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hiba sajid May 14
Run away from hatred
Before it comes to feast on your heart

Burn your ego
Before it slowly burns you.

Run away from your yourself
Run away until you see only love
Love and hope for all
Love and respect for all.
Nyakisa Beth May 10
the fairer *** she is
she is the cradle of humanity
she gives life and its entity
she gives meaning to beauty
graced and enthroned with integrity
she is but nobly planned to comfort
for the very life she gives she is the epitome
nobly planned to command she is "madam"
being a mother has love to the very quantum
she graces us with innocence
she graces us with her benevolence
she cares about our future with prudence
she calmly appreciates our skills with silence
to human life she is the smith
her integrity to the nation is strength
our first days of life in her  warmth
to our gone men and brothers she is seth
agent of national transformation with home setting
all our livelihood in her making
at the mother's knees education is leading
humans to what is good and a good ending
she  gives me command
she is a hero and a legend
Dedication to my mother and  the girls that will be mothers of our nation one day
thispanman Apr 29
Dress, makeup
Heels, leggings

Too-big pants, no makeup
Oversized shirt, men's shoes

Regular jeans, little makeup
Sweater, tennis shoes
No gender

Fancy shirt, tie
Skirt, heels
All gender

All these
But I'm
Still me

And that's okay
Genderfluidity *****

Especially when nobody respects you for who you are.
Hey dear women
Don’t you believe?
You’re not less than anyone
Because you bleed!
You are an epitome of abstract
With the universe in your body
And you’re the soul of the earth
Because you bring lives to feet
So never consider yourself any less
Than the men you see
You can also accomplish anything
That you desire to be
Keep your head high
And do what you need
Because we women are the entity
That this world will always need.
Constantly I must take off the hairpins, the embroidered shirts, and the lint skirts. I must sit on the wooden stool and unbraid my hair, then proceed to cut it short. I must be able to live without them: the conditioning
–their idea of womanhood(genderhood)

                   Every once in while I must banish them: to know
I can live without them; they are not me ( all those  ideas, all that heavy jewelry)
—I am free; I do not weigh
attempt to re-remind myself of shedding that which I have been conditioned to accept especially when it makes me feel as though I must give up my power to create my own life.
Joshleen Kumar Jan 2019
"Boys will be boys"
Is what parents teach their daughters
"But girls are not toys"
Is what they forget to mention

"Boys will make noise"
Is an excuse for their sons
"Girls should have more poise"
Is the rule for their daughters

"Boys can stay out late"
They can protect themselves alright
"Girls should be home before eight"
It's not safe for them outside

I wonder when will we
Change this gender game?
And teach our sons and daughters
"Both boys and girls deserve the same"
thispanman Apr 21
Oversized clothes
Dresses galore
Both of them
Fit to one gender

Sports jerseys
Baggy shorts
I want those
but I'm a "girl"

Perky dresses
Lots of makeup
I'm told I must
Because I'm a "girl"

Anxiety fills me up
I need to be perfect
I need to be a daughter
I need to be a girlfriend
a wife
a mother

Why can't I be a child?
A lover?
A ren?
A human?

Why do you have to choose for me?
I'm not a girl, nor a boy, but a human who wants to be respected for being myself.
Nabil Falchou Apr 12
'You’re really insecure for a guy,”
My emotions have nothing to do with my gender.
A Dead Poet Apr 3

Red ardent lips ignite a passion of makeup in the young boy,
Porcelain skin,
Shiny blue eyes
that is the reflection he wishes to see
as he writes his name on the imaginary lit up marquee
he is a star

Mother comes in,
Then comes the box
No sounds
Oxygen fades
Is this okay?

Fresh air
He breathes again
& through all the beating, the box and the pain
The boy is star
So why
Oh why
Mother can you not see
the real

. . .mother please. . .
A Dead Poet Apr 3
Her brain yelled no
her heart said yes


in this world she was a fool
for the best thing she could be
is a beautiful little fool

. . .for he was her end. . .
#gender #discourse
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