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Oh my tree
blossom child, winter wave-like
eyeshadows and equally
cold stares. Silently

screaming with a closed
mouth. Who ghosts
trough out alone.  Do not

waste your lungs
to ponder. Wolfs of
now might starve with summer, but

the hounds of old will
continue to hunt.  Alas
not sap drop of pitty

do you deserve. You in
cherry cyanide light who
washes in tears of sugar.

The lycans will at last
tear your ephemeral skin. And you'll
learn to slay beasts like man was meant to
Personally, this is my favorite piece I have ever done. It started off as something completely different, to what it eventually turned out to be, and yet the imagery I had envisioned is still there in its full glory just in a different time and perhaps in a fairy tale of sorts
All of your one word answers
Fall on deaf ears
I’ve fallen apart
And I’m back at the start
When we would talk for hours
And laugh at all the same parts
I would like to introduce the person in front of you
The name’s Ariana, I go by Ari
I was born on January 5th, which makes me a Capricorn
I’m the G.O.A.T (literally my zodiac symbol is the goat and I’m the greatest of all time)
Some of the things they say about my sign are true
I can be very difficult, and my tongue is so sharp, it could cut into your skin and leave scars
But at the other end of the spectrum, I’m as loyal as they come
And will always keep it 92+8 with you
I am 5 ft 5...and a half
I do not know how to ride a bike nor swim
And I could not hold a note if my life depended on it

I am still learning how to control what comes out of my mouth and what expressions dance across my face
My words can be cutthroat and my face is my personal snitch
You can tell how or what I feel, and I would not have to say a word
I was born with a fire in me that only blazes when needed

I like Coca-Cola
And anything that has the word “taco” in it
People say that I am rude
And my answer to that is always ‘thank you’
Cannot be nice to people nowadays anyhow
Especially, people, I do not like

I am unapologetically myself
My anxiety attacks and mood swings are a second skin
A storm encased within me, a whirlwind of emotions
I can go from laughing to smiling to stressed to depressed and back to laughing in 5 seconds
A kind of colorful mess I am

I have this fascination with nature
I feel it is the one thing *** created that is not flawed
All the cycles
All the seasons
The dew that rests upon the grass
Have you ever just wanted to lie in a field of flowers
Makes me smile at the thought

I fall in love truly
Nothing about it is fake
Even if the person does not love me back
Or did not love me enough to keep me
Or did not stay around long enough to fall in love
It is their loss
Because I am a rare find
Like a black unicorn

Just to remind you
My name is Ariana
I like my solitude, stargazing, and enjoying moments that last a lifetime
I cry all the time
Sometimes over nothing, most of the time over everything
I have issues, and every time someone asks, “what’s wrong?”
My reply is most of the time ‘everything’ or ‘what isn’t wrong?’

Music nurtures my soul and laughter frees up space that negativity tries to overcrowd
I wake up every day and try to be happy about something
Even when I am not happy with myself
If asked to name all the things I love, I would not even think to name me
But everything is not all bad
I am still alive
And I feel I have a purpose
And that someone is listening
Even when I think they are not
I just get through the days
By being me
Just a snippet of who I am
japheth Aug 14
Umi Aug 5
On that day which caused my voice to disappear,
All those around me rejoiced and had a feast, celebrating this moment
The words I say brought people tremor, fear or just pure hatred,
Everyone hated them the moment I moved my lips to convey along side them in hope to find someone who could become even a friend.
I was of course wrong all along, deserted for the reason that they found what I said in some sense weird or obscure, maybe irrational,
Was it my means or my purpose that scared them away ?
My looks or my style of conveying to appear more likable to them ?
In the end it didn't even matter for a second, as their false smiles carried the message of their fake friendship and intentions.
Maybe now that I won't have to converse with sound any further, those words of mine might reach someones heart and touch it instead,
But that is simply a distant dream, because everyone hates the words I say, perhaps it is meaningless to seek meaning in my useless self,
All I can do now is to heave in sobs,
Left behind, I can no longer even cry,

~ Umi
Ron Aug 4
You've captured my attention
I'm slowly getting lost
Let's make our own adventure
Sit alone and share our thoughts
Enjoying all the laughter
And the chance to see you smile
Ines Rose Jul 31
It’s people who go way back
That won’t give me a call back
I left them back in Philly
Left them in my old city

It’s people who go way back
But I don’t want to backtrack
Some of them will grow and glow
Others will reap what they sow

It’s people who go way back
And yet I have to fall back
We could have stacked together
And been best friends forever

It’s people who go way back,
That disappeared like yik yak
Please keep that same energy
Quand tu me voit sur Paris
Quand tu me voit sur Paris = When you see me in Paris
I've been battling with this one since January.
Yes I know it's "There are". The AAVE is on purpose.
Sam Jul 12
We started in one point,
until we flew our way into a straight line.
We hold hands and joined,
like stars in the sky
that just aligned.
But things came to disjoint,
after we realized we're choked when twined.
This must be the endpoint,
of our spiraling world that once shined.
My heart was destroyed,
and left there hanging on a thick brown vine.
But I hope you enjoyed,
the matter of time that you become mine.
So now,
I'll wish on a coin,
and throw it upon a
fountain of signs.
hoping we could go back together even in a square one.
Breaking up has to conclusions. First, it is the endpoint. Second, it can still be fix.
i am better now,
but sometimes there are still blisters where i once had calluses,
and bruises still deep in my bones,
so please be patient with me.

― i am still a work in progress
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