what, already
that aroma;
not a single spoon
of sugar:
the better
the awakening;
my coffee grinning,
shaking me

there's no way
to backtrack;
I'm sipping from b-cups,
kicking into gear...

flash forward;
(flesh in the background)
chasing destination
instead of destiny,
always in a hurry

coffee drops
now drying up
the only ones
still keeping
memory of lips
like the waves
caressing shores

long gone is
the reflection
undulating eyes

thoughts are perched
on mornings:
the old ones,
the upcoming...


Spirit awakening
of something for God.
Something making me
search for His love.

Deep, deep in my soul.
a warmness to my cold heart.
Something making me whole
believing in something I know.

We want to dream
Because we think
That dreams will give us meaning

But when we wake
And see the day
No dream was worth believing

The only thing
That matters still
Awaits upon awaking

Because nothing
Added ere by dreams
Will ever be for keeping

This reads like a toast by firelight. Goodnight!

When you start to dig beneath the surface things begin to show
Things you never thought of nor ever seen before
Big things, little things, questionable things
Like placid smiles that you've been pushed beyond
An agreeable Yes that life has ripped you from
A loving touch you once embraced
Now sliced and shaved all the way down
To where the Ahhas lay

Childish trust, blind faith now blown asunder
For something more urgent as you dig further under
Layers of fluff and squiggly stuff
Unfashionable stuff, freaky stuff, fabulous stuff
More mystery undone, more digging to come
Is it ever done?
There is no final word, no failure, no success
No chisel that can carve away what's etched
Deeper than your flesh
Another winter's here and stubborn leaves
Still linger
The apple crumble's ready
And for now it shall appease your hunger
You bow your head and say
A thousand times

Reuben Aug 27

Portraits and pictures resembles the past,
Every one forms an image and memories that lasts,
It portray and tell the part of our lives in sequence
That depict ourselves from the time we experience

No matter how, I look every angle and see it through
I can still find the people that brings my life breakthrough
To summarize what contribution, they did
I thought both loneliness and happiness are the possessions, I hid

Being with them both loved and hatred is I got for
Because one thing, I will always pray is to change, I did before,
For those I cling and show them the light, I felt delighted and contented
But others I hated and leave in the dark, only regret I can described

Most of them are unique and special but one is dearest to my heart,
Awaking for the time, when I see the smile that melts me apart,
Reminiscing the moment that someone came it brightens my day
And only giving inspiration in my heyday

Oh my God above, Can I turn back the time?
Going back in this period and steal a chance, would it be a crime?
Should I only do, is to accept that is forever lost?
To change anything a bit, is yet unknown, of how it cost.

Zani Jul 15

Sometimes I sit around and talk to myself
Then I choose to write it down
I’m trying to figure out if I’ve gone crazy
Because I’m addicted to the sound

The music wont stop
Because when the beat drops
Its what makes the culture come around
It doesn’t matter if they think you’re lazy
They’ll be crazy about your sound

When you see the whole is much greater than the sum
We are all breed of many colours as one

Bless this mess
There’s too many confessions to make
The last mistake I made
Was to underestimate

That there’s a limit to the past though
It stops with what we choose
To put our clever mind on
So if you’re living in the past dear
I suggest you come along

When you see the whole is much greater than the sum
We are all breed of many colours as one

Sometimes I sit around and talk to myself
And when I say it all out loud
It starts to feel more like that I’m awakening
Its the awakening of the sound
Yes there is no mistaking
Its the awakening of the sound

Lyrics written to a rhythmic guitar piece. Topic is inspiration, community, art and creativity which is often mistaken for craziness. <3
Em E Jul 11

I closed my eyes,
lids down against the fire of the afternoon sun,
and through those new curtains I could no longer penetrate.
And so I turned inward instead
seeing the fire within my head,
the glowing embers radiating
out in a spinning, shifting, turning
series of wheels and tiles, burning
a deep glowing red,
then cycling through to hottest white
And the purple and blue
of deoxygenated blood
Returning to my lungs for another breath,
To gather the elements to delay my death
Working with my heart
To keep me vibrating
Every part in tune,
Each cell cradling me within
A billion tiny wombs comprising my skin, my flesh,
Incubating every spark of me that is
(my spirit).
That fire that burns within those spiralling rainbow hues,
that welcoming tapestry of space connecting me to you
and everything.
I saw this only when I closed my eyes
and let the sunlight filter through.

Glenn Currier Jun 28

I woke up in your country this morning
not sure where I traveled in the night
but now I hear the surf
finding this shore
with its frothy pulse
resonant with tidings from China
the Aleuthians and the arctic.

This kind of awakening
is always fresh
yet familiar
full of your heart
with its pain and kindness
unfailing compassion
and sure but quiet invitation
to stay on the path
you made
and continue to make for us.

It is so good to be here
in this place
near the sea
to breathe its pacific
salty vibrancy
and peace.

“Awakening in Your Country,” Copyright 2017 by Glenn Currier

In Waldport, Oregon’s Edgewater Cottages waking up after a good night’s sleep - feeling God’s presence - hearing the surf of the Pacific.
Gabriel burnS Jun 24

a feeling of incomplete awakening
where sleep has not set in before
a glimpse of another time and space
calm primordial darkness
pervading unity
predating everything
before the stars
and gravity
arcane sensation of belonging
expanding intuition warming
self-awareness fading in
thickening drive
for breaking out of comfort
for a journey of discovery
the cracking of the eggshell
the slow withdrawal
of the veil of slumber
outstretched arms will welcome
the emergence
come alive
my eyes are yours now

...all old ones for publishing, recently...
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