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I won't be quiet
When you stifle my voice

I won't lay down
When you walk all over me

I won't be give up
When you crush my soul

I won't let you
Get me
Eno 3d
I’m thirsty
For a Life that throws obstacles at me.
When I shall dig out the courage
To dodge and conquer them
In the name of progress,
For some kind of benevolence
That I’m not quite sure of yet.

I propel forwards
Only for my eyes to meet,
For my nose
to graze-A ladder
Between me and my next step.

Who I Am


Who I need to be.

Up and down I go,
Over the edge,
My feet barely touch
the groun
d.When a phantom wheelbarrow
Careers it’s way into the back
Of my knees. And I must fight gravity -
Jump up and out the side!

Oh, but
In this way
Both thrills and stilts;
Exhausts the very foundations
Mighty seeds of ambition were sown on,
Till there are no nutrients left
In the body
For a common ****
Even to bloom
Tir - - - ed

I rest here for a while
It gives me time
To really look around.
The man to my right
Just runs around the same 400m track
Every day.
Every month,
Into years.
He seems happy
But he doesn’t seem to really go anywhere New

Curiosity and discovery
May lead to misery
Beckon the shadowy places
To spread like cancer inside of me
And scoop hope
Like a melon baller
Out of my cavities.
But the man to the right of me
Never knows.

So I tell myself
Maybe he doesn’t have the capacity;
Does that mean
That he does not feast on the senses
Of each fruitful experience
As I ?
Dissecting every moment
Searching for beauty and cruelty
That I might consume its knowledge
And be led somewhere
Higher up
To a room brimming
With sisters and brothers
And as I open the gold embossed doors
Solid Oak
I will rejoice
Because I have found my people
And we will fight
The good fight
You have to start somewhere
You have to start somehow
At rock bottom
You cannot go down

Just do something
Forget the pressure to be successful
This fake exceptionalism you see on social media
Meaningless influencers and food for ego

Listen to your intuition and forget the noise
The bird that tweets the loudest is not the most productive
You just need to be the one with the strongest wings
Resilience is key
katie Jan 31
I watched unprepared
as my candle went out
The light is now gone
No more shadows or doubt
I am lost as the darkness sets in
It's nest is made quickly
As it moves from within
Maybe if I had bought more matches or a lighter that works
She wouldn't be here to linger
exposing my quirks.
I search for days but
find only a broken wick
and to light it with nothing-
The magician's best trick
The power lies somewhere within me I know
As I am no longer doubtful or missing
For even the dimmest of lights will surely lead to home
Sorry the formatting is ****** I couldn't break it up to where I liked it
ManxPoetryGuy Jan 30
It’s the end of the day,
And the beginning of a new,
From one pain to the other,
I will make it through.
Rowan S Jan 25
Break. Break cruel sea waves
'Cross my brow and back: ceaseless
I hold hope for air
Rowan S Jan 16
Grip the wheel
         Hold Fast
Waves will crash
         Hold Fast
Take your time
         Hold Fast
This too, shall pass
         Hold Fast
Captain Lucas Jan 15
Those breathless moments,
after words so dishonest,
makes me wonder about the true love existence
whilst in distance, i can feel perseverance fading so far away...

I tried to combine what life decided to divide
and even after all these years,
my eyes still doomed with tears
so why should us hide -or deny- our beautiful delight?

The more it hurts, the more I know it's real
what I don't really know its how am I supposed to feel?
Bibby Jan 14
And so I poured myself
Inside my fears,
And they had no power over me
Any longer.
Officially came out as Pansexual today!
Faith is the key
Trust. *is the key
To *hope

We cannot function and be close to God.
Without *trials

We cannot grow in *Character
and Love **grace
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