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Hungry eyes glancing in a crowded room;
She danced despite the grieving groom
watching every maliced move.
Many nights, he laid beside this lady
so afraid that any sudden move he
made would be mistaken for a trade.
And there she is - mistaken.
And there she is - misused.
Her bitter heart can't be broken
when it's all she's left to lose.
And even now he loves her.
She's more than just a *****
with a seductive smile and charm
that hungry eyes and arms adore.

Jesus, can you save us from
the wicked ways we keep?

Hungry eyes glancing in a crowded room,
I danced despite the toxic fumes
waiting for the bait to bloom.
So many nights wasted, wasted,
back and forth from place to place.
I lived for me and I lied to you.
And here I am - mistaken.
And here I am - confused.
I feel I've lost my only hope to
gain the love I have refused.
But even now You love me,
despite my Gomer ways
though it was never I that gained it;
it was given by Your grace.

Jesus, can you save us from
the wicked ways we keep?
We all have played the harlot
despite a love that's real and deep.
Betrayed and laid aside, You still
came, bought back Your bride,
and I could never repay the favor,
but let me say, You are my Savior.

Hungry eyes glancing in a crowded room.
She danced despite the grieving groom
watching every maliced move..
Michael King Nov 30
Spear of life, crown of virtue,
blood relaxed on slab of hate.
To the wind, in raised agony,
metal shards crush bone and fate.
There the light, the helmets glint,
forsaken he, in hour of shame.
But never bowed, in half life saved,
to the skies, and not the flame.
Parched soul, but never succour,
bitter taste of blood and brine.
Feels the tug, the Lords right seat,
one last breath, now is the time.
His spirit flees, mountain cracks,
from quaking mighty land and whence,
his body gone, neath tomb of stone,
to rise again in three days hence.
md-writer Nov 29
all my sorrows washed away
all my darkness turned to day
every sin and failing weak
every evil word I speak -
He has turned them all to dust
no more dirt and no more rust

blood now boils within my veins
life now covers o'er my stains
*** who is the perfect ruler
has stooped to daily be my tutor

What grace! What love! What everlasting light!
What awe! What life! What
ever-growing sight!
Crystal Freda Nov 18
Blood stained the ground,
thunder made a crashing sound.
His body torn with skin ripped
all the wounds sore from being whipped.

Love was found in that blood
which seeped in our souls from the mud.
The rain stopped as His body taken away.
No other moment measured like on that day.

That love in that blood carried to the tomb
and broke the rock with a giant boom.
Light struck everywhere to the sky,
but this was not His last goodbye...
J A Perkins Nov 15
With drops of rain,
The Savior cries
For the broken boy
Who dies and dies.
Toward the Son,
His hungry hands
Reach for one
Who understands
With drops of rain,
The Savior cries
For the little seed
Who tries to rise.
And, as the teardrops
Kiss the ground,
The seed can hear
The soothing sound.
Inspired by
The Savior's plea,
The seed becomes
A fruitful tree.
Poem from a broken boy
Liyah Bella Nov 13
if i ever stop loving you
it will be the day the world crumbles at my tongue
it will be because of utter chaos in my bones
and my tangled veins that stop my heart
if i ever stop loving you
it must be because my brain went dancing out side my head
or my heart was filled with tar
or my lungs grew flowers you gave me for my birthday
if i ever stop loving you
i would have to be in the grave
with dirt as my blanket
so deep in the ground i become a tree
but even that tree would carry leaves with your name engraved
and every branch would mumble your name in the wind
if i ever stop loving you
it would have to be the end of the world
or the second coming of Christ
i would have to watch a Crucifixion of our affection
and still my heart would beat for you
because every nail that is drilled into it
would bleed for you.
because i could never stop loving you
XslyfoxX Nov 8
Oh to taste your love.
Oh to feel your warmth.

My bones break as I struggle to carry a persistent weight.
Pounds on my back, increase with each breath, every step I take.
I haven’t tried to bury my past and I fear its too late
I fear its going to last.
Can I be lifted to heaven?
Is it me or the baggage Im burying?
The bride of Christ but is it me or the pain you’re marrying?
Do you love me now? How could you?
Ive been mourning for years, no use pushing down tears.
The earth still turns, but Im still here.
I'm better today than I have been
But I can't expect it again to happen
Lately it's been worse than it has in a while
But I know it's just my faith under trial
I've been tested like a ship at sea
The winds and the waves have come to suit me
But I won't let the ocean pull me asunder
Gravestones won't burry me and take me under
In time I know I'll recover
Recently I've been worse than I usually am
I wonder if I've chosen it
Or if I can choose not to think this way--
How to undo it if I can
I know the night will come again
But to play a part in the dark will not happen
I can't choose every moment to live in the day
Even if I tell myself to think that way,
The feeling won't stay
One day I will get over this wall of stone
Though I know I'm so far from home
For now, I am fighting to reach the morning light
One day, I know, I will leave behind this night
I don't think we can just choose not to be sad. I believe you can be depressed and still have joy. I believe you can be joyful and still be suicidal. You can know ***'s truth, but that won't chage what's in your head. But in time, it will. Through continual trust in obedience, surrendering your faith to *** day by day, things will get better. It'll be rough, it'll be a daily battle, but we have a hope, a promise that Christ has overcome the struggles of this world, and He will get you through. He has a life planned out for you, a good, pleasing, and perfect plan for your life. As long as you continue to fight, things will get better :) I promise!
ChildofGodyay Sep 29
the Love of
   May                           Christ
be                  in

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