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No more kissing will I ever do or holding hand as we walked no more rides In the car with Helen sat beside me

No more trips to seaside or dinky doughnuts down by the sea nice cups of tea no more Ice cream or watching donkey giving ride on the beach to the children

And no tea and white buttered toast at her favourite cafe In the mornings no kissing goodnight or waking to
her upon the morning light no more brushing or washing her hair

No helping Helen to dress in the mornings or
getting her ready for bed In the evenings and all of this sadly missed for I'll never do any this
The sudden awareness she not there and all the things you did together you'll no longer do
If there is
a way
to happiness
I will do whatever it takes
to get there.
Over mountains and lakes,
oceans and trails,
I will get to happiness
no matter what
it takes.
It's somewhere out there...
Laura Feb 7
There he goes again, following the dark night sky
Advertisements mark his sense of reality
I'm here when he falls but no longer can I catch him
It's midnight, the hour of his calling. but the sun still shines and the owls Head still turns 360' to watch my back
I guess there's no turning back
Letters that sequenced in formula send flashbacks of 'dark knights'
If only I wasn't the joker
Harlequin girls and fancy dresses
We mingle throughout our stresses
Just dancing like we are something
But staying silent so he can say nothing
Purging on my own innocence
I wish it would snow
White, is that twilight?
Me in my purest form
underestimated Dec 2018
Stop looking at your phone
Look up at me, I won't leave you alone
Stop talking to her
You'll just get hurt
As if she cares
And if she dares
To break your heart
You'll know I was right from the start
And I will give her a piece of my mind
And I won't be kind
I don't want to worry about you
But unfortunately, I do
I want to be free
But that's not my cup of tea
I'm done for now
I'll be free somehow
I have some time
To spend with my mind
I would like if you were not there
Because I'm tired of you, I swear
Please don't show up in my dreams tonight...
lovejunkie Dec 2018
it's funny how everyone
wants to appear wealthy
on instagram, like the only
trickle down that happens
is the mainstreaming of
luxury brands and luxury
attitudes no matter if they
have a basis in reality or not.

the pressure to stay unhealthily thin
for women especially, to be forever
beautiful, to be obsessed with image
over substance enveloped in a luxury
obsessed society, it can feel relentless.
when my daughters were young i felt
like shielding their eyes every time
we passed a magazine rack, but
the onslaught is every where.

in a way, i'm glad i lost my health,
and i'm glad i lost my fortune,
and maybe even glad i lost a family
that was always mired in dysfunction
every single day. i am glad i'm getting
old, or at least what i thought old was
when i still was young, because i don't
care about any of that stuff anymore.
it feels like walking out of a prison
where you don't notice the bars
until you live outside of them.

they say getting old and losing
the trappings of youth is a narcissist's
worse enemy, it's like a death, but i
feel like getting old, it's freedom,
freedom to be who you are
completely unapologetically,
and though i want to always
be a better me, this security
in knowing that if i never get
the least bit better in any way,
if today is my life's high-water mark
and as good as i'm ever going to get
i am more than sufficient exactly as i
am at this very moment; i've always
been enough, but now i finally realize it.

it's like the first half of our lives
are spent being enveloped by a culture
of crass consumerism, obsession with status
and wealth, and having had it all and lost it
really makes one realize that that **** doesn't
equate with happiness. if we get lucky, though
it may seem like misfortune from the outside
looking in, maybe the second half of our lives
is about learning who we really are as people,
and where we came from, and that we're
good enough just as we are now, and
these trappings slowly falling away,
and the relentless and inescapable
momento mori of the calendar
is a road-map to freedom rather
than something to fill us with dread,
and our own worth is not defined
by anything external to who we are.
it's a beautiful day.
Enzo Dec 2018
Jobs that pay and jobs that don't
A passion to work in spaces of uninterest
A yesterday that's the same as tomorrow
A beginning carried over and copy pasted until the end
Stressing over the same thing for days on end
Working 9 to 5 in a pencil pushing company
Trapped in an endless cycle of routine and bore
Find me chaos, find me adventure
Take me out Dear Pathfinder in search of true passion and fun
I found my way then but it wasn't what I wanted
So take me away and make me lost for me to find myself again
If I ever land on a boring job I'll lose myself to find passion again
Sketcher Nov 2018
I hate to wake up to eight ton weights,
A chest plate pressed up against my face,
Eyes dart and heart race like you've been chased,
For days in a gaze that shows your amazed,
Deemed this was depression detaining me,
Deliberately dozing to escape memory,
But right off the bat it's a panic attack,
Maturity rewinds and minds all off track,
Rational depersonalization,
Constant nauseous dizzying rotation,
Locate lower lacerations that bled,
Flop to the floor and felicitations, you're dead.
An aubade about the struggle.
Destiny M Nov 2018
Is it wrong to..
Feel too much
Do too much
Like too much
Love too much
Trust in your gut and your heart and soul trying to find control.
The balance between **** and fate
Love and hate . Searching finding loving learning ..
....wanting needing getting having ..
a Nov 2018
in order for me
to get better it seems
that being broken
is the only way to learn
how to heal
I am possibly going to be recieving professional help soon, so I am in a good mood at the moment. been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting, so hopefully i'll have some more pieces up :)
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