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adorned by your beauty
angels were made in
your image
there are all these
just going around
passing through
my life
thinking they are
n o t h i n g
   or maybe fleeting
or forgotten
when they have
no idea
that they
are life itself,
and to me
are each
so unfathomably unique
and beautiful,
that the mere
thought of them
sustains me.
The power of your wild beauty 
Shocks and magnetises me 
I exis in silent awe
That love I feel is breaking law
Harley Hucof Apr 16
Spirits and shadows living in obscure extremities
I move freely among them since i was a litlle kid

I am familiar with their world just as they are familiar with mine
Funny mysterious entities looking out for me in the most critical times

And they stare at me, but not with their eyes
Just as i see them without using my sight

And their voice springs out from my belly
Telling me to chase my desires endlessly

I obey and i am awed

For i traded my senses to a merchant disguised as a god

I chase the serpent and i consult death to my left
My time has not yet come , the spirits smile and i know i am blessed.

Words Of Harfouchism
Meaning nothing
LC Apr 2
most do not see her beauty -
their dreams pull them away.
some eyes burn from the midnight oil -
to them, she may seem like a hallucination.
others run too quickly to start a conversation.
a rare few wait for her -
they appreciate her beauty,
continuing the conversation in awe.
she does not live for the people of this earth,
but she provides for them no matter what.
#escapril2020 day 1! A little late, but it's here.
Debbie Lydon Mar 26
Last night's sombre sky was hiding the moon in the corner of an ever-longing eye,
Mysteries were fooled by honesty's mask,
This also happened by day, it was not just night's task.

Oh sovereign sky, you are more generous tonight,
Ostentatious and proud, you adorn my mind's walls,
Pouring me a cup of darkness delight, pain bows it's head and sorrow stalls.

My eyes are too full, they are open and flooding,
Thank you, oh night and your sky's freckled face,
Your reminder of life has heads bowed and legs running, but I am here and in my place.
John James Mar 25
If my eyes were a camera, and my eyelids the shutters.
I'd never be able to take your picture.
Tiana Feb 29
You're a mystery,
You're a surprise,
You are a wonderful blessing in my life
That keeps me wondering;
Words to my 'the one' whom I haven't found yet
Ken Pepiton Feb 28
here is no wrong way to do the right thing.
old men teach young men,

say it ain't so, joe, can casey take another swing

four strikes, ah
the trick of blowing bubbles in chocolate milk

learned wordlessly,
many worlds
by us
we keep our heads while all about us

this mountain is circumventing me,
no danger
no effort asked for, life is the river I am in and

if I think a bit
different, as if I may chose i mean a thing, as a pro
verbial thing.
In a word.

Abrupt an enter merging zenoic instant hits the wall

and next is waiting,
ever waiting, suffer it to be so, now.
Did you notice the crecent moon  and venus on the ecliptic as seen from spaceship earth? Awesome, as they say.
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