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Hello everyone,
I try to make a poem,
Out of something short and sweet.
But I want to thank all of you for
your kindness and generosity.

Everyone here, has emotions that
vary from big and small...
but all the same goes,
we are unique
and that's what brings
us together as a
wholesome community.

Our lives walk on different paths,
and each time the days go past,
we come on here to share our feels,
to help us spread emotions that cannot be felt.
So ever so kind, thoughtful and emotionally heard...
as I Thank You all
to take your time
to read ones poem,
show's the true hearts
of another poet...or simply
you are here to read...
so I thank you for your
greetings and salutations
as we continue to speak.
Thank you everyone.
Anthony Jul 9
In times of trouble and pain
Sometimes all you need is friendly company
To keep you sane
HelloPoetry has been a second home to me since 2015, I've left and joined many times but I can't stay away.
Crossing the far away sky of soul,
In the pilgrimage of light,
on the fine coast of extinction,
we will meet.
There, in whose space,
creation first became existence,
we will turn this monotonic world,
into  a celestial melody of sounds,
In the emptiness spinning
without aims or needs.
Josie Stewart Jun 10
The world is a dark and complicated morass,
Wherein countless lost children pass
In and out of the shadows and greet each other with a smile or a nod.

Isolated, lonely little hearts playing
With complex emotions in a word staying
Abreast of all the troubling events for better or worse.

Light and laughter dwells but a moment
In tender unions just before fears foment
A cascade of ****** worries filling up the eternal halls.

Then a single flame at first finds another
Huddling in the dark over scraps Mother
Left for kindling a fire in the depths of destitution.

At first the two but soon three and more
Shelter the faltering fire taking hold for
Reviving communion among the distanced souls.

As more join a bonfire starts and talking
Not just of pleasantries you hear while walking,
But of sincere connection between scared children discovering they can conquer the dark.

Some children still pass in the dark hall,
Knowing not the darkness nor how small
They really are in the scope of the full extent of the world.

But every once in a while, more often as it grows,
A child stops and really sees what the others chose
In banding about a fire fueled by the scraps of a difficult time.
Written June 10, 2020
photovoltaic May 7
hide myself in my home territory
my castle, palace, defending me from outside threats
bury my sadness beneath friendly banter
inside jokes, my family i made in this virtual space

but the one i long for isn't here anymore-
"sorry, our princess in in another castle"
someone i can tell secrets to, someone i can be real with
let go of the mask of comedian and spill an ocean of tears

and the cracks in the foundations and walls are showing through.
everyone is broken here, hiding their sadness with laughter
we're supposed to be a family,
but we can't show weakness to each other

dms are always open, we say
but once we spill just a single bucket of that ocean
everything online can be screenshotted.
my discord server is full of happy memories, until you realise the community there is merely hiding tears
title is the name of it
techno, george, antfrost, bad.. sorry.
Jace Apr 25
Over and under, get out of the way, wait for instruction, don’t question this game.

In and out, get over yourself, wait for the final blow, don’t dispute this result.

Far and near, hide away, follow the rules for someone else’s gain

Here or there, breaking out, rebel against the system, give us a shout

Yes or no, not a question, hate their prejudice, protest the oppression

Loud or quiet, take away the pain, yell obscenities, give us a name

Peace or violence, again not a question, it’s for the message, not the aggression

Responsibility or blame, it’s not our fault, we fight back,  it’s for us to reclaim

Forgive or revenge, neither just change, we wait for the moment, freedom-uncaged
Take this however you want. if it’s about black lives matter and racism then it is. If it’s about homophobia then it is. If it’s about climate change then it is. If it’s about antisemitism then it is. If it’s about islamophobia then it is. If it’s about ableism then it is. It’s about any oppression you face (unless you’re a ignorant person who thinks A. The gay agenda exists/it’s going to hurt you B. You think reverse sexism is a thing C. You think reverse racism is a thing D. You think mental health issues don’t exist E. You think climate change doesn’t exists.-if I’ve missed anything let me know :D). Get read to break out-I wish you luck

I’m interested to know what it’s about for you-let me know
solfang Apr 22
I don't know
if the air on the other side
is fresher or cleaner;
all I know is,
I'm suffocating here
Gonna change to a new job for better career growth; loved my company and the people I worked with
Time is the architect of fate,
fleeting omen, pure phantom
in enchanting light of absence,
and our life the play of love and death,
only love will never die,
because In love no longer ‘thou’ and ‘I’ exist,
only the blossom of sacred unity.
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