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Nathalie Apr 19
Running in spirals
until the force of
circling becomes a
weight one can no
longer bear

There is a reason
sometimes foreign
in it's message until
one connects to
the cryptic signs

Nothing is delivered
to one without
there being avenues
which leads them
to unwrapping
the unfolding lessons

Life is a game
that helps us
with each new move
if we are open
to listening and
discovering our
own innate guide book

habiba Feb 14
I am that which must always overcome itself.
Every morning I will wake up and tear down what I've built.
Anya Sep 2018
What is being smart?
I've always wondered
Is it having innate talent?
Or being exceedingly knowledgeable?
Perhaps, having the skills to survive in one's society?
Is it a special skill?
Is it something that can be cultivated?
Is it limited to certain people?
So what is it?
I'd really like to know
دema Jul 2018
I held scissors between my hands yesterday's night,
I cut a heart out of cardboard,
gave it a shower,
tucked it to bed,
sang to it a couple beats
and buried it in my chest.
late in the afternoon
a storm hawk
sounded his prophetic tune
within his blood
an inkling of the weather
which would prevail
his clarion call
went o'er the landscape
from a vantage point
high in a gumtree
it reverberated
so liberally
inside the hour
on the hills
and in the steep ravines
gullies rushed
in fast moving streams
he knew the weather drill
he knew it well
when skies would
spill a raining
his predictive powers
sensed moisture
being about
hence his calling
in an innate vein
of an innate perception
the squawking hawk's morning cry
he felt rain within his veins
arriving by night
Ram B Aug 2016
You are a Star.
It is natural.
The Being.
When you see yourself
Then you start from within
The core, the being
ever shining
You used to see the Being
You used to feel the Being
You do things as you know the Being
You are bright even then

Now you are the Being
A Star, ever shining
Brightness piercing
Incredibly unique
Mysteriously unmatched
That even in the Light of other Beings
You are clearly seen
I Am clearly seen.
Ram B Jul 2016
In silence,
you hear me.
In silence,
walk with me.
Fear not,
to feel.
I am real.
Anna McNutt Jul 2015
The game we’re all playing,
Already has set boundaries.
Pre-existing narratives of our ancestors,
Who, like us, had taken up life as ******.
Gleaming starry eyes,
At buildings with flashing lights,
Cogged in a social machine of enterprise,
Thinking materials could replace the intangible,
A vase does not stir conversation,
Like a car does not run without fuel,
But neither feel, neither breathe,
Neither can be wild or free.
We hold the liberty to run from routine,
And still we place ourselves in toxic relationships,
And wasteful jobs, and humiliation,
Our need for consistency is not picky,
We would rather hold onto passed-down habits,
Then be alone, then create alone, build alone,
Exist alone.

Are we born with this fear, too?
The words run through my veins
innate to me like blood.
Thick, gooey flowing through my head;
my body.
Like when a nurse takes blood to save lives,
I bleed my words onto the paper to save myself.
To save others.
The way a person needs a pint of blood,
I need a poem.
I need words to give me hope.
Words, words,
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