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Keiya Tasire Sep 2019
every day
They do happen
All around us
Do you want to see miracles?
Open our eyes  
To the rainbow colors of  Light
Creating playful rhymes
Pros and songs
With joyful gratitude
Set your heart free to Love
As the sun shines
as songs of birds filling the air.
As pebbles of sand
Without number.
Miracles are. 
(now read the lines from the bottom up).
The journey from pain to increased joy and peace has been filled with the little and large miracles of life,   It seemed when the need arose it was met in ways, I did not imagine (synchronicities, gut feelings, hunches, dreams, visions, guardian angels, message through an unaware friend, etc). May of the answers were small. Some took  time. Yet over the course of my life all that I have asked for has come into my life. I am grateful for the assistance we receive from ancestors, and others on the other side of the veil.
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
Her viper eyes.

Our landscapes always change with age;
As we lose ourselves, we find our true way
And once again we rise, rocketing into the highest skies.
I walk alone to fly and all else disappears over the horizon…
I am my own meteorite.

As I walk these streets, I see no people I want to see,
Because they are no part of me; they are a mystery.
But she is a stranger to meet; so far away from me.
She glides in her own way and I can only stay,
Behind this glass, I hide; I have no guardian at my side.
A million feelings I can feel, but I will not kneel to cry.

She just passes on by, without me in her sights;
Not even on her mind, so how can she become mine?
I can never truly look deep into her eyes,
Because I lie, my eyes lie, so I think she is a lie.
Another ship in the night, another treasure hunt,
So soon she has faded into the darkness and I am but a no-one.

I cannot be honest this day, because I have no complaint
And she would only ever leave, if I ever asked her to stay.
So I will hold my tongue, because of her viper eyes.
No words can be spoken that would sound nice…
I am only alone again because of my damaged pride.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
A bullet in the barrel, finger on the trigger.
Pressured by existence, less for you to figure.
Clean shot if you pull, but wait just a second.
A sister who loves you, is reason to reckon.
And if ever a time, she can't come to your aide.
Don't exaggerate or regret a mistake which was made.
For her blood is your blood, the same curse through her veins.
Feel your pulse and grab hold of the reins.
Swallow what you chew and figure it out.
No wagons to fall off of, no pity parties to pout.
Always something to appreciate in life and of itself.
Be so selfish to forget that... I'll see you in hell.

— The End —