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Tizzop Sep 10
kidz are smoking my songs, drinkin' and sniffin'
welcome to the trip-inn, where magic is grippin'
the tragic city, neon lights, neon lights, demon's nights
i'm all in, never ever falling, swirling frisky, like a frisbee

45 to 88, made myself a shake
beat like an earthquake, first take
crying for a remake, dying for a remake
1000 tons of cheesecake, beafsteakz

yummy yummy, my past was slummy
so, you find tizzop where the ice is
my lifestyle is priceless, priceless
i don't care, nobody is viceless

how could one dare to imitate this flair?
i don't say words, i shout "yeah yeah!"
ipod-white teeth, you stop to breathe
and now be good, baby, get on ya knees
Amanda Hawk Jul 26
Crumbling down

Seek safety in a doorway

I feel the walls shake

Falling falling under your gaze

Warmth in your smile

Left my world trembling

Splintering and breaking apart reasoning

Wave after wave, nerves carrying this seismic activity

And I am quaking for your touch

Unable to speak

Unable to hold my balance

Gripping onto the doorway, knuckles white

Gaze to the floor, focusing

Quivering lips, wavering breath

I am in the doorway you have just crossed

Clutching your arm you stop

Looking at each other

You know what I can’t say

Pulling me close

Tumbling, crumbling are these walls

Heart tremors

Love has come and shook my world upside down
Carlo C Gomez Apr 14
Lost underneath the hood
she made sure
he stopped to ask for directions
then with map in hand
and strapped to the seismograph
she tremored into the land
of eternal sunshine
Wish I could say more
Sway the earthquake
Shaking me to core
Wish I could ask you to stay
Shooing all my demons away
Wish I have heart to convey
Emotions brewing within
I being puppet of fate
Overpowering my prayers
Locking me away
Scheduled from human eagle stares
Wish I could say
How deeply scared
I felt
Hedgehog Sep 2019
Something is coming
That will put us all to the grave
Everyone’s waiting
But they take it as a day like others
Pretending like it will be a day like others
Maybe if think about it
Its a day like others
You say I‘ll see you later
But will we
Cause everyone says its coming
What will you do
When the time comes
How will you protect your loved ones
Accepting your own death is easy
But what about family
I was inactive for a long time and had no time for poems.
Simone Gabrielli Sep 2019
Earthquake weather cracked the sky deep
A cool reprise in midstreaked heat
Alight with the flame of desire
burning with a full pink moon  
Sleeping canyons black from fire

Glowed swelling, glimmering into
Neptune’s fantasies, frenzied
Splintered mad with sweltering gems
Shaking the summer from our hair
Dreams falling like stardust into the ravine
As the earth said “anything can be, anything can be...”

Flickering upon cracked faults
Glisten and catch in the night’s sunlight
Devastatingly seductive, smolderingly bright.
Ray Dunn Sep 2019
when earthquakes shiver
when thunder drifts down from the hills
all the citizens burn down their home
and rip down the gate to their city

a trickle of rain sends them reeling
sprinting in circles for the end of the world
grabbing on to rubble
in an attempt to keep their balance

it sure feels nice to be hungry
clearing out my drafts
Butterfly Sep 2019
I wish that I could reach out to your heart and hold it.
But your heart is an earthquake.
Just like mine.
I feel lost and I can't use Google maps for mental health.
Mehek Jun 2019
I'm a stormy landslide
And you're an earthquake
A disheveling tide
Tide that caresses me
While I subside
Subside to heathens
The heathens whose embers forever collide
Collide in the arms of your feigned stride.
To no one in particular.
Jose Valle Jun 2019
I built a Greek column
A Tuscan column to be precise
It's about three floors in height

I used materials I didn't know I owned
Shimmering and glistening small white oval pebbles
Flat and fat ones
Sand, best of its kind
Limestone with all its magical properties
And Nautilus shells from the beaches of Callao.

I wish I have built it for looks only
But I did it for me
It fits well between my neck and naval line
For when my earthquakes threaten my core
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