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Keiya Tasire Sep 12
Year 1
what-is-love ?
a falling-star
guilt & shame
more of the same

Year 2
what-is-love ?
a falling-star
guilt & shame
more of the same

Year 3
what-is-love ?
a falling-star
guilt & shame
more of the same

Year 4
what-is-love ?
a falling-star
guilt & shame
more of the same

Years 5 -
I love school!
Maybe I'll find a new mom!
1956 t0 1961
Pulse Jun 2
The terrifying thing is;
Sometimes when people tell you they love you,
They mean it.
They mean those words with every fiber of their body,
And you don't know whether it hurts worse to love or to be loved.
But what you do know is that.
When someone tells you they love you,
Without any love in their voice,
With favours to ask,
And words that burn their way onto your skin like hellfire,
And questions and lies that cut into your heart like ice shards and knives.
You know that they keep you only for your adoration,
that you will remain nothing more than an insignificant rock that orbits around them like they are the sun and the stars,
that your love for them is the only love between you two.

And you know that,
When someone loves you,
You, poisonous and tainted and wrong and weak,
You should be thankful that someone would ever put up with all the dreary despair and self-loathing that clings to you like a parasite and never let's go,
But, when they speak of love and only ever seem to hurt you with that love, it hurts.
And chips away at what little is left of you.
And you are a lone rock at sea,
A storm raging around you and withering you down until you are nothing.
Because being loved hurts just as much as loving can.

And all you really want is for someone to hold you and show you that you aren’t what you think you are.
But you know you don’t deserve that.
Wretched creature that you are,
Otherwise, why would you only be able to be used and hurt by people who say they love you?
Occam’s Razor they say.
The simplest answer is often the correct one.
There is something unlovable and corrupting in you,
And it sinks, like poison, like death, into those around you.

And you are, and forever will be,

saff Dec 2018
He treated her different.
He gave her the love she deserved
and the attention she was deprived.

He was different
because he cared.
He didn't make her feel uncomfortable
or force her if he did.

He loved her different
and made her aware.
He felt a knot when she held his hand.

She felt blessed
and he had good intentions.

So, maybe he just got bored
or maybe it was all forced.
He took her trust and worth
and held it so tight,
and so safely.

So, how did this happen?
How did he manage to hurt her?

Maybe even with all good intentions,
She just doesn't deserve love.
B-J Aug 2018
I'll tell you
i’m incapable of being loved
because in-fact
i don’t love myself
quite enough
to be loved
by you
sarathegreat Aug 2018
you can’t love someone like me
someone so poisonous
who will ruin everything good in your life
you can’t love someone like me
someone without remedy
you can’t love someone who isn’t capable of loving . . .
Thomas EG Aug 2018
It is easy to see that I'm flawed
Yes, it is splayed out for all to see
I am hopelessly co-dependant
Utterly disorganised and depressed

Stupidly ridden with anxieties
(Thus awful at living in the moment)
Easily distracted but not detached
And yet, deeply submerged in love

As you're my favourite thing
About myself

And it is easy to see that I'm loved
Or at least it should be, although,
You do remind me the right amount
For me to feel... not so lonely

Not so unloved
Not so unloveable
I love you
Ana S Apr 2016
All the voices here and there.
You are worthless screamed everywhere.
My thoughts scold me for the past.
She I knew you couldn't be in a relationship that last
Remember all the nights you spend together?
******* ****.
Hope you never get out of the depressed rut.
Go take another pill.
Drink till your guts spill.
Achohol poisoning might do you well.
That was why our relationship fell.
I got a habit.
One that became an addiction before I could grab it.
Remember the time the girls came and jumped me?
Left me there bleeding?
Yeah that was fun.
Who helped? No one.
I'm pathetic.
I'm a lunatic.
So drugged up I cant think straight.
So high I can't do great.
I'm an idiot.
Should have never slept with her.
She was my murderer.
I'm an idiot.
karen dannette Apr 2015
While I was sleeping,
He took my trust.
While I was dreaming
He was all about another to lust.
short and sweet - and so true

— The End —