Waking up to sweet lilac rays
The tingling sensation that carresses
My nostrils

I awaken, but my head is chained
To my bed

In solitude my body rests
But when it's solemn it rots
Under the lilac morning sun

Hadiy Syakir Nov 6

So you want
to solve a mystery?
tell me, tell me
with all honesty

"Do you want to solve a mystery?"

I could tell you all the pain
darkness, sorrow, eruption
of eternal gloom
but we will become
nothing less than just
dust in this room
our souls will collide
like there are no end to this
our bones will crumble
one by one,
shoulder to waist
waist to toe
oh, this is all just for show!

the suffering, the awakening
give me a run for the money
rain on my parade
I know nothing but
we are all slowly sinking.

Mystery, mystery
what good will that bring.

So if I ask you,

"Do you still want to solve a mystery?"

What will you pry
out of your lovely cemetery?

Nightsung Nov 3

Platinum tusks of fur heaping in front of me
Guide me down a path
Which I conceal with maple leaves
As I walk down the jarred path
It leads to a bed of flowers
Covered in a blanket of gold

I am numb, drunk of greed and rage
yet it alleviates my pain
I take seat
My senses tingle as the aromas linger
The incessant perfume, ever so piercing
Caressing my nostrils

I regain consciousness
however, memory crannies obstruct
as these final words echo through my brain

Mellow rustling was heard in the distance, I look around
A wolf on the prowl met my eye as we converse
Without talking
For the gander we took at each other spoke many words.
We remained in silence, but I understood
I stood up and followed

As if we were floating
The elegance of each step taken was riveting
Leaves dancing around me, performing their ballet
Moving seamlessly along with the wind
Of which I felt neither

I followed it past the withered remnants of branches and trees
Critters scatter amongst the landscape
A truly idyllic experience
As it stops at a lake - it is violet
For a moment, the illusion of beauty got the better of me
As I stand and gaze aimlessly in the distance

I take notice around me
I stare in the water
The sky is dull, sepia tones
Thunderstruck, darkness
I awaken

In front of me lies but a carcass and rotten flesh
Amongst a bed of thorns
I lost connection


In the silence a noise approaches my ear
I look around. Darkness
Any scream for help is responded to with silence


Bludgeoned puppets with broken smiles
Guide me down a path, disintegrating,
Once before, vivid colours dulled
Once before, nature rose and defied
The might of the earth, blooming in the sun
It reeks of pollen, I sway
The sense of disgust fills my nose
As visions and visions filled my head

A candle light
My vision clouds


At night a guide brings accompaniment for me to enjoy. If only I knew what that word means.
Nightsung Nov 3

A string of steel shackles wraps
Around my neck
In an everlasting embrace
As I struggle to move
The devil tugs the string
I falter

A ray of pale sunlight pierces
The thin blinds
As it is trying to mock me
I awaken

Good morning

Mars Oct 24

Like a day of sun
after a month of rain.

Again, I have been born.
This time, a little more sane.

My muscles are worn
from working against the grain

Senses come to life in a moment focused on warmth instead of pain.

Clouds part.

I can see my opponent.
I could never have been warned.

My rain cloud was me

Brent Kincaid Oct 11


Ours were the balmy evenings
Just two of us, languishing
Listening to your poetry singing
Telling me personal stories
Of days I did not know you
Before I met you, knew glory
And grandeur that comes
When old pains go numb
And I begin to believe again
In life, love, you, the word ‘begin’.

Lately I have smelled the season
As it changes, rearranges leaves
And settles peacefully on me
Here in this warm region
Which I have given myself
Like a gift as big as a county;
Living rural life here in the city
Shopping monthly, frugally
In this one bedroom home
And now not alone any more
This, what life is for.

You didn’t like movies or TV,
A constant staple of life for me
So I honored your preference
Out of deference to other joys.
Your desires were not ploys
Employed to sway me, seduce
Abuse or misuse. I could see.
They were how you lived
Independent of us or me.
It was simplicity and homespun.
Thus our life together had begun.

I am
lore of
wine often
lately overdone
as my
cape is
rouge in
a billet
that rosé
blushes masseuse
and this
obvious state
is true
but in
real life
my blues
traveler hues

Star BG Sep 22

Fluffing off awareness,
as if lint is not an option to
my open conscious mind.

Golden sun of heart shines,
as a facet like diamond
unique and priceless.

The energies vibrate
giving feet ethereal wings
and voice songs of gratitude.

From throb of Gods heart,
I beat to dance
with fervor strong
connecting to light.

Sacred ears open
while music plays
in divine orchestration.

I found my truth
from souls whisper
as I listen receiving inner wisdom.
as I walk in the palace I constructed.

Adorned it is with visions
as rainbow blessing flowing
as every footstep
aligns with common cause.
The cause to awaken to bliss
and freedom evermore.

StarBG © 2017

Inspired by Era Of Light a site with great enlightening information

what, already
that aroma;
not a single spoon
of sugar:
the better
the awakening;
my coffee grinning,
shaking me

there's no way
to backtrack;
I'm sipping from b-cups,
kicking into gear...

flash forward;
(flesh in the background)
chasing destination
instead of destiny,
always in a hurry

coffee drops
now drying up
the only ones
still keeping
memory of lips
like the waves
caressing shores

long gone is
the reflection
undulating eyes

thoughts are perched
on mornings:
the old ones,
the upcoming...

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