Sun 2d

All I hear tonight
      is the cry of a lonely tree
            Atrophied, desolate sighs

Distracted while writing
            For hours

  A hazy gaze
       Numbness sights
        Where stars shining high

Not the dripping colors of gel pens
         Colossal raindrops entered through
              the untouched window
                   to my notebook

In another corner of the wooden lodge
     Seashells plumb dancing in rhythm
            Waving gesture
                  To the lonely tree

Waiting to leave the roots
   The earth-shattering bond  
       Heart-on strings
                 Withered, astounding beats

Rising winds swaying
  the gleeful wild grasses
          with panoramic peace
           Forgotten Lonely Tree
      Amid the rusty life

I would imagine
    Love is not that far

      No less is this romance
          A letter in hand
               Blue envelope
                    Known address
                           unknown distant land....

Niobe 2d

They talk about their relationship problems
Like it's nothing.

My body is a pine tree,
I am more plant than I am me.
I am driven to read, driven to love,
They are driven to fuck.
My body is a book,
My binding never shook,
Pages never read,
So many words running through my head,
And all they want to do is touch.
All they do is touch too much
And I a made for talking and to look,
They are stories, and I am but a book.

My body is asexual,
Is a plant and an amoeba and
I do not exist.
They want me to look for more than
A person to trust, to hold hands with.
I look for love where they seek lust,
And they never meant for that to be real.

They talk about their relationships like it's nothing
Because it is,
To them.
It is empty.

Mars 2d

Some day when I am old.
I will sleep in the tree
in the middle of the city.
The last natural thing.
Not to give it pity,
but to be consoled.

a fast skirling wind
raced through the gumtree limbs
bending their branches

Dead and lifeless
Just like a tree
I'm talking about someone
That someone is me.
Without any dreams
For I've let them flee
And now I'm dead and lifeless
Like a cold winter tree
Though trees become green
In summer and spring
Their leaves eventually fall
And winter comes after all.
I wasn't born in the Summer, the Spring or the Fall.
I was born in the winter, lifeless and all
I'm so cold
So bare
And so plain
I never grow any blossom
Like the cherry tree down the lane
Tough I'm not perfect
And you may not see me as worth it
I've tried already to be like the rest
I really tried my best.
But I'm not the others, not full and green.
Yet I've decided to be myself, to bare and so clean.

Nobody is the same and even if you're feeling unappreciated, unimportant or unoriginal, you will always be the one person nobody else can be, so don't try to be anyone else.

Give me green, in all it's shade
For color is lacking here in birth
Oh growth, you desire
And roots deep into the earth

On topsoil you sit
Carried to and fro and yore
Tossed in seasons of turmoil
Thrown like waves to the shore

Your small fingers dig
Grasping at the earth still warm
The sunlight kissed it
To sleep in it you yearn forlorn

The earth she call to you
Like the wind in the trees
She sings you lullaby's
A song in her breeze

Oh simple heart, sweet delight
I see you basking in the daylight
Oh child of forests, my sweet light
I find you here wreathed in starlight

You make peace of the beings
That cling to celestial heaven
You shield all below, with your eaves
And in kind their brethren

Branches screaming to be free
Reach higher still to the sky
A trunk so strong, she is sturdy
Roots that sink, but never fly

alan 4d

In the city the only waves are made of sound,
it turns my head round and round,
I'm spinning right into the nature aspect of the architect.
The spiders roam within my apartment
but their web is made of wire,
this concrete city, a compartment,
sun shines through the street lights like fire...
like the fire in me
a strong desire
in me
in the city.

I was once a vine,
clinging to you-my tree.
When you cut me loose I died,
and in that I was free.

In this life I am the tree,
and you my dear, the vine.
Now it is I that need let you die;
cruel are the paths of the divine.

Another life, I pray,
comes just around the bend.
Yet if we do not meet, know,
your memory can not end.

"The Tree and the Vine" Part 2
Mono Sep 8

A fresh breeze of  summer hits my face
as your comes up short without water to embrace
and as the air turn up swiftly
clouds began to appear suddenly
makes rain to quench thy thirst
and yet you have grown drunk
that thou couldn't drink a drop

So as frosty air fill up by snow
leaves colored all soft and white
and you no warmth sent to freeze the night

Then comes the bloom of your secrets
some bright flowers and fruits
coming to those who are needed
to bear more everlasting loot

Lastly, it was the peak of death
when everything dying was beauty
you held strong to give out your last breath
to leaves that have fallen
stepped to a crisp
an eminent way to go out like this
thus you shall live forever being
You from the very start your own sapling

For nature lovers

Moss on my trees,
Falling in my windows.
Brought an aching to my knees
And a haze that only grows.
A leap towards the pine
With the tip of my spine.
A look in your eyes,
The witch hazel colored highs.
Like the fog in my morning,
I drive my sun to you.
A honey dew heart that will swallow me soon.

He makes me think of tarot cards and bees.
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