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Keiya Tasire Jan 17
Notes.....are you? Mesmerize?
Sharmila Juliet Mar 2019
Oh my love! Oh my Venus!
I wait for you all night.
My heart always revolving
Arround your thought
After I see you that day.

That day was very hard till I see you.
I left alone by everyone.
On the sky no moon to comfort me.
Looking at the dark sky
Make my heart even harder.

That was the time you appear
To my eyes. You shine so bright.
I amazed by your intriguing beauty.
Your mesmerizing beauty calms
The valcanoes happened in my mind.

I heard you are hot one. But,
That day you cool my heart.
I heard you rotate in opposite direction
But, that day you directed me to
Find the right path.
Although, you shrouded by the
Carbon dioxide and nitrogen,
You made inhale the oxigen freely
In the earth that day.

From that day, I am waiting for you
Under the dark sky.
Amidst the clouds you always hide.
I am waiting to the cloud get clearer.

I know I can't reach you. But,
My love! Let me love you from
This far at least.
I know I can't embrace you. But,
My love! Let me embrace you
Within my thoughts.
I Know I can't breath in you. But,
My love! Let me breath in your thoughts.

Oh my love! Oh my Venus!
Let me see the glimpse of you.
Let this nostalgia disappear
From my heart.
Imaginary love letter to planet " Venus"
Josephine Mary Oct 2018
When I met you, my vision got blurry and I was hysterical for a second.
I snapped and giggled.

“Slow motion” I only thought of that feeling as imaginary, like how I saw it in movies and read it in novels.

I was mesmerized by your charms that it made me breathless for awhile.
You were real, I was wide awake but it felt like a dream.
I realized then how my heart speaks about you.
Lyn-Purcell Nov 2017
Too many underestimate the power of the pen.
They are mesmerized by the argent arc of a sword.
As writers, our greatest weapon lies in our pens and our fingers.
Cné Nov 2016
i like to dance
with the devil
burning eyes upon me
in hypnotic dazzle
my toes easily
sweep away inhibitions
quieting my angelic
voice's suspicions
as whispered words
brush thine ear
my entranced ego
has no fear
as it may be
our bodies entanglement
appears free
with soaring thoughts
of ecstasy
we ebb and flow
in ****** mystery
seduced in music
playing rhythmically
i dance willingly
Wind with cold breeze
Sky's full of stars with memories
Leal Knowone Mar 2015
ya I'm wondering searching for something I can't find
and I'm just pondering wondering were is my mind
yes I see a beam of light that'll surely mesmerize
ya in day and night taking this **** world by surprise
and the new moon in her eyes glistening the night sky
yes its no surprise life can't truly be analysed
well some dwell in it, some just don't want it anymore
just break free deception, specimen of perfection
yet I know what it was for, lost it, find its lament
this pale fragments of porcelain skin fall to the floor
and drift away into the wind to be seen nevermore
and the circumstance of this romance for life is
it can cut like a knife, lift to unmentionable heights

you take a long stroll in the maze of a twisted mind
oh how they quandaried on how it would unfurl in time
so spacious liviacious an endless strain on the mind
oh I really wonder will it rebuilt it self in time
yet I'm just pondering asking the world why so many lies
see there's a crack of light through this dismal dark night sky
oh how the fire dances in her eyes, as my mind now  fries
the new moon in the night sky glistening in her eyes
we say your goodbyes to what you always thought it would be
so sad to see modesty might be the end of me
oh it may just be the end of me this time, nothing' inside
how some dwell in it, some just want to live delusions
my conclusions a dillusion with no solution
Horrible drunk, and hope there is not to many mistakes
sweet ridicule Mar 2015
welcome to this dream
I will spin you in c
                        es        ir
                          ­    cl
with me trying to fall asleep
melatonin completely absent from my veins
voices blur in messy paintings
(Goya total sense does make
compared to cinnamon gum
the bitter sweet taste of someone away)
sirens scream too loudly
mesmerizing half of me
slowly spinning
(little me with a top on the porch in the summer sun)
except there's no sun
and this spinning cannot be stopped
too tangible now
and I suddenly need
cinnamon gum again.
well...we're all spinning right?
lily Dec 2014
you're asleep
and i'm staring at you
i'm so transfixed, too spellbound
i touched you with my eyes
from the tips of your hair
to your arm wrapped around me
then i go back to your face again
and i realized that
conscious or not
you still mesmerize me
you still enchant me
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