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Ylzm Aug 5
I believe what is true but knows not truth
Instead I feel truth is what I believed
Most believe what they feel, instinctively
But I, without reasons, cannot believe

Alas reasons found on self evidence
As in what is and is not cannot be
Conjectures they are if truly honest
But axioms worked in all mathematics

Is truth then not of reason but of faith?
For does not ear test words as tongue tastes food?
Surely then we do have some means to know
Even so, must not faith be tested true?

For faith is circular: a conviction
Compelled by strength and conviction of will;
A will constrained, by flesh, susceptible
To unknown beings in spiritual realms

But what if this being is God? And faith,
Conviction of the certainty of things,
Holy Spirit’s gift, marking election,
Affirming justification in God.

Truth by two or more witnesses is sure
Do we attest the Holy Spirit true?
A blasphemous thought perhaps, but prophets
Led to lie to kings and shown to be false.

Thus ignorant sages showed assurance
Lies solely in God’s grace, mercy and love
And in his faithfulness to the elect
Declared in Israel again and again

In my search for truth, I was led to faith,
The faithfulness of God, truth’s ultimate rock
His gifts unchanging, irrevocable
And confirms the fear of the Lord is truth
Ylzm May 22
A book was given,
but the man cannot read.
Another can read,
but cannot understand.
A book of secrets,
in a plain tongue.
A strange tongue given,
secrets revealed.
blackbiird Mar 25

You are wildly in love with me
because you made the stars and the
sun and the universe and everything in between.

You are wildly in love with me
because you cover my scars with grace
and you pivoted the mirror to
see all my blemishes yet still
chose to sing over me.

You are wildly in love with me because
you positioned the nails on the cross
to give me life.

ChildofGodyay Jan 22
prickles and thorns,
sticks and stones,
brains and maggots,
all limp and cold,
a little darkness here and there,
a little pain will do it right.

bowl cracked and torn,
cursed and wrong,
only beautiful with intricate patterns and bright colors and filters but with musical scores gone wrong.  

click click liked,
swipe swipe left or right,
drinking nights,
they've seen them all.

is it fun to feed the darkness?
is it fun to feed the pain?
or the anger or the malice or the judgment or the cane?
maybe, the flesh seeks for the pleasure of the wrong kind,
the wrong sign, the evil one loves his daily dose of darkness.
he doesn't want you to draw the line for the things that are wrong.
he wants you to sing his wicked songs.

when you surround yourself with darkness how "sweet" the sound of his teeth crunching, munching on the juicy contents of your choice.
"great choice of food"
here's is his preferences,
instead of light and life,
put darkness and death,
instead of joy, maybe a bit of despair,
instead of full dependence on God, maybe just an "eh I am near there"
instead of choosing to choose Him instead of them, just choose them,
those who love evil and eats its fruit, those who love to dwell in darkness, in the woods, those who feed their vain.....

the darkness you surround yourself with will mold you,
the pain you keep feeding will just grow within you,
if you keep feeding yourself with darkness you won't feel very good, won't you?
Jesus is the light, Jesus is life, His Word is light, His Word is life, and it is my guide, i choose Him.
i know it is sometimes easier to choose the dark but it will never be worth it, never worth the wait, never worth the suffering.
in Jesus, the suffering, the pain is worth it, in Him i have life!
life like none other, filled with purpose and light!
i feel so free! feel like i could take flight!
i am truly free in Christ Jesus!
i am truly in peace in Christ Jesus!
i am joyful in Him!

Jesus i love you,
i want to love you, more than the heavens or the stars,
more than anything or anyone in the world,
i want to love you with all of my heart, all of my soul, and with all of my might.
on your wings, i will take flight.
i have fed that evil before, but i have learned not to now :)
hehehhehheheheheehheehheheehheehhe probably incomplete but yee will be keeping alll you guys in prayer! if you have any prayer request, you could tell me :)
JDL Nov 2018
   to hollow,
  The Torch of
   the selfless
Laura Aug 2018
Jesus Christ
You seem pretty ****** nice
At least that's what people say
Praising your name
Saying you're the man
But I'm still not convinced
Jesus Christ
Even though
You seem pretty ****** nice
I just wish
I didn't get the short end
Of the stick
How come I'm getting
The short end
Of the stick?
If you're so nice
Why can't you cut a chick
A break?
I'd appreciate it
A whole ****** lot
Cause you see
I'm pretty tired
Of having to fight
Every single day
To stay alive
I know things are worth it
When you have to work hard
But why do I have to
Work so **** hard
When other people
Have a pretty blessed life?
How do you decide
Who gets it easy?
And why did I get ******?
Jesus Christ
You seemed nicer
Than this
Evil life
Was I wrong?
Rachel Watson Jul 2018
My identity is found in Christ,
the son of God who rose to life
overcoming death.

The one who sacrificed himself for you and me,
so that we could be free from sin and guilt.

He is not a distant figure,
he does not tempt or lead me astray.
He gives me a reason to smile,
cheering me up on my saddest days.

I love celebrating every moment with him,
like when my Mum became a Christian.

Sometimes I doubt, and I feel stupid when I do,
because God always comes through.

I am not perfect and I constantly make mistakes,
but he is still there
loving and holding me.

He is the peace after a storm and a strong wind
all at once.

I try to follow Jesus' example every day,
through my actions and what I say.
I want to accept and love others,
despite what they do to me.
Just as Jesus loved those who sent him to die.
He suffered so much so that we could have eternal life.

My identity is found in Christ, the son of God,
and a friend for all of time.
ShowYouLove Apr 2018
Lead us to the heart of the Father
Comfort us and show us the way
This is my son i whom I am pleased
Filled by the Spirit of God

In the body and the blood
You make us as one
Brothers and sisters all family
One in the Spirit of God

Into the desert for forty long days
Tempted and tried he remained
Faithful to the end
Led by the Spirit of God

From your neighborhood to the ends of the earth
We are sent out to share the good news
Share the love and the joy that we have
Sent by the Spirit of God

A lighthouse beacon in the stormy sea
A hand that reaches out for you and me
A rainbow stretching 'cross the sky
Hope in the Spirit of God

Out from the Ultimate Sacrifice
One man paid the greatest price
By water and blood the world redeemed
Saved by the Spirit of God

From clay and the salt of the earth
The breath of God created man
Christ died so we could rise with Him
Alive by the Spirit of God

We are his children the work of his hand
We are his sheep the flock of his land
We are his treasure our value unmatched
Loved by the Spirit of God
written during a "40 Hours Devotion" started by St. John Neumann when he came to America.
ShowYouLove Apr 2018
Here I sit in this holy room
Surrounded by God and a heavenly host
Of saints and angels who give him glory.
Each changed by the body and blood
The power of love and beauty in the sacrifice.
Here I sit in this holy room
A witness to the saving power
A devotion to the perpetual presence
Of Christ with us and in us.
We are each bearers of light, bearers of Christ;
We carry him in us wherever we go.
Here I sit in this holy room
To listen and take in this wondrous gift.
I choose to accept this gift.
How can I not want to share this love with others?
How can I keep from singing and shouting His name?
Here I sit in this holy room
Holy Spirit fill this place and my soul,
Uplift them to the throne of God above.
Start a fire in me that cannot be quenched
And set in me the bright flame of love and passion.
Lead my feet and guide my steps along the path
Be my compass and my Northern Star
So I may never lose my way;
So I can always find my way back home.
Here I sit in this holy room
To add my voice to those around the world
At this moment praying for a change
In others and in their own lives:
Praying for safety and peace,
Understanding and patience.
Praying for survival, praying for the faith's revival.
Praying with men and women past and present
To call upon your aid as we aid those in need.
We pray for many things: our families, friends, nation.
We pray for each other, we pray for ourselves.
Lead us to you, take us closer to your merciful heart,
Love us and heal us and teach us where to start.
Here I sit in this holy room
I give thanks for the gift of undeserved love
And cast my gaze to Heaven above.
This Holy Room and He Is With Us were written during Adoration at St. Isidore in Bloomingdale. I went there on a whim one afternoon. The church was supposed to be closed, but I got lucky and I was let in to pray. It was so cool!!
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