I'm no comic-book character
Gender-less action figure
No superhero or villain or neutral god
I forget about what's between my legs
Corporeal, despite my best efforts
of self-deception
I recoil at the figure in the mirror
The unrealistic reality is disproportionate
Ideal or not, chemicals make me human.
define the world

are defined by it

once defined,
are no longer masculine

not feminine,
a thing, living, in-between.

Venus 4d
She told me that she wanted to be called they and that they didn't like their name anymore
They gave me rules for their new identity:

1. Call them after the planet that's almost closest to the sun
2. When you hold them and when you love them call them your partner, not a girl or a friend
3. There will be times when they are not ready to speak their true name.Be patient.
4.There will be times when others will not correct themselves. Be brave for them in those times or allow them to be brave for themselves.
5. They don't like to be called ma'am
And they don't like to be called sexy
6. They don't like the word female
And they are not the word the female
They are not the word female
They are not the word female
7. They love the way that they movearound when they wear a dress. They love the sound of their delicate and sometimes booming singing voice. They love their eyes and how expressive they are. They love the color yellow and the way that their vocabulary expands after they read a book. They love that they are more than the words that they are called. They love that they are they.
his parents are ascetically grieving
he only wants to look aesthetically pleasing
in his own mind he’s fine, he’s normal, he’s great
in their minds, they ask themselves, ‘what did we create?’
they’re never proud, not unless he’s their perfect little boy
and he’s only that way if he lets them treat him like their toy
she’s bearing weight like atlas with religious and outdated morals
the only way she can speak with her family’s in quarrels
she’s only herself, if they’d just understand
they act like her feelings are emotional contraband
zie’s just hirself
what’s wrong with that
hir family beats hir down with a mental bat
they say that it’s fine
they don’t think it is
what do they expect hir to do, when they can’t even live with what is?
zie cannot be a person who does not exist
all zie can do is just try to resist,
if it’s
the only thing that keeps hir alive
and it fits
zie is never gonna try to come back to this
if they can’t accept them, then someone else can
but who will accept the outcasts, the fallen
who will welcome them with open arms?
it's the lullaby of most transgenders
You are beautiful
No matter your size, skin color, religion or sexuality
Don't ever let anyone doubt that
Life would be boring without diversity

You are beautiful
and the lenght of your dress tonight doesn't justify anyone calling you a slut nor gives them permission to grab your tight
Only you can give them consent
And remember to say no is your right

You are beautiful
wear those strechmarks with pride
They are perfectly normal and natural
Don't look at them as flaws
Your body is a miracle that you don't need to hide

You are beautiful
and you are strong enough to conquer any obstacle even if someone tells you you can't because you are the "weaker" gender
Do not listen to those ignorants, spread your wings and never surrender
Don't forget to love yourself
Em Mar 4
I feel trapped
Like I can't reach
The peak of who I am
Of who I'm meant to be

Everything becomes an obstacle
My hair
My voice
How I dress

They stop me
Stop me from being perceived
As the gender I feel
The gender I am

If gender dysphoria was a weapon
I would've been shot down long ago
With my brothers, sisters, and siblings
Who died from the never-ending torture

All I want is my name
All I want is for others to use my pronouns
But that's too far away
So I'm waiting for the torture to finally

End me
Gil Mar 2
I’m sick of hiding every day

I’m sick of crying every night

I’m sick of not being me,

   being me to myself

Sick of looking in the mirror

   and seeing somebody else

I realised to be me I don’t need to know who I am

But how am I supposed to be me

   if I’m afraid of what others will think

Sometimes I wish we were like butterflies

At some point of our lives we would turn

   into what we were supposed to be

But what was I born to be?

I’m not a she, I’m not a he

Am I an ‘it’? Am I an animal

   raised to the slaughter?

Am I a 'they’? Am I two different people?


I am the Me I am to myself

I am the Me i pretend to be.
A H Butler Mar 2
An expanded meaning,
referring variously to literal bodies and to
the vegetative nervous system which controls vital functions.

She has been made a constellation
and is destined to outlast the contestants.
The germs develop first in seven segments,
some people may actually fall from their beds.

When I was casting
in these works the term took on
suggestion of how one might view the work,
gestures but also the placement and movement.

It might have been a drag queen –
Some well-formed whole constructed from
something in you that is no longer functioning.

When you dream about an accidental death
of any person,
that person’s death symbolizes Macrophobia.
© A H Butler

Second attempt at using the cut-up technique to compose.
Nightwolf Feb 14
God has no need to reproduce
gender would be of little use.
Tho we argue and tho we fight,
neither side can be truly right.
Debating is a pointless to-do,
the only reason that we do-
no man of the human genus
would praise a God without a penis.
I seriously doubt that God would be gender specific. Regardless of which side you are on.... the argument is ridiculous
Psychorange Feb 12
Something with origin, or something without?
Mad screaming atoms amassing together?
Or multiplying genders that rain in the weather?
Righteous knights armed back at the heretics?
Evolution gone wrong by genes you inherited?
Sucks to be. Sucks not to be. I want s'mores.
I'm not trying to good. I'm trying to be original. Edgy like a table.
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