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Zywa May 2023
Eavesdropping always

changes something, except when --

it's done secretly.
"Trois couleurs: Rouge" - Fraternité ("Three Colours: Red" - Fraternity, 1993, Krzysztof Kieślowski)

Collection "Mastress"
Zywa May 2023
The gum bubble bursts,

people scream about profit

motives: blue ******!
"Trois couleurs: Rouge" - Fraternité ("Three Colours: Red" - Fraternity, 1993, Krzysztof Kieślowski), Valentine

Collection "Mastress"
Kitt Oct 2022
They say the ties that bind, wither towards the end
Their witty mottos downplay the love of a friend
“The blood of the covenant,” the adage remains still frozen,
“Flows much thicker than the water of the womb.”
And therefore they deduce: our loyalties reduce
And family only matters when it is chosen.

But the blood relations between man’s nations
Groan under the strain of their bond
For who would have thought that brothers were not
By long and far man’s best creation.
The snapshot of our reality
was instant
was pure
it existed before our time
before we were ever sure

Magnetic was the bonding
snapping together like opposites
negative and positive meeting
where forces find the neutral
you and I were there
where brotherhood is beautiful

But my negative was a poison
an acid in the well
slowly unwinding
the potency of the spell

I watched the picture fading
like a manuscript lost to time
that which was made by God
corrupted by insanity's rhyme
there was a cyclical note
in the air of the night
when truths became daggers
and lies flickered alight

I was patient
I was penitent
my prayers were true and real
but our friendship was cut down
like prey under blades of steel
I saw my past catch up
like wolves in the dark
devouring what we'd created
disemboweled by matters of the heart

Who can cure these ailments
that live beyond the soul
while it watches the tumult below
hearts fighting in lieu of the goal
I was there on the battlefield
I watched the future fade to black
all I wanted was the love
that could bring my will to fight back

Brother can be lost in the world
they can spill the blood they share
they can get lost in the moment
and spite the fates that brought them there
it's hard to create family
but so easy to break it
because that which truly matters
is fragile, vulnerable, naked

We protect our love by how we lead our lives
with integrity, compassion, and virtue
so that in the moments life gets hard
we fall back not on the things that hurt us
but on the bonds that gave us life
that gave us the will to carry on
Zywa Mar 2022
Maybe I'll have to move
the neighbours are watching
whether I belong to them

and don't go too far
in oddities
Well, a little can be funny

They are also proud themselves
of their profession, their unforgettable
exploits and their indispensability

for the traditional holidays
for everyone, including me
so they count on me

I value their faces
what kind of men they are
fighters with an ax

in their hands, or soldiers
in black clothes, servants
of the dread counselor
Ideological uniformity

In the Chinese chess game ("Elephant Game") the red army has 5 Bīng-soldiers ("foot soldier") and the black army has 5 Zú-soldiers ("private", "property")

The symbol voor Bīng is an ax in two hands, the symbol for Zú is a corn field

Collection "The drama"
Zywa Dec 2021
Ism's promise order.

Is their standard everything --

is for everyone?
Collection "Secrets & Believers"
the kindness of Christian does not leave
the Moslem or Jew to starve
but in feeding both-
tell the Moslem
to eat in his mosque
and the Jew
to eat in his synagogue
for while this food is healthy and good,
for Christian, Moslem, and Jew to share
syncretism will poison
your Christianity
thank one another, but eat as you worship
apart from one another
have you not observed
the war between the great religions of Abraham
when we fight over food at the same table
but the great peace betwixt all three
when the three tip their heads
and walk past each other?
a limited brotherhood is a limited respect
limit is limit of a brotherhood
limit is limit of respect
respect is a limited energy of respect
respect is a limited energy of a brotherhood
respect is a limited energy of a energy
respect is a energy of respect

a limited energy,a limited respect
a sister is a energy of a sister
a sister is a energy of respect
a sister limit the energy of a sister
a sister limit the energy of a brotherhood
a sister is a brotherhood sister
a sisterhood is a limited respect of a sisterhood

a limited respect is a limited sisterhood
respect is a limited respect of a sisterhood
energy is a sisterhood energy
energy is a sisterhood respect
a sisterhood and brotherhood is a limited energy
a sisterhood and brotherhood is a limited energy of a energy
a sisterhood and brotherhood is a limited energy of respect
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc… this poem is about an energy of respect is a limited energy.
i don’t add capitalization’s on my writing.
Zywa Oct 2019
Shoot me, shoot me
shoot me to heaven
up in the oak, everyone
barefoot on the family bed
.....Come join us, here you are free!

We don't have to believe in anything
except in each other, the singer too
is loose, he laughs at his amulet
and waves to the old man:
.....Come join us, here you are free!

The greybeard sees everything
with twinkling eyes in his long beard
full of bushes of moss in which
the wren whistles:
.....Come join us, here you are free!

Come in the Crown
take off your shoes and socks
together on the family bed
a warm blanket to each other
.....Come join us, here you are free!
“Come together” (1969, John Lennon)

Celtic symbolism: Ouir (the Oak), the tree of calm, truth and steadfast knowledge; the Oak should be guided by Dagda (the father of all gods) and the Wren (the king of the birds and the symbol of wit and subtlety)

Singer: Chuck Berry

Collection “Lilith's Powers" #28
Veritia Venandi Jan 2021
Marooned within a span of finitude
We claim we are lost forever!
Our hearts beat violently inside our rib cages,
Trying to tell us truths that we brush off as myths.
We paint our houses and bodies with brilliant colours and darkest inks,
Hoping that it would make up for the ugliness we harbour!
We spin fantasies locked up in self-made prison cells,
Sidelining the hideous realities as not part of 'our story'...
We carry our vulnerabilities as a taboo,
(I, sadly, would not blame each one separately for it)
We have woven this illusion together with our cloudy minds.
If a bird could judge high from the sky
It would have made out the fragmentary lives we live in...
Inside a single fortress surrounded by high walls, yet violence if we traverse the margin between two rooms!
If and only if, we would have understood that it doesn't require too much a sacrifice to unite
That we can leave our homes simply plastered and our minds simply open.
Urged by a force to change, if only we had exposed ourselves to paint graffiti on that common wall that surrounds us,
Splashing ingenious shades of love and brotherhood,
Of a fluttering feeling of oneness and entanglement.
We would have laughed together, danced with glee and holding our hands together we would have escaped unto a better reality...
If only it was true, I wonder
How spectacular a place the world would have been !
Will we leave our egos behind to paint the common wall around us?
Thank you for reading this! ❤✨
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