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SiouxF Aug 2023
Follow your heart
Your dreams
Your gut
Trust and
Embrace the magic šŸ’«
Moe Jan 2023
my soul is left swirling
in the black waters of ailment
i am hearing bottomless
pages of music
i am the circle with no
my internal guts and thoughts
are all delusional
i have no inner life
nothing achieved
several dreams in a fog
to reduce the fever of my futility
there is contradiction and paradox
i will say things and mean nothing
in my own minds argument
the virus of being will create awareness
of how pointless it all is
i am trapped inside a trunk
left outside of time
i am sad delight
at long last
failing to comprehend the right way to live
Steve Page Aug 2021
If my second brain is my gut
and if my gut presents as a she,
does that mean that it's best that I think
that my head best thinks as a he?

And when I want to follow my heart,
does it flutter somewhere betwixt
that path that she feels down deep
and the path that he just can't resist?

When I find myself at a fork,
and it's not at all clear which ways mine,
my gut, my head and my heart -
they'll figure it out just fine.

But if ever I find I'm in doubt
which voice it is I should heed,
I just have to ask myself this,
- for which path I'd be happy to bleed?
I heard someone refer to their gut as their second brain.  I recall someone else refer to their gut as a she.  This is the mix of those 2 thoughts.
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2021
You get my hopes up just to slash them back down
Yet for some reason I still want you around
You play games with my heart
**** with my mind
So why am I unable to leave you behind?
I know in my head I am better off alone
But my soul is convinced that you are its home
So no matter how many times you leave me broken
All it takes to gain forgiveness is a few sweet words spoken
By now I have learned that your recycled phrases are lies
Yet they somehow still retain the power to make feelings rise
It's like you are an expert at getting under my skin
I try so hard to stay strong but when it comes to you I never win
My worst addiction
My sweetest crutch
I hate the fact that i need you so much
That no matter how bad you treat me my love never wavers
Each minute of your attention is sixty seconds I savor
But its apparent that you don't care about me the same
This on-off routine is driving me insane
I wish for just once you would open up to me
And be honest about everything you are scared to let me see
I love you unconditionally although I dont why
So you can trust me with vulnerable parts you hide
I thought I was your ride or die but now I realize that's not true
Because if it were it would still be me right next to you
You threw away our relationship without a second thought
Now you think it's that easy to waltz back in my life
Well it's not
You have hurt me too much for me to put myself through it twice
You claim to love me but how can you?
Your heart is made of ice
I would have never done you like you did me wrong
But I am grateful you did because it's made me strong
The pain I have suffered at your careless hand
Has given me room to grow and understand
You just miss me when you are lonely
It isnt fair
You have no intention on actually being there
But it's my fault I guess for giving you another chance
Fully aware that you are now involved in a completely new romance
I dont know if I am stupid or if you were right when you said
That I get off on sadness so I amplify it in my head
Why else would i make choices that i know will lead to bad?
Any rational person would be done with you but i am simply mad
So i endure more torment as you manipulate and deceive
I cannot any longer put the blame on me being naive
I've grown wise to your tricks yet I still participate
Because deep down I believe we were brought together by fate
We had something special and something truly rare
I dont think it's possible for anyone else to compare
If you are happier with her than you were with me
Than I won't interfere
I'll let you two be
But if you cant stop thinking about my face
Then go with your gut and return to my embrace
Ming Jan 2021
The things I used to say
About Time
All my preconceived notions
Like salt in water
They dematerialise

You are right for me

Like ripples forming in stale water
In perfect rhythm
Not because they have to
But because it just is

You are right for me

When you
find your
morale up
and down
like a roller
coaster, it's
because you
confidence in
Never lose
focus, adhere
subscribe to
attention. Only
gut could lead
the way, be
dared to do
that seem
most difficult.
Be tempted
by your
greatest goal
make it
fall for you.
mjad Aug 2020
I look back on the way my heart jumped
The way he made my love filled blood pump
And I fail to understand
I do not know how I loved everything so small, even holding his hand
How can love just come and go?
When he stopped loving me, how did I not know?
His eyes must have sparkled at the idea of leaving me
My absence was the reason he smiled gladly
I never looked for the signs of this
I was the definition of ignorance is bliss
My heart knew all along
But my brain was saying it had to be wrong
When they say trust your gut they never say which one
Mamta Wathare Jan 2020
my inner thigh

a nausea wave
in my belly

a hundred bottomless pits
in my gut

theĀ dense gap
between my soul
and body

I tell my self
Just breathe
Mamta Wathare Jan 2020
My heart split open
and bled
The sky turned
Your words
through my gut
coiled around my belly
I stopped breathing
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