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Sabika H Sep 6
Fear screamed, “NO!”
And I went exactly
Where it told me not to go.

I said:
“Fear is a challenge,
A trial, a test I’ll take,
A curse I’ll break.”

I said:
“I fear no creation;
And whatever demands to be obeyed
Must not hesitate
In making me wish I remained

“At the end of the day,
What are you
But threatened pride and ego?
What are you
But insecure and evil?”

I said:
You are small and weak,
Master of the ignorant
And the meek.”
Carlo C Gomez Aug 22
Jara sang undaunted,
Fet-Mats, turned to stone, dug deep,

—as if a silent prayer in Latin,

—as if the sacredness of wedding vows,

as a water lily.

There's a perpetually simple elegance
to what water fallen words
kept in a tinderbox stir,

—bless the soft spoken
and the loud cry.

—bless the dead poet
and the buried miner.

—bless the nouns and verbs
of a crescent bride
about to receive her husband
inside of her.

Adriana Rose Jun 23
Why is it I can forgive you
For mistreating me.

But not myself
For staying.
Sarah Synk May 23
Makes the world a wonderful place.
Makes all of our hearts race.
Is like the sun that shines.
Sure, it’s tough to express the love you and I feel,
But expressing love is real.
-What does Love Mean to you
Martin Boško May 12
The son of Aegeus, the stories have said
Had entered a maze with nothing but a thread
He would have been lost in the Cretean halls
If not for a gift that was unwrapping on the floor
And when he neared the Labyrinth's core
And heard a monstrous, petrifying roar
He bravely continued in his steps
Two turns right and one turn left
Then entered a room without a ceiling
Greeted he was by a figure unappealing
Disgusted by the abominable sight
He stood firm, got ready for a fight
The creature watched, got on all fours
And in two seconds, not less, not more
Charged the hero that he just met
Theseus quickly out of charge-path leapt
To let the bull-man hit a wall
Stone was chipped, fell on the floor
And the hero jumped, forced bull-man down
Strangled him till he made no sound
He picked up again Ariadne's thread
To the princess he owed a massive debt
For he followed it back to start
Where Ariadne, loving and smart
Was waiting for his victorious return
So that they could then turn
And escape
As two lovers joined through divine fate
selina May 11
bravery on my fingers
freedom starred across my collar
honesty sinking into my chest

these words inked into my skin
reminders of who i was, who i am
who i hope that i will become

you need to understand
haikus are not bound by syllables
just stanzas of three lines

life is not bound
by the number of pages
ink bleeds past the edges
selina Apr 5
i rewind my watch so many times
grasping the leather for a touch of magic
to bring back all that we once had

the lights illuminate the night sky
and i watch from the carnival ride
reminded of the last time we had stood here

as tonight goes down in flames
i cannot help but hope this is how we die
young and dumb and unafraid

the two of us are both in someone else's arms
separated by a sea and a telephone wire
you would have told me to be brave
you don't have to stop crying or explain why you are crying
you don't have to do anything at all

you don't have to always be strong for vulnerability is not wrong
be brave and let those beautiful tears fall
let those beautiful tears fall
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