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He is an actor.
He was socially cued from young
"Well done! What a good boy!"
and punished when he did not fit these cues--

All children like him will be eternally
asked to be grateful to his parents;
for being able to live on this big septic stage called life,
to recite and act however his parents permit
while denying his own innate script.

When he turned twenty-one
He was suddenly expected to go on stage
and perform his own script.
He may even have forgotten his innate script- if he still has one.
All these to prove his predecessors
have been brilliant directors and producers.

Nevertheless, this 'adulting' show will go on.
As he ***** in darkness and battle pitfalls,
he will gain many wounds along the way.
As he was taught from young to do--
Actors are meant to beautiful and flawless,
An actors' life is for the entertainment of others.
This is professionalism.
This is your so-called 'maturity'.

He then masks or slather himself in makeup
in preparation for the next scene.
But wounds only fester when untreated.
Those who live with physical wounds  
can soon be fired from this stage play for incompetence.

Those live with invisible wounds are weary.
They slide down a spiral of uncertainty
pondering upon the following:-
"Would it be better to have been fired from this prolonged stage play?"
"Will it be better to resolutely resign from this stage play so one can finally unmask his wounds?"
This is the question you and I have to answer.
For this actor can be you or I.
Some early morning rambling
Kai Sep 8
I didn't ask for this
it's all drama here

I wanted to play
but now I'm here

It's all in the looks
on the shallow stage

Now I'm crying
in the backstage
Aaron LaLux Sep 3
All those years worn,
you never did make it outta The Valley,
all those feature film premieres, never did land a starring roll,
or get any recognition, let alone an Oscar from The Academy,

all those foggy eyed groggy times,  you were probably high,
all those checks you cashed, for your non refundable time,

waking up one day, wondering where it all went,
driving a car with a lease more expensive your apartment’s,

still stuck in that same apartment, off Ventura Blvd.,
still a B-List actor ******* that A-List ****,
still getting haircuts from stylist, still racking up milage,
got more clothes in your closet than dollars in the bank,

& in the end after it’s all said & done & all the time is spent,
& you’re finally spent, what’ll you have left to show for it all?

All those years worn,
spent suspended in mid air, baking in The Valley,
all those times you attended, those feature film premieres,
still no recognition, let alone an Oscar from The Academy..

∆ LaLux ∆

from The Hollywood Hearts Trilogy Vol. 3:
Dark Lights | Bright Shadows

I'm letting it all go, telling it like it is in Hollywood. This book is the one. Get it, or if you can't afford the $3, let me know and I'll buy it for you.
Carl D'Souza Aug 1
I search for happy people
and when I recognise
a joyful and happy person
I take clues
from how they are feeling, thinking and acting
to discover
how I can feel, think and act
to be optimally joyful and happy.
OpenWorldView Jul 27
i'm done listening.
you are but a distant voice
drowned out by new hope
KHY Jul 3
If you act like you act;
and I act like I act;
We can continue acting forever
#act #acting #forever  #love
Nova Jun 25
Why are you like that?
Why do you keep acting fake?
This isn’t a game.
Zywa Jun 15
Digging for a new tree
I find bones in my garden
that have lived
where I live now

in a house like mine
maybe the same
dressed with flesh
two eyes and a mouth

a stranger like the neighbour
with his wild hair in a bathrobe
in front of the window
like so many people

staff and passers-by
people who are busy
and people who are bored
extras, all of them

they act and fill the world
of others without playing
in a play, including me
with the bones in my hand
Collection “I am”
My face is caked
With pigment, baked
In glaring lights, and I,
Can't wait.

My stomach churns,
Is coursing through my veins,
but then

"5 minutes!"
Someone shouts, my head
perks up immeditely
And when

They beckon fervently
For me
And I cannot contain
My glee

Step out onto polished wood
Look out into the aisles
See faces staring up at you,
You're here to make them smile

I have the power to make them laugh,
To make them shout or cry,
And my nervousness is gone now that
I know their hearts are mine.
Alternate title: I'm a dramatic ***** ;))
I don’t want to Open my mouth
Because I’m still afraid The truth might come out.
And if it does If it really breaks free...
You’ll see what I am, You’ll see the true me.
The one I hide With jokes and lies.
I’m a terrible person.. All jokes aside
You don’t seem to know it, You don’t seem to see...
Even a glimpse of that person That I know to be me.
I’m such a good actor I hide it so well,
Cover it with a laugh And you’ll never tell.
You see depth in my eyes, You see love and emotion.
But what would you see If I ever did open...
I can’t bear to find out, I can’t bear to show.
The me you don’t see The me that I know...
If I let it out, If I let it be
I know for a fact...
That you would hate me.
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