The noise I hear is just an illusion, I fear.
When I cross the road and drop a tear, a smile tries to appear on my face and people look at me with disgrace.

The reason I smile is because it's fun that nobody reaches up after a while and why should I care, if people only stare.

I just want to be here, what do they have to fear?
Do I get in their way or they in mine, is living in the same city now a crime?
To question is insane because the silence will remain.

They've got nothing to say and I won't ever go away.
I can treat them right or wrong but it doesn't matter because we'd never get along.

These looks tell me more than books. It seems like I should leave but this won't happen as long as I breathe. It's my life and my decision and I really couldn't care less about their vision.

Everyone around me stays silent as if speaking up equals violent.
I have nothing to offer, neither am I willing to take, just respect eachother for ***'s sake.
tempest 3d
are we really woke as much as we all claim to be?
or are we woke to ease our minds, which ain't reality?

of course we've signaled heavy change, i won't deny that's true
but let me have your ear for now, give you another view

are you really woke because you post a rant on twitter,
but bop to Chris Brown's music even tho we know he hit her?

are you really woke cause you were born into the slums,
but if you make it out,
you forget where you are from?

are you really woke because you claim to love black hair?
but only like the softer textures, is that really fair?

are you really woke 'cause you admire that 4c?
but put down girls who have relaxers, wigs, or wear a weave?

are you really woke because you claim to love all people,
but if ya boy is *** you will denounce him at the steeple?

are you really woke because you say you know what's right,
but ostracize your fellow blacks,
simply cause "they talk white?"

are you really woke because you claim to love all colors,
but date a darker women? yikes! you'd rather find another

are you really woke because you claim you've got insight,
but if i am depressed, you say that mess is for the whites?

i bring up all these issues not because i hate my own

i bring up all these issues just because they're never shown

and if we are to grow and prosper,
thrive and shed our past,
we need to have these conversations,

                                                 ­                                make sure that they last
In light of the r kelly docuseries, I thought back to this poem I had written about a year ago over the black community tending to overlook issues that are prevalent among us. Conversations about colorism, mental illness, homosexuality, the covering of black artists and entertainers after serious allegations, etc., are always difficult conversations to have, especially when years of culture are intertwined with it, whether it should be or not. In the past decade or so, we've come a long way in opening spaces for these discussions and the R. Kelley documentary is just one of many ways how we continue to do so.
Keiya Tasire Jan 8
Joy, Fun, Laughter
Learning, Growing,
Discovering & Creating
Support & Community!
We are women!
We stand together
That all of humanity
May stand up too.

We love
We care for
We craddle
We teach and raise
Generations upon Generations
Each man and each women

Yes we stand that all of Humanity
May may stand up together too!
For yes, are women!
through the ages women took care of the ancient knowledge for health wellness birthing rearing children and loving each other through challenges then the roles of women were diminished, relinquishing it to powers that were hungry for not only the control over women but men too.  The human family became lost. Now many are waking up and calling for both men and women to stand together  and reclaim human, dignity, freedom, and the strength of family and the strength of community.
Sam Tate Dec 2018
There's a house with no roof,
On a street with no lights.
A young man lives there,
Aged beyond his years.

He has a car with no engine,
And sits on a seat with no belt.
The car jumps forward,
It roars, quietly.

He passes cars with no drivers,
And sings a song with no tune.
His phone rings in his pocket,
He answers, then hangs up.

He drives purposefully with no destination.
The sun blares down with no warmth.
He'll never forget her image,
But can't remember her face.

Etched on his face is a smile with no joy.
Ahead, there's a bridge with no rails,
He accelerates the car to bring it to a stop.
He begins in the end.

There's a house with no roof,
On a street with no lights.
A young man used to live there,
Aged beyond his years.
Michael Ryan Dec 2018
Merry Christmas Eve.
Merry Christmas Eve.

If I said holiday cheers one more time
it'd become redundant,
but to each of you
that chance upon this--
know that if I could
I would wish you a thousand splendid
Christmas Eves.

I would become the chain
children make in school
counting down the days till Christmas.

I'd become the warm smiles
with hands holding
even warmer coco
to keep you toasty; tis the season.

I'd bring fresh pine scent
and logs for the fire,
these will be here
to bring the aura of the holidays to your home.

I may not be a rich man,
more near to those you see
pitching for spare change;
this would never stop me
from finding you a gift to cherish.

I would give you all the time
you ever wanted and needed,
because I know that around the holidays
we all need a little bit more care.

Merry Christmas Eve.
For everyone out there, sincerely, from me to you I heartfully ❤ wish you the best holidays, and
Lexie Dec 2018
Maybe one of us writes greater than the other
Yet we feel no deeper
We are all just at the bottom
Scrambling for the words to fill the cracks in ourselves
Telling the others
That's how the light gets in
I love this community.
Diangelo Tyler Nov 2018
The rain isn’t just for you
The sun doesn’t belong to me
We all grow from the same root
Planted in the soil beneath our feet
Though our flower may look different
It requires the same life necessities
In order to flourish, live and thrive
No matter how different we try to be  
Separation and division
Are man made realties
Sometime we just need to close our eyes
To blind us from these casualties
And prevent our heart from hardening
From the perception casted by falsities
Because the human truth is
We will all struggle to prosper in some way
If we don’t rally around community
Masse Oct 2018
Many spy as they are
Spy on everything I do
Yet they say, they hate me
I don’t believe that

Why do they have
Have to mind my life
While their don’t love me
They do love me a lot

No matter how their
Pretend but their love
Me so much

When they don’t see me
Just for a single day
For them is like an
Year without seeing me

So tell me
What do you think
This (that) is
If is not love
They love me
elle Oct 2018
the sunset
and it’s fury beating-
stretching across your face
restricting, conforming
thin plastic over space

this city dies every night
born again each morning to fresh laundry
and hot trash
steaming in the beaten streets

this city is beating
thousands of hearts clapping
at our own demise
muffled, behind closed doors
hidden, like the heart of our one, true
dead ***

in church halls and train station platforms
he sings at sunset and again each dawn
at every note his hand
reaching out to you
across impossible time

the wheels of shopping carts all screeching his name
his message, his orchestra

but our struggle, our bleeding
just for this love-
stifled and fleeting,
still beating in our stolen,
swollen hearts
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