What comely lass, this elven girl,
a living gem, expensive pearl.
Who clung with manacles to me,
a mighty and a wise old tree.

In forest deep she rang her bell,
and I was lost, in Elvenfell,
a place of wishes, not defeat.
A land of love, a rhythmic beat.

She walked alone, this comely queen.
Her song so loud. Her face serene.
And I, a spirit, shook my boughs,
and droplets fell on her like clouds

so that to her it seemed like rain.
Like spring had come, and summer wained
it's last bright ray. It's final heat.
And she stood there. On softest feet.

Oh lady fair, where from you came?!
I cried,  but fear her heart retained
and almost she fled fast away
but in my roots I begged her stay.

She came to me, her fear assuaged
and touched my bark, my skin so aged
yet her soft touch made me feel young
so to her heart I surely clung.

And so she stayed, my elven maid.
Held to my girth, in love she stayed.
She lived with me. Lived in my core.
She lingered here forever more.

~ Windsinger
he strung pearls round my neck
and I strung him from a tree
as he choked his final breath
I crooned, “save a spot in hell for me”

a kiss of red upon his cheek
the ghost of lust haunting his lips
as imprinted on his memory
as the bruising fingers on my hips

he thought me as a canvas
he could paint to be refined
pretty to be looked at
touched with detachment of the mind

the fool should have kept his pearls
and found another portrait to admire
for if you give me a golden candle
I’ll set your world on fire
You had quite the charm,
pulling yourself into my tree.

Do you really think
every person is unique?

You're not so much like the
character I stated,
other than the romance.

Two years seems longer
than it should be.
A thought after hanging out with a boy.
The fall of a great tree has the power to take down others.
A clearing is made in the forest and new life fills the space.
Once upon a time,
I taught myself to rhyme.

I would hum as I tried to climb,
and though the branches beneath my feet were hard,
from the ground by them I was barred,
and their marred bark seemed to melt into a part of me.

I taught myself to rhyme
when I lay awake at night,
and wished I could take flight.
04 20 2018

childhood home's tree & learning to rhyme
CGW 6d
This world we breathe in is polluted with darkness.
Chaotic empathy for all the suffering.
Darkness burns by my feet, the ashes are disposed of improperly.
Think twice before you act.
How do I speak when I am solidified in your tears.
I will escape the grips of you.
I will walk along these burning roads.
What is real and what is fake?
Have I become the darkness you so intently fear.
I do not exist anymore.
Inspired by Porcupine Tree
The dead tree never stands lonely.
At the top the silhouettes
of birds come and go,
nesting in the crevices.

Branches sticking out like
Indecisive fingers, pointing enigmatic directions.
It’s trunk is covered with thick, green ivy
asserting a kind of dignity, saving the
leaf barren tree’s modesty of sorts.

Keeping it warm in the harsh winters
and concealing the weathered, bare bark in the summer
while everything else expands outwards;
in colour, full bloom.

The dead tree stands in the middle of it all.
For the moment, standing steady,
I would never describe this dead tree as lifeless.
Written on 3rd of April 2016 when I tried to write a poem a day.
This was about a dead tree I could see from my window where I was staying on holiday in France.
hanaz Apr 17
Earth is my name, what shame people,
I want you to Save the trees and not shave them of my skin,
Bcoz these trees help me breathe,
You build houses with these trees,
Guess who is gonna be homeless, its me.

When you plant a tree, you give hope not only to me,
But the generations to come,
So, plant ten trees when you cut one,
Bcoz remember the free oxygen we give,
Lets make a better world with clean air so all the people can breathe.

Save a tree and get Oxygen free for life!
Love is reaching where
The sunset touches the trees
Only you keep falling
On your raw skinned knees
Unfazed by the pain or cuts
Or the rising bruise
Nothing will keep you
From your true loves muse

Though their absence aches
With the deepest pain
You feel no fear and climb
The treacherous trunk again
Scaling with bloody knuckles
Into the leaves once more
For where the sky meets the trees,
Free hearts may truly soar
@LadyofRavenhill 2018
Amy Apr 14
My thoughts are the bark
Of an old tree
At the top you can still find the finest fruit
But first you must climb
the rotten branches
Don’t slip on the damp moss
Be patient
The first bite will be worth it
You may fall
But you will come back for more
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