Dathan 7d
I see such parallels

Darkness with introspection
Depression so far reaching
Pain seeping out
Disguised in artful phrasing

I see such parallels

Not for attention
For help and assistance
Knowing you'll read it
Knowing you'll see it

I see such parallels

To myself and others
The same repressed feelings
Universally broken
combining together
Writing for relief
Inadvertently helping each other

We are such parallels
I believe we write for a many of reasons. I write as an outlet for my pent up feelings. When I read other writings, they answer my questions and gift me with blessings.
Dathan Jul 9
Greetings to the lonely. It's to you whom I speak and you only. I know you.  I am you.
Depression so low with it's valleys and peaks.
It's for you that I choose to speak

If I could get better,
oh if only dear lonelys
These valleys, they plummet so deep
Crying for our mothers, to whom we're never out of reach.
They're love, ever so blinding to see why we weep
Caught up in our vices, dragging our feet
We can't stay with the pack, disregarded in fact
Wishing and praying, they might eventually turn back
They seldom realize that it's love that we lack
It's them that we need, our reason to breathe
Ill thoughts we sow, contention we reap
Constantly digging our graves by thinking these mountains too steep
Our true fight lies in our minds
Living facades, we make the healthy our gods
If I could be like them
Free from sin, away from the despair that we live in
We trade blessings for lessons
Yet our anger left festering
Our hearts once burning with love and affection
Now ashes and dust
We carry on cause we must

A Cold reality, forced to ponder morality
Dissecting divinity from fallacies
Yet you expect us to carry on happily?
This life sentence has turned us to tragedies
Yes. We weep. But not for the reasons you think
We seek solace and peace, still the journey is bleak
Falling into the  gray confines of our mind
We will never see peace in our hearts
Long deserted, life is perverted
Reputations, besmerched
Our outlook is cursed
To exist and then die, to see joy then cry
There is no medium, no reason to try

I know you dear lonelys
For you and you only
Wipe those tears from your eyes
There is more to life than rainy days
Together we fly, Arise from this haze
Look to the skies, we call the plays
We need only try, re light the fires
Set our hearts back ablaze
Rediscover the passion
Capture the love we were lacking
Together dear lonelies
We'll see better days
We have a unique perspective
Let us own it, we'll make them respect it
we are the collective, we'll never neglect it
I love you dear lonelys
Remember it's not
You and you only
This poem is the reason I found this community.  Nobody I sent it to would give any feedback. Made me feel, well lonely.
Dathan Jul 12
I pluck strings
When I read your poems
In this way
We make masterpieces
While we're still alone

I strum chords
While perusing the entries
In this way
We make bold claims
To live on through centuries

I also write my own
Attempts at expression
In this way
We come together
To bathe in the blessings

I read your poems
When I'm feeling lonesome
And in this way
You bring me closer
To feeling that feeling
It's poetry communties like this where i know someone will read my words. Not sponsor or click love but understand me.
Caren Marins Jul 12
Here I am passing by, passing by until the day I die.

I am writing late night, late night, because I cannot keep up the fight.

I am drowning in my feelings, my feelings are unbreakable sealings.

There's something in my heart, in my heart and it feels like it's falling apart, apart.

The motivation to keep on going, has stopped growing, there's nothing worthy left, it will be an eternal rest.

But I can't allow myself to quit, to quit, because I am not the person who's gonna give up too quick, too quick.

So... Here I am passing by, passing by until the day I die.
Deeee Jul 10
Sometimes I'm jealous of the poor
The financially poor
The ones that live in houses so close they're all like roommates
No, it isn't hypocrisy
This is the saying
They were born in the wild,
Learned to adapt early.
They fight for their share
And they're fair, about their share
Because we're all just trying to make it

Sometimes I'm jealous of the rich
The truly rich
The ones whose brothers don't have to share a name
The ones whose women they protect as their own
As their sisters, as their mothers
This is family
This is community
They respect from the old to the young
And protect those of their kind
But they give everyone a fair shot,
Because we're all just trying to make
Blake Jul 5
I walk on a path of throats,
Winces of pain is the sound of gaining in the world.
To rise you have to make others fall.
Abdul Musa Jul 3
Clearing clouds, color
blue breaking through
letting all my troubles
take a stroll
clearing my canvas clean
so that I can kick cans
of paint cus I can
paint pain or peace
or just let love colors
rain, create freedom
in my own bubble till it bursts
besieges bystanders
filling them full of care
common sense and community
we can all kick cans of paint of unity
Luis Valencia Jun 18
Man was created
Humanity was lost
We were given false promises of a new world
We fell in love with the idea
We started to give pieces of ourselves away to meet the criteria to enter
a place that only accepts the clean
But those who are “clean“ speak filth
There are those who shame us for who we are
There are things that they say that hurt

When you listen to them spread lies you hear hate Steam out of their pale lips
You Feel it wash over you and then you feel dirty

They say we are condemned to a final punishment
Yeah we rise above the ashes but it still hurts

They don’t understand the concept of love
They think of it as a thing between a man and a woman
They don’t understand that it’s much more
Love is being able to connect with someone
Love is being free without hurt or pain

Everlasting life is a nice concept but why is it not obtainable for a whole community who has no choice in their sexuality

I might Offend some of you with my words
I might get nasty comments for this
I believe in love not a concept of something that hates us
Not a book that was written by man dictating whats right and whats wrong
I believe in love

And if there is a higher being
Looking and listening
I know that they would believe in love too
I can feel them sometimes
In my heart and in my soul and they are  not condeming me down to hell
They are Holding me and my love in their arms
They are lifting us up to the sky
Calling us their children because we are infact theirs
They made us this way and they made us with love
Love was made by the higher being hate was spread by humanity a poem about love and the Lgbtq+ community - Luis Valencia
Waffles Jun 17
I don't like myself
I like myself
and I forget to like others
And I don't like that
N E Waters Aug 2013
I wonder where your wonder went--
why you stashed away your wonderment?
for sake of posture pride and pallor
ironic, yes for all the hours
of studying "normative" culture--
of faults and flaws and freedom ruptured
bashing against consumerism

Your stuff's not as cool as mine
Poor things!
how blind! What empty lives!
Why can't they see the alternative side?

But wait--that's mine! My idea--I divined!
Great spirit told me not to sell half price
and things I buy--of course they're mine

But free trade, bought and paid for
I'm down with the indigenous cause,
I'm no capitalist whore . . .
But oh my, those pants are nice
and that skirt's lovely, too, I'd love to wear it twice
Why dothey have those
I'm more hip than them, more
open minded, I'm
Mother Earth's best friend.
or shit, at least more hip.
More hotter,
smile and nod, peace and love, yoga butt, on my journey I'm farther.

See there! Don't look in my eyes, but
at my size 2 thighs
in this brand new outfit
haters despise . . .

I guess I'm wondering where your love is,
I digress from my rant, just show me
where the shelf is
that holds your origin story,
lost child,
eyes wide,
mind blown by lights and shiny bits and
new friends' smile and--
BASS vibrating your spine.

Where's the love that widened your mind?
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