Nylee 11h

What role do I play
In another's story?
A good sidekick,
Or someone plain negative
Or the annoying one
Or I even there worth mentioning
So caught up to sail my own story
To venture towards the dreamed glory
Pages after pages of my internal struggle
With so many people
Given an abrupt role
But the same monotone, so very dull
No sense of an ending,
no up time, no down time
My life mingled with others
Filled with their parts biased
With my less than real heroics
Just reaching to my emotional peaks
Making others less important
The atmosphere haunts
My life, the pen writes
The story full of bites.

Mike D Jan 13

Alone center-stage I stand at the mic
Overwhelmed by the fear I tremble in fright
Words form in my mind but my lips will not speak
Desperately I feign strength so they do not see me as meek

Stumbling and bumbling through the words as I go
Laughing nervously from those in the know
Was I willed upon stage or did I go willingly?
Clouded with ambiguity it’s not easy to see

Its origins mean nothing, in the end it’s the same
Alone here I stand a self-given gift of pain
In an attempt to head off what I thought was inevitable
Self-fulfilling the prophecy by creating the show

The court jester for all, my payment in laughs
I disgrace and degrade making myself the ass
The lies that are told are like boomerangs thrown
I cast them about but returning back home

For me all along they were created in my mind
Distractions and shields for the situation in which I find
I am in only because I have put myself here
A little coercion on their part touching my fear
Cast in the production of our never ending show
The same horse in a carousel, round and round we go

No matter how much I try, I am given the same part
Mutually we agree without words spoken like art
Different personas I practice along with new lines
Reciting new words while simultaneously I bind
Myself to the old, the familiar, the known
Without conscious or thought this role I will hone

I am ever perfecting my place in the play
Outer shell running chaotically but inside this path I’ll stay
Recreating the same story it’s ending well known
A failure. A loser. A man without home

Satan himself could not create a better Hell
Diving head first into the fire that I know so well
I try to pull at the wheel but the tires stay straight
Guiding me into my inevitable fate

I can stand up and fight or go with the flow
But no level of resistance will change this show
So I put on a smile sitting in the hand-basket
What seemed like comedy is a play that is tragic

Written - December 9, 2017

All rights reserved.
Dakota J Dawson Dec 2017

Slow ride into the black pond
Soot and root echo ruin
Slinging forth pain

She has gone away with the withering dawn
Stopping her silent withdraw
Sucking fruit with Dawson

Reaping hay in the October harvest
Rings form in her irises
Roles are switched

Rudely drawn wings spring out
Reminding the angels
Rewarding belief

Dunes of gold build up along the ridges
Dried lips soften and rehydrate
Dropping lifeless skin

Divine curvatures are left exposed
Driven off the warm host
Dying in a lonely place

Love is everything a child needs with it they will thrive and flourish
without love they will wither and die.

Adelaide London Oct 2017

What if I'm sick of it?
What if I'm sick of the role you have so eloquently written for me?
What can I do if you are obsessed with colouring in the lines while I yearn to draw outside of them?
What if I go off script and say something foolish, dumb -stupid even.

What if I want to let go of it?
Let go of the loneliness that accompanies the burden of being perfect.
What if you realise that the higher you set your expectations for me, the further you will fall.

I am not ready to carry that responsibility.
I am not ready to be perfect.


Was feeling a bit down and scribbled this down in my journal. Thought I would share it with you online too :)
Debanjana Saha Jul 2017

A manager's role
in the process
out of the blue
didn't know
it would come to me
so soon.

A manager's role
in brief how it looks
to me...

Manage yourself
sort out time,
and in-between
manage other people
along with solving problems
of mine as well as others.

A character it is,
to carry out & lead
and figuring out
how it is supposed to be!

Recently in a process of becoming a manager,
leading my team in progress. Its too hard to focus on my work
as well as sorting out time and other's works.
Not an easy Job at all when I have just a just 1 year of experience.

These days too busy to even focus on my poetry & to read other's poetry as well. I wish I could get some time out for myself & all of you but hoping that you will understand my current responsibilities which I need to show.

What you want
Isn't necessarily
What you need.
She's just your Inspiration?
What you need
Is to feel
Valued and Appreciated.

Julie Grenness Mar 2017

Too many thoughts can drag you down,
Smiling is allowed,
Hard times can test your faith,
Oh, melodrama of the grace,
The world is, indeed a stage,
As a famous bard did say,
But thoughts have a positive role,
Solutions appear to guys and dolls,
So, plebs, sit down and have a rest,
Positive ideas are creation's best!

Feedback welcome.

Do not aspire to be a ramp model,
Strive to be the perfect role model.


My HP Poem #1389
©Atul Kaushal
Erin Nicole Jan 2017

You play the role of a happy person
with a smile across your face.
But deep inside it hurts
And your crying out for help.

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