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Chris Jan 30
Help me
I feel as if I'm on fire
This feeling, what is this
I daresay it is love
The love for a friend
Who has become more
The love for someone who is taken
The love for someone who makes you feel


This is foreign to me
Yet somehow I know
This is the feeling
Love, such a strange thing
Love that comforts,
But hurts more than anything physical
Can make you whole
Or tear you to shreds
Yet, we all take the risk
These are not as different as they seem
This, is the enigma of life
I'm in a very blue mood tonight.
Keiya Tasire Jan 8
Do you know where I can find It?
The middle ground that brings joy
The one that leads to increased wholeness,
Where does it start?
How do I step into this path?
Do you know where it is?
Do you know where I can find it?
Each of us reaches a point in our lives where peace, love, joy, happiness are more important than games. Some of us seek the path, some do not. After all it is a choice.
StarBloom Nov 2018
I believe in true Love,
there is no doubt of its eternal exuberant existence amongst the field in which I feel.
I acknowledge it through its fibers that intertwine with every aspect of the divine.
I see true Love,
for every connection of the violet fire that I breathe,
transforms transmutes transcends me.
The love is true,
there’s no denying such a thing.
The only illusion would be pretending..
That it’s existence is ending.
Never blinded by Love,
Love allowed me to See.
Only blinded by the attachment of what could be.
It already is, Infinity.
Why when a connection is in the cycle of completion, do we try and tell ourselves that the Love was never True?
I feel it in this now,
it’s as true as anything.
But my truth is ever changing,
and I am acknowledging my source of love of life updating.
I thank the eternal presence, that killed me, and awakened me.
For Love is shape shifting me.
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018

Different could be,
The way
The time
The conscience
Towards the universal wholeness

In the cosmic delusion
For the sympathetic joy
One could be anywhere
In between
The above
Genre: Abstract Spiritual
Theme:Humanising Mathematics
James smith Sep 2018
The greatest plague that hits hard is the plague of loneliness
With the loneliness we try to distract it with emptiness, with emptiness in the end, we end up more alone, as we curse ourselves when will our Flash lose and when will ours souls find wholeness. To the wholeness we lingering to seek oh what a plague I wish we can defeat alone, I fear we can’t fight it alone, with that sense we lose hope. But hope is not found where the emptiness lays, it’s found in the wholeness of the bright morning star.
1.daysleeper by dear and the headlights is my music  inspiration 2.this song about the dangers of  loneliness as we try to finds to distract but all of other things  don’t work. The only thing we can find to make is whole is Jesus. It’s only found in him alone. 3 bad dreams of my ex girlfriends. 4 don’t  isolate yourself from your friends or your church friends as I did on this Sunday.
Jackie G Jul 2018
Some say life is like a box of chocolates.
I say life is like a PUZZLE
You and I
Are the pieces
If one piece is missing the picture is incomplete
Making things(relationships,disappointments,let downs,set backs,loss) a little harder to solve
who would think
a piece so small
could make such a difference
Or a
we need you
it is time to get into your position
To figure out what part you are or where you belong
because you matter
you are a piece to the puzzle.
This was inspired by me just thinking of the world we live in today & how people are separated and unwilling to help and judging because they are strong in a area where someone else may be weak. We all play a part and my weakness can be your strengths and vice versa. With that being said there's no need to push on someone like they don't fit because we all do!!! we all have purpose!!!
Tim Mansour Jul 2018
Wouldn’t it be better to be deconstructed
blow apart those held-together pieces

seen as all those same parts,
spent of needs and dependency
each is worth its own weight,
bringing their gift to the whole

wouldn’t they make sense on their own,
more than all the sense I make together?
We sentient beings, sometimes we overthink it.
ohellobeautiful May 2018
c o n d i t i o n s
toward the degree to which you are individually
and everything else that’s outside of you
should disappear
for this world is a stranger to conditions
and there is no separation here
having unconditional awareness
of yourself + others
helps to fulfill the wholeness of Self
and therefore eventually everyone else

do not look at the condition of now
but focus on the wholeness that is you
view your life through eyes of divinity
come into alignment with who you are
who you really are
the nameless you
beyond this body
before human design
embrace your cosmic sight
undress yourself of judgement
and conditions will lose their meaning
our differences have our souls singing

we came here to love and be love
appreciate your own unique abilities
think of what a blessing it is to breathe
to be exactly what you are in this moment
it is exactly what you came here to be
you are already everything you dream
just close your eyes to see
Dallas Apr 2018
11:59 pm
It is strange
how time can tick in such a way that brings forth a new
In seconds
the heartbreak
remains of yester
cease to exist
As time passes forward
to a page free of disappointment
Nothing has gone wrong
An hour where nothing can go wrong
An hour of emptiness
and fullness all at once
Nothing to gain
Nothing to lose
Where time is slow and languid
Because there is nothing,
nothing that can make this moment

12:00 am
written in a sleepless haze of nothingness
and yet
i felt whole
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