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if i accept a situation as it is
i hardly make any effort to progress

if i try hard, i get restless
and desperate to settle with less

unpredictable is the destiny
life is an unfathomable sea
i swim, float and sink in it
vacillate my spirit

accept from heart?
or try hard?

or perseverance?

always a puzzle
a mind under boggle
may it be a emotionally correct mix!
most of the situations get a fix!
In a tough situation....wheher I should try hard or Accept the things... Don't know what is on cards for me... failure is a hint by almighty to step back or hurdles are just tests...
I had cried out, I gradually did not make a sound
I had sobbed, I no longer burst into tears
I had been sad, I gradually can withstand all
I had been joyful, but gradually I looked down on the world
But now!
I stand left of no emotions
My vision is as hard as a rock
In my heart remaining perseverance
This is my unimportant person's perseverance
shannen Aug 31
her eyes sparkle the most out of all the stars in the night sky.
despite having a torn heart and a broken smile,
her passion still runs through her system as if
it is a part of her body that she cannot lose.
my first poem on this site and it's my homework. fantastic.
Rick Adams Aug 23
from my book "this and that and everything in between" - https://www.amazon.com/author/rickadamspoetry

each night
when I go to bed
I lay on my side
because there are
knives in my back
and knives in my heart

lying on my back
or on my chest
would only push the
knives in further
and deeper

as if they’re not
far and deep enough

I have managed to
remove some of
the knives and
continue to live
while bleeding through
the open wounds

although I suppose
removing the knives
doesn’t matter
at this point

for every knife that
I remove
there’s another one
or two or three that
are stuck in me

I don’t even feel
the pain anymore

I just know that the
knives are there

and so do those who
stuck them there

I remember who
stuck each knife
and when they
stuck it in

and stupidly I forgave
a couple of them
only for them
to stick the knife
in me again

never trust the hand
that stabbed you
even once

if they stab you
once they will
stab you again

some may remove the
knife and heal the
wound themselves
but this is rare

the majority
if not all
of those
who stuck the knife
in you would rather
watch you bleed to
death than remove
the knife and heal
your wound

I am not
bleeding to death

I am
not dying

with that
I shall remove
each and every
one of these knives

if anything
each one of
these knives
has only made
me stronger

if I can
survive this
I can
survive anything
Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/author/rickadamspoetry
Lia Lovedoll Aug 21
a momentum
of stress
to reach
a certain
of success

no praise,
no raise,
no complaints

we continue
to co-exist
This will be my last written poem for awhile. Thank you readers, for your acknowledgement.
James Lim Aug 14
its hard to explain what i am feeling now
except to say
that there still feels hope
albeit a faint one
that needs to be rekindled
every once in a while

how long more can i do the rekindling?
that i do not know
except to say
i hope
i can
for as long as its needed.
My very first real poem.
Molly Aug 10
He was born in August
Despite being surrounded by summer
He was susceptible to sadness
When he walks he goes heart first
Feet after
He speaks with a pencil
And a sketchbook
Always placed in his back pocket
Its outline is engraved in the denim
There's courage on his eyelashes
Despite the long cold winter
His flowers grow back relentlessly
He lets them grow wild
Since others trim theirs back

He finds another
Tends to her sadness
Waters her flowers so they can grow wild
Always hers first
Even if there's not enough water for two
In return she carries some of his sadness for him
After all it's grown heavy

He was born in August
Sunshine in his hair
There were no clouds in the sky
Because he was holding on to them for us
Carries them in a jar
In return the wildflowers thank him for it
They grow thick on the forest floor so he can rest his head
While he sleeps
They sometimes withdraw a cloud
Absorb the sadness into their roots
And leave him nothing but the silver lining
"So you know you're loved"
The wildflowers whisper
"So you know it has all been worth it"
oddmanout Aug 7
You don't want me like that
And that's okay
You want to be friends
But I can't stop loving you

So here's my plan

I'll be your friend
I'll eat away at your parasitic insecurities
Help you become stronger
More confident

I'll nibble at your past pain
And help you move forward
When you're ready I'll help you

Even if it's not with me

I love you so I'll help you live a complete life
By being the best friend I can be
My unrequited love will manifest
In support for you
In any way I can

And I'll stop telling you
That I love you
And show you instead
Parker Poole Jul 30
she is a fierce gemini
and even though she tries to hide it,
there is pain lurking behind her eyes
you just have to know where to find it

she's all smiles and laughter
and there's nothing that can outshine her
you'd never guess what's happened to her
that her loved ones have cheated, raped, and lied to her

she lifts everyone up before herself
even when she feels broken inside
she takes her careful time to help
all the souls who've been cast aside

she's a girl with a dandelion tattoo
imprinted to remind her to not feel so blue
she looks at her wrist whenever she's in a mood
and it strengthens her to remind herself what's true
Marching ahead
Broken paths we trek
Dare we try again?
Onward, Homestead

Let us trudge ahead
And never bow our heads
Even in death
We’ll make it to the Homestead
The journey to where we ultimately belong is perilous, but one way or another we will make it.
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