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only idiots gaze
into the abyss
when facing
existential crisis

only idiots surrender
to the abyss
when you can just
walk around it

sadness stays
when you insist
that you cannot be
without it
and it will leave you
as you walk
never again will you be
behind it
you are the strongest person i know
you've been through **** and you still stand
some days, it's hard for you to even breathe
it's hard for you to walk or stand without being so tired
and you still have the best attitude towards life
you make jokes with everyone
and there's always a smile on your face
you're so passionate about what you do
and you have never given up
you say you still want to do things
like skydive and bungee jumping
but you can't
and i'm so sorry
for some reason, i'm your favorite
i don't know why
i'm not the best artist
i'm not the best student
but i'm your favorite
and you tell everyone that
maybe it's because
we connected last year
the year i had millions of cuts
running up and down my arms
hurting myself in school bathrooms
and trying to **** myself in the woods behind my house
and you saw right through me
and you told me you were depressed
that you know what it feels like
and you still rise
you've been through worse pain than me
and my pain is nothing compared to yours
but we connected somehow
and i want to be just like you
to be able to push through the pain
to be able to smile when it hurts deep down
to be able to have a positive attitude towards life
even though it has stabbed you in the back so many times
i've never had a teacher i felt so close to
Spitz Oct 19
Life is the turn of events,
the winding of your path.
Life is the fear in your mind,
the love in your heart.
Life is the troubles you see,
the elation you hear.
Life is the mistakes you witness,
the forks in your road.
Life is the happiness you undergo,
the excitement you experience.
Life is having the guts to try,
the determination to get it right,
and the perseverance to keep going.
A bird lived its life lonely,
None came for its help,
It kept hunting for fruit pulp,
Considered relations and family unholy.

When its mother lived on difficulty,
Other relative birds, treated it a person of mediocrity,
Refused to follow generosity without partiality,
To keep them safe, pretended their incapacity.

Elder sister of the lonely bird kept threatening,
About the future inabilities and loneliness,
For a family life, kept telling it undeserving,
Told it would face disappointments without liveliness.

Life kept the lonely bird, lonely,
The bird never cared about it,
It had its mother with it,
Life went lively & happily.

Lonely bird had a fear in its thought,
What happens, in loneliness if I am caught?
It felt severe anguish and fear,
On occasions, its heart fell in tear!

Its elder sister, treated it with disrespect,
In spite of it being, an aspiring intellect,
Life of lonely bird remained downward,
It got itself ready for situations untoward.

The lonely bird kept struggling and thriving,
With its ambition and goals put its life driving,
Going remained really impossible & tough
The path to dream remained very rough.

Its fellow birds, remained happily settled,
For lonely bird, things looked to be tangled,
It was skilled, opportunities remained disabled,
With rejections, life continuously growled.

The lonely bird wanted to turn phenomenal,
Didn’t look out to happiness personal,
It did not have family,
In its wealth remained, being hit poorly.

Life went downward with pause,
It was on long term ambition and cause,
The bird turned itself a hungry beast,
To put it away from loneliness, at least.

If none is there, to take care,
I would die! I would die!
For a worldly mission, if I dare!
Of loneliness, I would never cry!

Elder sister of lonely bird threatened,
You were born a layman
Will die an orphan!
Because you are a madman!

The lonely bird, responded for it in life,
I was born a layman,
Will fight for my mission like a madman,
Will die always fighting world evils as a spearman.

There was ring! There was a ring!
It was named Bhagat Singh!
It told me life is lived on its own,
Others shoulders are used at time of funeral.

There was an alarm! There was an alarm!
The name was Abdul Kalam,
It told me Always be the unique you,
Even if world wants to change you everybody else.

Loneliness sometimes hit it like thorn,
Nothing could make it torn,
Through difficulties it was born,
It lived life to make this world adorn.

Loneliness turns out ubique,
I am not alone! I am not alone!
I am an unshakable stone,
I am unique! I am unique!
Loneliness is quite a pain. When it is turned as inspiration, it can be a great fuel. There is nothing to fear or feel ashamed of it. Being alone, gives us the complete opportunity of being unique. A soldier cares for only ambition. Not for any personal happiness. One who is alone is destined for a phenomenal life. You can face treachery, you can face disappointments, and you can even feel fed-up. One needs to divert this fuel towards their aim. If you are alone, do not leave the world alone. Be an unshakable stone that stands a pillar against all difficulties. You will turn an iron man soon.
I've come to
loathe her,
as much
as I love
her face.

Am I incapable?

is this the end
of every
by proxy?
and underwhelmed?

I thought
were supposed
to help.
Why do
I strive,
then, all by
All by myself?
Kada Oct 9
Break downs happen before a break through.

There's always a rainbow after a rainy day!<3
Acina Joy Oct 8
Still love.
Like it is there.
Like it is your last.
Like it is never an option.
Like suffering is a big blessing.
Like love is a always a distant memory.
Like it is a spirit bearing our empty hands.
Like it is a chance given to us down here.
Like it is a mask, taped onto our skin.
Like it is our skeletal foundation.
Like it is our clothed flesh.
Like it is our tears.
Like it is hope.
Like a smile.
Love still.
keep loving
Never frail, as you fail,
Keep your dreams firm, never curtail,
Keep moving don't derail, even if you trail,
Towards your dream, Keep walking like sail.

From my childhood highly rejected,
Without realizing myself, became isolated,
Something kept me **** slowly elevated,
A day came, with convenient wins, I blasted.

Delayed success put my life exalted,
Delayed failure kept me halted,
Someone knocked the door forcefully,
I opened to see him doubt fully.

I am your dream, he continued and told,
Put this mindset on the hold,
Get up, where you fell,
Get back to your work, all is well.

He told I am there, never worry,
Get up you can, but never hurry,
Success tastes like a sweet cherry,
From me if you become, more scarry,

I worried, my life was on a halt,
Failure was a painful pinch of salt,
I thought my life was on an end,
Later realized, it chisel, in the making of a legend.

My goals constantly delayed,
A question really kept me frayed,

I planned to give up and get back,
An inner call replied me to take up & come back,
With my life, failures played,
To my personal call, I obeyed.

A voice told me, don't leave! Don't leave!
Keep working on, believe! Believe!
To the life, never become a prey,
Like a champion, always rise and stay.

I understood slowly,
Failure does not mean to give up,
Failure means the courage to get up.

You sleep to rise up,
You fall to stand up,
You fail to rise up.

Never compare to your friends,
Life is full of injuries and bends,
Your life is lived on your own,
For a meaningful run towards a success crown.

You are unique!  You are unique!
Failure is ultimately ubique!
Run your life on your own speed and ways,
Failures teach you success always.
Failures keeps disturbing us. But some breakthroughs in our life makes us believe that we are undergoing the right process. Failures and delays always keep us on the hunt. Our true determination and perseverance towards our dream, keeps us running towards our goals.  This poem is about my present and past failures.  How it made me a rebel to run for success.
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