stranger wearing a friend's face.
Anemone Mar 29
it used to be that royalty
treated everyone like peasants
not much has changed
though it has been re-arranged
he who holds the money holds the power
now listen kid, cause I know you've read the books and gone to school,
but you must learn a new set of tools
you have to be street smart
if you want to survive
the fact is
if you practice
we might just make it out of here alive
Mane Omsy Mar 28
I confiscated many things
That don't belong with me
I tried to return my sins
Even now, they haunt me

I seeked the better life
People posted on their stories
All illusions makes memories
For always what I thrive

Legacies where heroes die
And pass on through centuries
I shot one to the moon and sigh
One day, as I die, leave memories
Solaluna Nov 2020
We are the products of yesterday,
The victims of the present,
The witness and hope of the future,
Oh, the role we greatly hold.
Solaluna Oct 2020
Our relationship is built with role-plays and fore-plays,
You ask me to be someone I find hard to portray,
Sadly, I still do it for I want you to stay,
But I am not just some actress leading in your stage play.
colette alexia Aug 2020
Erase my face from your page
Edit me out of the life you portray
But the pictures of you left
Baby I took them

I watched your life up close
Sat on the front row
Never thought I'd just be
Your photographer

I used to be the spark
I used to steal your heart
You were a flash so bright
When life got dark

I used to be your moon
Your sunset too
Would've spent my life
Making you see how I see you

Now my only role
Now my only role
Now my only role
Was your photographer
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Keep Up
by Michael R. Burch

Keep Up.
Daddy, I’m walking as fast as I can;
I’ll move much faster when I’m a man . . .

Time unwinds
as the heart reels,
as cares and loss and grief plummet
while faith unfailing ascends the summit
and the divided mind wheels
like a leaf in the wind.

Like a rickety cart wheel
time revolves through the yellow dust,
its creakiness revoking trust,
its years emblazoned in cold hard steel.

. . . Keep Up.
Son, I’m walking as fast as I can;
take it easy on an old man.

Published by Tucumcari Literary Review. Keywords/Tags: keep up, childhood, role reversal, father, son, time, seasons, years, old man
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