7 18 2018

Iam just a fading leaf
Fallen from the branch
One part of the tree of life
A dead end. Becoming sand

No future to hold or be held
No warm embrace. To be felt
While others run away. Hand in hand
I remain. A lonely man

Laughing smiling at myself
A cold sad face in the mirror. Oh well
Why look to see what others see
If not a single face. Ever spoke to me

Love is complicated. Time in life
Its short lived
Waiting. Waiting. Forever
But no flowers fall. I was too clever

To say i wait for just one
While i gaze. Upon every bun and blossom
A weirdo creep. They say to me
I just wish. I could fly. Forever free

Through the forests and the trees
Invisible as always. No one notices me
Like a rainbow. My emotions of rhyme
We just keep waiting. Tick tock. In time

Its fine i say. I deserve no better
I lost my feathers. To the endless weather
A thousand shards. My hearts become
All i want to do now. Is run and have fun
So many single lonely people out there
Lets get together
And have an orgy..... -_-

Or just party like its 1864

How many leafs. Never become new branches
6 29 2018

Plant a seed
Plant a tree
Plant a seed
Plant a tree

Watch it grow
Watch it grow
Watch it grow
Watch it grow

Let it be
Let it be
Let it be
Let it be

Set it free set it free
Show it who you can be
This wonderful wonderful thing
Of life and splendor all around you and me

Our invisible family
Surrounds us in beautiful nature
The sights sounds and feelings
Of all these living things. Always by our side

Laying on the grass
Watching clouds pass
A scent of our worlds flowers
Drifting and drifting for hours and hours

Trees and plants
Butterflies and ants
The oceans volcanoes tornadoes and bees
Across the seven seas. The color of nature. Is a rainbow of love

Please pray for another day
Of rain sunshine and time to play
Life living to live again again again
We are here and now happy. With our friends and family and friends.
Our invisible. Plants
Ghosts beside us
Life and past. Grass flowers and trees
Nature is free. Why cant we be
A desert wind blows hot and dry,
whispering a prayer for rainclouds.
The Milky Way spills across the night sky,
with Saturn and Jupiter shining down,
interstellar eyes
that see the white lizards
skittering in the sand,
and me laying on my back,
gazing up,
swimming in starlit possibility.
Daniel Magner 2018
Reach out like the branches of a tree reaching towards the sky
Towards the heavens … Towards the light
Feel the stroke of the sun on your face
Stretch as far as you can … Reach for the farthest star
For when you retrieve you will descend to where you’re meant to be
Written by Sean Achilleos 15 July 2018©
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She's always been like a tree,
Rooted and strong.
The resemblance
Only grew with her age.
The wrinkles of her face-
Hard and intricate bark;
And her wisdom reaching-
Branches offering shade
A fine mist rises in the wood,
Left by a passing rain,
Shifting shapes and slanting light
To mask the warbler’s flight,
And veil the fawn’s fern-filled place;
A space hidden 
And apart. 

The trees stand solemn,
Trunks obscured
Where slashes mark their soon demise
By saw and boot and crane. 
The stumps will remain,
To harbor fungal fruit and insect bore,
Reminders of what is no more: 
That all things pass—
Some by fate, some by force 
And some by Time’s gaunt March. 

A fine mist rises in the wood today.
They’re just walking by
Idle sticks and logs and twigs
Wayward trees passing to and fro
In their forests of isolation
The birds don’t sing there
If they do
Then each tree hears its own tune
My tree is cut
Just a stump
Just my luck
I have no birds to sing anyway
Accept for this one wayward jay
It’s less of a song
More of an ironic cackle
Laughing at my stump
Chained to this rusted shackle
There used to be a song
Sweet like sugar
Bitter like sole cinnamon
But harmonious
Now I’m just walking by
An idle stick
A log
A twig
A wayward tree stump
Just my lonely luck
Just my lonely luck
Danielle Jul 10
Well, there had been a tree
All soft gray trunk,
Crawling with snails after the rain,
And carved with symbols of naïve love.
You couldn’t climb the branches to the sky,
But they could cradle you as you watched the world go by.
Sadly when I came back to live with my parents after my break up the tree was gone. I think that it had been hit by lightning and they had to remove it. I had been looking forward to seeing the names that had been carved into it again.
III Jul 9
How content
     Could it be
That in this life after death
     I grow again as a willow tree,
Standing weak to
     Dry wind blowing calm,
           In a grassy field,
           High on a hill,
     Alone against the contrast
           Of the sky
     And together with the symmetry
           Of existing just for the sake of it.
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