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A B Faniki Sep 8
Dear black Santa claus I have some wish
It is not as many as the hair on
your head as a matter of fact the wish
is about hair, you see my friend Malik has turn

nineteen last summer and up to now his face
is as smooth as a baby **** without a lick
of hair, Oh! black santa in your next phase
of trip and among your commodity of hair send malik

a beard, so that he won't be in despair
not that that is any business of mine and
please dear black Santa claus don't show this letter
to Saint Nicholas your counterpart with the white beard

I don't want him to accidentally send Malik a white
beard because that will freak him out.
AB Faniki © 9/8/2029 all right reserved  an attemp at humours piece using sonnet form I hope u enjoy it. It was supose to be part of my work banal tells.
Persephone Sep 1
They thought the magic was washed from their eyes
When they were told the true truth of time
They crumbled and screamed
Begging for it back
What they did not realize
All those delights and dreams
Were themselves
In disguise
Christmas was just two days away
The letters were all sorted
One of them was pulled on out
And to Santa was reported

A young girl asked a question
Dear Santa, she did say
How can you love most everyone
Each and every single day?

You have your list of children
Some are naughty, some are nice
You review the list quite carefully
I'm told you check it twice

Santa read the letter
It gave the old man quite a jolt
A question from this little girl
Hit him like a  lightning bolt

She asked about the adults
How could Santa love them too?
Especially the bad ones
Who do the naughty things they do

What about the children
Who are not Christian in belief?
This short and simple letter
Was giving Santa Claus some grief

He thought about replying
Tell her how he felt this love
But, he knew he could do better
It was then push came to shove

He called down to the stables
Ordered Comet be made ready
He was told "It's nearly Christmas"
He won't be flying steady

Santa said "I need him"
"There's somewhere I must go"
"There's a little girl out there somewhere"
"And there is something she should know"

Santa went and got his parka
Comet readied for some air
Santa had to give his answer
He thought that this was fair

Two nights before Christmas
Santa set out, Comet too
To tell this girl his reason
It was something he should do

Somewhere down in Kansas
Sleeping deep inside her bed
The little girl was dreaming
Christmas thoughts did fill her head

Down the young girls chimney
Santa came without his sack
It was two days on from Christmas
And he knew that he'd be back

He crept up to her bedside
Leaned on in and whispered low
He told her, it was Santa
There is something you should know

I love all the worlds children
They are innocent and free
They choose to be so open
Innocence is the key

Innocence, it surrounds them
In time the innocence is lost
You aren't born to hate
Innocence burns off like frost

I love all the worlds  children
Adults once were children too
They were born without their darkness
The same as me and you

I love on different levels
That is why I have the list
That's why I double check it
To ensure no one's missed

So, I do not love them always
But for a short time,  I do
The change is loss of innocence
It isn't all that new

Believe and you will feel it
My love for all the world
Now sleep, and wait for Christmas
You are a special little girl

He left and she lay sleeping
He made it home by break of day
Comet went back to his stable
Santa put his suit away

He had a cocoa and a cookie
It  made him feel much  better
It had been a huge adventure
Started by a single letter

Keep the faith and innocence
In the season winter kissed
And know that every person out there
Is always on one list

Remember, write your letters
Ask your questions, do not fear
For maybe, maybe one day
Santa will come and whisper in your ear
Nora Grey May 31
Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
Are you a monkey?
Cause you smell like Santa Clause
Estelle Dec 2018
Icicles line the town
The gelid air wrapping at the window
Darkness twinkles with the moon
Stairs creak with every footstep

The sitting room twinkles, a halcyon feeling settles
Will I see Santa tonight?
His cookies sat patiently, the opposite of algid, having just been made
The milk, cold and awaiting, the jolly man's arrival.

I perch myself down behind a stiff stair
hoping to see the crimson, chipper fellow
Who appears and disappears too quickly

Situated, lingering for hours waiting,
I soon drifted off to the luminous lights hung all around
I suppose he is eternally a mystery.

Light bells abruptly fill the open air,
I slowly stir, apparent of the noise,
T'was only a second, a dream seemingly so realistic

A red outlined figure came in and slowly hurried back out.
Rubbing my eyes, quickly, I dash forward
but to my dismay, nothing was there but glistening presents
and a bare plate and glass.

Christmas wonder, filled my conscious
whether a dream or not, this Christmas is mine
Quintessence, my secret.
alex Dec 2018
i left a tear in the pacific
he sang gimme the beat boys
and i slipped out of my heels
imagined the ocean from atop a mountain
the waves had me swaying and weeping
and the salt found its way home
they hung lights over ocean avenue
these city streets and their poetry
have convinced me that home
was never anywhere else
i sat on the edge of the santa monica pier
and i knew
more than i have ever known anything
that i would be back.
southern california has stolen my heart. it can keep it, for what’s it’s worth. santa monica is home, all i need is the house.
Estelle Dec 2018
Santa bring me, a set of mind to feed myself
                                 I won't eat the cookies,
i'll leave them out for you

Santa bring me, freedom to carry my heart where I want
                                                             I may not be cold

Santa bring me, some confidence to hold my chin up
                                                    Never had it before
Can you fit it in my stocking

Santa bring me, a warm kiss under mistletoe
                                         Let my arms want
to stay everywhere, melting

Santa bring me, coal for having dangerous thoughts
                                                 Candy cane daggers
Can really slice.

Santa if you can, put it under the tree
Steve Dec 2018
Santa McClaus in his bonny red kilt
Flew round the world in a sleigh that he’d built
Distributing toys to good girls and boys
Dreeping down chimneys without making a noise.
Till he got stuck in the flue  of young Terry and Sue
Who hail from the village of Dunandhu
Sue was up late preparing a plate
Of biscuits and beer for him and the deer
When a wee cloud of soot displaced by his foot
Put a puzzled look on her face, it came from the stone fireplace
And when Sue looked up that flue
She was met with an incredible view
Santa McClaus was wearing no drawers and his kilt was up round his waist
“Ma’ boab” he says at Sue’s startled gaze
As he struggled in haste to get free, hiding his bits with his knee
But try as he might his *** was stuck tight
He was plumb up the lumb and Sue was struck dumb
Her head went into a haze, dizzy, she fell in a daze
To wake up next morning as daylight was dawning
Trying to recall what she’d seen certain it had all been a dream
Terry came down in his dressing gown
‘Did you stay up all night? Sue, are you alright?’
But Sue was gripped in a trance
Remembering McClaus with no pants
‘I must have dozed off on the floor’ she said ‘But I’m not really sure’
‘I had the wildest dream. You won’t believe what I seen’
Terry laughed and gave her a kiss on the cheek
‘Merry Christmas’ he said ‘It’s been quite a week’
‘Let’s see what’s under the tree’
He bent on one knee and chose a present for Sue
‘I think this one’s for you’ he smiled
But neither of them saw a feint mark on the floor
In the shape of a foot made from fresh soot
And as Sue got on with the day that strange memory just faded away.


But someplace at the convergence of times
In a magical world where everything rhymes
Mythical creatures would gather the gither tae blither
An’ speak o’ the night when auld Santi McClaus
Gave Sue sic’ a fright
Singin’ jingle bells, jingle a’ the way
Oh what fun it must hae been that night riding oan his sleigh
If Santa was Scottish...
Amanda Dec 2018
Where there is mistletoe and twinkling lights
There are also memories of me and you
It kills me to know that I'll be spending
Christmas this year alone and blue

Life had not been so kind to me
Since harsh Winter decided to come around
Kicked me out of your life and then
Scattered our love over the ground

We do not talk very much anymore
Seems like you're happier now
Without my sour attitude
To hold back and keep you down

Everyone is critically whispering about
How long it is taking me to move on
I don't care because they don't know
The way it feels to be consumed by a presence long gone

Holiday cheer is in the air
Yet a scowl adorns my pale face
Too haunted by ghosts of the present and past
Too many memories time can't erase

To enjoy the decorated trees
Or the music falling on my ears
It seems like my disdain for Santa
Only strengthens through the years

Don't wish me a Merry Christmas
Because it's going to be anything but
The irony is too much for me to take
I'd rather you just keep your mouth shut

I don't want any presents or cards
My grinch-like heart is bitter to the core
The only thing I want for Christmas
Is to not love you anymore
All I want for Christmas is to stuff my face with cookies and cocoa.. interesting story, I stumbled upon this one by happenchance and it was written exactly six years ago on this date. So crazy that happened to be the one I pulled out to post.
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