Alarm resonates
By the bed side
A morning thirst
For a new spirit,
A dextrose crave,
With a contagious aroma,
Dark brown to light
Lost in the maze
Rejuvenate all wishes
Intoxicates blood flow
First sip, a door to a day
Until the end
But still,
Wish is for one more cup of awakening
From sunrise to sunset
To revive a breath
Which connect “you” to “I”

A round of applause
In a conscious state
Theme: Morning shows the day
Shared from my Anthology,Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Tarek O Feb 8
Mornings rise
Enemies behind a face of disguise
Awakening calls
Standing still
Unfortunate downfalls
Alterations. . . None
The light dims
Mornings rise
Alexis Jan 28
My name is Alexis

And I'm and addict;

Just 19.
Who wouldve thought...
This dirty fucking habit
Keeps on reeking bloody havoc
This heavy dose, i love the most
Its fist is wrapped around my throat
So tightly roped, i try to cope
But have i told you of the voice
As if I have no simple choice
Every night i hear that noise
It whispers and hisses ill fame
And in my saviours name
I rebuked this devil and said he was to blame
Tragic it was when I feared we were  same
Only briefly, so before he fell away from me
And from grace, I needed just once to see his
I summoned him, provoked in that hour
The devil at hand, while within my power
To show his cowardly self, and he appeared
The "Self" ishness in me. A mirror I saw
I cant escape this hate for law
To rape myself and laugh at me
My reflection says, "don't you see?"
I am the devil in you. You can't be free.
a holy verse you know so well
Said in the Lords house you just might dwell
It taught you truly the nature of god
And to write euphemisms, o poet in facaude
The complex you create to be above
This evil thing you cannot love
Inside of you, that is called "I"
The devil I am. That lives inside
In the Word I learned to know of this god in which you abide
guiding you to deny me to death.
Dissonance from guilt, creates in you, me
A separate enity, in which you can't be free
Except in flesh, of responsiblity
But without you, I don't exist
Denying the self inside, shouldn't feel like such bliss
But to yourslef, you lie
And within I die, every time
A juvenile in your prime
You forget me and commit the one sin
Which honestly can't be forgiven
Denial of error, dont look so blue
Failing to forgive the devil in you, it's true
You deny me by your own will
A chance to have peace, to be still
In rebuking me, what's left is condemnation
Eternal damnation
It is the "self" you dismiss
When the pipe you kiss
Makes you feel I do not exist
So let this god cast me away
But it's your own soul you lost today
I am the devil. The mirror.
You're truest fear.
In church this is called blashepmy
But I like to call it your ego,
We both know you cant let go
Pure humanity, inner calamity
To deny thy self love, such profanity.
To repeat this rejection expecting a new "me".....
Literally defined: NOUN

The devil in me is so profound.

I will not be forgiven. Because I will it not.

I deny my pain.
So slowly driven my self insane..
Pray not for peace but Novacane
to numb these rotting teeth, that ache so slowly,  only subject to the sovereign hand of time; this cycle. This crime.
This line of mine
But the conscious is clean
Alteast... I think?
In honor of sobroety, to thine own self be true
no matter how hard
these winds blow and shake me
i stay  r o o t e d  with the Earth
storms exist to awake me
Rachel C Jan 21
But oh,
What a fresh awakening of her soul
Her smile foretold.
fhamideas Jan 19
Hundred times in life,

I swallowed my pride,

Just forsake rid this strife,

and I won’t take any bite.

They change,

We not the same,

Pointing finger & making excuses,

While me – hold the trigger & abandon abuses,

I awakened as a lone wolf,

rely on self acceptance & master the movement,

too far from things to get involve,

less talk & do more self improvement.
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Allison Jan 17
I dreamt that gravity
was just a conspiracy
to sell us shoes
but we never questioned it
just stood, penniless on blistered feet
gazing at the stars

Rage, riot-
wage war against the mind-cage

I dreamt I was an infant
who never learned
that my outstretched hands
were mine, were 'I,'
they tried to bathe me but
I swirled down the drain
and became the sea

Wail, weep-
sell your soul to the keeper of the mind-cage

I awoke with this migraine
shook my head and
heard the shackles clink
reached up and felt
this fissure in my skull
pried it open, watched my mind sigh
and expand to fill this space

Grow quiet, shake hands-
have a cup of tea with the mind-cage

Now I am creation
took the roof off my house
I waft into the open sky
opened my heart
clowns from a clown car
the sorrows walked out

Embrace, make peace-
just be with the mind-cage

Weightless, I meet my old desires
fluffy little wishes floating in the breeze
but there is nothing lacking now
I hold the mind-cage in my arms
we float as it screams
and blames, and fades

Slither, creep-
escape through the open bars

Come home to this joy
Stefania S Jan 11
a silent cry
followed by violent shouts
sullen coves
darkened funeral spouts

the undertaker dressed in black
eyes of coal
he never looks back

widow (maker)
spun around
her dresses long
her feelings down

empty shoals
crowned in blue
legs of scars
moon, new

hear her cry
head thrown back
sobbing swallowed
coughing hack

skin transluscent
soft yet untouched
nocturnal creature
fallow of fucks

withdraw the bow
pull the sword
unappreciated spied my lord

empty cages open and shut
downward spiral
a violent cuck

harrowed adventure
blighted by (sh)fame
ignorant ties
hollow frame

guilty no more
follow on back
open your mouth
scream from of the lack

trust embellished
overly surmised
internal wicking
her sad lonesome eyes
this is your awakening.
your rebirth.
knowledge of this
existential truth
elicits an
desire to
scaling the
ascent towards
further anticipating
the thrill of
back into the
october 5th, 2014
clipped musings juxtaposed with an experimental format.
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