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Keiya Tasire Apr 9
The first time you saw each other
The first time you spoke
The first time you hugged
The first time you laughed together.

Each happy moment
The laughter you shared
The joy that overflowed into happy tears
Rolling down your cheeks.

The adventures
And all the stories within your heart
Are now yours to share.

Your playfulness
And how you danced through life's challenges
Agreeing, disagreeing, finding solutins
Gems of wisdom
And the Silver lining amidst the clouds.

Feel and hear when it was good.
Allow all the unresolved pain
Embrace it with gratitude
See, listen, feel, taste, smell...

Your hearts responses
To the love between you.

Take comfort in bliss.
Remembering the sensations of peace.

Spirit to Spirit
Mind to mind
Heart to Heart
Forever as One.

Embracing Love
Those comforting feelings
Healing your pain.
Forever together
In each other's hearts.

Your Heart Mind Remembers
This embrace.

Do you feel the Love?
Oh, Sweet Mercy!
The Peace.
Record and listen to during meditations.  It teaches now to use the love we felt for someone who has passed to help heal our longing, our grieving, our pain, and unresolved challenges in life. This process moves one from grieving to mourning, to sweet sorrow, a deeper understanding and on to obtain a measure of serenity and peace. This process helps open the door to much deeper Spirituality in life and love.
Apr 9 · 126
Keiya Tasire Apr 9
The snow has melted!
We are busy planting seeds
In our garden of Life.
The gardens we work in have much more than just dirt in them.
This morning I spent time planting seeds of love in other's hearts.
Mar 18 · 255
A Survivor's Resolve
Keiya Tasire Mar 18
Another day
Another challenge
Another "pick myself up"
Another heart wound to bandage
Another determination made to keep going .
Another  stand myself up straight & strong
Another  resolve to find wisdom within the pain.

Today I look out the window
Today's sun is shinning.
Today I face the sun  
and the shadows fall behind me
Getting up whit courage and moving forward everyday no matter what life give us.
Mar 18 · 69
Keiya Tasire Mar 18
He said
I ...
I ...
I !...
my... my...
I did this ...
I did that...
I am better now!
Talking, talking!
Tears well up in my eyes.
A few fall,
A few fall,
I am better now!
I did that...
I did this ...
My... my...
I ...
I ...
I 'm going
to the shop
I'm okay now.

He come over to kiss me.
Seeing a tear
He said, Are you okay?
As he looked away.

I said
When will it be
A we?

He said
I ...
I ...
I !...
my... my...

Today I became a bit deaf.
Today I stopped hurting
Becoming silent
To Realize
I am alone.

He says,
it's  just his T.B.I.
After the 100th time
I think
He needs his own way
To feel in control
To feel  o.k.
I am
to feel
a bit
A repeating
A repeating pain

In between
We are okay
There is still Love
Yet I need support
After a T.B.I.
Life is never the same.
There are challenges living with a disability for the person with the disability and  for the family members caring for the disabled person. A caregiver who does not have support experiences struggles, pain, hardship too. This poem is about the caregivers need for a supportive community.
Mar 14 · 227
Grief to Serenity
Keiya Tasire Mar 14
When roaring sorrow
Uproots you
Envision a lotus staying
Gently a float upon the pond
The sun's soothing, comforting, light
Breathing in and gently out
Releasing gripping hands
Clasped around an oar.
No need to leave
No need to go
Deep sorrow of your heart beating
Rivers of Love's tears upon the pond.
Yet the sunshine never fails.
Floating  to and fro
To that perfect spot
Within the same pond
The Lotus flower
Sends it's tap root deep
Taking root
Once again
Among the other lotus blossoms
Growing up from
The pond's murky floor.
In the first year after a loved one dies, it is best to not to make any huge changes within the first year. A person needs their community, for support and love. To move away will make this task more difficult. If a person stays they will find the arms of caring and loving friends and family to see them through their time of grief and loss. For a person, who is grieving to come to serenity it seems to take the support of loving others who open the healing door with compassion, understanding and the insight gained from their own past griefs.
Mar 7 · 131
To Love An Eagle
Keiya Tasire Mar 7
Never cage The Eagle
If you want it to soar!
With a heart filled with sorrow
No amount of love
Can cure a passion lost, caged heart.

No amount of pleading
Will make room in The Eagle's cage
For it to fly and soar.
No matter how much you beg
On bended knee
It will never fly again.

It's qi will leak, from its very core.
It's will to live, will vanquish.
As It gives up It's Life Dream
Slipping silently into
A quiet numbness.
All desire to live passionately, gone.

The Eagle you love
Will turn into a hollow body
That still breathes
With a  resignation to a hopeless
passionless, dreamless caged life.
Growing beyond feeling, beyond caring.

Yet, one day when you die
Or your Eagle passes first
The Eagle will open to find what was lost.
Whether in this life or the next
It does not matter.
The Eagle will rejoice and fly again.

From the look on your face
I don't think  you liked what I just said.
You do have a choice.
You can choose to set The Eagle free.
In freedom, feed your Eagle with respect
Love, acceptance and care.

Be in awe as you watch
Your Eagle fly toward the heavens
Reflections within the gleaming sun.
Casting It's soaring shadow
Over  rivers, canyons and high mountain peaks.  

With gratitude your Eagle will return
Again to your loving arms.
Because you love your Eagle enough
To set It free.
I have seen this so much over the years, where a husband or wife put the other in a cage, restricting their thoughts, beliefs, mobility, and/or actions because they feel insecure in the relationship. The person caging the other person becomes afraid of losing their love. They try to do everything they can to keep their love there just for their-self. Eventually the other spouse does get out of the cage by death of the relationship, finding an addiction, and/or their own personal death. It is much easier to love in the emotional climate of freedom.
Mar 6 · 244
Keiya Tasire Mar 6
Until There Was Only Light
I looked at the darkness within
Two eyes of Light
Gave me a blink.
I smiled.
Watching expanding light
Dancing and whirling
Embracing the darkness
Until there was only Light.
Embracing the darkness
Dancing and whirling
Watching expanding light
I smiled.
Give me a blink
Two eyes of light
I looked at the darkness within
Until there was only Light.
Today I meditated to process and clear some heavy emotions.
Mar 6 · 309
Come for Tea Mickey
Keiya Tasire Mar 6
Yes, I forgave you and asked forgiveness
Twenty-four years and more ago.
Yet, you continued to despise.
Metamorphosing into an Unforgivable.
Hater. Destroyer of family.
You made sure it hurt me.
I don't like what you did.
It was ****. It was not called for.
I wanted peace. So I created it.

Here, this is yours.
It's your very own universe!
To create all the havoc you desire.
Way over there! Far from mine.
When your venom is spewed
And your heart is as light as the Dove's feathers
I will open my doors in peace.
Welcoming you in for herb tea
with a spot of honey and a few biscuits too.
Maybe, even some laughter and fun.
It is all up to you.

Remember to present yourself truly
Setting what you have twisted right.
I pray for you to develop courage
Needed to tell all that you have done.
Yet, I am not hopeful.
Won't you prove me wrong?
I hope so, dear sister. I hope so.
An unforgiving soul wreaked havoc in my world. The only answer I could find was to give her own universe to live in. While I found peace in mine.
Feb 19 · 187
Live Strong!
Keiya Tasire Feb 19
A Note to Self
Never Settle for less than you can be.
Never Settle for less than you can give.
You can live strong.
You can live with passion.
Yes, live strong, my dear!
Live Strong!
Through life's transitions we pull ourselves up. We look for options and we move forward with the best choices we have.  Reviewing what has worked before, engaging new ideas and moving forward with gut inspirited solutions. Stay strong comes at a time when we are transitioning from a working life to retirement .
Keiya Tasire Jan 30
Winter's pallet of white
With graying hues of brown and blue.
It's a blanket rolling from hill top
Around the edges of the lake
Into the valley below.
I dig under the blanket
Revealing the sweet tender grass blades
Just begging to grow.

Where is the sun?
Do come and usher in the delight of spring.
I long to hear the songs of the birds
And the fluttering of hummingbird wings.

Higher and higher both the sun and moon transverse the sky
Raising above the tops of the cedars, furs, birch, maple, and larch.
My heart delights knowing
Our small spring will soon begin to flow.
The stink cabbage, horsetail, and asparagus will sprout.
The poppies and wild roses will soon begin to glow
With the colors of spring.

Hurry sun and warm our path.
Do make short the days of splitting
Cutting and carrying wood.
For I do not know how long he will last.
He says propane may be better.
We both chuckle and laugh
Awaiting the colors of spring
Knowing they are just beneath the snow.
About January the wood pile starts to decline and the sun teases us with a week of warmth and sunshine before heading into the last leg of winter. We are hoping for an early March with warming weather.
Jan 24 · 455
Under the Sphagnum
Keiya Tasire Jan 24
On the land of our family
Are the ashes of generations.
Each generation planted with the saplings of the trees  
The Cedar, The Fir, The Larch, and The Mountain Ash
Standing regal in the sun's early light.

It is a new day
Standing under their boughs
Comforted by ancestral arms touching
In a circle of Love and Light.

What is emerging?
Sprouting up from under the Sphagnum  
It's a seed! Raising its head
Peeking up, and stretching towards the sun.

Ever upward it expands
Though nights of rain and clouds.
Through days of heat and seeming drought.

Yet the seedling grows and endures
Bent by the late summer winds
The fiber of wisdom ever increasing within its core.

At the end of Indian Summer
The frost begins to unleash its chill
The young sapling freezes
As the blanket of white thickens across the land.

With the weight upon it's back
In humility the sapling bends low to kiss the earth.
Bravely holding this asana in the coldest of the winter days.

Today by my window
I am basking in the sunlight of a very early spring,
Bright are shimmering reflections of sunlight snow.

Squinting, with eyes half open and eyes half closed
The small rainbows begin to dance
Between each pair of lashes.
A delighted inner child
Chuckling with joy.

I can hear the sound of water running  
And ice falling from the rooftops above.
The snow is finally melting!

The tall cedar boughs dance with the wind.
Up and down, releasing their winter coats
As Ice crystals floating on the air.

Gazing across the white wonder
To the very spot where I last saw our little tree
What of the little seedling?
Is it still alive?
Or broken and crush by the ice and snow?
My musing over the Cedar Sapling
Shifted with a gasping surprise
It sprung up!
Announcing "I am still alive!"
And my inner voice giggled with delight.

Hum, I wonder
Do trees have a heart?
Do they perceive beyond their bark?
Do they remember?
In this very moment the sapling's sudden appearance
During my musing seemed to express, "Yes!"

Is it just a deep enduring feeling
That the elders of this world
Are the 400+ year old Cedars
Keeping their long record of time?

My dear little sapling
may you continue to grow into magnificence.
I will only see your first 100 years.

For your last four hundred
Allow me to lie at your roots
Under the Sphagnum from which you sprung.

And my children will water flowers at your base
That you may grow as the guardian of the ancestor
Who planted your seed and watched you grow.

Yes, the very one who is now delighted that you
Have popped up from under your blanket of snow.
The winter is giving to an early spring here where we live. There is a young sapling outside my kitchen window I have watched for two years now. This is the second season I have watched it pop up out from under the blanket of snow that has covered it thickly each winter. I am amazed at its flexibility, strength, endurance and tenacity. As the years pass I will continue to watch over this little tree with the desire that it will watch over me when I have passed and my body has been laid to rest.
Jan 22 · 562
A Measure of Serenity
Keiya Tasire Jan 22
1 year, 9 months, and 21 days
Since your spirit took off it's glove
Finally free and released from pain.
Today I can say
The times I cry for you have become fewer.
More are the days
I remember you sweetly
And love you fondly.
Your hugs
Your smiles
Your voice
Your questions
Your teasing
Your playful humor
Intelligence and keen wit.
Thank you
For the joy that fills my heart.
Thank you for the tears
Of sweet sorrow
that graced my cheeks
Thank you for
Opening the door of serenity.
Allowing and letting go,
I find myself full circle
Embracing our love with joy.
I loved you then
I love you now
I love you forever.
I am grateful
That you were in my life.
Thank you for being a part of my life.
I will always remember you
With a joyful & grateful heart.
I love you son,
When someone you love dies, it takes time to process the grief. It is possible to move from grief to mourning; from mourning to sweet sorrow; then on to a measure of serenity. Within serenity exists a measure of peace and joy that opens and unfolds the heart.
Jan 17 · 645
Between Heaven & Earth
Keiya Tasire Jan 17
I stand with roots deep into my mother
With branches out stretching towards my father
And Light from the rising sun reflecting within my eyes.

Machi curing, Machi healing,
I sing your song. I feel your love.
Mi Pachamama
So full of love
Your flow of life, ever flowing
Your river of sound, ever singing
Your stream of light, forever shinning.
How can I ever cry when I am within your arms?

Arising with the warming sun
Flowing through the air on the breath of her winds
So softly the clouds release her love
As they are caressed by the tops of her mountains.

Her waters of love flowing…
Trickling down onto the forest
Gathering into the brooklets,
Streams, riverlets, and rivers
Satisfying the thirst of all her creations.

The sound of pan flutes filling my ears
The dance of chi coursing through
Even this body, this gift, this flesh.
Singing her lullaby
Embracing & soothing this tired soul.
Softly the winds bring the colors
Of her song into my beating heart.

Machi soothing
Machi healing. Machi Curing
Machi, singing me well with Her love
Mi Pacha Mama , so full of love
Your flow of life, ever flowing
Your river of sound, ever singing
Your stream of light, forever shinning.
How can I ever cry when I am within your arms?

Healing, Soothing, Curing, Love
I sing your song. I sing your love
Mi Pacha Mama…
We are each born and sustained by elements of the earth. We are born from the earth that gathered within our mother's wombs and sustained by the plants, airs, water, minerals, and the warm life giving rays of the sun. One day we will give our body back to the earth as our spirits soar towards the heavens where our Father in Heaven and Mother Earth reside.
Keiya Tasire Jan 11
No matter what country
No matter what race.
No matter what religion
No matter what ****** orientation.
No matter what peoples we identify with.
We are all born of the elements of the same earth.
We breathe the same air.
We all are warmed by the same sun.
We stand in awe of the same moon.
We each look up into the night sky from the land of earth.
Within each of our DNA
We hold the same markers as all of humanity.
With our roots reaching back
To the same ancestral first man
To the same ancestral first woman
To ever walk up on our beloved Earth Mother
Under sky of our Beloved Father.
Remembering a very, very old story
About the Dance of Creation.
In this dance Yah was alone.
Yah desired to share love
Yah desired to have joy.
Within a dream to share joy
Yah looked within and fell in love
with the two eyes looking back.
Yah stepping in the within
Eye to eye and arm in arm
In a whirl they turned and danced
Spinning in love with ecstasy and joy.
Two together within the embrace of love.
So so speaks the ancient story
Of the creation of the Spirits of Man.
Long before we were each
Born of the elements of the same earth.
No matter what peoples we identify with.
No matter what ****** orientation
No matter what religion
No matter what race.
No matter what universe, galaxy,
Solar system, planet, continent or place we hail from
We are all related in Love.
Dedicated to a warrior, Mo Byrne.
Jan 8 · 861
We Are Women
Keiya Tasire Jan 8
Joy, Fun, Laughter
Learning, Growing,
Discovering & Creating
Support & Community!
We are women!
We stand together
That all of humanity
May stand up too.

We love
We care for
We craddle
We teach and raise
Generations upon Generations
Each man and each women

Yes we stand up for all of Humanity
May man stand with us too!
For yes, are women!
We want peace.
We want kindness.
We want respect.
We value and want to be valued.
We want all to be free to live.
We want all to be free to love
In Peace.
In Harmony.
In Joy.
through the ages women took care of the ancient knowledge for health wellness birthing rearing children and loving each other through challenges then the roles of women were diminished, relinquishing it to powers that were hungry for not only the control over women but men too.  The human family became lost. Now many are waking up and calling for both men and women to stand together  and reclaim human, dignity, freedom, and the strength of family and the strength of community.
Jan 8 · 109
Do You Know?
Keiya Tasire Jan 8
Do you know where I can find It?
The middle ground that brings joy
The one that leads to increased wholeness,
Where does it start?
How do I step into this path?
Do you know where it is?
Do you know where I can find it?
Each of us reaches a point in our lives where peace, love, joy, happiness are more important than games. Some of us seek the path, some do not. After all it is a choice.
Jan 8 · 149
It Will Surprise You
Keiya Tasire Jan 8
Every woman
Every man
Makes a difference in this world.
We each choose how to move our egos out of the way.
We each choose how to open understanding.
We each choose to act upon the knowledge it brings.
Then we are surprised by what it does to our hearts.
Do you want more love?
Do you want to more forgiveness and to forgive?
Do you desire the peace that welcomes sleep at night
And eagerness for each new day?
Do you desire harmony? Balance?
The freedom to be who you truly are?
Then support each other along the way.
And it will surprise you.
Finding community is not a "me" generation action. It is a way to being much more into our lives , our community, and  our world.
Jan 6 · 121
Just One Step
Keiya Tasire Jan 6
When it all seems to hard
Are you crippled by fear?
Asking, "What do I do?
Pondering and Praying
within the meditative silence
The answer is clear
"Just one step at a time
Placing it in front of the other
Repeat again and again
Until you will find yourself there."
Never, never give up!  Keep going. It is hardest just before you arrive. Keep going. Keep stepping forward and through until you arrive at your destination.
Keiya Tasire Jan 6
Who am I?
Why am I here?
How do I grow?
Where do the words that I utter spring from?
How do my actions unfold to take flight?
What are the roots of my habits both desired and not desired?
When did my character become undesirably ripe?
As defined by Another?

Piously pompous extruding expectations
We both wagged the tail of judgment from our respective roles.
Each casting the wands of incantations, illusions, and lies!
One to change the controlling illusion
Another to maintain it's web and power.

It was handed down from the very first mothers
It was handed down from the very first fathers
It was set into motion from the very first breath of the very first lie.
It created the very first shadow of darkness that fell upon Truth.

Tainted, "It" fell from realms of Light, the realms of Love and Joy.
"It" tumbled and rolled down the family Tree
Branch by branch, twig by twig, and leaf by leaf
Deeper into the darkness, grief, sadness and pain.

We were taught to ignore the dragon of dysfunction
Lying among the branches of our human family tree.
As "It" grew and grew, and grew.
"It" matured and gave birth to expanding prodigies
Who fained deeds of compassion, fained loyalties,
Fained emotions, and fained love

To twist and to alter reality,
Aimed toward total power,  riches, and total control.
Using the swords of Expectations,
Judgments, half truths and lies, they waged war!
With their army of
Every wolf in sheep's clothing
Every entitled the fair-haired child
Every hero - rescuer
Every "I am the victim"
Every fearful guilt burdened peacemaker,
Every misunderstood black sheep,
And all the unaware lost lambs.
The cycle of dysfunction turns
As a companion within the wheel of time.
We are told to never speak of It and deny It's existence.
This is the power that feeds It as It expands.
And we find ourselves beyond the ability to contain "It."

One day our eyes open to awareness
We come face-to-face with "The Choice."
Do we go back to sleep? Or do we get up?
And if we stand up, what is next?
When we see our unveiled past, will we fear and hide?
Or arise as a seeking warrior of Light?
If we choose the Light will Love begin to arise from the darkness
Will Love transform "It" to find It's-self Immortal & Eternal?

Give me understanding of Love!! With Understanding I will seek!!
Standing between the windows of time past, present, and future
With the root of addictive desire, laid upon the alter
Banished! Gone!! Released!!

Will the Darkness  release "It" from the depths of grief, sadness and pain?
Without a word "It" became a He
And He draped the blanket of courage over His shoulders
with the Light of hope in His eyes.
Refusing to never give up
He dawned His Innate strengths
Refusing dire circumstances
Letting go of confusion, ignorance, vises, grief, blame, and all ill desire
He stepped straight and firmly into the Light which expands!
He stood with joy in the Light and looked back

As "It" became a She
And She draped the blanket of courage over Her shoulders
with the Light of hope in Her eyes
Refusing to never give up
She dawned Her Innate strengths
Refusing dire circumstances
Letting go of confusion, ignorance, vise, grief, blame, and all ill desire
She stepped straight and firmly into the Light which expands!

The Light embraced Her and embraced Him
They stood together seeking understanding
Their hearts opened
Each to sing their own song of joy, of love, of peace
Together in harmony
Dancing  in the Light as One.

So with courage, do my actions unfold to take flight!
With joyful Love the words uttered within my heart sprang!
How, I do grow!
I am fully here, awake!
I know who am I, really!
Because  in silence I sat upon the earth
As He sat upon the Earth
As She sat upon the Earth
Looking toward the heavens
She female and He male
Focused in silence, they taught me how to breathe.

Now throughout the generations of Time
We began to breathe as One
Together in Love, in Peace and in Unity.
Reaching and holding each other
Beyond and through the Wheel of Time.
The questions of our life stirs each of us to some kind of action. The actions we each choose are unique to our own personal life path. We each bring to our personal path ofseeking - our personal understanding about truth, our beliefs, acculturation, and family patterns. Of which culminate into our strengths and weaknesses.
By choosing understanding in the challenges of life, we are armed to step into a path of increased love, forgiveness, heightened spiritual growth, increased awareness and higher consciousness and love.
If we choose the path of ego defences we continue the dysfunction and the further weakening of our humanity, families, selves, hearts and spirits. This poem is about becoming aware of this process and the choice we each have.
Dec 2018 · 39
Higuera Street
Keiya Tasire Dec 2018
An alley of gum stuck to the walls.
We have each taken our turn.
To chew the spearmint, cinnamon and wintergreen well
Then stick it to the wall as our story to tell!

While the people pass by
The smells of BBQ chicken, Tri-Tip and potatoes
Baked in their skins blend on the pallet of hunger.
Stuffing our bags with almonds, veggies
A variety of fruit and black mission figs!

We could hardly wait to step into
Our favorite Thursday Night
Higuera Street Restaurant
For Sushi, Asian BBQ, and all the fixings.
To fill our hearts with laughter
And our bellies with warmth.

We loved the SLO Farmer's Market long ago.
Now we are scattered across the continent
In two countries and six states.
Who would have ever known
That these times would pass so quickly?
family outing farmer's-Market sushi Asian-BBQ tri-tip baked-potatoes gum alley restaurant laughter SLO Higuera-St
Dec 2018 · 503
What'cha Doing?
Keiya Tasire Dec 2018
The question rings as a rattle on my cage.
"I am writing poetry" I answered.

He mumbled, "I thought you were playing Mahjong."

I exhaled hard, "I was. I won two games. " I said  with a little aggravation.

"Hum..." he said, then all fell silent.
I did not respond.

Only the sound of my fingers typing on the keyboard continued
Until he could not stand it anymore, "There's news today. The USA is pulling out of Syria."

"Hum, that's good." I said.

He said, "I am sure the families of the soldiers that are coming home are happy."

"Yeah, they probably are." I said halfheartedly as I continued to write.

"Israel is still worried about their borders."

Sarcastically I replied, "Maybe they will build  a wall."
The sounds of tap-tap-tap on the keyboard, continuing...

He said, "Yeah, maybe Trump will help them."
I stopped typing.
We laughed and I continued to write.

It was quiet for just a moment.
Then he said, "What'cha doing now?
We both laughed out loud!!!
And I finished this writing.
Humor goes a long ways in soothing rough edges.
Dec 2018 · 161
An Arc & Covenant of Love
Keiya Tasire Dec 2018
A child was born
If in the Winter or Spring,
I do not know.

Into her arms
She cradled Him
Her adoring eyes
Gazed upon Him
With depth of
Her Love

Is this the same Love
Every Mother feels?

Open Heart
with a deep enduring

Letting go!

With sweet innocence
Love flowing
As a river.

Pouring with Love
Bursting with Life

From the Eternal Family Tree!
Generation, upon generation

Roots and Branches.
Standing within the Eternal Sea

Merkabah Spin!
An Arc and Covenant of Love
Merkabah Spin!

Standing within the Eternal Sea
Roots and Branches.

Generation upon generation
From the Eternal Family Tree!

Bursting with Life
Pouring with Love

As a river
Love flowing
With sweet innocence

Letting go

with a deep enduring
Open Heart

Every Mother feels
Is this the same Love?

Her Love
With depth
Gazed upon him.
With her adoring eyes
She cradled Him
Into her arms.

I do not know
If in the Winter or Spring
Yet a Child was born
An Arch and Covenant of Love.
The love mother's first feel when they take their new born into their arms is immense. Is this the same love that has been felt for generations? Has the same love lasted for eons? Where  did it start? This love sinks deep within our cores and never ever seems to let go.
Dec 2018 · 89
Still Sharp as a Tack?
Keiya Tasire Dec 2018
Evergreen trees & cranberries
Pine cones soaked in cinnamon oil
Candle holders for the beautiful Christmas candles.
Time to decorate with all the fresh trimmings.
Now where are the push pins and tacks?

They say there are only two reasons to forget:
1) I am in love, or it is 2) Senility.
I pray it is Love!
Dec 2018 · 3.6k
The Snowflake
Keiya Tasire Dec 2018
What am I?
Water of Love
A kiss Divine?
Each crystalline design
A shimmering Angel!
Dear heart, uncoil
Open my seeking, hungry soul
Reaching beyond the breath of freedom
To sooth weary pains.
Am I enough?
Clasping each frozen crystal.
Gently touching. Gently Soothing
Each fallen tear.
Gently touching. Gently Soothing
Clasping each frozen crystal.
I am enough!
To Sooth weary pains.
Reaching beyond the breath of freedom
Open my seeking, hungry soul
Dear heart uncoil
A shimmering Angel
Each Crystalline design
A kiss Divine
Water of Love  
Am I.
Walking the medicine wheel as it turns through our life, we grow in wisdom and truth as our capacity to expand in love grows. We find within the core of our self our own a spark of the Divine.

— The End —