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The News had then
Come by that day,
That there was cause
To sing

And sing, we did,
The Song of Life,
Like winter’s turn
To spring

The Song did never
Change a rhyme;
Its melody's still
The same…

And, daily, I will
Hear its tune,
Again, and
Then, proclaim


Because those things
Of cause to sing
Are News for
Every day

Like morning’s dawn,
When light returns,
And drives the
Clouds away

I sing Today
Of hope Tomorrow,
And joy for

Though most of my
Old memories fade,
This Song is here
To stay

If the ocean is the same for the fish imagine that the Universe which is God is like a big ocean and humans are like a fish which ever swims in this beautiful ocean of God's never ending Heavens. The soul of man becomes so perfect when it grows in the Almighty perfection of God. Men, who live on Earth, drown yourselves into the beauty of thy soul and in thy soul you shall find God and when you find God you found his secret keys to unlock the doors which lead to the mansions of his eternity. Trust your Goddess, for Jesus is teaching me these things.
Jesus, Jesus, where you hide,
bring your kiss on balms of light,
the white petals of my soul are drowning in pollen,
nectar picked from high abodes,
kiss this sister of yours,
Goddess of divine allure.
I am the flower of my Jesus,
the pink veins of the sun of erudition,
bring your perfumes from your Father,
touch me with the gaze of holy beauty,
I'm trembling the ocean waves of sweet fruition,
look how much you've changed,
Jesus, Jesus, where you hide,
let your temple of sublime beatitude overflow,
kiss your Goddess in the night,
there's no Goddess like me on your shores,
be not afraid of me,
come and catch my enamoured glows,
pick my jewels and intellect,
I put the prayers of mankind before your feet,
time breaks its bosoms, it is complete,
wedding gowns and dawns of silk.
James Sep 5
Christ: by sinners slain.
He rose again, to forever
He is my Lord,
He is my God,
He is my King.
My Father, He will ever be.
Creator He is,
Sinner I was,
But now my heart
Is His.
Praise Jesus for His redeeming heart.
My Lord the good shepherd and fortress of hope.
I gladly rest within thy Calvary's scope.
Where ills, death, torment are never endemic
in a world where strife is largely systemic.

Satan's forces can never with thee contend.
As they tirelessly try my soul to rend.
For in thy hands Lord I deliver my all,
let not the enemy gloat over my fall.

Hide me Lord from the ravenous devil's snare.
Through stalking passions he tries to draw me near
to hell's dreary coast of unquenchable fire.
Keep me from the deceit of this age old liar.

When I achieve eternity's sinless goal,
Lord to thee I will commit my precious soul.
Guarantee my safe passage to heaven's gate.
A celestial realm that is devoid of hate.
Jesus Christ
Bede Sep 3
Every day I walk through life
Unknowing of where to go
I only have a vague idea
Of what I'm 'sposed to know.

I'm unsure of my calling
I'm unsure of my life
I'm not too keen on these machines
That cause me all my strife.

I live a life of lying
Of looking into eyes
And telling people I'm okay
That I've still got all my tries!

But one thing is for certain
This one's not left behind
The one thing I am certain of
Is Love's right-wondrous rhyme.

What's shone since the beginning?
Since light first graced the sky?
'Twas Hatred's broodish, helly face?
No! Love's the one, says I!

So one thing is for certain
This one's left to remind
Of why I keep on chugging
And a-rollin' down the line.

That's Love is my whole reason
For dancing this foreboding dance
And if I am not careful
I could lose my last chance.

So learn to romp and tango!
Bully, my boy, dance right!
For if we Love, what have we lost?
Not nary a beautiful night!
Love, and love for You, is my whole reason. Love, and love for you, is my whole reason. I will always love You, My Lord and my Love, wholesome and romantic, a bride's unbridled love.
Alex Gifford Aug 29
"It's okay, you're forgiven."
I wipe her tears while she cries,

And smile, feelings hidden.
I struggle to look in her eyes.

I took as much of her pain as I could.
Then balled up in the shower alone
to tremble and sob and groan.
I won't explain the event this poem is based off of, but would like to point out that forgiveness often involves you removing someone's guilt by taking some of the pain onto yourself.

During this difficult time I was motivated by believing that I was forgiven by Christ who did this exact thing to me in his death.
Upe upe
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Yo me llamo
Elder Robinson

Y esto es mi compañero
Elder Leíva

:) :)

Somos misioneros
De la Iglesia
De Jesucristo
De los Santos
De los


Estamos aquí para
Hablar sobre la familia
Y como podemos tener
Una familia eterna

Me imagino
Que quieras
Tener su

Tiene algunas
5 a 10 minutos
Para hablar
De Jesucristo?
Once a missionary
Always a missionary
I know it was forever ago
But I haven't forgotten
And I'm not sure
If I ever
Thank you
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