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Aisha Dec 2020
This can’t be a normal feeling
I’m struggling to love myself so how on earth could I love someone else

How can I receive what I cannot give, and how can I give what I cannot receive.

I feel like I didn’t try hard enough

I just can figure out how to be the person I want to be and the person that I am

I’m so frustrated—because the opportunity is right there but every cell in my brain screams in opposition

Save me from myself
before I do
Head empty: just thoughts
tutu anderson Oct 2020
a fear of my worst nightmare,
possibly coming true.
is just too much for me to bare,
and it would be the same for you.

my heart is damaged beyond repair,
i couldn’t be more blue.
you left me in despair,
when you found someone new.
Lily Priest Jun 2020
The wrong, as always, was the right for us,
tainted trust stained with the blood
of our previous victims;
those whims of wondering what loving touch could feel like.
It burnt us, softened us to smoke,
that floated quiet out the door before dawn could break the news
and break the illusion.

We were loners,
Devoted to laying the stones of our own path,
Never held back tangles of commitment.
Without them we were untethered dreams
that broke into reality and made ourselves the monarchs
of our lowley, lonely kingdoms.

Look what those whims
have done to our crowns;
Rusty and bent they fall hapless
on our heads as we stand before
crowds of shadows cast by our egos.

There are no romances, no capes,
Princes or heroes in this land of the leftovers.
Only us
The wrong adorned as right
The deniers of the light of love
(That weakness of giving in and giving all).
How cold it all becomes when our dreams are big
but hearts are empty.
Mandi Wolfe Apr 2020
He sleeps while I lay awake
No news.
I think this is the nature
of boys.
How many times have I lain awake
while a boy I was ******* slept?
Sometimes when you are faced with absurdity
All you can do is sleep.
I think I've made a terrible mistake
but this isn't the first time I've felt
this way.
I am not to be trusted.

I don't think I've slept in nearly two years.
Instead closing my eyes only in the merciful combination of desperation and design.

Last night he went to sleep at 12:03
I listened for his breaths to slow.
I rubbed my feet together
In near panic.
And didn't turn on Josh Ritter until

Falling in love =/= being in love
Life is all about lessons. Choices.

I never felt alone until I met you.

Not alone like this.

Do you dwell in this space also?
Am I less alone in at least that much?

Sleep softly, babes.
Keiya Tasire Sep 2019
Year 1
what-is-love ?
a falling-star
guilt & shame
more of the same

Year 2
what-is-love ?
a falling-star
guilt & shame
more of the same

Year 3
what-is-love ?
a falling-star
guilt & shame
more of the same

Year 4
what-is-love ?
a falling-star
guilt & shame
more of the same

Years 5 -
I love school!
Maybe I'll find a new mom!
1956 t0 1961
saff Dec 2018
He treated her different.
He gave her the love she deserved
and the attention she was deprived.

He was different
because he cared.
He didn't make her feel uncomfortable
or force her if he did.

He loved her different
and made her aware.
He felt a knot when she held his hand.

She felt blessed
and he had good intentions.

So, maybe he just got bored
or maybe it was all forced.
He took her trust and worth
and held it so tight,
and so safely.

So, how did this happen?
How did he manage to hurt her?

Maybe even with all good intentions,
She just doesn't deserve love.
B-J Aug 2018
I'll tell you
i’m incapable of being loved
because in-fact
i don’t love myself
quite enough
to be loved
by you
sarathegreat Aug 2018
you can’t love someone like me
someone so poisonous
who will ruin everything good in your life
you can’t love someone like me
someone without remedy
you can’t love someone who isn’t capable of loving . . .
Thomas EG Aug 2018
It is easy to see that I'm flawed
Yes, it is splayed out for all to see
I am hopelessly co-dependant
Utterly disorganised and depressed

Stupidly ridden with anxieties
(Thus awful at living in the moment)
Easily distracted but not detached
And yet, deeply submerged in love

As you're my favourite thing
About myself

And it is easy to see that I'm loved
Or at least it should be, although,
You do remind me the right amount
For me to feel... not so lonely

Not so unloved
Not so unloveable
I love you
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