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Chad Young Jan 24
Why, why must the world require wisdom? I'd rather stay up for three days until I pass out. I'd rather run the streets vandalizing my neighbors. I'd rather laugh at the rainbow glimmers of the sun placing me on the trembling seat before the King. Never would a soul I'd share, I would be confined to myself. I'd only share the spaces with other souls, never entering into their wisdom. My heart would know no peace. Living off the Book's wisdom for my personal use. All to receive a spark of infinite understanding.
Keiya Tasire Mar 2020
Within of each  of us
There sounds a call!
The key within the keyhole
Quietly hoping we will notice.

Are we curious?
Do we wonder?
What are the secret notes?
Calling us from the wind?
Yet whispering to us from within.

The corridors seem lonely
Am I the only one standing
Alone in this great hall?

The fear is a lump pounding in my throat.
To turn the key and open the door
What is on the other side?
Everyone has run away
So  quickly, they are nowhere to be found.

Where do I go?
Why did they hide?
Quietly, I wonder.
Yet an Angelic chorus
Sings, "Come Follow Me!!"
In six part harmony.
It is calming.
I desire to taste its sweetness.

I turned the key
Stepping through the open door
What stood before me
I had never seen before!
It is a tree!
Seven Roots and Seven Branches!
As old as the earth itself!

In amazement, I stood,
looking high into the sky
To the very top of the tree
Soaring into Heaven Most High.

What can this be?
Is there a rhyme or reason?
I see only a tree!
Or is it?!

The song continued
It's sweet melody growing
Closer and closer.
Flapping white wings
Fluttering from branch to branch
A beautiful white Dove
Sings her melodic  enchanting song.
Each note embracing my heart
With love, peace and understanding.
Oh the Beauty!
The rapture and the peace!  

The flowing Love between
Opened my eyes to the wonders
Of all the beautiful stars shining
Within each galaxy
Upon her golden crown.

Oh how, I had longed for such an embrace!
As the tide hugs the shores
and the sea kisses the horizon.
Gently her touch
Caressed my face.

She is so familiar
For my body, was born of her body
My eyes, born of her eyes.
My ears, my muscles, and sinuses
Born of her ears, her muscles, and sinuses.
From her I have come.
To her I will return.  
The Amma of my  Spirit,
My beautiful Dove!
This is about personal spiritual growth and progression within "The Light." Mother Earth is the mother of each physical body on the earth. We are all made of her soil, water, air, and elements. When we look into another earthling's eyes we are also seeing a our mother through the other earthling.  In this piece, the Dove's symbolism is the same as the Early Essenes beliefs about the Dove, Mother Earth and our connection to both; finding our resting place within the arms of Mother Earth.
Keiya Tasire Dec 2018
A child was born
If in the Winter or Spring,
I do not know.

Into her arms
She cradled Him
Her adoring eyes
Gazed upon Him
With depth of
Her Love

Is this the same Love
Every Mother feels?

Open Heart
with a deep enduring

Letting go!

With sweet innocence
Love flowing
As a river.

Pouring with Love
Bursting with Life

From the Eternal Family Tree!
Generation, upon generation

Roots and Branches.
Standing within the Eternal Sea

Merkabah Spin!
An Arc and Covenant of Love
Merkabah Spin!

Standing within the Eternal Sea
Roots and Branches.

Generation upon generation
From the Eternal Family Tree!

Bursting with Life
Pouring with Love

As a river
Love flowing
With sweet innocence

Letting go

with a deep enduring
Open Heart

Every Mother feels
Is this the same Love?

Her Love
With depth
Gazed upon him.
With her adoring eyes
She cradled Him
Into her arms.

I do not know
If in the Winter or Spring
Yet a Child was born
An Arch and Covenant of Love.
The love mother's first feel when they take their new born into their arms is immense. Is this the same love that has been felt for generations? Has the same love lasted for eons? Where  did it start? This love sinks deep within our cores and never ever seems to let go.
Lawrence Hall Oct 2018
“Thy people shall be my people”

                                          -Ruth 1:16

Smoke rises here from foul Gehenna’s fires
Fires set by souls twisted like cold barbed wire
Sole argument of ideologies
Strung geometrically from hate to hate

Smoke rises here; soft ashes fall as death
Torah, Mishnah, and Gemera – and us
For without the Word and the People Israel
We are but wraiths, and darkly blown about

O Israel!

You are the broom tree in the wilderness
The Tree of Life who shelters all with love
You are the tent of Sarah and Abraham
And we are blessed who find refuge in you
harlon rivers Jan 2017
Gathered pieces of a great puzzle ;
refreshed perspective like ocean riptides
foment at the confluence collecting dark rivers’ flow
Repurposing back-eddies ,
rejuvenation of stagnant brackish waters ,
inherent buried soul-shine purging
from the ancient core of earth mother

Light arising from the hidden depths
of inner stillness as if a refilling wellspring
burst forth , reawakening muted sighs unspoken
Forming poetic constellations of black and bright
to lighten afar the nebulous darkness ,
a sea of swirling ink transformed into poetry

A sage opus renewed
by the muse of a migrating flock ,
striving to discover new sacred grounds ;
yet there is an undeniable song sung
in the howling winds of change
An incitement from a higher dialect
that empowers a restoration of spirit
Oeuvre uplifted by rogue waves
of summoning winds ,
arousing that which time erases

A manifest renaissance
among the rousing nuances
of poetic continuum ,
judicious to rediscover
the enthralling vastitude
of every breaking wave
in a boundless sea of poesy

Where prevailing currents
stir oceans of verse eternal ;
provoking a verve revival ,
the magnitude of an unbroken circle ,
ocean swells merging singularity
with the omnipresent colour
of uncharted depths

As if thoughts are assuaged
by a union of intimately touching souls
with words of intangible spheres ,
sparking subtle shades of meaning
spanning poetic immortality
Transcending barriers of unexplored lexicon
to manifest the immensity,
enkindling rhapsody of hearts and minds
Deeply rooted soul replenishment
harvested from the tree of humankind ,
willingly sharing without regret nor intention ,
with deference to the soul of one-blood,
one-love enabling an enlightening
metamorphosis of the human journey ...

© harlon rivers ... all rights reserved
Before Eve turned into...


...or evil tempted Eve.

She and Adam,


played amongst its leaves?

A sage could say they were the same,
parts of some degree,

Say so as they will about the double-tree?
For life and knowledge go


..which wife and husband weave.
Traditional rhyme.

All myth is based on observable celestial phenomena. As language has progressed and mankind has become more complex they take on a more modern character from each successive cultural interpretation. The original man was earth and the sun/sky was his consort.

Husband provides life, Wife provides knowledge.
Tuesday Pixie Nov 2014
The dictionary was our savior.
We turned to it when straits were dire.
It gave mystical advice.
It absolved responsibility.
Well this time
This time
It told me to jump into the abyss
Disappear into the ether
And tempting as that is
A release
An erasure
A finality
Tempting tempting tempting
I know how much it would mean to you
So I resolve
To only visit temporarily
To make my escape brief
- And return all the more brighter
Refreshed and gleaming
Restrained only by human form
Oh severe mother of mine!
To pin me to this physical form!
And merciful father!
To birth me unto being!
One day I will transcend
But for now
A brief escape will have to do.
Tyler James Oct 2014
A Tree of Life with roots of evil will die in the storm,
before it’s ever born.
The sun will be its father, and it will be raised by mother earth.
If it soaks up knowledge it will survive its birth.
Sprouting ideas while growing its spirit.
There’s a whisper in the wind... be quiet and you can hear it.
Doesn’t need to fear it, when the weather gets cloudy.
It knows its true colors and reveals them proudly.  
It cannot be not shy, because when it looks around.
It realizes every other tree is similar,
Just different branches in the ground all waiting to be found.
Discovered and loved; nourished by nature.
It realizes its reflection is its only true stranger.
Covered with bark so you cannot see the inner.
Shadowed by the dark, transforms to a sinner.
A stump at worst, and a home at best.  
Too much is in between to explain the rest.
Now let it be known, when the red leaf falls,
It’s the end of a season for no apparent reason.
Time to change its ways; it won’t take a few days.
Give it time to mature to reach its full potential.
It sounds so simple, yet gets complicated.
When it timbers down, something new is created.
It went from a seed to sprout, conquered any drought.
Now with a shout of thunder, it just can’t help to wonder.
"Why am I here, and what is my purpose?"
But if it received the answer, would life really be worth it?
Grez Jun 2014
One branch
Protrudes above the rest
It's not
A competition
There is no match here
It ended
Months ago

Last season
In the race
For light

This branch
Fails to see

We're all from the same tree.
Appreciate Feedback

Any ideas for a title?

A sleep deprived mind at 5am, it's light now as I'm sat in the garden.

— The End —