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Jeff Lewis Sep 10
Looking into shadow.
That place back there
     where light won’t go.
and I see…
A me, I think, not me.
I’m not that thing,
sorrowful wretch,
a broken soul that peers back
from the blackness I deny.

I Am Me! but me won’t let me go.

**** You!
( **** me…?)
**** this…

“Shadow, won’t you let me go?” I ask. And
I answer…

But, as yet, I will not hear him speak.
Josh Parker Aug 10
Why is it
that I only sit quietly
in the morning?

Am I allowed just
one breath
of wholeness
before the barrage
of the day?

What would happen
if I claimed
all my other breaths
in the name of peace -
of saving a life?

What would the world
do with me?
Josh Parker Aug 1
The old ways
of being afraid
are beaten in and comfortable;
weathered, old leather boots.

Yesterday, unaware,
I put them on when I stepped down from bed.
My stomach burned and rebelled at breakfast -
a desperate attempt at a sensitive SOS
from my omnipotent body too often unheard...
I limped to work alongside my lovely partner
through the cool, verdant summer air
but the cat had my tongue
and I dragged my heavy feet.

Later the fear was exposed naked
as untrue, unnecessary, a farce
- as the spinster its always been -
and what did it?

I showed up imperfect
and vulnerable and present
to the very place I felt an imposter.
I felt power and love - life -
surge through my flowing blood,
my eyes clear to meet those around me,
body light and and leaning on the ***** of my feet,
and the armor around my heart failed
with warm wholeness seeping in,
(that feeling children know, and grandma too)
and I realized
I'd taken those boots off.

This morning I'm taking note.
Today I'll try to walk the world
with bare feet.
Annatman Jul 31
The vast majority of our only known home is submerged
In a singular element.
Gallons and currents and waves,
Depth and surface, qualities
Which hardly divide it,
The unified whole, as far as can be seen,
Overwhelmingly omnipresent.

The entirety of what is known of our lives exists
In a singular progression.
Years and hours and moments,
Long or brief, measurments
Which do naught to divide it,
The universal present, the only experience possible eternally.

Within this omnipresent permanence existing, our bodies - drops in the ocean and mere flashes in time.
Who is to say that Love - its objects, time or placement notwithstanding - is not
All that we are, united, the one and only
Whole that we can ever be?
If not a poem than a prayer of some kind, I suppose?
Nicholas May 27
That Great Tree burns all around us.
Can you smell it?
Can you sense the presence?
That Great Old One, that Great Old Tree burns.
It's smoke rises up and crosses the sky 4-fold.
No bombs may stop it.
A fate lined delusion, to which, even the children succumb.

On the ground and among the spit and slander is the shelter of wisdom.

This must be so.
>>>The waves build and grow on one another.


Skins who claim to see are blind to themselves.
>>>The waves build and grow on those nearby.


Formless connected masses gather and execute their souls.
>>>The waves flood and spread their swirls.


On lookers below the pyramid find mercy in their death.
>>>>The waves spare nothing and the wall burns inside.


The tree smolders and finds union among the people of the AIR.
Few understand these images.
All will come to feel these images.
In beauty none will see it.


The infinite forms of the depths sprout new seeds upon the space where we may walk.
The path before us is along a prime meridian that none can follow.
The eternal eternal from whence we came.
And to which we will go.

This, all will know.
Nathalie Mar 26
You are in me
and I am in you
There is nothing
you do that doesn't
involve me and nothing
I do that doesn't involve
you as we are all part
of the same oneness.
We are not always
mindful of this
as we see each
other as seperate
But in the mind
of the universe
We are all joined
So everything that
you do, everything
that I do, everything
that you give or
receive and everything
I embrace of
reject has a ripple
effect as we are
all connected.

she silenced her phone
trashed the social media
cast off weary fake friends
ceased to lay eyes on junk
or accept empty invitations

she was like a tree or a flower
rudely dug up and replanted
in a grotesque garden

there was one way to wholeness
one unrushed road to finding self
and it wasn’t out there
or hiding somewhere

it was a gentle determined stroll
the deep measured cleanse
feeling the slow but sure growth
down to the roots of her tingly toes
until she and the earth around her lightly sighed
Chris Jan 30
Help me
I feel as if I'm on fire
This feeling, what is this
I daresay it is love
The love for a friend
Who has become more
The love for someone who is taken
The love for someone who makes you feel


This is foreign to me
Yet somehow I know
This is the feeling
Love, such a strange thing
Love that comforts,
But hurts more than anything physical
Can make you whole
Or tear you to shreds
Yet, we all take the risk
These are not as different as they seem
This, is the enigma of life
I'm in a very blue mood tonight.
Keiya Tasire Jan 8
Do you know where I can find It?
The middle ground of joy
It leads to increased wholeness,
Happiness, Love  & Peace.
Where does it start?
How do I step into this path?
Do you know where it is?
Do you know where I can find it?
I have come to a place in my life where peace, love, joy, happiness are more important than games.
StarBloom Nov 2018
I believe in true Love,
there is no doubt of its eternal exuberant existence amongst the field in which I feel.
I acknowledge it through its fibers that intertwine with every aspect of the divine.
I see true Love,
for every connection of the violet fire that I breathe,
transforms transmutes transcends me.
The love is true,
there’s no denying such a thing.
The only illusion would be pretending..
That it’s existence is ending.
Never blinded by Love,
Love allowed me to See.
Only blinded by the attachment of what could be.
It already is, Infinity.
Why when a connection is in the cycle of completion, do we try and tell ourselves that the Love was never True?
I feel it in this now,
it’s as true as anything.
But my truth is ever changing,
and I am acknowledging my source of love of life updating.
I thank the eternal presence, that killed me, and awakened me.
For Love is shape shifting me.
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