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Allesha Eman Aug 9
I can see that your feet ache
I can see it in the wrinkles by your eyes
You’ve walked treacherous miles
Overcome a thousand storms
But you still wear the same smile
The one talked about in stories
The one that sneaks up on you
Whenever your reminiscing on your childhood
I can see your hands shake
Whenever you try to be strong
Whenever your shoulders stand tall
Like mountain peaks waiting to be climbed
But you still always laugh
One that rings in my ear
Like symphonies and harmonies
That make me feel like a maestro

I can see that you’re tired
But you still appear so alive
You never let brightness disappear from your eyes
I can see that you’re hurting
You show me how strong you are
But you’ll never end this lie
I can see that you’re resting
You’ve said your last goodbyes
And now you leave a legacy behind
One that flows in my blood
Whilst yours runs dry
And I hold it to my chest
With every adversity I face
I remember your stubbornness
And all I can do is smile
Lost May 17
Nocturnal awakening
At 2am
The stairs

Slipping out the door
A whisper of a person
A shadow of a woman
Car keys clenched tight
In a bony fist

Racing thoughts
Each one too fast
To see it out
To the end
Incomplete sentence
Interrupted by my own

Down the front steps
Light scuffing of slippers
On concrete
Opening the driver door
And dropping into the seat
Half expecting
To fall straight through
Half hoping
To hit the floor
Colliding with the ground
A welcome impact
I need to be shaken
I need to be stirred
I need to reset
A cognitive correction

Keys in the ignition
Thinking of my neighbors
As I turn
Wondering if they’re awake
Listening to the sounds
Of me giving up
Giving in
To insomnia

Cigarette paper
Sticking to dry lips
Lighter under my thumb
Fire’s gentle kiss
Smoke plumes
Out the window
Into the cloudy
Donna Apr 22
My dogs have flopped down
on my feet now I can’t move
Ah well time to rest
Help I can’t move my dogs have seriously fell asleep on my feet if I move I will wake them
up  lol bless , there way cute n heavy!  ***
Johnny walker Jan 22
I know my sweetheart lies In wait for me given time one day soon that's where I will surely
To lay along side her to keep her company In winter time the place she lays becomes so cold and very lonely
But come summer and flowers will bloom again and warm the place too
where darling
The birds will sing again there happy joyful songs to spread their love all around her grave where I laid my darling down to rest
One day soon that will also be the to where I'll rest along aside my true love to keep her company
My final resting will be alongside my true love Helen to keep her company
Levi Kips Dec 2018
When I tell my friend you have a Resting ***** Face. What I mean to say is your face is your bulletproof vest that these one shot guys are scared to shoot their shot at. What I mean is I don't have to worry about you being caught in the teeth of some sharply dressed shark who is looking for his next meal. What I mean is the guys who are scared to break their streaks with girls they meet in a snap will rethink their next words before asking you to chat. I don't tell you have resting ***** face to bring you down a peg. I tell you this because the next wood block boy who tries to talk to you see's what I see. A intelligent young lady who won't be swept away by good looks and false momentum. A brick wall screen stopping any defender whose chasing down her future. I know if I see you with any proposition like guy I don't have to be on auto correct or grammar check him,  because if he's made it this far then he saw the beauty that’s underneath your skin and your Resting ***** Face.
about a friend
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Of all my days and all my ways thoughts turned to Helen, beautiful memories
stored within my
The memories that constantly
moving swiftly through my
mind, whilst laid resting on my
Such wonderful
visions played before me of our time together, I found a smile coming to
my face
Visions of my life, that passed through my head whilst laid
resting on my bed a smile came to my face
Poetic T Nov 2018
Sleeping rough
like a leaf blowing
across the pavement.
          never knowing
where I'll settle
before the breeze
of others discontent,
    brushes me from
my resting place.

I wonder like a cloud,
never stopping
                  in one place.
I'll never rain down,
all that's kept inside.
I'll never have  
           a sliver lining.
Just one with hues
of regret, of better times.

You can hear
the rustling
plastic sheeting.
The breeze is light here,
We can stay
                for a little while.

Leaves fallen
             from the tree
will never be still.
Ever moving,
               Ever restless.
When will we again
see from a higher elevation
other than below there feet
crumpled up like a fallen leaves.
Manonsi Aug 2018
I guess it speaks of the love I had
That in those small, tired, sorry moments
I think of what we shared
And I place myself in your arms again.

In that hazy bliss
I imagine other timelines where we would still be together
Hand in hand
Living and loving
And then the moment is gone
Looking people across
Walking barefoot on the grass
Not asleep, not awake
They only run through the fake
Inside and out are the same
They're searching for the fame
But I sat on my bench
Resting on the deck
Wish to touch my soul softly
Missing my friends mostly
Andrew T Nov 2017
We covered our bodies in blankets, in the shadows of each other, not wanting to admit feelings, that may have bloomed from an excess of drinking jack and smoking *****. We met each other in January, and you offered me a glass of red wine. I drank it and floated in your eyes, like laying in a bathtub full of warm water, just soaking in the heat. You played me your cello, gliding the bow across the strings, chuckling lightly when you made a mistake with your fingers. Maybe this isn’t love, maybe this is infatuation, and maybe I shouldn’t get ****** up when I’m hanging out with you. Because the moment I reveal how I truly feel about you, is the moment you can choose whether to hold onto my hand tighter, or push me away. Distance—a total of three months—made me contemplate our status together. I guess I never felt I was really good enough for you, and that’s what made me try that much harder to impress you. I thought impressing you, would drive you towards me. However, it’s not January anymore, it’s November, and my feelings for you still haven’t changed. I’ve waited for you, staring at my phone, hoping it would blink with a text. Last night, I’ll always remember. When the text popped up on my phone, I almost drove my car into the median. I shouldn’t be texting and driving. Maybe I shouldn’t be drinking and writing. I love how you poke your fingers up my nose, and laugh, and how you don’t mind when I do the same. I don’t know how to describe it, but when your body is pressed up against mine, I feel less dead inside. You make me feel happy. I wished I didn’t snore, so that I could lay next to you all night, without waking you up. Let’s agree not to argue, let’s agree not to fight. I don’t know how much longer you’ll be living in the city. And I’m not going to prevent you from getting on the next stop to your journey. Sometimes, I don’t know why I waited for you in the first place. But I’m sitting in this chair, smokes in hand, and I have this window to look out at. And I’m looking into the distance and realizing you’re not so far from me this time. You could be right; usually you’re always right. But I hope you’re wrong this time, I really do. I can’t promise you that I’ll never have feelings for you. It’s the way you look at me, as though you can see through my ******* and my façade, and still allow me to be vulnerable. And don’t even get me started on the kissing; because, when we touch lips, I feel we have enough electricity to recover the beat back into a resting heart. This is all still so surreal for me. Last night, didn’t feel normal. It felt better than normal. Just let it happen, you told me under your breath. I’m probably too honest with you. But at least you know how I feel.
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