Ormond Mar 31

Morning ears flower
One monarch butterfly breezed
Chiming temple bells

Jim Mar 12

It’s two days into February
and I wake inside a cemetery.
Clouds pass over the sun.

I see the ruins of etched words.

You get used to them you know –
The way you get used to the old man
Who walks along the roadway.

He seems to know the thing you don’t.

I joined the Klan when I was 15 years old.
It's true.
I wasn't doin' so well in School.
I hated all those brainy egghead scholars!
I think most of them were Jews.
Then, the hot chicks didn't like me for some reason.
I just wanted to score with one of them
Just once,
But the bitches didn't even want to TALK to me.
I needed someone to blame,
And the Klan gave me plenty of people to blame.
Blacks, Jews, Foreigners, Muslims, Mexicans, Faggots.
THEY were all to blame
For the Assault upon the Manhood of the White Man.
I stuck with that Ideology for 3 years,
And was appreciated
For my contribution to the Klan.
I dropped out of school,
And even got laid a few times
By chicks loyal to the Klan.
When I turned 18 the Grand Dragon invited me to visit his Place
I was honored!
I figured that he I was finally earning my stripes.
When I visited the Grand Dragon's home,
I saw all these strange Leather Implements and Whips and Paddles,
The Grand Dragon addressed me,
"Okay, Harold."
"It's time for you to be initiated."
"Now pull down your pants so I can make a man out of you, boy."
I had no idea that the Leader of the Klan
Was a Closet Case Gay!
I freaked out!
I didn't want to be raped just to "fit in".
I ran away,  and ran away fast.
The Grand Dragon tried to catch me,
But he lost me when I hopped over a Creek.
I arrived in a Neighboring town,
And used the money in my wallet
To take the Bus to Atlanta.
In Atlanta, I ended up at a Homeless Shelter for Youth.
While there,
I worked hard so I wouldn't have to live on the Streets.
I worked with Blacks.
I worked with Jews.
A Muslim became my best friend!
I was terrified that the Klan would try to get me,
Because I knew too many of their secrets.
I left the South for Los Angeles,
And that's where I'm living now.

Today I am
The beaming rays of the Sun
And soft glow from Moon

Heat within the hearth fire
Lightning’s very spark
The speed behind the wind
The bottom of the sea

Unyielding as the summit
Earth’s shear strength of will
The spirit inside of courage
And the caress of rolling tears

Today I am
The embodiment of the stars
And tomorrow you will be too

© Ladyofravenhill 2/26/18
Denel Kessler Feb 22

fallow winter does not bring
peace to the restless soul
finger-licked, waiting
on subtle winds shifting
for the tropical taste
of exotic droplets of rain
a salt-stained remembrance
in this time of dreaming

red-light ladies hatch
in raftered minds
a mass awakening
beneath hardened shell
freedom awaits wings
a collective opening
an essential

Falling... and wondering.

Falling... and pondering.

Falling... and recollecting.

Falling... and memorizing.

Falling... and regretting.

Falling...... and fearing.


And then - awakening.

An excerpt from a story I wrote.

The past just a memory
The future only a fantasy
The now, this very moment
Here in your arms
Our essence becomes one
Without worry or regret
We soar over the void
and commune with the infinite

@LadyofRavenhill 01/24/17
Nicholas Slater Jan 23

Moonlit skies at dawn
Stars slowly fading
Orange sun climbing
Birds beautiful song
My baby awakening
Body sturring Eyes opening
Her sparkle shining
Soft skin glistening
Lips softly moaning
Gentle kiss touching
Hands delicately moving
Fingers soothing touch
Passionate love making
With her at dawn

Nicholas Slater Jan 23

If I were next to you
this dawn awakening
I would kiss you
hold you
cuddle you
gently lay my hand on your tummy
your beautiful body held tight
and whisper gently
that I love you
with all my heart

Ines Rose Jan 20

I knew how to write in Korean
Then, before I knew it,
I almost forgot

I knew how to laugh at your jokes
Then, before I knew it,
The joke was on me

I knew how to give you my love
Then, before I knew it,
That knowledge was lost

(Spur of the moment)
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