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Abby 4d
Pervasive night fills these dreams,
Floods these eyes,
Unsaid and unseen.

No day escapes this lurking shadow.
No phrase can change its somber tune.
Though bright the morning sun she rises,
Night follows far too soon.

Record playing on repeat.
In my mind,
Begin the downbeat.

Beyond the depths there wait tomorrows.
Behind deception bides the truth.  
Among the stars we hang our wishes,
The crossroads they’ll illume.

Thorny pathways find my feet,
Heartbeat rise,
Excite my defeat

Abandoned and alone I wander
Can’t face to be irresolute.
The bitter boils up inside me
To squelch the hopeful few.

Trusting, fall into myself.
Hold this time.
Can’t say all I’ve felt.

Can longing raise a soul lain fallow?
A life that suddenly rings true.
Are dusks not meant to paint horizons,
And souls to sing the blues?

“Enough” could finish or begin
To my core
Let all of it in

Long shadows fill the paths behind me
The light ahead prepares their doom
I rise to meet my own reflection
And face the world, full bloom
This is a musing I’ve written in response to the song “Darkness” from Seattle rock band Grieve the Astronaut’s latest Album, “Signs”
Strying Jul 14
I've tried to hide my emotions for so long,
I'm starting to forget what I'm hiding.

It sometimes comes back to me,
like a dark wave of awakening,
and then back to the light and fake smiles I go.
been really sad recently, it's like sometimes i forget and think ill be fine and make it, and then i go back to being exhausted and wanting to cry all the time.
Neelam Jun 21
Sky clad spirit
bedecked with stars,
Agni burnt out the
remains of mortal

A rising moon
merging with Surya,
Equilibria attained,
Centrifugal chakras
attuned to cosmic

Ajna set aflame,
Prana coalesced
in the ethereal
The Yogini
awakened in
another dimension.
Agni : mystical fire
Surya : Sun
Chakra(s) : energy vortex in the subtle body
Ajna : the 6th chakra/third eye
Prana : life force
Alien Jun 19
As my hair grows grey
As i age like wine
And my heart grows vine
My mouth speaks of history
The past and my empathy
Will cry with melancholy
Will my mind write poetry?
Or will it grow in poverty
Will my feet crush the patriarchy?
Or will my arms hug all the mothers that raised me,

Oh, what an irony!
There is to be in peace
When vultures want nothing but to feast
I cant be confined inside these walls
I was born to be one with the wind,
Where there is no beginning or end

As the nights grows dark
My inside’s naked
When my heart gives out a yawn
When my soul is forsaken
Then I will be reborn
Only then i will rejoice
Jeremie May 7
I sing the song of a withering rose,
who’s petals have lost the light of their beauty
and the attention of their beloved gardener.
Heaven has abandoned me and
shut its crystal gates before my face.
The radiant sun has betrayed me,
for it no longer fills me up with
the essence of life.
Now it only seeks to accelerate
the loss of my grace.
I’ve lost the affections of the wind and
every bee in this dreadful garden has
forgotten the sweetness of my love.
The drums of my ears can no longer
tune to the gentle song of this loving Earth.
The frigid echoes of Death are all I hear
“Embrace me, for I am near.
Embrace me, for I am here.
Embrace once again, for I have left..”
If I adore You out of fear of Hell, Burn me in Hell!
If I adore you out of desire for Paradise, Lock me out of Paradise. But if I adore you for Yourself alone,
Do not deny to me Your eternal beauty.

— Rabia al Adawiyya
The spring is coming and I see the world.
The flowers are blooming and I am at fault.
The cover of night has been comforting, safer.
I got used to the fact that I’m constantly frightful.

In my mind I was dreaming of happiness,
Searing light coming out of my soul.
Real life? I was sitting in silence.
Such a beautiful, heartless doll.

Oh, the process of waking was painful .
Don’t believe those who tell you it’s not.
You’re re-making yourself to be joyful.
When you’re done you will know your own worth.

The spring is here and I see the world.
The flowers are blooming and I feel the joy.
The birds are singing and it’s the best thing I’ve heard.
My light is within me and I’ve finally found my voice.
Simon May 1
A "Tireless Impression" is nothing but pure nonsense, when you finally come to grips with what is mostly costly away from what makes up something that starts (as an impression), then abruptly transmits directly over towards the impression that gives good advice...that can't give good advice for itself.
The Tireless part, is the only remedy to an awakening that doesn't count for the (already built up nonsense) that can't keep it's own self away from such sudden shame... That it adopts a certain willpower that counts itself lucky literally become increasingly ill-tempered at the very lifestyle it chose, for the very direct impression... Of a Tireless will.
Tireless impression is about someone not agreeing with what is truly happening with their very current standards in life. (Even thou it looks like everything is seemingly going more than possibly right for themselves, as that's not an already obvious enough potential benefit hanging too high in the air, for its own good.)
The Sovereign of Songbirds
Has been roused
Emitting layers of harmony
Borne of exultation, borne of woe, and
Reverberating in the Key of Elysium

Let your dreams guide you.
As the fulgent daystar
Dawns upon your starry spirit,
The musicality, the euphony of amour
Will abide within.

Soar unto the stratosphere,
For the limitlessness of flight
Belongeth to
The earthen vessel waxing ethereal;
Furthermore, it is only achieved through self-transcendence.

Ye are Children of Manumission;
Therefore, fulminate from sea to shining sea
Until the obsidian of hate
Descends into Magisterial Oblivion
Arising anew as The Element of Freedom.

The Requiem of the Revenant shall rise,
The Maw of Darkness will fall;
Ultimately, the Paean of Light will
Resound upon the four corners
Of the Terraqueous Mother.

(Se' lah)
Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III

Amirraahh Mar 13
I try to remember that blazing taste,

That bittersweet, that fatal bite of ivory teeth graced

I retrace this adorned place  

With my rouge lips erased

In the dead of human skin,

Will veins spread daisied seeds akin

Warm woven breaths spin

As the feel of your cold finger's burn my bones from inside in

Though I'm bleeding....

My soul, a desolate place

Lost, deserted, enlaced in this fading web spaced  

Forever needing

I feel my heartbeat brake

My eyes drain to a star in forsake

& though I was awake

I let go of my one snowflake

I dream by day

Asking, will thou stay?

Emerald hues of the sky's milky ray are washed away

Day to night to night to day

I fall to pray

Does the body remember nothing?

The touching?

Did love not mean something?

My soul was once blushing

To the rain pour of this moments flow of weeping heart's crushed

In the gentle scent of nectar eyelids brushed

To blood rush

A tender whisper will become the nights command

As hazed clouds dispel the winter darkness to the souls of the ******

We need some peace in this world


With each concrete flower hurled

I wait for the whimpering wind to twirl

In the hush of an enfolded eye's tiny smile, the blood in my heart swirls

For I am a faceless vessel ensuing the blackest voice

A soul trapped in an ephialtes voids

So I dance my pain away to dawn's poise

As she rises beyond the inkwell noise

It's the dusk that heals stained fiends

& a suckled child is weaned

As his mother's heart slowly screams

To the hungry souls dreamed

& I have known the women

I've kissed their cheeks of sin

I felt their embrace within

As beautiful Huwa was gifted a garden

Can we be forgiven?

With the moon up in smoke

Flesh is revealed to the morning sun just as the yellow in an egg yoke

Here I was woke

In an earth of blood filled tears soaked

Another piece of my soul turning to dust

Though rising is a storm of stardust
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