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They flutter and fly
as they leave each branch.
They flutter together
like a butterfly avalanche.

The tree is their home
where they destined to be,
but they do roam around
readily and free.

Together they will stay
in their butterfly family.
This place will always
be their butterfly tree.
eng jin Apr 4
On campus

the morning rain is subsiding  
while the cool air is still flowing
a live band starts to play  
in front of the library
beneath some trees
sweet and beautiful melodies
to promote a ‘happy relax’ theme

while my fingers tap to the beat
a familiar face
appears and sits
between the band
and my seat

indeed a pleasant surprise
but I should leave soon
a revision class is starting

should I stay or should I leave?

ah what a rare chance it is
to find the heart
where it wants to be,
I should stay

yet the tuition class
is where I ought to be
I should go

torn in between
I look up
to the streaks of light
slipping through
the wet foliage,

it then occurred to me
don’t think too hard
just enjoy the stay…
Owain 3d
High up
Is the window
Where the little tree gazes
Out, at the big tree.
A curving bay that frames
The white-walled sanctum,
Bright, quiet and airy
Like a Methodist chapel
At rest.

A simple wooden table
Holds a delicate tree rooted
In a small, square ***
As it gazes
Through the glass
At its giant cousin.

The Autumn comes outside
Its herald carried
By little, yellow leaves
Borne against a backdrop
Of lush, rain-wet green.
With drops of rain,
The Savior cries
For the broken boy
Who dies and dies.
Toward the Son,
His hungry hands
Reach for one
Who understands
With drops of rain,
The Savior cries
For the little seed
Who tries to rise.
And, as the teardrops
Kiss the ground,
The seed can hear
The soothing sound.
Inspired by
The Savior's plea,
The seed becomes
A fruitful tree.
Poem from a broken boy
Everyday, I see people's thirst to be the tree
The tree bearing precious fruits for others to eat, seeds for others to replant
The tree providing shade for others to cool
The tree releasing oxygen for others to breathe
The tree providing home for others to live
The tree looking beautiful for others to admire

That is many people's desire
But remember, the tree was once a seed
It took time for the tree to grow
The tree had to withstand adverse weather conditions
The harsh weather built the tree a strong foundation
Don't stress, give in to your cultivation!
Isaac 5d
Wisdom is a tree of life.
Grab it with both hands.
Ask *** for it every day
Until you understand.
There is always more to see,
And always more to know.
Our joy lies in seeking out
What *** has hid to show.
Written 14 November 2018
Amare Leslie Nov 11
Trees start to undress as showers of rain fall cleanse them
Winds blow dry their hair before starting another day
Johnny walker Nov 10
My wife she loved
to see the lights
the decorations
all put up 6 weeks
before Christmas
every year the
With the exception
of this year there
will be no Christmas
tree or fairy lights
no decorations
upon the wall now
she gone can't do
this no more I've
had my last
Because my wife died last Christmas
can't celebrate anymore
I  stand tall,
But beautiful,
My shape weird,
But wise as an owl.
My limbs outstreched,
My roots deep,
I embrace the sky and the earth,
I have weathered many seasons,
For many reasons,
SPRING is my rebirth,
I bloom and bring  colour,
SUMMER I  am evergreen,
Give shade from the fiery sun,
AUTUMN I am dressed in a colourful gown,
Of gold, green, purple and brown,
Soon my leaves fall,
Dry and under people's feet they crackle.
WINTER I stand *****,
Snowflakes come to my aid,
They veil me from tip to toe,
A blanket of snow.
I am one of the ecosystem,
Life on earth with me rhyme and rhythm.
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