a feeling of incomplete awakening
where sleep has not set in before
a glimpse of another time and space
calm primordial darkness
pervading unity
predating everything
before the stars
and gravity
arcane sensation of belonging
expanding intuition warming
self-awareness fading in
thickening drive
for breaking out of comfort
for a journey of discovery
the cracking of the eggshell
the slow withdrawal
of the veil of slumber
outstretched arms will welcome
the emergence
come alive
my eyes are yours now

...all old ones for publishing, recently...


Come into the dark, and let
your pupils widen, and don’t
reach too quickly for the wall.

It isn’t there.  There is no switch,
no match, only the space
around you.  But it is yours.

Step into it and see where
your foot falls.  Find
your balance.  Accustom your eyes

to the light that remains, slow
and spreading and subtle like first light,
looking more like night than day.

Ormond 6d

Morning ears flower
One monarch butterfly breezed
Chiming temple bells


Karisa Brown Jun 5

Salt life

The taste of spirit on my tongue

Salt life

The sound of my heart after it drums

Salt life

The opening healing to my childhood wombs

Salt life

I Love You ❤

every morning like paradise
and heaven doesn't seem so far away with you
euphoria is your tan skin against mine
& there are one million thoughts in my mind
all connecting back to how to hold onto this moment
I know tomorrow we'll be strangers once again
please just hold me for today

And just like that,
so suddenly as lightning strikes the desolate tree
in the darkest, most violent storm,
I was on fire once more-
burning, yearning for the future.

I received an unexpected message from an unexpected person today
Star BG May 4

I have searched for love
in all the wrong places.
Getting the brunt of someone's
dark seeded issues:

Smacks by hand across face.
Judgmental insults to open wounds.
Forced advances of drunk-in body
as one laid motionless.

I have searched for love
in all the wrong places.
Experiencing heart ache every time
I turned around.

Bars that drowned out hearts song.
Drinking too much to hide the loneliness.
A husband who only cared about himself

I have searched for love
in all the wrong places.
Until hopelessness hit a peak and
I was forced to see before it was too late.

I was looking for love
in all the wrong places.
The place was right here all along

The place inside my own heart,
A place I learned to love myself.
The place I’m never alone
so I Now spread my wings
and fly in my own power.
Freedom at last.

Don't know where it came from as I was not in that kind of marriage. Guess it is meant for someone else
Ormond Mar 31

Morning ears flower
One monarch butterfly breezed
Chiming temple bells

Jim Mar 12

It’s two days into February
and I wake inside a cemetery.
Clouds pass over the sun.

I see the ruins of etched words.

You get used to them you know –
The way you get used to the old man
Who walks along the roadway.

He seems to know the thing you don’t.

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