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For fire's spirit lurking in the church,
and by the ash beneath you, once alive,
Awakening the warmth within the birch,
chaos herself is driven to survive.
The winds of change bring blues and golds about,
setting sun breaks day and shifts to pink.
The ocean drowning, and I, a drought,
The blackened paper, breathing in the ink.
The mirror warps, and with it time is slowed,
A moment's lifetime screams, deflates, and dies.
Aquatic **** procures the sword, bestowed,
and with it clicks the clockwork toward demise.
I rise, I fall, I move from foot to foot,
The bells will beat the flames, and I, to soot.
Nathalie Sep 24
The tapestry of
all moments woven
together, edging
me to surrender
The alchemy of my
soul growing me
closer to the
blissful awakening
of my heart
The intuitive
calls resting in silence
lifting me higher

Keiya Tasire Sep 1
Inner Light
There are days and nights
when the smog in the city
Is so thick
You can not see the stars

Yet if you get above
The Smog
You Can See the Stars!
What to see more stars?

When meteor showers
Light up the sky
Trees pointing
To your personal star
Keep looking
And their colors will appear
Wonder-mint-fully Amazed!

For Between Heaven and Earth we stand
Under the star lite sky
Pure whole
Divine Love

Day by day
Walking between Heaven and Earth
Beneath Our Bright Star
In and out of the storm
Unaware of who we really are
Or from where we have come

Then it begins!
A stirring from deep within
Catching a glimer of awareness
Yes! There it is!!!

Our eyes begin to see
Turing from
The shadows
It is shinning!
The Power of our Star!!!

Good morning
It's a new day!
@ In Spirit
The story of our journey of coming to our own inner self awareness.
In and out of the darkness and the storms. Then re remember that we have always known how to look above the fogs into the stars. When we keep looking we begin to find  our inner light and inner wisdom.
To enjoy the video created especially for poem go to:
Sara Kellie Aug 29
Upon finding
I am burdened
with this
glorious purpose
came the stark
that I must
one day
triumph or fail
and with that,
I awoke.

It was only a dream.
A dream about life.
Raw words Aug 22
Its been a long time
We haven't seen each other
you and me
the one inside that fills my soul
the one who only knows my role
you are I and I am you
striving thinking and praying
what should we do

you're married now,
who knew
that that man in the mirror was looking at you
you combed his hair
you let him near
you listened to his goals and his fears
all in all keeping a distance to keep him near
you married him and thats all you know
how to love is a great mystery
and we know thats why we are here
to learn
to be taught
to feed our souls for that one thought
of what to do
being loved, by me to you
I said who knew
thats who.
Derrick Jones Aug 21
Inside my brain, there is a train
Near the caboose, a man sits in a noose
Writing fiery lines in his diary
Trying to convince his provincial demons
That he should depart the train
And not this life
So he pours out his struggle and strife
Searching for catharsis
Emotional dialysis
Escape from this chrysalis
Sometimes it is diaphanous
Sometimes he is an optimist
But in the end, the shell remains
His mind untamed
He’s not insane
But he is un-sane
He walks in mental rain
He feels a mental pain
Life is a mental drain
And so he stays inside the train

One day the train flew off the tracks
Everything the man knew went out of wack
He was tumbled and turned
He laughed and he learned
He cried and he died
And on the other side, he was reborn
No longer in hiding
Standing in the wreckage
Shaken but unscathed
The man was finally free
Free to finally be
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Thanks for reading!
Kylee Aug 12
When you feel the thunder in your thighs
Look up to the sky
And thank only yourself
For being brave enough to allow him passage through your lands
Given the last time you peeked through the gate
It was torn down
               Scorched the trees
               ****** the birds
               Ate the flowers
               And ****** the rivers dry
C O L O N I Z I N G      you

Turning lush forests into the Sahara
You flooded them out
Now feel the cool trickle
Of his hands on your waist
The splash of lips, on your inner thigh
Notice the depth within you
The surge of water deep in your belly
Rushing, rushing, rising
Until it overflows.
For now let me drink your sweet nectar
But remember you decide when to turn off the faucet
Feedback welcomed :)
Keiya Tasire Aug 11
Be at Peace
You are the Creator's Delight
The Creator's
Wonder, Awe, Love & Joy
Be at Peace
For you are loved.
When I begin to stir from slumber in the state between slumber and waking. This is a time of seeing, hearing, receiving and understanding. I was given a dream yesterday morning that prepared me for the passing of three people in my life that is coming in their time, one by one. The first, I learned today, is very sick and will pass soon. The understanding I received was a kindness that left me knowing that I am loved.
A poet's remorse , lies within delaying any time given that should be given to bettering his craft
but as life comes, he is forced to neglect the oh so heavenly phenomenon that he calls art.
One should consider the destitute that comes with an empty heart
as it is understood that an empty heart lacks all sense of urgency and motivation or so to speak the urge to even start...
the urge to even begin painting a picture with nothing but words,
to heal the brokenhearted and those scolded at by means of a racial slur.
A poet's regret shouldn't be from not doing enough but it should be because the balance in the mind enslaving society
has been disturbed and questions are being asked
...the regret comes in when chaos has been caused in hopes of making people aware
to ultimately alleviate the feeling of despair
and rather ignite a flame in the pursuit of knowledge and and self-confidence without carnage
and desires to be free and unique
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