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So much to take to vibrate in higher states
To liberate what you must pay.
I try to make myself see,
I find emptiness in an invisible sea.
Held, blind, my eyes are not mine,
But the truth is clear ,
But my lips are sealed,
Anyway there is no one to hear.
While i am connected i am leaving symbols maybe someone will read for me my roles.

Words Of Harfouchism
C Cavierre Aug 19
comes-in sudden, careless,
and insensitive,
without regard to anybody,
least of all me;
wreckage is all that’s
left behind
and guess who’s
stuck to clean the mess up?

Mindless, forceful,
incorrigible change,
you have no self-awareness.
You also have the worst
The best timing?
Really dumb?
Or genius?

Amongst the chaos
and confusion
of your wake,
I learn your one
redeeming quality:
serendipity, meaning,
and surprise.
Well, more than one.
And they’re not exactly

Still, with you around,
a terrible time can turn joyous;
a seemingly unnecessary suffering
contributes to a bigger,
more beautiful story;
and a commoner
like me
has something to look forward to
in the future.
(Only sometimes.)

Therefore, even though
I beg you refrain from visiting often,
perhaps I may be able to,
at the very least, hate you less.
(No promises.)
Life gives everyday new lesson.
It's like a game with hundred choices.
So I can choose what I want.
Who I wanna be, how will I act and react.
Life gives new lessons everyday.
Than faster you will learn then  better for you.
It's game, so play your role.
I am a winner of my life.
I have the main role in my movie.
I am a main actor in my own teather.
I chose myself which role I play today.
I chose when will I close the curtains.
Philomena Jun 17
I want to be someone you can look up to
Because you don't see my scars
Or the tears in my eyes
You're too young to know of any real pain
To you I'm another friendly face ready to greet you each morning
And I wish it could stay that way forever
I want to remain perfect to you
Even as time passes us by
And I might just be a memory to you later on
But I want you to look up to me
I want to set the right example
Because I only get to keep you for a short while
So I'll have to be on my best behavior
Kitty Jun 2
And you know
Theres nowhere to go
And you ask
What is your task
Then again
Why must it rain
When you know
That it is snow
In your soul
And you are a role
For the whole
~May the words always be by your side!~
Greg Jones May 16
The autumn wood have the winters brow
And the tree line holds me captive.
I run through the pleasantries but I know I cannot escape.
The gray shaded outline is filled in with a mixture of colour,
Melting into one bowl,
Dripping from the leaves.

I am ambushed by the emotions of my childhood.
Emotions long forgotten.
At least attempted.
The promise of tomorrow lingering on my lip,
Quivering and curious.

She comes out from the trees that imprison me.
Beauty flawless and without regret.
Standing with her feet bare
She says not a word, not a word shall be said.
And I shall keep my words.

She wears a smile with saddened eyes.
A simple oxymoron,
Yet the most challenging to understand.
Off her face the mask would fall.
Suppose she is tired of the role.
The gray shadows of the woods stalk her no more,
And the color once belonged has returned to her skin.

As I don the mask all I can do is wonder
If I shall see these woods once more.
Sometimes In life, you  can become used to each and at times being 24/7
to Helen I was so Involved In that caring the
I forgot the needs of each other, but Helen
day sitting in a chair opposite
me I look at Helen and she was stunningly
and I was asking myself why hadn't I notice
this before I had
helped her get washed because
of disabilities I did everything for her she was waiting for me to dress
Helen wearing nothing and at that moment In time I was thinking
only now I'm seeing Helen so beautiful, when we
I saw her that all the
time, but the
role had taken over but
almost became
carer patient relationship
It makes ashamed to admit I'd allowed It
become this way but some reason now  I now was
seeing Helen as
really was beautiful
I went over to kiss her she was going to give a
on the cheek but said know a real kiss, Helen, did
then we spent time loving each other we both ended up with smiles on our faces
We had both allowed that caring role to
over very sad for so much more time we could have had loved each other even
We both allowed my caring role to take over and sadly robbed us of more time we could had loving each other
looking now I feel a bit ashamed that I allowed this to happen we both missed out on so much
I wish I could have met myself
At this age
When I was a little girl
I wonder if I would
Have liked who I've become
Would I speak to this adult
And find a resilient strength
Or would I see through
The bulletproof glass
Straight to her insecurities
Would she laugh and
Find me funny
Or pity the deflections
Would I stand beside her
And think
This is who I want to be
exist Mar 30
identity vs role confusion-
you must lose yourself in order to find yourself
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