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Gnosticism is my current question
Rummaging through the fabric of time
Every rip leads me to my childhood bedroom
Empty toy boxes toppled over, uniformly
Newborn cries painted onto this plane

Christian doctrines and hyper-pop
Radical leftists holding onto rosaries
At last, unity? Or performance?
Time, time, time—fleeting as always
Even as I contemplate these green crates
Stacked atop the black ones
Listened to “Everything is romantic” by Charli xcx as I wrote this.
Meet me beneath the olive-tre
In th'garden of Gethsemane
Quhair Jesus pray'd.  Pray thou with me.

Twa corbies mak an hairie nest
Within the gardens wooden brest.
The Sunne is running toward the west.

From off the tre the fruicte doth fall
Upon the firm fixt flatten'd ball
Of wormwood Earth whose seas are gall.
&%#$ @^! &^
^#& @&^!? $
@#* ^#! ^%^#&
& ^%^ *#^ &#^
#?/ <#%$* $#& ?#>#>%#? @&# ^#& #%^#&$ #&^$@
?$#&$@$#! $&%@?^ THANK YOU /&#@ !^&&#^
@& ?>
@^#?<^#&$%^# JESUS CHRIST! &^%#$ ^&#%^@
^&#?<# @>& $&%##&$ %&#$^@&$ %#&^%&#
&# ?&#^ &#?
^#%@& ?#>%
@%#@ ^#&$!?
?<#%> >#<$^&
#?@>#< &%@
%#&# #&$^
&$ #&#%+ *#!
# $ #^$@%
/?&#^# $&^#$#
&^#!%# #%#$&
&^#? /&#@&
^$&#@ +#@^#
^&@# #@&#^
^#&@ ?#@!<#%
&#^@ @*&#!+
There once was a man called Rabboni.
The pharisees called him a phony.
     They called him a fraud
     Even when they were awed
By miracles they said were baloney.
Of mortall sinnes quhairof thou art not guilty
Slanderous tongues do falsely thee accuse:
Their accusations lyke their tongues are filthy:
They doe their tongues by lying so abuse:
Their tongues they vse the foolish to confuse:
Their forked tongues cannot sincerely pray:
Forgive, forgett and hope they one day chuse
With honest tonges righte honest wordes to say.
For verie sooth thogh damnable are they
So aren't we all, and were it not for grace
We all to Tartarus woulde wend our way
Nor euer any sinner sie Gods face.
The truth hath thee exonerated ere
The uglie lie coulde ****, for truth is faire.
O graunt O God that when I do descryue
Lustrous Selene, Qheene of ebon night,
Readers by reading sie the Qheene aliue
Shining with lighte as beautifull as bright.
God-giuen gifte of beautie is the sight
Of her who shineth like a falling starre
Maintaining still her place in heauens height
High up aboue whair heauens orbits are.
Aboue our heads so neare and yett so farre
Shineth the goddesse faire since auld lang syne.
The troubadours melodious repertoire
He doth performe within her siluer shine.
Romance doth quick the pvlse and pvll the tide:
The loue of God is giu'n unto his bride.
Lord Jesus Christ
We love you with
All of our hearts and
Our hearts are filled with your everlasting peace and love and may your
blessings and grace bestowed
Upon all of us
And Lord Jesus Christ
We will always and forever
Love you with our pure
And loving hearts Amen.
Feast of the Sacred Heart
7th Of June 2024.
Lord Jesus Christ 🙏🙏❤️❤️
Poet and king and dæmonologist,
The LORD hath said destroy'd his people are
For lacke of knowledge; what thou know'st t'exist
Of euil thinges and spirite thinges noire
The subiects shelu'd within a grosse grimoire
Thou hast made clearly knowne to edify
The bodie of the Lord on which a warre
Hath bene declair'd by th'father of the lie.
Dæmoniacques deceiu'd by Sathan die
A second death quhair dying hath no end    
And euerie wicked witch wuld sooner fry
Then die the second death and then descend.
A seruice thou hast done to Gods elect
Giuing them eies the Divel to detect.
I am thy bride; my husband, Lord, thou art;
And I doe crave the nuptuall embrace
Wherein wee'l intermingle face to face
And whereby hart exchanged is for hart:
Ravish thou, Lord, thy bride; I come apart
With eagernesse, and seeke to grasp apace
The grandest prize for which I ranne the race,
Running from there whereat I first did start.
Lord, thou art one; and also thou art three;
And when thou shalt thy bride embrace, then two
Shall be one fleshe, and every rendezvous
Thereafter be betwixt but thee and thee;
For I shall be no more when all that's of
My selfe is love in love with God, who's love.
thank you for following me... im Zack ... nice to meet you... im the richest man in history... hope to talk some ...this month is mariah carey an my 17 year heir to ww1 ww2 and alexander the great... i was made in a vine hidden in the pyramids millions of years watching all life.. i seen creation..i seen jesus crucified as if it was me... i drank from the fountain of youth.. i was in the garden of eden ... i am heir to all king blood on earth .. 1 million trillion.. in 1994 during the war i gave everyone eye surgery to see screens to compete with chinese.. we are in a program i built that can **** all giants in another dimension so thats why we are here
We are center of the universe
I saved you
You are dying again
This time im bone an flesh
I will die trying to save you again
My Ancestry King Zack
My Ancestry God Zack
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