she tells me words i never
want to recite again. i don't
start sentences.
i become sentences.

the nights pull me in.
it's fulfilling.
they tell me to wipe up the
poison and bury the cloth.

a tree grows from the cloth.
it's leaves are sickeningly green.
something inside me wants
to cuts it down.

i bite into the fruit it bears.
it tastes like warm pie.
it heals my wounds
as i live in fear.

my hours become smiles.
i lumber deeper into the trunk.
fires don't die in there.

i fall for a forest nymph.
she bathes in a river eight
acres away. the river i
bathe in is only an acre away.

a human is no a match for
a creature woven by nature.
the forest and the river blends.
i cut down the tree while
it's spirit converges.

my hands are stained with poison.
i flush it down a void. the darkness
replaces what has hitherto been empty.

something about pain

A river flows beside a tree
Which grows upon an earthy hill
Both strength and beauty can be seen
No need to hide
No want for veil
And the word of God flows underneath
As the river runs
To foster all which growth entails
So enter in lovers embrace
And share in the water
Drink it deep
Both when it flows and when it speaks
But especially whenever it stands still

Little secret about me - I always write a poem when I'm at a wedding that matters to me. Just a little something I can give to the couple later as a different perspective on their day. Enjoy (if at all possible).
Sam Anthony Aug 10

green sea
and squirming
light glinting
colours shifting
near-white glimmers
across near-black
light and shadow
betraying life within
and power for more

Sitting at a bus stop in Spain gave me a long time to stare into the hypnotic movement of leaves gently blowing in the breeze, allowing the sunlight to flicker beautifully.
Patrick Aug 9

If you drive through
The Ohio countryside
Chances are you’ll see
A tree standing
In a grain field
Barren, the tree stands
Roots sucking a fair share from
The soil of the masses
The tree stands
Years ago a dam broke
And here,
The tree stands
Year after year
God scorches the Earth
And here,
The tree stands
And impenetrable strata
Coated the land
And here,
The tree stands
And if men worked from
Sunrise to darkness
To unroot the tree
It would stand

Samruddhi Aug 8

In my heart a naughty kid resides
Playing hide n seek on a riverside
Cautiously making castles on the sand
As he never worries about the barren lands
One fine day the river is gone
The little boy's heart is just torn
Suddenly his face has lost the glow
As he now know he has to grow
Shaken awake from his peaceful nights
He is made to run to great heights
Slow and steady he is keeping up the pace
With no smile and a fake face
In the big crowd he is starting to drown
He acts as if he is a clown
Finally he sense that he've been conned
And now he is tired of this stupid bond
He lifts up his head with a ray of hope
And discovers that he needs to run to catch the rope
While listening to a melancholy song
He realizes what is right and what is wrong
Everyone is bounded with limitations and a chain
What he needs to do is keep running to gain
Someday soon he will have a house on the biggest tree
When finally he would have set himself free

Remedy Aug 6

Everywhere they move has cracked foundation,
these stakes so high but different sizes,
remove one to stop devastation,
burn them all to settle ties;
The bitter clasps of stubborn pride and
Blueprints of fate that have been dyed
Black by the ink in one’s own mind.
The family tree is but a weed.
You cut its blossoms while the seed
Of hatred festers under tears
And rains on it for years and years
Until weeds overtake the garden,
No size shears could ever pardon
Such sheer bitter disregard
For those birthed in the same backyard.

i have tied
my heart to the tree
to play on its strings.
the notes
hollow out the space
like cavities.
i play on my heart
tied to the tree
i am always a part
of whatever you left me.

These branches are a shadow,
of the roots we see not grow.

Leaves turn brown in time of spring,
the patient earth knows everything.

Earth embalms the tree with soil,
keeps it strong throughout the toil

though the tree may lose its beauty,
It were not left unattended.
Fot the loss were temporary,
and the tree stood liberated,
the heavens found it worthy
though a younger tree ascended.

It was once an old, forgotten snag
...once blossomed but still died a log

And although the tree departed,
still the secret's not unearthed...

This poem involves what's happening to earth's trees.

She is the tree of life, so thick and firm, planted and independent, she was maintained. Even though her darkest​ storms where lightning stuck her down, and tornados moved her around, she stayed strong with her branches high and mighty to the sky and her leaves in the wind she stood strong. Stronger than most. Of course she's lost branches to those who tore them down with their hands but she stood tall and proud presenting her scars like they're a treasure to find. She leaked sap from her trunk, yet it was love, love found it's way into her roots and brought her to smile. She was made of love kinda wild she spread it by blowing in the wind. Against the current she rose not like the flower although they were her second favorite thing besides daisies and herself. She was grown. Tall and mighty as the leafs began to fall she was ready to bloom once more in the spring and summer and beyond.

She's always been my favorite
Star BG Aug 2

There is a road I take, this day.
Tree guardians are near.
Leaves move in graceful wind.
tickling inside ears.

The trees shelter me with their love.
Birds sing with divine voice,
telling me to walk in heart.
cause LOVE'S the only choice.

Now harmony and joy, I feel.
It's how I live each day.
Moving with my gratitude
I bow and I do pray.

I pray and walk with my spirit.
I move below the sun
Miracles come every day.
In life I have great fun.

StarBG © 2017

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