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Mori 2d
You tell her she should be scared
while walking inside of a park
when it´s already dark.

But she´s telling you once and for all
everybody in there wanting to harm her,
should be scared of her instead.

With bravery, she will enter it.
And she hopes that one day,
she won´t need to be brave
to simply walk through a park.

Something that came to my mind while talking to a friend.
There! Can you feel it?

It's as if the whole of the earth's sighs,
the nudging of the painted skies,
the tremblings of valleys and peaks,
the singing of oceans and creeks,
the gentle tug of the moon,
the torrent of the monsoon,
the impact of a tear-stained face,
the heat of a lover's embrace,

and the fierce shouts of the stars
came together in a harmonious uproar.

All to proclaim Your majesty
and a single thought that soars,
being brave
     isn't always jumping out of airplanes
     chasing people who don't love you
being brave
is sometimes
sitting in a little cold room
     unburying yourself
     from the graves
     of your suffering
being brave
is accepting help
when you never wanted it
     but knew that you needed it

- katrina ******
i hated asking for help.
i've always made sure that other people were being taken care of more than i was taking care of myself. i didn't want anybody worrying about me. i put on this facade, making everybody think that i was this badass who had her **** together. always so sweet and caring, without a care in the world. stable.
when that was the furthest thing from the truth.
i was so worried and focused on other people's issues that i wasn't taking care of myself. i had too much pride because i didn't want to have to depend on anybody. i wanted to take care of myself.
that ultimately ******* me over aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's why i'm in therapy now.
i consider myself to be a brave person to some extent. but accepting help when i never wanted it but knew that i needed it is one of the bravest things i've done so far in my life.
Clarissa Ng Feb 1
Can’t you let the sun tint you
And the air wrap round your suffocated
Cant you pretend to drift like a dandelion
Dropping into withered grass
Cant you hold the rainbows in your
Daunting irises
And let the rays beam around your
Fragile heart

Dear you
Made up of intricate bonds
That crumble to dust
Ashes in the firewood
Of hopes and kindling flame

Would you take heart
In the glassy persona
Behind mirrors and closed hearts

Would you reach out your fragile hands
And with shaky fingers
Hold the mountain and skies
In your fingertips
random piece :)
Deadwood Jawn Jan 31
Forget the
     P p p p p p P  a i n.
                    M O V E.
I am a lover

of beauty,
of words,
of animals,
of nature,
of life,
of death,
and of the chaos that life brings

I savor every moment,
be they bitter or sweet,
ripe or rancid

my heart guides me,
but I still try to use my head

but I am also a fighter

ready to risk it all at a moment's notice
for those that I believe in
I'm a nice guy

but don't **** with my pride
Zuzanna Jan 30
She wore her scars
Like badges, they
Gleamed against her
Skin like armor she
Never thought she'll
Need, with a pencil in
Her hand feeling as if
She had been holding a
Sword, scratching against
The surface of each word
Being struck against her
Knowing the battle would
Be won only by her with
Fierce determination and
Fire in her veins creating
Defenses greater than empty
Words that felt like rocks
Being hurled at her.
This one goes out to anyone who needs to hear a good word today or any day. You might be battling something, that's okay because it'll make you stronger. You are a warrior, so fight a good fight and never give up.
Neo Montane Jan 29
You only fear because you care
Always here, never getting there
You only hear sounds that scare
All you can bare is that one nightmare

Darkness and light don't share the same might
Your courage and fear can never reach the same height
If you say that you aren't fearless then you definitely right
If you say don't have fear then you bout get a fright
C F Tinney Jan 28
You don’t have to be alright.
It’s okay to feel like it’s bad.
You can be with a crowd and laughing out loud
even when you’re deeply sad.

It’s fine to be all alone.
Even when you’re with a friend.
They can’t see it, I know, but it’s just how it goes
it’s in you and just doesn’t end.

They say you should just get some help.
But you don’t even know what is wrong.
They speak all these words, but they pierce you like swords
in an infinite horrible song.

I guess it’s just how this goes.
People know but nobody knows.
That the battle inside is not what you hide,
but the roots from which it all grows.
Brave are those
Who can
Withstand her eyes
Plagiarize her smile
Communicate her silence

Brave are those
Who tried
At least for once
And realized
Why worth for

And her bravery is
Her roar

A roar for,
"No" to No
"Yes" to Yes
Genre: Observational
Theme: Who are brave?
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