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snipes Mar 2022
Distortion and saturation
Forbidden fruits in the allegations
A bit ethnic, a bitter bite in evaluations
Blends bending for hypnotizations
There’s strings in the blinding
There’s destruction in broadcasting…

Pitchfork canvases carving promise lands of peace we cannot stand
My exhibition is timeless
Color the world in kindness
But this isn’t adolescence
Color the world with vengeance
But let me lend you this
Mediation is priceless
Alex Tiuniaev Oct 2020
Dripping silently from the flaccid branches
With leaves like dying embers
And a solitary crow gazing at the sky
Orakhal Jun 2020
Its fun to be paint
Its fun to be painted
Its fun to paint
Its fun to be painter
Its fun to be painter painting
Its fun to be paint
Greg Muller Feb 2020
Plush cushions for a wood green hut
Indigent, arrogance, and Omniscience

Learned counterpart owned the seats
Grey, humble, Shamen

Pure fear, unmoving in his discourse

Pure love, uplifting in his seat

Time calls for action. Was he willing?

Yes--preparation inside the wood tree hut.

Inside the young man’s mouth
Chewed a taste of bubble gum worn out

For one hour they waited
Sitting comfortably, and waited

Blood Red skinned Demons peel off the roof
Razor Talons swinging
Razor Talons scratching at our young man’s head.

Our shamen waits, unmoving, calming, and encouraging

Inside his breath was a spell.
To calm, and quell any foe.
A cool breath froze the winged *******
Sending them back to where they came

Time passes
A mind now healed like a band-aid covering a wound
His mind was pulled closer.

Our young man returned his eyes to the wood green hut
Seeing the old man, smiling for his own part
A street-wide smile was sent back
Leaving the seat he thanked him with complete
Love for each other, and all mankind
Keiya Tasire Jan 2020
It is so quiet.
I hear peanuts shells
teeth grinding
peanuts into butter
between his teeth.
The quiet page turning
Buried do deeply in
"The Scottish Prisoner"
It will be a while
Before he is hungry for dinner.
A bonus!
Turing thoughts inward
to the ever present ringing in my ears.
Long breaths in
and slower breaths out
Allowing the noise to disappear.
It is a quiet night. I like quiet nights.
Hilla254 Feb 2019
Evening lady moon,
sorry if last night,
i was in anyway rude to you,
it's my human flaw,
you know i realised Angel's,
are Angel's cause they live in heaven,
for earth is faulty,
mostly it's about desires,
and personal gain.

pardon me if went out of line,
lady moon,you know you light my world
at night time,do you see where dreamcatcher,
hide's all of our dreams,do you see them too,
for if you were to testify 'bout the night,
the truth you'd spill would be too heavy,
for us to bear.

And so you know my heart,
doesn't beat the same anymore,
my thoughts ain't blank anymore,
it may be the grip of her radiance,
i don't know,read my mind and tell me,
A beautiful lie isn't the truth
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