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Jeremie Jul 12
Does true Love stretch across the canvas of Time and echo in the deepest recesses of our soul, unearthing every memory that was lost in our transitions. From one life to the next, a faint glimpse of what we once knew, guiding us back to each other like a constellation only seen by our eyes.
You are all the evidence I need to confirm that Love transcends all barriers, all spaces of time, and all limitations of this earthly shell that houses my longing soul.
Jeremie Jul 7
She said to me,

“Slow the pace of your touch.
You are blooming gardens inside of me
before Spring has had the chance..”
Jeremie Jun 16
At the edge of our galaxy,
under the violet light
is where I found you.
I waited til the Sun shut his eyes
And the Earth grew silent.
Then with my heart on both knees,
I proposed to yours with a ring made from
the petals of your favorite flower.

“In your eyes is where I’ll sleep.
In your heart is where I’ll dream.
In your smile is where I’ll live.
Promise me the eternity of an eternity
spent in your arms. And I will promise you
the immovable sky will come to envy
the way the stars have left her side
and have chosen to live in your eyes..”
Eternally yours, now and forever
Jeremie Jun 16
Love is not a ebbs of emotions
that flow from the human heart.
Nor is it the reciprocation of
understanding promised by lovers.

Love is a dervish twirling
at the center of every cell.
Singing in the heart of Heaven’s soul.
With no notion of itself or another,
just Love and the silent music
of this ecstasy.
An impulse at the center of my soul
Jeremie Jun 16
What you mean to me
stretches like a redwood far
beyond the forest of this life.
It’s as if my love for you
has a Soul of its own,
and that the warmth of your heart
is the Heaven it seeks..
I write because you exist
Jeremie Feb 2
The mermaids of your heart have
invited me to plunge deeper into your depths.
But you are an ocean with no shores.
The moment I surrender to the
endless tides of your affection,
I will exhale the touch of all past lovers.
Denounce all thoughts of tomorrow,
and devote my every breath to discovering
the pearls buried beneath
the ocean of you.
Happily drowning deeply in the ocean of your love.
Jeremie Dec 2020
The palette of hues that create
the portrait of our Love,
need both the shadows of your beauty
as well as the highlights of your essence.
So please, do not conceal your
darkness from me.
For what is a portrait of Love
without the hues of pain
that amplify the radiance
of our shared Joy.
All of you is welcomed, all of you is accepted, leave no fractal abandoned and no detail forsaken.
Bolaji Temilola Dec 2020
I stare at you and I suddenly fall in love
Gazing into your handsome bright eyes,
You make me feel so special every day.
Hearing your voice makes my heart skip of joy
You’re always there for me then,
and you still there for me now
Never let me down and
I trust you with all my heart
Even when I see you with another woman
My heart is so at peace
You make me feel true love every minute of the day even now that you are far
And each time I remember your softly kisses on me,
You take my breath away and
You’ve shown me how to smile and to be so happy every day
And because of this sweetheart
I'll love you forever each and every single day.
Trust me darling.
I am waiting for you,my TWINFLAME.
Got no choice but to obey the universe.
Jeremie Dec 2020
“How am I to love you” I asked.
She replied

“Remove your veils before you make Love to me.
Do not shower me in empty compliments
that reek the seeking of my approval.
I need no words to remind me of my beauty.
Beauty is but one of my infinite names,
Grace is but one of my infinite forms.
Approach my temple only when you have recognized me as yourself. Til then be gone!
I do not seek a boy to raise or a man to groom,
only a King that has surrendered his ego to the
great Mother. The magic I contain Is sacred
I know this! The rivers of Eden pass through
my temple often, and many approach looking
to quench their thirst for eternity. Be present with
my body for it is the blueprint to heaven,
within this womb contains many rooms with each leading to paradise. If there is not care and reverence in your touch turn back. Approach no further.  When you have adorned yourself in your own love. Understood the child quietly resting within you. When the light of sincerity radiates from your lips.
Approach me, call to me from your inner silence
and I will meet you in the field of love where our hearts are free and roses sing to the hymns of angels”
Love is the absolute dissolution of separation
Jeremie Nov 2020
One night I lay sleeping in my bed of comfort, then before I knew it I was
dropping from my body and plunging into a world beneath the Earth.
A world shrouded in darkness, with only the candle of wisdom as my compass through the dense terrain
I heard the loud screams of monsters crying,
pleading for forgiveness, begging for a drop of love to fall and quench their endless thirst to be seen, to be heard and embraced.
Shocked by this sight, my knees fell before their feet.
My heart bowed before the spark of love that glimmered through their pain-filled eyes.
I cried an ocean that night, as I wept, grieved and prayed for their forgiveness, for it was I who had condemned them to this cave covered in darkness, with no windows for the light of love to enter and bring nourishment to their abandoned hearts.

“You are a sunflower that has bloomed with no sun, forgive me for the veils I created to conceal your beauty.”

they replied

“You have seen our true nature and our frightening appearance, yet choose to love us to despite it all.
You have given us the solace that we sought within this abyss.
It is your love and understanding that has been our daily prayer.
Eternally grateful we are for the warm blanket of compassion you have clothed us in.”
“What are demons that have been loved and understood?” “angels” I replied.

What we call demons are just
angels of a different heaven.

Gaze into the eyes of your
frightening shadows and
witness the light of compassion
gazing back at you.
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