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I will give you a one red rose,
     as long as from the ground
     up to your beloved spot of mine.
I will never give you flowers.
That is a man's thing to do.
Not in this house one mess with
          the customs - they're
               divinely designed.
                               "Boo, hoo."

                                         I said once.
                    May remind you twice.
                        Fourth'll be the time
                               you meet my ice.

                                "Boo, hoo."

Don't care of your style,
     aspirations, dreams,
     or that you don't drink wine.
Don't care of your stupid face,
     passionate embrace or
     rythmic dance between my thighs.
Don't care of your love.
I was told by God once
     that love we do know is a men's sin.
Truly godly one the one is which
     remains in the distance.
"And, the red rose?" - you may ask.
That's the one reserved for the occasion
            when you'll be at threshold of our
Keiya Tasire May 17
When I was down, You lifted me up.
When I errored , You forgave.
When I was sick, You received me in your arms.
When I was lonely, You reminded me, "I am always with you."
When my broken heart despaired, You healed me with your Love.
When I did all that I could and wanted to quit, You carried me.
Lifting me securely into your arms.
When I learned to see you
I found you in everyone's eyes.

Divine Love, I love you.
Within my heart of hearts,  
As one Love,  never ever will we part.
Oh my beautiful Divine Love
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
The beauty a relationship with an understanding of Divine Love as this love teaches, supports and heals a life.
S Bharat Mar 20
Divine Love

Your love is the love
That my eyes fail to see
For I'm a small speck of Your love
That spread into infinity.

S. Bharat
LeoH Aug 2019
Lifted by divine love
I now know
I am whole
Joy and abundance
Are my destiny
When I understand the fundamentals it all becomes easy.
Above and beyond
its manifest colours,
is the hottest part of the flame.

Patiently, and with trust,
bring the sacred frankincense
within your heart
to the invisible fire, and
it will be ignited
in this most intense heat.

That is the searing power
held only by Divine Love.

It is thus that human love
is purified, gains
dignity of purpose,
in the arms of the magnificent,
all-encompassing love of God.
Copyrighted by Elisa Maria Argiro
14 March, 2019
forestfaith Oct 2018
saw the wounds marks and I felt cold.
My emotions switched off.
i think i didn't want to believe your skin was so fragile and soft.
how you have been tainted and bruised.
if the birds could feel for their young, why can't i?

Struggling to feel I sometimes force myself to cry.
then, it would be true right?
What is wrong with me?
My heart turned to stone.
and I am reluctant to pray and feed my spirit.

Lord, please take me back.
please pray for my sister! My Christian family! She is dealing with just so many things right now and i hope God sheds his light on this! Amen!!
forestfaith Oct 2018
tears like bullets scarred the floors
and the floors were made of gold.
the couch was soaked in tears and i could see my fears.

i didn't know I had claws for fingers and ice for my skin.
and confusion became more familiar to me.
and sin drowned me still.

but when all seemed lost.
and when the noise seems to **** me within,

i looked beneath me and saw large,  large shoulders, far and wide.
shining with glorious white.
the oceans below was more treacherous than my rivers.
and the fire burned more than the voices in my head.

Lord, you carried me.
through and through.
on your shoulders....
black and blue
inspired by the song of the same name by 'for KING AND COUNTRY.'
forestfaith Sep 2018
it sometimes feels better to stay sad.
to stay in pain, pinned to the world, to have lost all you had.
to stay in the pit because it is hard.
because hurt and pain shattered and twisted your heart.
it feels warmer.
because it made you love the cold.
your joy grows old.

being happy is better.
when the cold is gone.
and fear and hurt and pain lose its horns.
it's horns of exultation.
when divine love doesn't seem so far.
it never did, and never has been.
its when your heart becomes whole and the holes close up, and plans of the wicked on folds up.
when numbers no longer matter.

Jesus loves you.
yes he does haha. I was quite suicidal and had a lot of stress...wanted to cut and all. of course its hard to overcome the urge. But you know what, God saves, and he saves me out of that darkness. Yes, i am still struggling. But through that he gave me strength..thank you God!
Eureka Merton Aug 2018
We are called
To the heights
That Love aspires
And the depths
The soul inspires

Meet me where we are
In eternities embrace
Why wait?
Here is the place
Beyond now
Where God's hidden heart
Is all we see
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