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Regina 19h
a brethren of bards
nights' romance
write with owls' nod
Lune-American Haiku
sayali 1d
A poem is a woven
Spell; which can
Mend a broken heart,
Build up crumbled
Is not your most common sight
But the most unusual delight

Some poetry
Comes and goes
In neat little rows

Others yet
Scramble it's

Some poems
Aren't what they seem
Others say exactly what they mean

Some poets
Are archaeologists
Digging for the remnant of a long lost being

Some poets
Are photographers
Taking in what is seen

Not all poems
Have rhythm
And flow

But all poems
Are in their boats
Sent here by their authors
To run the ships
And tend to the goats
And be what they be
And do what they do
Poetry is whatever it is to you
Not my best work, I feel. A friend of mine said he didn't like poetry, or poets, that they're all arrogant and pretentious, little does he know. I made this to show what poetry is and isn't, and how it's both. It really is whatever you want it to be, and it by far is not one exact thing, and cant ever be wrong.
Paperback writer.
Paperback writer.
Are you truely proud of all that prose ?
Perhaps you only produced it for the money
Exactly it was just to pay for the kids school
Reactivating the demands of publishers
Because they thought you’d something to say
And since then you have really struggled
Can that inspiration perpetuate day on day ?
Know now the block that many writers face.

Writing’s on’t wall my friend I’m bound to say
Read other writers work. Admits it is amazing
I read your latest book , it was ******* anyway.
Though you would utter “I am just a poet”
Even poets can hold a biased view today.
Rich rewards not guaranteed to be the way.
Written by Philip
November 6th 2018.
Paperback writers block. Publishers
J R Cramer Nov 5
Let not strange whimsy wither,
Strangled by grievance.

True - idler am I,
As words have fallen from grace,
So, too, a poet.

My lot once would vend
Letters to the unlettered:
Proud obsolescence.

The world’s not at fault,
Rather my own vagaries.
Tell you a secret -

My vain, feckless reach
Falls ever short of my grasp.
No heaven for me.

And so I tumble
Upon wild winds of fortune,
Tousled, torn and tossed.

I struck this match with
Scant tinder for inferno.
I apologize.
JDL Nov 3
When changing a diaper,
When I’m helping with the bills trying to decipher,
At work while I’m helping a customer,
At night when my wife is putting our son to sleep and he’s getting fuss with her,
When I’m studying for my IT Certifications,
When I’m trying to enjoy a staycation

I guess creative sparks just move about at their own timing and pace,

With minds of their own, they choose the time and place
Ed Russ Jr Nov 1
With all my affection let me serenade your heart for a second with some poetry, don't mind me I'm just venting keeping a journal of my flowing thoughts vulnerable is my raw emotions, keeping my mind wide flaunting here in my ocean deep views enjoying the motion, a place I love to go to avoid commotion of life insanity a peice of sanity of my mental health, words that come off my penning that need to be felt keeping my feelings higher than pants and belt or my brain on narcotics, no brakes i'm not seeing red I'm not going to stop it poetry is peace for me

Opinionated and I'm proud about it no floppy mind I'm not a kiss *** these are views mine you ain't got to agree that fine with me, these words hold no ghost writing this is all me writing to a beat poetry in motion don't mind me, jotting down verses when I feel lonely or when not chllin with the homies finding time just enjoying me

Poetry my love fall for you back in high school staining my class notes with some ink from thoughts secretly making love with fine arts, you the reason I always got A's in literature ignoring the teacher lecture, poetry my love can't get enough of you, poetry my love
Maria Monte Nov 1
Poets wear armors
Of labyrinth words and
Moistened nibs

Faces encased in
waters of written ideas
and recorded feelings

Time does not
show in wilting paper
years do not
matter in ideas passed
through generations

Poets will not
age unless
the human race do
Do poets age? Only if you let them.
MJ Javier Oct 30
If you ever do fall in love with a poet,
remember that a poet is good with words,
for his words can catch your breath,
and it's meaning transcends different worlds.

Once you fall in love with a poet,
always guard your beating heart,
for once he express what he felt,
a story will be born for it's counterpart.

If you stay in love with a poet,
then your will has been strong enough,
to love a man who is quite deft,
a life like that is tougher than tough.

But if you do still love a poet,
your world will always become a story,
for his characters you will becometh,
the fairytale of your dreams will turn
to actuality.

Fall in love with a poet for if you do,
that every rhymes he has created,
and for all the stanzas he has made,
All of it is meant for his one and only

Fall in love with a poet for all time,
and you shant envy romeo and juliet,
for to be his lover and not his friend,
you'll find a love that will never end.
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