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I S A A C Apr 3
is my wish what i really want?
are your kisses really that soft or are my memories unreliable
all this time i was unviable but now the tides changed
if the overcast can fade then so can the return of the grey
my impressionable mind molded by stoic time
the inescapable vines consume my innate drive
as twilight set in
crickets began chorusing
a sameness of song
in their nature its innate
to be well synchronized
Maria Mitea Oct 2020
Love belongs with belonging,
In love I belong to you,
You belong to me,
We are tightly woven together,
Every human story speaks of our bond,
We can’t live one without the other.
Love and belonging can’t live without each other. Both are innate human desires essential to human existence...
and you question, "how does she do it!" -
these golden girls are mighty pretty.
but darling don't exclude yourself, haven't you known that the elements are elementary?
now go upstairs and mine in your room.
Graff1980 Mar 2020
We are all flowers in the end,
meant to bend,
or break
and go dancing in the wind.

We are all particles of lights,
crashing against time
like waves crash against the shore.

We are all snowflakes in a storm,
fluttering flurries that will melt
when it gets warm.

We are stories, minor memories
that are fading,
fading, fading
still glowing,
but knowing
that the days of dimming
will come,
that we will run
straight into
me, you, and eternity,
me, you, and infinity.
Keiya Tasire Dec 2019
We look different.
Yet we are the same people.
We each desire to love and be loved.
We each desire to belong and let others know they belong.
We each have gifts, talents, strengths and weaknesses.
We each have something innate within each of us
It supports us, leads us, guides and protects us along the way.
We each desire to know, seek and find peace.
Not only for ourselves do we hope for all of this
This yearning extends to our children, grandchildren
And to all of our generations to come.
In this way, we are the same, all over the world.
May peace and joy be with you and your loved ones
This beautiful holiday season
Heart felt reaching out.
habiba Feb 2019
I am that which must always overcome itself.
Every morning I will wake up and tear down what I've built.
Anya Sep 2018
What is being smart?
I've always wondered
Is it having innate talent?
Or being exceedingly knowledgeable?
Perhaps, having the skills to survive in one's society?
Is it a special skill?
Is it something that can be cultivated?
Is it limited to certain people?
So what is it?
I'd really like to know
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