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if you can't be the giver,
be the wisest one.
the roleplay in a relationship does matter to acknowledge what is the point of having the relationship. Is it worthed to fight for?
Are you King?
or are you Queen?
Which one of these are you?
Or, are you someone else instead?
Are you someone new?

Do you play the intellect?
Are you smarter than the rest?
If you are the intellect
What makes you the best?

Is your role the writer?
Putting words upon a page
Or, maybe you're an actor
Portraying characters on stage

Whichever one you choose to be
Always play it well
Is what you are a secret?
One you'll never tell

I can't play an instrument
A musician I'll not be
My brain won't work with science
A doctor, that's not me

At times I have played many roles
Sometimes, way back in school
I lost myself for a short time
And in the end, I played the fool

There are many roles that you will play
As you work your way through life
Husband, brother, father
Mother, daughter, wife

No matter which you choose to play
The fool is only one
Story teller, wordsmith
Make sure that you have fun

So, in the morning sunshine
Ask yourself "who shall I play?"
A new one, or an old one?
Just who am I today?
Latifah Jan 30
maybe I didn't love you after all,
maybe I just wanted to play the role,
I don't think I loved the feeling either,
but what is it that I loved, I keep wondering
what it is that I've given so much of me,
only to be left empty,
I'm not sure exactly,
if it is for ****,
if it is for desire,
or if it for amusement,
I'm not sure really.
rgz Jan 11
I never tried to be what I thought that I should be
Never did achieve anything I could achieve
I never tried to see what it was you saw in me
Nor did I believe everything I should believe

I never had the chance to ask "Would you like to dance?"
To feel your lips in an eclipse or even steal a glance
I never said goodbye to you, we never said hello
I never tried to live a life and now I have to go
wee bit sad
MU Jan 8
In my jealousy and laziness
What I want to be
And when

What do I find?
That I can one day!
But never will
Because I don't move

Life is passing, but are we there yet?
Bleurose Dec 2018
I do not come to you with the usual platitudes
Things you have heard numerous times before
Though perhaps my arrogance stretches far and these words have reached your ears many a time.
How am I to know.

I would ask you, to save me.
There is no need to take any action, just keep shining.
You taught me, or rather, finalised the lesson - when my fathers should have - that you can be as fantastical as you want to be. You do not grow old, your body does.

Thank you for reminding me that I'm still growing and that there is Hope for me.

But if your light were to go - I suppose I would still live - but life would be so much darker.

Thank you for smiling when you can - I of all people know there are rainy days.
ZenOfferings Dec 2018
Everybody knows
But we all feign a defect
And that is our role
Kate Pruneau Nov 2018
Hello, and welcome, to Critical Role
With the nerdiest voice actors in tow
Is everyone ready? Let's start the show
Sit back and watch as the rush takes it's toll

It's the nerdy show Matthew Mercer leads
With the best voice actors in tow it seems
At different tables but not different teams
Sit back and watch as the dark dice do deeds
I'll play the tinker toy,
You play your game.
Use me, abuse me.
For boredom, I'll take blame.
Emotional backboard
My role and my place.
I'll keep you happy
Til you forget my face.
My role as your keeper,
One of tarnished brass,
Is full of rewards
Seldom worth all the gas.
And please hear me beg you,
A toy of my own,
To fill in the space,
That you just leave unsewn.
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