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He woke up early and began to pray. The same way he began each day. He held back tears and fought off fears; his heart told him just what to say.

His life thus far had rocky roads. His back was bent neath heavy loads. He had no joy; no rest or peace. His constant pain would never cease.

There was no hope; no love in sight. No dawn to end his pitch-dark night. Yet somehow still he soldiered on; his prayer became his marching song.

ANH Sep 26
I walk another broken path, across a collection of burning fragments of orange and brick red, towering above my seemingly insignificant head down a pathway of forgotten futures to foretell.

Each tender leaf just falls. A crisp, whispering wind numbs my face, which would be all too great if it doesn't start to turn to a skeleton freeze and harden to a crystal clear.

Turn back time-- to a more pleasant day.
A day with no wailing cyclones of color circling around me,
No almost-black bark barred trees stretching its arms above my head,
No crunching sweet beneath my feet,
No musty fog to lose myself and forget,
No thundering storm cloud lingering not too far behind to finally come down upon me and sneer as I soak,
No looming forest to navigate through this seemingly endless broken path as I keep moving on.

But it can't be done. There's no going back.

I come across a clearing within and lay my head on the damp, wood soaked, earth-scented soil and look up. Look up into the ever-gray eyes of the sky, hiding its greatest secret--the infinite cosmos of possibly.

Oh, what worlds could there be?

Worlds of echoing majesty and light. Worlds that could cut the mold of ordinary life. Worlds where one doesn't need to navigate on their broken paths but where you can fly high above all else till they're insignificant to your gleaming sky-dried eyes.

But no.

In the forest is where I am. Does that really matter though? This is my fantastical world, here, so I should make the best of it.

I must go on. I step up again and continue in the journey. My journey. I walk to the sound of a trickling, icy, stream. I step over knotted root to knotted root. I almost glide on a mirage of gold and crimson.

As twilight whispers into the wind, I take a look around this endless wood of possibility and march forward on my broken path.
This is old homework from 2-3 years ago. I figured why not share it.
Pensai Sep 15
We often use depression as A form of expression,
A cry from deep inside when you know you’re not accepted
U just wanna fix your wrongs, change some things you live regretting
But u gotta move forward, remember to forget things
Checking my position, google maps for the heading,
Rest In Peace to my second child, we gone meet in heaven,
From the way I lost my family, I really learned a lesson
You cannot be a leader if they always see you stressing
I’m looking for my family **** I miss their presence,
From picking out a tree, baking cookies wrapping presents
Spending time taking walks, just connecting,
I Spend my hours in the mirror just reflecting...
Rock Bottom was the best thing that ever happened to me.
Starry Aug 27
In the midst of winter
The blooms
A beautiful
Baby pink
A sign od innocence
In a harsh environment
Keep growing
Little rose.
O Sir, dear Sir

Don't mind the dirt

on my shoes.

For I've been

running with the pack.

For I have fallen but

I kept going,

And I kept climbing.

Until I reached the heaven

where I lost my breath,

but I found myself.

The dirt on my shoes

is a proof enough

that I came a long way,

that I never gave up.
Wrote this after a long hike to a place breathtakingly beautiful.
Meghan Aug 6
Once again I feel like I’m not enough
Once again I feel the pillars of my identity being shaken like trees
Will their roots hold them firm and steady in the soil?
Or will they topple with a crash onto the unforgiving ground,
Leaving my carefully built structures to crumble into ruins?

Thoughts swirl around in my head like blades,
Their sharp edges dangerously close to nicking vital arteries that keep me alive.
But somehow I always survive.
Meanwhile, the world continues spinning,

I try to ****** the blades out of the air as quickly as possible,
But each one rises again as soon as my back is turned,
An army of undead soldiers hell-bent on consuming my mind.
Still, I remind myself that this apocalypse will not be the end of me.

Though natural and unnatural disasters may shake my cities,
Through fires, floods, and famines,
I will continue.

When my foundations are all that is left standing,
I will build up from the bedrock until I can see new horizons from my tallest tower.
I may watch the blood-red sun set on yesterday,
But I will see it rise again far above these ashes.
Carl D'Souza Jul 29
I am optimistic
that Destiny
will reveal to my mind
the answers and solutions
as I continue to ask Destiny
about how I can achieve
joy and happiness
within the situations
Destiny is bringing me.
Toya Jul 9
I run
It catches up
Grabs me by my hair
Tells me I am theirs
The never ending fears
Peace, please be there
The one I cannot seem to grasp
Bad habits and obscene contrasts
Still I follow
It leaves me hollowed
From dates past
No change
Heart rearranged and cast
Hope is all I have
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