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else Oct 2019
At night, under the dim darkness,
I found, the world’s best tranquilness
Under wafts of water and soap
Folding clothes, dreaming about hope.

Opened the door, felt how snug, warm,
The fabric’s touch was on my arm
As I folded each piece with care
And slowly roll socks, pair by pair.

Ballads, dolce, I am entranced.
Cantabile, as my hands danced
To the guitar's riff, the drumbeat,
Sweet heartbeat, beneath their heat.
Have you ever felt that peace when singing and folding laundry? Haha
JT Nelson Jun 2019
After shoveling the snow
After chipping the ice
After grooming the edges
Of driveway and walk

The back throbs
The sweat drips
The breath burns from cold
And stopping feels good

The boots come off
The shower is hot
The beverage is cold
And the blankets comfort my soul.
Jon Thenes Mar 2019
I create the floor
Through the act of sweeping
I unsleeve  my shelves of their volume
Of their heavings and will
I now welcome an unskilling
To the task of a swept floor
I unmake myself
Thorough  point
And attention
Nohémie Jan 2019
You said you saw beauty in the things that died
To the objects that chose the afterlife
Like the flowers you forgot to water
As their soft petals swayed their way on the floor first
They danced their way under the rug, because you swept to check off that chore
And right then and there, in your laziness, I found humour
But I should've left, I should've ran
Knowing that I would soon bring comfort
To those petals of the lonesome flowers
Because it was with those very flowers that you swept me off my feet But it was with those very flowers that you swept me under the rug, gently
Something that was in my draft for a while.
I wish you all a great rest of the week.
Much love,
theo bea Oct 2018
i caressed the soft and smooth
pillowcase against my calloused hands,
to the one that whimpers
from the melancholy evening

tucking the sheets
to every corner,
concealing the unquestionable blues
from the painful perennial night

accustomed to the usual morning drill,
it already seemed ordinary,
typical, stagnant,

sitting on the edge of the bed
i wept, repeatedly,
realizing i shed another
insignificant tear
Caia Halmas Jun 2018
If I keep still
For much longer
I'll disappear

I won't vanish into thin air
Like a blow of a cigarette
Or a cry of dispair

I'll stay,
Pinned to this bed
A petrified marionette
No longer attached to the strings of this net

So you ask,
What trick do you play
To fool your own self
To step out on this day
As lonely and grey
As it might come your way
Or as you may portray?

A touch of oneself.
"A sheepish remedy!",
You might complain.
"You should feel shame!"

What can I say...
At least,
It gets the heart pumping
As I go out lumping
To tick the boxes on this never ending list
Hoping to find unexpected bliss
s May 2018
The kisses get ******,
*** follows routine.
The dishes pile up,
waiting to be cleaned.
There are six fresh eggs
to be cracked and framed,
while the washing machine sings
its closing tune, unnamed.
Tea comes to a boil,
toasts drizzled with honey.
Geyser's warming up
the yolks are runny.
Breakfast at midday
and dinner's a supper
who's keeping time
when Sunday comes over.
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