Little beads of precipitations runs on me
While I wait underneath the cherry tree
Mysterious mist surrounds the atmosphere
Pedestrians comes into sight and then disappear

Unfaithful hopes flows through my psyche
While I wait underneath the cherry tree
Is this the sound of footsteps that I hear?
Now the foggy hemisphere appears so clear
I discover you blushing and yet eyes filled with tears
And the poem I secretly drew for you between your fingers

Blades of grasses touching my feet.
O! How gentle they are!
Like hiking on the floor of heaven
But after walking some distance;
My eyes caught the obscurity.
Why the trees have been cut down?
‘Is there no soul here?’ I called out.
‘No’ the echo responded.
I observed around to perceive a tiny sapling,
Determined to endure in the desert.
I knelt down and tears rolled down my cheeks,
And I said ‘Borrow my tears and rise up!’

Ormond 7d

Grasping to the sky
With ever reaching
Branches, leaves spirit
Themselves to sacred
           Old tree, a star set
Truncated with sprite earth,
Stolid, touchstone spark,
Place, feeling all waves
Dripping by like clouds.

In some underworld,
Bathing with Gods,
Are immortal roots
Divining water, laid
In ceremonious soil,
Digging out golden,
Unfallowed tombs.

Old tree in the sun,
Great soul barking
Skywards each day,
Joyous arms clench,
Lansing, higher out,
Embracing heavens.

Vexren4000 May 14

The lemons, sour,
In their unique sort-of way,
Ripening upon the lone lemon tree,
That stands atop the verdant hill,
The hill that looms behind,
The home of the simple farming family.
Standing watch over the serenity,
Afforded by the lack of urbanization.

Alice Wilde May 13

I think of taking my hands
                                                                      And ripping - splitting - cracking,
                                                                                                My ribcage in two.            
                                      The breastbone splintering apart,
                                     My torso opening like a rotten tree.

                                                                                                  Colors oozing out
                                                                                        Or the inside hollowed,

Like a lake that has been emptied.

                                            -I've convinced myself that
                                                     Fragrant flowers
                                                   Would grow there.

                                                                       That they would grow feverishly
                                                                                               In the gnawing gap
                                                                                                That I had created.

And that time would preserve
What I had done.

Sun Smriti May 12

All the seasons around the years
She stood tall, fearless
Not being the prisoner of life but
A dreamer and wanderer only
Patience, enduring hearts call her a Tree

A tree by the sea wished to live...

Where ~
Sea hugs the shore warmly
Seashells fall in love with the sunshine
Shimmering silver sands adore her bare feet...
Sweet perfume of wild winds bring back rapture in her mind.....

Just one lonely tree
Standing alone in a field
Embracing the sky

Sometimes we just need to step away from our longing and embrace that which is standing right in front of us.
allie May 10

I'm still here.
Patiently waiting.
Tapping my foot.

I'm still here.
Where you left me.

I'm still here.
Wiping my tears.
You aren't coming back.

I think I'll go now.
Turn off into the snow.
Let it over take me.

I'm gone now.
The tree is bare.
The wind has stopped.

I'm long gone now.
The tree has budding leafs.
And I'm gone.

Gone into the wind.

I've given up on someone. I just can't with his constant needs and the self pity that hands around him. I hope he understands and no longer is an ass.

The world was equal,
It gave me every rights whatever you had,
I was seeded by your ancestors,
I have been growing and growing,
Watching generations of your families.
I have witnessed the highest temperature,
Stood with confidence even against the strong currents flowing across me,
I had given protection to my fellow mates from the hot yellow ball,
But at last,
You guys started a competition between you,
I wanted to see you guys to be happy always,
So the best help from me is
giving you a place to live,
Live happily every moment,
Don't waste the chance you have.
                      Karthik balaji

There are few bottlebrush trees here,
A couple grew in front of our house,
The entrance to our house they guard.

When it is season for them,
They bloom very lavishly,
Even striking is one's stem.

It was pecked upon by a woodpecker,
Thak-Thak-Thak, Thak-Thak-Thak,
The stem's bark finally gave away slowly.

By the end of October '06,
The hollow was readied,
The woodpecker moved in.

It gave shelter to the two birds initially,
The male & the female woodpeckers,
They stayed there for a complete season.

Saw their family grow,
From just the parents,
It even had chicks now.

The chicks grew fast under parental care,
I even listened to their infant chirping,
Saw the parents flying to get forage not so rare.

Then one day a snake slithered,
Until that hollow, it climbed,
The woodpeckers made a lot of noise.

They both screeched repeatedly,
But their cries were useless,
They could not scare away the snake.

The serpent then came out after few hours,
Now the crawling was sluggishly lazy,
Its mouth smeared with gooey young feathers.

The family had been destroyed,
An eerie silence shrouded the hollow,
The woodpecker chicks were dead.

Soon, an eagle had hunted the snake,
Hovering in the sky it spotted it,
Grabbed it when in the sunlight it basked.

Now the woodpeckers were gone,
Probably in search of a new tree,
A new tree where a snake won't come.

As for the tree's hollow,
It made a new home,
For a parrot species this time.

And time knows that change will descend,
Even the parrots will desert the hollow,
They will leave in search of the better greens.

Maybe a family of owls will come in the end,
It will be a long-time home, the hollow,
For owls are known to fill all the vacancies.

We live in a research institute campus since my infancy where I have been always so close to mother nature and I can chronicle the various avian species spotted here.

I guess that's life.

Give and take.

Like the birds in the hollow provide the tree with nutrients through their droppings.

But I wonder when I will be rewarded for my share of the good deeds done in life.

Karma is a bitch.

My HP Poem #1526
©Atul Kaushal
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