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VG E Bacungan Jan 14
In this hollow white space
Its been two five seven days.
The sky dusks again.
Written 23 November 2020

Original Commentary: Wrote this one earlier when I remembered how long I've been away from home. This COVID pandemic is draining for both the physique and the psyche.
Eloisa Nov 2022
Love, my safety
Faith, my wings
A quest for light through this
sunless journey
With a remarkable strength
From hell came out an angel
Back to an enchanting flight
Ready to glide in this garden
of life
#COVID19 Kicked My B*tt

Japan braces for 8th wave right now as #covid19 spreads again.  The thousands of cases daily and the fear of having a dual coronavirus-seasonal influenza spike this winter worries many.  But since almost 80% of the population are fully vaccinated, wearing mask has already been optional for children which I think is a contributing factor for the continuing increase on cases. I teach young children and there were noted children’s infection in our area. So, I knew that #covid19 would catch me at some point due to the nature of my job. As a language teacher, I work in close contact with our clients doing small and big group English lessons to kindergartners and elementary students. I do private one on one conversation and Eiken lessons as well. I know that a number of people I came in contact with got infected by this crazy virus though they observe strict health protocols all the time. Thus, I am always telling myself that I’ve been lucky because I was exposed to covid+ individuals many times and I was never infected. Unfortunately, after our halloween party, covid kicked my b*tt really bad. But being fully vaccinated and boosted, I was not totally scared and I felt ready to take on this virus. Turns out, I was ready, but it wasn't a walk in the park. I've heard some friends say that getting the latest covid variant is like a bad case of sniffles or a mild flu. Not for me. I spent horrible days of having body aches, chills, fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, and fever. I felt miserable with no energy, had anosmia and ageusia and had the worst sore throat of my life. My throat was like being chainsawed. I dreaded swallowing, and the pain in my throat every time I sneezed was too excruciating. Age factor, maybe. And now a few weeks after, I still feel the adverse effects it brought to my body. Cough, chest tightness, and sore throat still linger.  But what scared me then during my infection was actually transmitting the virus to the members of my family. Thank God, they’re safe and healthy. 🙏
I guess, I didn’t beat covid. The vaccines did.
Zywa Jul 2022
Here I lie, no respiratory mask
There is a little wind
I get too little air

to talk, no energy
My body is busy
eliminating the virus

I have no strength for anything
don't even fancy nuts or chocolates
just sleep, I would like to sleep

And wake up well rested
In bed next to you. I go too far
I'll only go to sleep after you have left

There are few colours, high veils
no thunderstorm in the air, no birds
From above I see us lying

Our breath is exactly the same
Five meters apart, we are
not really trespassing

I haven't caught your little bird yet
For Maria Godschalk

Social distancing to prevent infection

"Il Decameron" (Boccaccio, Anno 1353), 5th day, 4th story: because of the heat, Caterina is allowed to sleep on the balcony, where she listens to the nightingale; in the morning her father Lizio sees her naked with her friend Ricciardo, holding his nightingale in her hand; Lizio calls his wife to show her what kind of bird Caterina has caught
uccello = bird, usignolo = nightingale

Pier Paolo Pasolini filmed this story in 1971

Collection "It takes a lot of tries to make a début"
Saša Milivojev Jun 2022
A bloodthirsty old woman you see,
a cockroach from the Satan’s
“Crisis Committee”,
For long she pillaged,
children she snatched and slayed
their blood she drank and ate,
to rejuvenate.
She flayed their skin,
affixed in place on her own face,
Corona was her name,
The old hag was insane.

When her evil deeds were told,
the airplanes soared,
in aim to **** us all.
On Earth they made the poisons fall.

They had us all locked down,
with muzzles restrained,
padlocks and chains,
ankle bracelets for home detention,
false tests on prescription,
deceived and plundered,
blamed for infection,
medications proscribed,
fresh air they denied,
On our freedom they put boundaries,
halfwits, scoundrels.

And when they “eased up” on their “measures”,
the camps were full over the rim,
large - scale butchering,
looted livers and kidneys,
burning the living victims,
“to prevent the spread of infection”
evidence concealed for our own protection.

She had working hours,
sleeping before noon,
was contagious only in the afternoon.

Half the world she vaccinated,
with poisons injected,
what is going on,
you are going to see,
billions of dead bodies are yet to be!

Forget we must not,
Lest not forgive,
Let’s arrest and sentence them to death,
they should not be left to live!

Saša Milivojev

Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
Copyright © by Saša Milivojev, 2020 - 2022 - All Rights Reserved
Chris D Aechtner Apr 2022
people wait in line
to receive injections:
lumps of curdled cream
floating in the coffee,
expired prematurely

5/6/5/6/6 English contemporary syllable count

Includes a traditional kakekotoba (pivot/"swing bridge")

Metaphor & symbolism stays intact when the tanka above is read from bottom to top
Francie Lynch Mar 2022
I should've written Thanks across a blue sky,
Where the winds would carry my message
Around the world.
But I didn't even try.

I should've banged my pots and pans,
Put a sign out on my lawn,
Or at least on a forward facing window.
But I didn't, and I'm wrong.

I could've, with minimal exertion,
Clicked Like or Love
On one of the millions of gratitude posts
Praising them... Them,
The essential and not so essential workers
On our northern, southern, eastern and western Fronts.
But I didn't, and it haunts.

I will now say,
Thank You
To all those who expressed Thank You
To all those who have kept us healthy, safe and secure:

Anya Feb 2022
To know or not to know that is the question. I mean; I already know, I took it once. Yet that once was back before the continuous onset of diarrhea (which could have been caused by the accidental switch up of my stir fry or the unending pastries I filled myself with), before the sniffles and the sneezes (caused by the cold wearing a too thin jacket to the gym), before the exhaustion (wack sleep schedule). I knew before all of that. And even then, that know was a rapid test (but still a test) which could’ve been wrong. So, should I? Should I take it again? Or should I go about my day, and attend dance practice with none the wiser?

…still there? Hey, where’s she gone?

Oh, she’s at dance practice.
Zywa Feb 2022
The nights are silent,

the ferries out of service --

everyone in bed.
Collection "WoofWoof"
Atop the ladder twenty-twenty,
I was enjoying the view.
Care Home visits a plenty,
Faces old and new.
Singing songs to raise a smile,
And vacant minds re-awoken,
Music to boost morale,
Mending souls once broken.
Frail voices murmured approval,
For favourite singers of their day.
“That was lovely! - Just wonderful!
Have a tea! - Please stay!”
Then, we talked all afternoon,
For little did we know,
What was around the corner,
The invisible foe.

And just like that, we were separated.
Back down the ladder I’d go.
Down there at the bottom,
The flowers would not grow.
The rays that kissed my cheek,
Were hidden from my gaze,
A tortured isolation,
As we entered a new phase.
Yet in your darkest hour,
I wished to shine a light,
So I worked to find new ways,
Tirelessly through the night.

Springtime and summer,
Brought with it a new hope:
Outdoor shows, joy and laughter,
(Needed to help us cope.)
My feet were on the ladder,
And life was on the up,
But slipping on the rain,
I fell back in the muck.

Atop the ladder twenty-twenty,
Now that seems long ago,
Through all the loss and tears,
I did the only thing I know.
Which was to carry on,
With a stiff upper lip.
I’d see you all again,
Once I regained my grip.

Twenty-twenty one flew by,
Just like the year before.
With notes of heartfelt lyrics,
Hidden in my drawer.
What awaits atop the ladder
For twenty-two, who knows?
But I’ll never forget,
When I helped them through their woes.
Winner of the 'Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022' poetry competition, 18+ category - Serendipity Gift Shop
©️ Joshua Reece Wylie 2022
By this time 2019 the onslaught had begun..
devastating attack on mankind not carried out by guns..
just a virus, tiny yet deadly ravaging the world..
not an equal monster in decades, Covid-19 it was called.

mysteriously crept into our world, inexplicable origin..
lurking around rails, trails and air just to gain entry..
wrecking down all systems immune, nervous and circulatory..
sniffles life out of victims at the early stages, men was scary.

left us so terrified  in our towns and in our cities..
grounded and brought to a halt economic activities..
built up a partition of no solid material..
amongst us all, rich, poor and even the influential.

Once crowded streets in its wake were lonely and desserted..
nice playground activities and symposiums neglected..
for the dread of the global monsterous virus..
oh! no! never again we hope we beat the virus.

It took from us loved ones both promising and elderly..
frightening mode of operation, collapsing the lungs steadily..
trailing wails world all over from the healthcare facilities..
universal pandemonium, we were overwhelmed seemingly.

Emotionally traumatising was the unpleasant experience..
of watching its victims gasping in the midst of abundance..
I cried like many many others seeing a menace to existence..
and all we did was pray for return of peaceful ambience.

till date still place a limit on human interactions..
medical practitioners working their ***** off..
to get a cure for it although now there's vaccination..
was an era in human history, covid-19 what a distraction!
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