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Chicken 2d
The notion
that you create
a fear in others

Gives you
No Power
at all
See clearly. Some like to use fear as a tool. A control mechanism.
We each are free.

True power resides in freedom.
Zywa 4d
It attacks me at night
a vague, milky-white sense
that spins around in my dream
like a tornado around my house

swirling memories
keep me awake, centuries
of wisdom flow through me
not to be lost

In the morning I ponder
rocking on the porch
there is truth cracking
in the wood, it starts

to sing like heavenly harps
a Milky Wind in my head
that throws everything open
blowing down my house
in front of me
Collection “WoofWoof”
Amanda 5d
Your quiet words are comfort
Your smile is a key
To the things inside the center of my heart
To the deepest parts of me

Believe me I am grateful for
Your uncertain yet blissful company
Love the way you talk and feel
How you listen, think, touch and see

I want to kiss by a lamppost
Under stars and in the rain
Want to kiss you everywhere
Sorry if that sounds insane

Your soul meets mine and something stirs
Awakening feelings never before had
This breathlessness is a welcome change
Either I'm in love or I've gone mad
I know something we both can do
First I gotta be alone with you
I want you so bad
Boy you drive me mad
virginia Mar 11
my dreams reveal to me the inevitable
in my dreams you see me
and we are together, as we once were
in what seems like the distant past
but we are bound by our souls
to unite as love itself, once again
to my other,
       if whom in which you are, in fact;
may everything be in our favor.
the all is rooting for us.
Ilion gray Mar 3
Everyday I speak with those who Have not been,
Nor are they here, and will never be again.
And yet, they are more real to me than the sea, earth and air,
And wind.
Peace Mar 1
I closed my eyes
in return


I laughed

I crumbled
with no pressure on
my shoulders

Just life called
me to a place

Destiny speaks
with muted lips

I'm tangled
in cozy sheets


My way,
back to the surface

I'm finally realizing

We oft are alive but not living. Shalom
Aaron Feb 25
In another hour or two
I will elect to make a choice
That may leave me in ecstasy
Or mind-numbing misery
And I go to this choice in content freedom's slavery
I'm playing out the patterns that were set in skin
Here's the song, on repeat from within

I need to see where dragons be
Here's the maps, where's the me?
A deeper search for centricity
Swallowing itself into infinity.

If you were in a cage, and you knew,
What would you choose to do?
It seems that maybe that's the key -
The only way to be free is to learn to play,
because even searching for the exit is just another way
To get caught up in the plot and grime and crust
An inevitability - maybe there's no way to be clean
And trying not to play is just the same old game
Biting our own hands doesn't make us any less tame
Because these are the colors we're meant to spark;
You can't steal the song from the throat of the lark
because it's meant to be sung and shared and put on display;
If my life is just a splash of color against the gray,
Well that's okay -
I don't need a time share on eternity to have a life well lived
All I have, I freely give.
Name halp? ;-;
Aaron Feb 20
Can I touch eternity yet?
Am I yet allowed to be disavowed
Of such a false notion
As putting things in motion

Hey God,
It's your favorite fraud
Yearning for rebirth;
For what it's worth:
I never meant to mislead
Perhaps this prison is a karmic deed,
Or flawed practice bringing broken creed,
And a twisted trace of place.

Will I be free when sensate burning consumes me?
Is there luminosity in insanity?
Or perhaps I'm an example from the masters to we wayward *******
Of what we shouldn't do
Or perhaps this is too much mind noise too.

But if there's some greater sense
A compassionate intelligence
Please alleviate this burning pain
Please let rain be just rain.
Aaron Feb 18
All the world’s a stage, they say;
And the mind that makes the sun
Cannot quite conceive of None;
Life’s a game we have to play.

Perhaps life is just life to be
And living is the greatest art
And in the end we’re always free
In the balance of our heart

Tell me, then: what tells me this?
The world within, no less real,
Yet not more; therein is bliss.
Behind the door, simply feel.

What’s without and what’s within:
Is there balance; is there zen?
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