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Juliet 22h
I always go back to what I know:
you'll never know unless you try.
So I bathe in the rain
That I only used to watch from the comfort of my home;
Have my body soaked
From the fresh water of the universe;
Walk as fast as I could
To cover the tracks I could
Before they get wash away.

But the rain could also be a storm:
Chasing me in places I don't want to be found;
So I took another step backwards
Instead of stepping out,
Didn't stick out my tongue
To taste the bitterness of the universe.
Bravery could only take me
To places I have considered mine
But even then
They only exist
When familiarity is on the line.
didn't come easily to her
she could see
every reason to
not be brave
wast the last plan
the last option
that she would take
Kyle Oct 10
Even if I'm swept away;
I will always find a way.
I'll accept the challenges;
With bravery and courage.
Chelsea Rae Oct 5
I always was scared of the way your eyes would start to light up
When you were excited.
The way I could see the gears crank and turn in your head with a million questions because you face never hid your inner world well.

You had eyes that looked up at the stars in the night sky
And somehow thought you would learn about them each individually.
A mind too wide, a heart too loving, a soul too curious.

I always was taught that curiosity killed the cat.
That is wasn't good, that it was rather bad.
I wanted to keep you safe but nothing could ever stomp your fire.
I stayed close, to make sure to protect, if dire.

Instead I watched you bravely fumble and fall,
Learning how to get better everyday.
Learning how to follow your dreams, your whims, and fickle wishes of the day.

I feel like something sparked in me from watching you.
Maybe one of your embers were sent flying
From your crackling and roaring spirit
and lit my heart aflame.

Now I feel like I can follow you,
Follow you straight into the light,
Into the sun.
Always be yourself <3
i dream of a world where **** no longer exists.

i dream of a world of respect.
where I no longer have to defend myself...
or look over my shoulder late at night when I'm getting in my car

i dream of a world where I can truly be taken seriously,

when I state the truth that I am in deed a feminist...
and no in deed I do not hate men.

i dream of the time when **** no longer exists.

when I can forget what you did.
just erase your entire memory with a gigantic bottle of mental white-out

blot out your entire existence so you are unable to hurt anyone ever again.

i dream of a world where **** no longer exists.

i brace for this brand new day and I dare to dream...
a bunch of words that came out unexpectedly....
Alex Sep 12
Achievement; You've managed to post a selfie!
Somebody might think its funny considering it as one of your goals,
Somebody refers it a piece of cake,
Like every morning til afternoon,
A quick snap wont bite them,
But for you?
There's nothing greater than you're proudest moments,
Building you're self - confidence,
Positivity, throwing off anxiety out of your roof,
After somebody already ruined it for you,
But congratulations!
You're step ahead of becoming yourself,
You've been on a deep snooze,
Living in you're comfort zone,
And now you've managed to showed a self portrait,
Without hesitations,
Or doubts,
Just a bold smile,
And a bravery of not giving a f*ck.
Grace James Aug 6
She walks toward the sea
afraid of the deep,
but excited to see
what lies ahead.

She runs through the forest,
sun streaming through the tall
green trees.

She finds a meadow
where flowers abound.
She smiles
and basks in the quiet.

But it is not quiet for long.

She stumbles and falls,
and fear rushes in.

She fights
as hard as she can.
She wants to go on.
She wants to open her eyes
and feel the warmth again.

So slowly
but surely,
she picks up
the pieces.

And she goes on.
Mayari Aug 3
Some believe strength is bravery
Some equate it with toughness
Some think it is to be unyielding
But I know strength is also kindness
Because it takes so much not to give pain
The power to fill you with bitterness
Never use your pain as an excuse to hurt others.
O, beauty!
To possess such grace
With angelic face
Driving all men in a daze
The women want a taste

Dare I say I didn’t admire her
For such traits
Tenderness in her strength
Patience in her hope hung
Her touch created to amend
And her bravery unsung

All is conquered
Without bad deeds
But most of them bleed
Those blood weren’t wasted
For every blood spilled by her blade
Is owned by the crooked

O, dauntless!
Yet gentle in every touch
I’ve never encountered a creature as such
To be loved by her
No greatest man have that much
Just Grace Jul 23
There is a level of pain
that comes with shame
that I never knew before

I wish there was a way
to let all the good potential
love without fear

We are lost
if we are not brave
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