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M Solav 2d
There is form. And there is force.
Lightning blazes the sky with frightening might
Which bursts and dissipates in arteries of light
How it animates the living,
With its thundering displays!
How it penetrates us with awe,
And fills darkness with stories
And that is what we call the Force.

There is form. And there is force.
Gushes of wind brush the once austere surface
Which rises and resonates in hills that interlace
How it fuels our imagination
With its frenetic waltz!
How hypnotic its furious motion
And the flow of its assaults
And that is what we call the Force.

There is form. And there is force.
Mountains spring from seas and glide down the coast
Which is where we have crawled and now thrive the most
How it shapes the current world
With us barely noticing!
How volatile all our endeavors
And at the mercy of its whim.
And that is what we call the Force.
Written in June 2019 - for an exhibition in Peking.
Resting calmly, on a bed of gliding green accupunture,
a limitless blue surface invites you to listen to its ouverture.

You wonder if there's more to the simple game,
played in that far-away frame,

more than a yellow ball surrounded by contenders white and grey.

You keep staring at the clouds,
pondering if they too are overrun with crowds.

Losing yourself completely,
in the miraculous spectacle never quite revealing its true way.
©Laure Winkelmans
Sevki May 23
always & forever~
kl May 17
Oh to breathe
tiny imperceivable molecules,
to feel a rush against your skin
from a gradient in the air,
to smell the earth's life cycle
of decay and regeneration,
to see tiny flowers and grand mountains
and the rabbit on the moon,
to wonder and ponder and contemplate:

a finite presence wrapped up and bound
by the laws of nature, bursting with senses:
with awe, with love, with pain, with overwhelming awareness of the incredible unlikelihood of our own existence.

I think that it is a beautiful thing to be alive.
Oskar Roux May 15
To captivate someone the way
You do
Is an art form many never learn to master.
With eyes deeper than the Marianas trench
Your being
Just draws me like a moth to a flame.
To make someone feel the way
You make me feel
Makes me wonder how many ages
You've experienced.

A soul so ablaze no person would know you and not be warm.
The strength of nations upon nations
To carry the weight of the world and
You still grow.
The confidence and grace that
You move
With, can't even be challenged by Aphrodite herself.
With cheeks if crimson and eyes of ice
Your joy
Makes the rest of life seem baron.
Leaving me
And lucky
To know a woman of your sheer
A poem for my wife
Justus May 14
The embodiment of the sun is a woman
Her hair like Rapunzel
Long, and a beautiful golden blonde
Her spirit was dragged through mud by the rabble
but when it rose again through the Will of Grace
it shined as though it had never been tested
She carries herself with pride, which resonates
with me
Even when her conversation turns crude, and she
bellows and burps:
she maintains her class and loveliness
Daisies grow in the wake of her steps
She is the embodiment of the sun
and I have become pious
In the dawn of days, dwells the awe of reverence.
In the thought of dwellers, can the awe be thread.

Within the small things, herein lies the pieces.
The pieces that make-up the direction of things that exist.

For the boulders at a mountain's mighty face, are no more important than the stones that form the base.
For it is in the reverence that we craft love from awe.

Blessed are those who sit and watch, for they are the architects of reverence - the constructors of awe.
Inspired from my pondering of the importance of reverence.
Taylor Apr 16
Am I enough
Surely I ponder
It doesn't seem to be
Another layer of makeup applied
Another drink from the bottle
Different relationship this week
Drowning my troubles in things
All of this I ponder down to the depths
Am I enough?
I don't rightly know
I look up at the woman
Ma'am I don't know
Been thinking this is a quick write sorry if it's bad enjoy!
Mitch Prax Apr 14
Most of the time,
I am too afraid
and too in awe
to ask myself
how I found you.
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