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Mar 2020
Within of each  of us
There sounds a call!
The key within the keyhole
Quietly hoping we will notice.

Are we curious?
Do we wonder?
What are the secret notes?
Calling us from the wind?
Yet whispering to us from within.

The corridors seem lonely
Am I the only one standing
Alone in this great hall?

The fear is a lump pounding in my throat.
To turn the key and open the door
What is on the other side?
Everyone has run away
So  quickly, they are nowhere to be found.

Where do I go?
Why did they hide?
Quietly, I wonder.
Yet an Angelic chorus
Sings, "Come Follow Me!!"
In six part harmony.
It is calming.
I desire to taste its sweetness.

I turned the key
Stepping through the open door
What stood before me
I had never seen before!
It is a tree!
Seven Roots and Seven Branches!
As old as the earth itself!

In amazement, I stood,
looking high into the sky
To the very top of the tree
Soaring into Heaven Most High.

What can this be?
Is there a rhyme or reason?
I see only a tree!
Or is it?!

The song continued
It's sweet melody growing
Closer and closer.
Flapping white wings
Fluttering from branch to branch
A beautiful white Dove
Sings her melodic  enchanting song.
Each note embracing my heart
With love, peace and understanding.
Oh the Beauty!
The rapture and the peace!  

The flowing Love between
Opened my eyes to the wonders
Of all the beautiful stars shining
Within each galaxy
Upon her golden crown.

Oh how, I had longed for such an embrace!
As the tide hugs the shores
and the sea kisses the horizon.
Gently her touch
Caressed my face.

She is so familiar
For my body, was born of her body
My eyes, born of her eyes.
My ears, my muscles, and sinuses
Born of her ears, her muscles, and sinuses.
From her I have come.
To her I will return.  
The Amma of my  Spirit,
My beautiful Dove!
This is about personal spiritual growth and progression within "The Light." Mother Earth is the mother of each physical body on the earth. We are all made of her soil, water, air, and elements. When we look into another earthling's eyes we are also seeing a our mother through the other earthling.  In this piece, the Dove's symbolism is the same as the Early Essenes beliefs about the Dove, Mother Earth and our connection to both; finding our resting place within the arms of Mother Earth.
Keiya Tasire
Written by
Keiya Tasire  F/Canada
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