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Descovia Aug 12
The immensity of any mountain

Holds me to no consternation.

I will continue to climb

Until I reach the pinnacle!

You make me feel invincible

Vedo la pace quando ti guardo.
( I see peace when I look at you. )

Credo nella tua pace per portare miracoli
(I believe in your peace, to bring miracles.)


Questionable paths of multidimensional natures. Brought me lucid signs from the heavens, the chaos,  and deciphered codes meaningful to open my eyes! To this new ray of light contained in this "life".

Beyond any roaming doubts, I have spiritually reclaimed these portions of myself! Learning more from the acts and encounters with these  ritualistic, rhythmic, mesmerizing, colorful...mindless illusions called "DREAMS"

For being a "father."  To this day

I must say,  I am on a wave. Floating with just the "gist" of things!

Barely, gaining an actual understanding

From the great 13 "the ways" of exactly what it means.

My son as of now. You have had 3 years in this lifetime on earth until your birthday.  11/27/15  I remain faithful in my beliefs, you will grow stronger than me and change something about this world!  For the details are covered in mind fog of my shadows following me, but it will be revealed to the light as movement flows with everything. Time will continue to conspire against us. You will find a way. To be our salvation. I am proud to be your father. I believe in you ISAIAH.


Nobody­ can prepare enough for a versatile role such as this.

The position as a mother.
The position as a father.

In the 9 months of her pregnancy I've doubted myself. Lost myself. Broke myself. Built and redesigned my "most-needed-self"  in functions through activities while in this phase of a "hyper combat mode." There were multiple factors that drove me on edge.

Not only just with hormonal twists and turns. The weather always affected my cravings for outrageous foods along with my mood.

The emotionally overcharged flight, ascending to extreme heights!
Obviously, there is more to this!  Than being the one of the central caretakers,  emotionally supportive guide, or an active disciplinarian.  (When it comes for it)  

If you don't have any love for yourself on any level.
If you don't value yourself like you should.
If you FEAR sacrifice.

Then surely, this is not the sport for you!

Love! Appreciate! Honor! Value! Believe! BELIEVE!  BELIEVE in our children of the FUTURE! Fatherhood have been teaching as well as providing insightful concepts equipped with understanding the depth our child's needs knowledge and passion. Do not turn your head away at the chance to learn, while you are given a lesson on a daily, to grow with our loved ones while they mature into a man or woman because they will not forever remain as a baby.

Shouting it to the winds. Let the skies carry my voice until the clouds fade!

Climbing mountains, moving mountains and triumph over the impossible continuously! For you without affirmation without any constellation. You are the exact reason of how and why I feel that NOTHING limits me!

You are my sword and my enhanced armor of confidence! Proudly fighting by your side through all of this!

YOUR love, keeps me to stand and stay strong!
What does it mean to be a father???

The root of meaning...

Goes deeper than what I can summarize
To you mindfully or consciously...

For  I am still learning....
Kerry Jul 21
So while its fresh
I choose to painfully address
Make you aware keep you abrest
Let me place your attention under arrest
My baby doesn't know me
I mean shes familiar
But to be clear
I could be heather locklear
For all she knows and cares
Her mind is confused as she locks her eyes and stare
But when she cries I am painfully aware
She doesnt know why I'm there
Why I drove 12 hours to console
And hold her
Her mind is working but its probably a blur
This is on me cause I came
Outside a prophylactic
All the way reckless didn't consider it a bit
To be completely honest
I thought we were blessed
And i didn't figure we be in this mess
Heavy D said we found love
But I shouldve wrapped and wore a glove
I mean im glad K is here
I'll hold our memories dear
But while we're making things clear
I choose not to smear
Cause its not a campaign
But I gotta ask whats your aim
You rather our daughter not know my name
You should be ashamed
Keeping up the tension and strife
Just so you can be her wife
Marry her I care less
From in love to detest
Yeah I guess i have few things to get off my chest
Anger to start
Please let me impart
Your little experiment has been off the chart
It's a big gamble
Cue the preamble
One day K is going to be
a lot to handle
If she's anything like me
A big personality to channel
I don't mean it in a bad way or to make harm
Just want you to be armed
I grew up without my dad
i was sad until I was mad
Maybe angry a tad
So when he showed up
Cue the tension
Let's play 20 questions
And I'll tell her my truth
But with two older brothers
she won't need to be a sleuth
Three dads can't be all wrong
Singing the same sad song
But her brothers will remember
And will volunteer she won't have to engeander
She won't beg or plead
They'll share what she needs to know
I tried to be there to watch her grow
But you refused
Under the guise of a fake attitude
Claiming I disrespected you and was rude
One son will deduce how he knew I was Ks father
And the other will tell her I was a great problem solver
And was sweet hardly a bother
They both will share that they could tell I cared
How lovingly I stared
The times we all shared
And how I was always there
So bide your time well
One day she break your spell
Give her hell
K give her hell
Convinced not, by the fall of grails
Fathom never, the edge of despair
As reverence fade lucidly, by how you've met with me.
"Do you know what trust is?"

As to whom must I read
As to whom must I feel
For savoir faire, needs not a heedless being
Like the one you see fit to be.
esridersi Mar 25
I am the son
of a man whose
impotence in love
sought refuge in lust.
Dear daughter of mine
Let’s spend time down by
the lake, and watch the frogs
hop from place to place, and
giggle at the geese as they
make their noisy honks and
eeks. And know that I will
always love you.

Small daughter of mine
Let’s crawl through our fort, and
afterwards eat popcorn. But only
if you have finished your homework.
I know you hate it. But how else
are you going to learn?

Little daughter of mine
Don’t fear my wrath from that C in
math. We’ll figure this out, and
you did your best. I won’t deal
onto you what was dealt onto me.
And please bear with me as I try
to explain why you have begun to

Lovely daughter of mine
Coming home drunk and muddy
from prom. Sure, I’m not happy,
but I know the song and dance.
I still love you, but go wash
your ******* pants.

Superb daughter of mine
I’m letting you go so you
can claim a new place as
your own. But don’t be afraid.
They are all strangers before
they are friends. And please
behave and leave heavy drinking
to be my forte.

Wonderful daughter of mine
You’re all on your own now, yet when
you visit home you tell me of how he
touched you wrong. I hold you tight
and we both cry. Someone touched me
that way too, and I promise together
we’ll make it through. And I still love you.

Terrific daughter of mine
Your career is on the rise.
And that great guy you have
met seems rather nice. I hope
that fate keeps her eyes on
you and gives you good fortune
in all you go through.

Amazing daughter of mine
Thanks for sharing your pain.
I‘ve been just the same, and I
know suicide more than most and
more than you’ll ever realize.
Don’t take your own life. I will
stay on the phone with you
through the night. I love you.

Beautiful daughter of mine
You said yes, didn’t you?
Hold my hands and let us
have this dance. Twirl around
the room as we ought to do.
I know you know I love you.
And I know that *******
blonde-haired ******* loves
you too.

Stupendous daughter of mine
Now you are all grown. We’ve
sown the seeds for you to be
happy and to keep your peace
of mind. Keep doing what you
do well. I am so proud of you,
and I know your mother would
have been proud too.

Daughter of mine
I’m no longer around. My reckless
self-disregard caught up with me
and brought me to the ground, and
you’ve laid me to rest. But you
don’t have to cry. Just keep the
sweet memories of me as your sweet
daddy deep in your brain. And please
keep an open heart. I love you, I
love you, I love you. Tell all your
children the same.

Dear daughter of mine
We spent time down by the lake, and
watched the frogs hop from place
to place, and giggled at the geese
as they made their noisy honks and
eeks. And all I hope is that you
knew that I would always love you.

by Aleksander Mielnikow
tickle at night
before you go to bed
laughter is best medicine
to put you to sleep
after a long day
Francie Lynch Dec 2018
When your time closes in
Faster than laughter and red lights,
I wish you to be worn and threadbare
As the Velveteen Rabbit,tattered,
With a walker and stair chair;
My cane and umbrella waiting
By your leave.

I hope you're wearing the cardigan
I got you this Christmas,
Mended and draped over your frail shoulders,
Mingling with your hair.

I pray you have children bringing children
To feast on shortbread and tea.
I see you alone, at times, in tranquility,
Recalling me,
Who missed it all.
Isaac Ward Dec 2018
I'm gunna be a dad!
And I'll admit, I'm a little scared,
I had never dared or dallied that-
Fatherhood may be my next hat,

My love and I aren't married yet,
Not that I will ever regret,
I'll bet on our love and firmly wait-
With sights on our wedding day,

And to our baby, precious dear,
We await you with joy and cheer,
We promise, we will always adore-
And cherish you, forever more.
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
I never understood, how being a father was different
I never understood, how safety was felt from his presence.
I never could understood, why a father had to be free.
Was it me?
Was it only me, who saw the less need of one.

I have a father, I guess it's compulsory.
He's thicken in the mind, and coarser in the heart.
He's mine, that's the documents proof.
But does he feel like mine?

That I cannot proof, I'm not scared of him.
I'm scared to continue living with him.
I don't wish death to carry him, anywhere
I just wish, to grow further away from him.

I'm not motivated by his speech.
Maybe it's his mind, confused,
So I let him speak, his liquor helps a lot.
It gives him purpose, I assume.
Since he never stops.

I can never change the facts,
The facts that I have a father.
We all do, whether it be an orphan.
But to change him, not mind or soul.

That I cannot control,
He's one day bright,
He's one day night
Never a weather, to go out and play.

So if you have a father that surely not like this other.
You shouldn't be bothered, mine can be cheaper than a dollar.

So I have a father, and a mother, I have both,
But if you we're me, I'm sure
I'm sure
You'll prefer another.
being your daddy means
being patient even
when you won’t go to bed

being your daddy means
loving you even
when I’m so tired

being your daddy means
showing up as I am
and doing the best I can
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