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Keiya Tasire Dec 2021
Long ago she lost the ability to cry.
He thought her so hard
She turned her face and walked away
As though she did not hear.

His eyes gestured, "I am drawn to you."
Wondering, "Is something here to explore?"
She walked away without looking back.
Staring straight ahead.

He thought of himself, as a man of power.
So, he followed her
Lured with the intrigue of conquering.
Yet, she did not desire to be conquered!

She was only uncertain
How do I express, "I only want to be truly loved?"
He came to her. She resisted. He conquered.

She sank in despair
Becoming once more withdrawn.
The uncertainty of life loomed
As the shadow of doubt.
Does love even exist?
Or is it only an illusionary butterfly?

Determined to find love
She walked away.
Vowing, "Never will I be conquered again!"

She licked her wounds.
She grew.
She learned to cry again.
She healed.
Mending her once festered soul. 
No longer did she draw nor desire conquers.

A bright sun, anew
She roamed the universe. 
Within the Light of Wisdom.

At Dawn's New Day
Emerging with a lotus flower
Crested in her hair.
Dancing among the green meadows
A gentle man watched
"I'm drawn to you. Is there something here to explore?"
In Spirit
She replied, "Perchance."

It was then
They began to dance among the stars.
In graceful movement
Timing their waltz
Assessing capacity for esteem
Open to honor freedom.

They danced within agency
They danced within
the integrity of their movement.
She sighed relief.
Evidenced by a gentle tear
cascading along the arcing curve of her cheek.

In heart felt love
He gazed into her eyes
Receiving her golden tear.
With an anchored
To continue the dance
In Vita Grande.
Today, Tomorrow & Forever!
My challenges and resulting choices knocked me down. Yet, I stood up again and again. Standing until I discovered exactly what I did not want.  Standing until understanding came regarding how to open to what I desired. Now my life is not perfect. Yet there is freedom within partnership and we dance working through life's chalellenges and grow within love. I am forever gratefull.
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2021
The arithmetic of murky waters
Is not so clear

Neither are my chances of survival

Here is me
Face down in urgent sea

My wave
My grave
My gateway, perhaps

Whatever the consequence
Suffering is the new salvation

It all adds up
Sum how?
Sum way?

And if I was your ship
Destined to flounder
In the wide open drink

You'd re-enter the equation
And find a way to pull me through

Just so we could once more
Make the hurting count

Emma Jan 2021
there's the flower of our friendship
planted by our eyes meeting
watered by shared memories
growing towards the light of our laughter

I like looking at the little flower of ours
listening to your guitar
eating our freshly baked cookies
lying on the floor in silence

it's fragile and small; the flower  - still growing
I won't risk destroying it
buried under words filled with emotion

but I like being around you
the way you roll your eyes at my stupid jokes
our hourlong talks till night falls and the sun rises
the light touch of our hands

and I like you too much to tell you I'm falling in love with you
SA Szumloz Jul 2020

Loud = Outspoken
Weak = Enduring
Embarrassing = Unique
Stupid = Young
Vain = Proud
Aloof = Fierce
Clueless = Dreamer

Watch your language.

I am probably the most honest person in my family. However, whenever I speak my mind about something, most of the time, I get judged for it. My family calls me "rude" and "disrespectful". I don't think I am. At least I am not bottling my feelings inside like most people my age do.
bcb Mar 2020
for fifty years have you walked this earth
for fifty more will I walk like you
for fifty years have you stood proudly and boldly
for fifty more will I stand like you
for fifty years have you served so resolutely
for fifty more will I serve like you
for fifty years have you seized so relentlessly
for fifty more will I seize my own
for fifty years have you reached for better
for fifty more will I reach like you
for fifty years have you loved endlessly
for fifty more will I endlessly love
this you have inspired within me
all I do is for you

be well
a poem for my mother's 50th birthday
Mark Toney Nov 2019
Love's garment woven with endearments
Ovations shared in heart harmony
Vows- the genesis of love's endeavor
Enduring love cultivated with kindness

          ~when love precipitates, selfishness evaporates~
11/2/2019 - Poetry form: Acrostic - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
CarolineSD Oct 2019
Don’t you even close your eyes
Lest you miss how bright
This morning is.

Even the ice will fall in
A masterpiece of light
And though it cuts hard
Through the warmth of the night
I will lay my palms outside
And clutch it.

Reach with me now
Into the crackling cold
And feel something there
So pure
There are crystals dripping down
The insides of my soul.

Don’t you even close your eyes.
There will be diamonds drifting from the skies
From clouds so thick
And so white
This stabbing pain
Will be shredded into
Wild kaleidoscopes of light,

Similar to the ones in your eyes.

Let us not miss this moment.
Strip the blankets of summer
And feel the sting of truth,
A biting wind along my skin;
It sings


Don’t you even close your eyes
And if you should
Be it only in the circle of my arms
Where our hearts
Move in a quiet beating
And the rest is silence
And rest is peace and

A bright moment worth waiting,

"Well the night's forlorn and the morning's born and the morning shines with the lights of love. And you'll miss sunrise if you close your eyes and that would break my heart in two"
Christina S Aug 2019
Though my path is not always clear
sometimes it takes a hard look in the mirror
I need to know where I've been
to know where I'm going and then
It's up to me to overcome all the strife
That I've been through in my life
and never lose sight of my dreams
For my kids and my family--we're a team
I grew up without hope and so much more
I'm glad my kids can be happy. They are adored!
For them to grow up free of fear
Is something I hold especially dear
I wonder how I avoided the pitfalls of this earth
But as I grew older, people saw me and found worth
Now I am free to live and love as I please
The times of enduring and persisting have ceased
Had a rough start to life..
eva-mae coffey Aug 2019
and I would call you my Heathcliff,
but I am no Catherine.

You were a complex character
before I made my impact,
I cannot claim to have caused your
wounds, nor to have healed your heart,
But for the time we had,
I hope I brought you some small,
( however small)
amount of joy, or at least
from the wicked souls who tormented you
That now reside in a shadow behind your smile.

And yes, in a way I suppose I have the qualities of Catherine,
I too broke my own heart,
but at least you could recognise
that you too, played your part.
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