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तुम कहते हो करूँ पश्चताप,
कि जीवन के प्रति रहा आकर्षित ,
अनगिनत वासनाओं से आसक्ति की ,

मन के पीछे भागा , कभी तन के पीछे भागा ,
कभी कम की चिंता तो कभी धन की भक्ति की। 

करूँ पश्चाताप कि शक्ति के पीछे रहा आसक्त  ,
कभी अनिरा से दूरी , कभी  मदिरा की मज़बूरी  ,
कभी लोभ कभी भोग तो कभी मोह का वियोग ,
पर योग के प्रति विषय-रोध के प्रति रहा निरासक्त?

और मैं सोचता हूँ  पश्चाताप तो करूँ पर किसका ?
उन ईक्छाओं की जो कभी तृप्त  ना हो  सकी?
वो  चाहतें  जो मन में तो थी पर तन में खिल ना सकी?

हाँ हाँ इसका भी अफ़सोस  है मुझे ,
कि मिल ना सका मुझे वो अतुलित धन ,
वो आपार संपदा जिन्हें रचना था मुझे , करना था सृजन। 

और और भी वो बहुत सारी शक्तियां, वो असीम ताकत ,
जिन्हें हासिल करनी थी , जिनका करना था अर्जन। 

मगर अफ़सोस ये कहाँ आकर फंस गया?
कि सुनना था अपने तन की। 
मोक्ष की की बात तो तू अपने पास हीं रख ,
करने दे मुझे मेरे मन की। 

अजय अमिताभ सुमन
अक्सर मंदिर के पुजारी व्यक्ति को जीवन के आसक्ति के प्रति पश्चताप का भाव रख कर ईश्वर से क्षमा प्रार्थी होने की सलाह देते हैं। इनके अनुसार यदि वासना के प्रति निरासक्त होकर ईश्वर से क्षमा याचना की जाए तो मरणोपरांत ऊर्ध्व गति प्राप्त होती है।  व्यक्ति डरकर दबी जुबान से क्षमा मांग तो लेता है परन्तु उसे अपनी अनगिनत  वासनाओं के अतृप्त रहने  का अफसोस होता है। वो पश्चाताप जो केवल जुबाँ से किया गया हो  क्या एक आत्मा के अध्यात्मिक उन्नति में सहायक हो सकता हैं?
Talia Aug 2020
I hold her tightly
Her skin against mine
Soothing her pain
For I am to blame
for the scars inscribed
on those innocent thighs
And my words are the bullets
that tore right through her
It was my name
etched into the tears
I forbid she shed
And I who introduced
that strong body, to Abuse
But still I wrap her
in apologetic arms
Seeing the beauty and worth
she has always had

We join forces
stilling the battle of two
I am whole,
on my own
in my own
forgiving, loving embrace
Psychological splitting is a common defense mechanism whereby your thoughts aren’t able to form a cohesive realistic conclusion, rather a very black-and-white thinking of extremes. I have certainly done this and the poem explores my bullying and extremely negative alter ego dominating my innocent self. Since engaging in spiritual and mindful practises my capacity to forgive and love has allowed me to uncover and accept my true ‘self'.
Donna morgan Aug 2020
I Surrender

Surrender all the places I don't fit
Surrender all the boxes I dont fit in
Surrendere all the lives I dont fit into

I Surrender

I surrender my success
I surrender my failures
I surrender my heart

I Surrender

Surrender to myself
Surrender to loving myself
Surrender to acceptance

I Surrender it all
Renée Brookes Jul 2020
Dark is to light, as black to white.
When we write, from what place?

I wrote,
dwelling there,
amongst the shadows,
without face; leeching for love,
my cup empty,
heart scattered into pieces.

I write,
divinely guided;
exploring unclimbed mountains,
where weakness and courage elope,
advancing towards freedom,
My cup fills,
healing below the glimmers of hope.

I accept,
my world of black,
as it mends into white,
for I know, what is in the dark,
is to rise to meet light.
Keiya Tasire Mar 2020
Within of each  of us
There sounds a call!
The key within the keyhole
Quietly hoping we will notice.

Are we curious?
Do we wonder?
What are the secret notes?
Calling us from the wind?
Yet whispering to us from within.

The corridors seem lonely
Am I the only one standing
Alone in this great hall?

The fear is a lump pounding in my throat.
To turn the key and open the door
What is on the other side?
Everyone has run away
So  quickly, they are nowhere to be found.

Where do I go?
Why did they hide?
Quietly, I wonder.
Yet an Angelic chorus
Sings, "Come Follow Me!!"
In six part harmony.
It is calming.
I desire to taste its sweetness.

I turned the key
Stepping through the open door
What stood before me
I had never seen before!
It is a tree!
Seven Roots and Seven Branches!
As old as the earth itself!

In amazement, I stood,
looking high into the sky
To the very top of the tree
Soaring into Heaven Most High.

What can this be?
Is there a rhyme or reason?
I see only a tree!
Or is it?!

The song continued
It's sweet melody growing
Closer and closer.
Flapping white wings
Fluttering from branch to branch
A beautiful white Dove
Sings her melodic  enchanting song.
Each note embracing my heart
With love, peace and understanding.
Oh the Beauty!
The rapture and the peace!  

The flowing Love between
Opened my eyes to the wonders
Of all the beautiful stars shining
Within each galaxy
Upon her golden crown.

Oh how, I had longed for such an embrace!
As the tide hugs the shores
and the sea kisses the horizon.
Gently her touch
Caressed my face.

She is so familiar
For my body, was born of her body
My eyes, born of her eyes.
My ears, my muscles, and sinuses
Born of her ears, her muscles, and sinuses.
From her I have come.
To her I will return.  
The Amma of my  Spirit,
My beautiful Dove!
This is about personal spiritual growth and progression within "The Light." Mother Earth is the mother of each physical body on the earth. We are all made of her soil, water, air, and elements. When we look into another earthling's eyes we are also seeing a our mother through the other earthling.  In this piece, the Dove's symbolism is the same as the Early Essenes beliefs about the Dove, Mother Earth and our connection to both; finding our resting place within the arms of Mother Earth.
Noemi Michelle Jun 2019
It happens
Feeling yourself growing distant
from who you are day by day
losing interest in the things
you love.
Allowing your blanket to
swallows you whole disappearing
I just into the darkness of a growing pain.
Questioning who you really are and what this is
not knowing for how long it’s been,
You’ve been looking for the moments
where you once felt bliss but, your
Memory cease to exist.
Losing focus on the prize
blaming others for your pride
consistently wanting to cry,
feeling as if you’re outside of yourself
floating in a world you were once apart of.
Numbness starts to kick in
not having control of anything anymore,
highs and lows hit intensely then
ever before.
All you want to do is hide these feelings
hoping for it to go away
You could build up walls that
will temporarily stay but,
it’s just like a band-aid that can’t
cure the pain.
So hold on tight to this emotional roller coaster
we have a lot of growth to gain
Only god know how long it will take for
Us to recover from this
Growing pain.
Originally written: 8/30/18
A young prophet born to lead, everyone follows their own greed
Religion is the weapon and mankind their tools
What was once holy is now *****, keeping the masses blind folded
Spiritually condemning them and seeking their own favor

I plead to you my fellow christian...wake up the world is ending
Put on your holy armor lets go convert souls
From death to life from life to eternity ...
This is the Gift that God grants thee
The world is dying full of neglect
It only promotes violence, partying...death

Do not succumb to your weaknesses, pray to God he will fix this
Clean the dust from your Divine Armor and equip yourself with it
Let God use you and you will see that many will turn to God
Be an example to others and let the Holy Spirit guide you
Evil entities and spirits will try to reclaim you
But you belong to God now they cannot touch you

At the end of your life you will realize it was all worth it
You may be poor in life but rich in spirit
Let your light shine on the darkness that surrounds souls
Allow others to see that God exists within you
Perhaps you may save a soul today

We the Warriors of Light fight spiritually against demonic forces
We will eventually win this spiritual war God is with us
Don't lose faith brethren Let your tongue praise God
I hope you find an answer when reading this poem
Give God a chance that may be the greatest choice you will ever make in your Life.
©Franko the Christian Poet
A spiritual armor we all have to wear when we awake eat and sleep.
my heart filled
with gratitude

I am overflowing
with Love

Life seemed so
dreadfully pointless

And now everything
comes alive

— The End —