What happens

when you have come to the realisation that

the sweet strumming of the strings you thought he played

was not that of your heart,

but the calculated skill of a master puppeteer.
Oh Darling,
If we're all sleepwalking together,
Then it looks like we're awake.
And I've been sleeping for oh so long,
I'm ready to wake up next to you.
The next door

Like a bird released, I am now flying free.
A wide open future, my eyes are at last able to see,
Beyond the horizon there are a million possibilities.
Destiny is beckoning, fate is silent and I am awakening.

No longer boxed in; no longer unable.
Nothing standing in my way now; able to trust in the faithful.
With wide open arms I am welcoming all love into my cosmos.
Come be with me, promise yourself to me
And I will be yours forever more, my rose.

I will give you my heart if you fall in love with me.
There is nothing that could tempt or distract my energy.
So totally focused on always trying to impress;
I am a version of true love, never discovered, nevertheless,
I am still shining my beacon heart like a sunbeam through your window.
If you are ever in need of joy, let me be your prismatic rainbow.

Follow me to the end of the Earth;
Allow me to show you what this life is worth.
Let me be with you when you feel alone
And I will give to you all I have,
All I can give;
Help my silver heart become gold.

You are my planet; let me be your moon.
Your love leaves me spinning and looking out for you.
Stick with me and we will build a love that lasts.
Hold me close, so that I can never run away;
Help me to create our out of this world romance.

As I walk into this unknown future,
Fearful footsteps disappear.
Beauty opens my heart to love;
My ears are open to hear.
My smile has returned and my voice is speaking once more.
I will always go forward with you, if you let me…
Will you walk with me through this next door?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Skia A Apr 13
Be careful how you share your light,
The glow can attract bugs that bite.
Tyler Apr 6
I used to tell people how much
I wanted to be someone new,
And tear off my skin
Through and through,
But it was only after I started to bleed
Did people see my truth.
A lonely life,
a thousand thoughts...

You kissed me,
and the Light came in––
Amal Hasan Mar 21
I spent my life trying to solve the puzzle called Life
I went to sages, read books, argued with philosophers
Life was still a mystery
The more efforts I made - the more the answer alluded me
This obsession occupied my life
I lost all friends, my family got estranged
I was ready to end my life
As I sat down to be with myself before ridding myself of this burden
I breathed the last few breaths and an epiphany struck me…
Life was not a puzzle - it was simple, repetitive, infinite
The real puzzle was ME
I look into the heart of Madness and see Tranquility.
You must not fret if you seek waking. Waking happens as natural as night and day.
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