Black ink being spilled,
Scorching words uttered,
Soul shattered,
Emotions scattered,
She has been put down badly,
Her femininity being the only reason,

Like a warrior she fights,
For her rights,
Sprinkled upon the coal black darkness; were the twinkling stars,
Soul woven back with pearls,
Emotions with a golden thread,
Power walking like a QUEEN that she is,
Oh! She has never been so strong.

~ Ayesha Nadeem
you say you're fine
you say your good
you stare into their eyes
"I'm fine"
"I'm good"
You probably smile through your lies
fake happiness and safety
I know your pain
I see it in the mirror
I see it when you tell jokes
I know

you need to talk about it
you try to talk about it
you can't hold it in
it's not good for you
its what I did
think of me now
how I hate myself
bottling it all down

don't push it down
don't pretend
I know how hard it is
pretending your okay
keeping a blank or happy face
avoiding eyes
faking smiles

sometimes I still pretend
that I'm still who everyone thinks I am
that i am like everyone else
a whole girl

then I think how scared you were
when you told me
how you tried to pretend it was fine
like I did then
I can't pretend to be 'normal'
when your words came out broken and shaky
one step from breaking

I remember the day I told you
that I was 'different'
how my heart raced
how my hands tremored
my words barely slipping through my lips
you barely reacted

that's how you were
shaking and almost crying and almost backing out
and you told me that sometimes you feel like it isn't real
like you are lying to yourself
I still do that sometimes

a lot
hey Florence. this is for you. Also, cause you almost made me cry in the last poem
What comes to mind when ‘gender’ is heard?
Male, female, and queer.
Gender issues; gender inequality.
“According to millennials”
One of the world’s most serious problem.
I admit to know not much about discrimination,
But I have a say according to my perception.

Adam is superior, Eve is submissive
Patriarchal than matriarchal.
“Women” receive and are perceived lower.
Why is that?
It’s pointless to throw discrimination back and forth
Physical capabilities.
All are unique to body structures,
Both can either be short or tall,
And both can either be weak or strong.
But both can’t have the same genitals;
One can bear, the other cannot.
But he can’t be she and she can’t be he?
That’s a different story.

Talk about stereotypes
She are sex symbols and he are not
He are rapists and she are not
Focused too much on two gender distinctions.
Talk about rights
All are humans who can walk and talk
All are humans who can eat and breathe
All are humans who can think and feel.

What’s it about?
Just gender identity.
He who is a she
Can think and act as a she
She who is a he
Can think and act as a he
He or she who is both or questioning
Can think and act as they please
All are still humans.
What’s wrong? Society.

But we can’t impose
Some are against
Some support
Some are neutral
Some don’t know.
What can we do? It’s up to you.
But you’re in no position
To give such decision.
The society
A poem requirement for my Literature. I honestly don't know much about gender equality, so I apologize if this poem sucked.
Kit 6d
Become a
in my own skin
Harri 7d
My whole world
Down around my ears,
And all you can do is
"It’s schadenfreude, bitch.
Nothing I can do.
You gotta help yourself."
Help myself?
I get up in the mornings
When I feel like leaving my bed
Might kill me.
Sometimes I even get dressed
Even though the seams of jeans
Scraping against my thighs
Is like a subtle, silent torture.
Reminding me
Of the scars they sit against.
Even though the necessity
Of removing my shirt
Makes me want to peel off
My skin along with it.
Because it doesn’t fit
Has never fitted
Feels so wrong.
I help myself
Every time I take a bite of food,
Ignoring the voice in my head
That tells me I’m fat.
Every time I step out the front door
Fighting through a wall
Built in my head
But very, very solid,
Constructed of all the fears
My subconscious can imagine.
And it can imagine a lot,
Trust me,
I’m a writer and an artist,
My imagination knows no bounds.
Mix it with self loathing,
And a good measure of crazy
And it makes a witch’s brew
“nice try, dumb ass.”
Don’t tell me to help myself,
When you have no idea
What it is like to live
While arguing with yourself,
Being shouted at inside your head,
Everything a battle.
Don’t. fucking. Tell me
That you understand.
You don’t.
How can you,
Unless you’ve spent days,
Hiding in your room,
Because downstairs there are knives
And everything
In you wants to feel them
Sliding through your flesh.
How can you,
If you haven’t looked in a mirror
And seriously contemplated
Just hacking bits off.
Because the pain of doing that
Would surely be less
Than the pain of seeing
Those alien body parts
Hanging from your frame
Every day.
How can you know?
How can you tell me
To just smile.
Just think positive.
Just go for a walk.
Drink green tea.
Eat some chocolate.
Do yoga.

Don’t tell me I’m ok.
I’m not.
And that’s ok.
I don’t have to be a perfect,
Functioning member of your society.
They’re your rules,
Not mine.
I don’t have to be happy in myself
All the time.
I don’t have to smile
Until my face aches,
While holding my tears inside.
I help myself.
Every day.
Just by continuing to exist.
By continuing to look ahead
And try.
Ray Jun 15
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Subject: Extra Extra

I am not what you expect. Enter the domain of genderless body.
Bodies, and clothes, are naught but shells with contradiction swarmed,
Our reality and love and life trapped within.
We are allowed to scream, to claw.
I am no man. No woman.
You cannot guess me by any means.
I dont understand gender
I know
Some say
Im a girl, or im a boy. Some say they're neither or both or other.
Its about how you feel, not whats in your pants, thats what i know.
But how do you feel like a girl or a boy or anything but you?
Dress and act as you like, but how does any of that define you?
I identify as a girl but i dont really understand what that means.. lol
Max Jun 8
Today is not a good day
I just don't feel okay
This vessel I'm in
Doesn't feel like my skin
I don't feel boyish
I don't feel girlish
I dont feel neither
And I don't feel both
I hate this day
Because I don't know what to wear today
Whatever I wear won't look good
And laugh,  all my friends would
Laugh because they don't know
They don't know of my woe
And that's why today is not a good day.
Take the steps in stride
Fight the world with pride
Show that you are a man
Stare against the world
Show off what you can
But don't you dare lie
You would not be standing there
Without the arms of a woman
You laid curled
Without her you could die
It might not even be fair
But it's her

Mother, daughter, sister, friend
Lover, fighter, true survivor
Grandmother, teacher
Healer, shoulder
Cleansing fire
Don't you ever
Deny that she makes your world
Holy water, warrior
A mighty knight's suit of armor
An angel's choir, Heaven's sire
A loving child
Woman's stride
Female Pride

Heart so wide
That is why you should stride
Should she see the day
She runs the world
She never needed
The men who hurt her
Worlds would change
As they already have

A woman's love
Paved the way
For our modern sky to never
Be the limits
Yet make it so
We live to take that chance
So why is it we take her for granted
Try to only treat her
Like she's a toy
A thing we may pamper
When the endless limit of her mind
The lights of her soul
The warmth of her heart
Are keys to creation
And beauties unknown

Mother, daughter, sister, friend
Lover, fighter, true survivor
Grandmother, teacher
Healer, shoulder
Cleansing fire
Don't you ever
Deny that she makes your world
Holy water, warrior
A mighty knight's suit of armor
An angel's choir, Heaven's sire
A loving child
Woman's stride
Female Pride

She may hit like I girl
But I see that pain is like no other
She never needed me to save her
When she has the power
But a fool I'll be
Not to help her
When she sees the need
It's her heart
It's her mind
It's her soul
It's her being
It's her
Why you are here
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