Jeff S 5d
mea maxima culpa:

i am so much 
like a breadbox born.

bowing over time, as things do get

stale, my cracks christening
unwitting loaves with light

already risen.

i hear the newer ones 

come with their own condiments

and an irredeemable crust.

the bread, I mean. 

They don’t make we

breadboxes anymore.
Mike D Feb 23
Humans acting inhumane
purposely maim
For some higher purpose
serving no purpose
that requires them to purposely
commit these atrocities?


Kids and young adults
mostly dolts
not understanding
Looking to belong
it doesn’t add up
Won’t be long
until they’re not left standing
left underneath the heel
of a consuming lunatic
A blackened heart
no time will heal

Served up as another meal
Just an added wheel
One more cog
Doing for “God”
the most ungodliest of acts
Acting pious
but I’m not buying
Won’t get by us

Get left in the dust
They may be resolute
in this crusade they carry
but cruelty served among the blade
may have worked in the past
But that time has come and past
and like a book past due
so is the rue
that will be served upon you

Tuck those napkins into your shirts
because your time is short
And if there is a God
I’m sure you’ll meet him
and have to answer,
along with those of kindred spirit,
to next of kin
of those who are now spirits
The lives you took

Can’t take any more
Everyday many more
My eyes can’t believe
the ugliness and cruelty they see
So I turn away
I do not look
Don’t want to know
because ignorance is truly bliss
But is it?

Is it bliss for those
who’ll be sacrificed
so some nut job just might
go to an afterlife
with many wives
Are you kidding me?!

Take a hike
go fly a kite
because that’s about where
you ideas and ideals
(to use the term loosely)
come from

I’m in a fit
just thinking of it
This poem is long, I know
but I can not fit onto this page
the total rage
I hold in me for those
who can’t uphold
the simplest of human values
which is the value of life

Where does one go wrong
in the head
to not see the wrong
no, instead
thinking okay
to take away
the precious breaths
we take each day??

Just go away
If you must kill
please start with yourself
Offer yourself up
to whatever it is that you are dreaming about
But leave others to be as they be
for they do not believe
what you believe

And don’t tell me that it’s not okay
to not think the way
that you think
Why what’s the harm?
If you hold strength in your values
and beliefs
That whatever you’re chasing
is unwavering
Then how can I,
little ol’ me,
just standing here doing me
How is somehow that an attack
on what you believe?

Just leave
You be you
and I’ll be me

It doesn’t matter what’s between
There’s no need to intervene
Bye bye
Take a hike

I promise not to judge you
even if my beliefs
are comparatively opposite
how it is the things you see

The only thing we need
We learned so long ago
They taught us when in grade school
Top on the list to know
You know it very well I’m sure
It’s simply the Golden Rule
If only people instituted it
No way they could be cruel
The world would be in harmony
if human beings truly cared
considering the thoughts and values
Sacrificial lives were spared
All people would be free to live
Their lives the way they choose
without being in direct conflict
Each a winner, your choice to lose
Written: February 22, 2018

All rights reserved
Ira Desmond Feb 11
I remember the first time I looked in your eyes.
They were sad like the eyes of a humpback whale:
weary and wary but much more than that, wise.

I can picture their crow’s feet, although the time flies,
down to the most minuscule, fine detail.
I remember the first time I looked in your eyes.

We can't know what new troubles might someday arise
when both you and I have become wizened and frail—
weary and wary but much more than that, wise.

Oh, but if this old ferry should start to capsize,
if the train that we’ve boarded should start to derail,
I’ll remember the first time I looked in your eyes.

Our watches will never spin counter-clockwise.
For many long years you and I may travail,
weary and wary but much more than that, wise.

Will our hearts race together toward each newborn sunrise
such that darkness behind us can never prevail?
I remember the first time I looked in your eyes,
weary and wary but much more than that, wise.
for Lisa
Kaede Jan 31
Her brown eyes and long lashes makes the scene perfect as she blankly stare the air, it's as if she's staring the eyes of her lover.

But her lover wasn't there. She is just staring a blank dead air. She then throw her gaze at me and a tear had fallen.

I sit in front of her.

"How are you?", I asked. Her mouth is shut so she prefers to answer me with another tear.

She must be really terribly broken. Being brokenhearted is not new to her. She already had bad experiences in love but, this pretty worst.

I noticed her new haircut and new hair color. I noticed how she carelessly put her blush on and lipstick. I noticed the thick books she brought with her, desperate in putting herself in the world of thoughts of the authors. I noticed how she terribly dressed herself. I noticed her cheekbones and her swollen eyes.

She looks so terrible but a new one-a new version of herself. But her silence and her mourning brown eyes say it all-that she is not new, just a terrible version of herself.

Maybe she had come to think that if she doesn't look like the girl who fall in love with him, maybe she wouldn't feel the same way like that girl.

But she's wrong. Her state right now is a realization that she can't change her heart nor can fool it. She can't easily erase her feelings for him nor can forget it. So she will still end up-the girl who hopelessly fall in love with her lover.

I can never escaped a hundred of bullets of pain, a 175000 lbs-rocket ship of tears, a 3-tank of long nights and a hydrogen bomb of memories, I said to myself in the mirror.

So I’m gonna let them hit me one at a time and, at all cost, I will savor each ache and bruise. In this way, I will heal.

Because this is the beauty of pain and this is how I define love.
Moving on is too hard especially if we hold back to the memories we once had. We hold hopes and we continue to act foolishly for love. We hurt ourselves more than our lovers can do to us. But cheers to everyone who feel the same way like me, because this is how we processed our moving on stage, this is how we heal. This is how we step out on that stage and this is how we renew our heart. And if it is over, we are really over!
Madeon Jan 30
the world is too big
sometimes getting scared
lose yourself
bs Jan 23
When I think of love, I can't see you anymore. My mind takes me back to 2 years ago when I never needed more than to see the curve of your lips because I breathed the air I now swore to never long for again. My sanity still slipping like I always do in love, I tiptoe for nights over the puddles I've cried for you, invisible to the world but they're all I see. I've been trying to forget you.
Chaos and madness,
Creeping in from all corners,
Whirlwinds of stress,
Knocking down my borders.
Poppi Mae Nov 2017
Probably 'cause youre high all the time,
Nothing much comes to mind;
But when im with you we just unwind
And sometimes make words that kinda rhyme.
Sliding down the slippery slope of vally,
Without you I may never be happy.
But what does that matter?
Don't despair,
Your future awaits for you;
Someday it will make it's self clear,
But until then you're on the mend.
Dont worry if you swerve round the bend,
The worst has already happened.
Getting back on my feet is the best desicion I could ever make;
I usually make mistakes.
When you give, other's take
But never forget the sake.
If going to the clouds is your thing,
Then make sure it's me you bring.
I know i'm not imagining
Floating on the seventh cloud,
Theres no way I can drown now
I'm at bliss in the clouds!
And heaven feels so serene;
Tingles in every sound.
Whoever said it was make believe,
I can prove you wrong,
Take my hand and you'll see.
Alex Thiede Nov 2017
I sit in this place and watch the cars go by
Like the memories I have of the times that have passed
Time seems to have a lead foot
And it goes by quicker than any of them
I've buckled up for the ride
But I realize I should have just stayed home
Now I'm just waiting till the tank is on empty
Because at this rate, it won't be long till the rides over

Ada Harris Oct 2017
Do they get neatly tucked away in pockets, where it will never be retrieved,
or things left unsaid only to dissipate in our minds.
Where do the years go?
Are they memories stored of children playing and watching them grow or of all the love that has crossed our paths?
Is it music and dancing , when time seems to stand still?

We will probably never know..
Just something that came to mind to me today, I've been pensive lately. Feel free to add to the journey of this poem ;)
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