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Keiya Tasire Oct 2019
I was tired today.
A long night it was.
He tossed and turned.
I tossed and turned.
The room was hot.
The room was cold.
It seemed the sun rose too soon.

Up the stairs
With Creaky knees.
At least the left hip is not sore yet.
Mind over matter, "Walk. Walk. Walk!"
Commanding myself to Step on the floor surely.
Keep going
Just a few more steps.
Keep it up,"Walk, walk, walk!"
Keep moving hip!
Maybe the pain will go away.

Why am I so sore?
Louis Hayes says,
"Fear of going forward in major decisions.
Nothing to move forward to."
Hum, is this really so?

Yes, I do feel like I am being still.
After all, it doesn't hurt when I am still.
Or does it?

Yet, I keep moving
In spite of my musings.
It is interesting what comes up in my mind when I am sitting still through pain.
Anna Sep 2019
Vast night above me
Dark and deep sky
The light of more than billion
Dead stars
Was just a normal night
I had you on my arms
Lord knows how I need it again
I miss the normal.

Now all I have
Is the light of more than billion
Alight candles
Dancing like ghosts in the light
They made on my walls
The wind could come in
Whispering like an ancient
Trying to blow my candle's light
It didn't matter
I would grab my old match
And light it again.

The love felt on me
Like a lullaby melody
And as the light of my billion and more candles
I couldn't stop dancing
I had it on my tongue
On my arms and foot
I had the la la la going down my hips
And the warm feeling just made me
Want to dance more.

And my lips could tell
What I feel in my soul
Neither you can deny
We had on us, the glory
Glory over the past
And as the time goes by
I see the glory burning in your eyes.

The sound of more than billion violins
And the whispery wind
I had on my ears
Smell of old ink
On a random jornal
It is what was bringing me back to the
Night's simplicity.
c Apr 2019
I would like
To be called lovely
But the span of my hips
Labels me nice
Lindsey Graham Apr 2019
Take me into your bed
Let me burn my kisses
Down your neck
and down your chest

I don’t want you to be able to touch your own hips without shivering and remembering how it felt when I felt them
Aurianna Feb 2019
Tie my arms up to the branch of a tree
I want you to bend me over
pull my hair
and **** the **** out of me
I like it slow
and wet
Take control
grab my jaw
shove your **** through my mouth to my neck
Foreplay so sensual
juices sliding
between my thighs
your own personal ******* slip n' slide
Your tongue sliding perfectly
in-between my lips
on my silky smooth mouth
between my hips
WordsHelp Feb 2019
Inhale before the kiss,
Gentle fingers tracing down,
Hands on hips pulling in,
Lips colliding.

Bodies tangled,
Deep breaths,
Tongues dance,
Hearts colliding.
c Feb 2019
When I was in seventh grade
Society told me
That curves can be beautiful
And I thought the idea of that
Was beautiful
Until I saw mine.

It was never
That I didn’t find beauty
In others bodies,
It was that I couldn’t
Find beauty
In what I saw
In the mirror

And I know that
It’s more of a -me- problem
Than a society problem,
But sometimes
When -curvy woman-
Means hips like rosebuds
And waist like fine china,
I get a little scared
Of myself.
All body types are beautiful, be you, be happy, be healthy, and don’t let someone else’s idea of beauty stop you from doing the things you set your mind to.
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