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دema 27m
is not a feeling,
but rather a process,
it’s wanting to burst out
in laughter when you fall
for the same trap twice,
and shedding tears
when you least expect it,
it’s being able to experience
emotions that you thought you had lost
touch of, sight of,
it’s looking at yourself
in the mirror
and loving the broken
version as much as the healed one.
I tried to walk along the sands of time
Wishing my footprints would one day be seen
But I got lost in the uphill climb
Consumed by a dream of what could have been
Struggling to breathe in the thin air of hope
I'm looking for a clear path ahead
There's no way back down this slippery *****
All that I see are illusions instead.
Are there signs that will tell me where to go?
I'm tired of waiting for them to arrive
If this is what it means to learn and grow
I'll make a move, aiming to stay alive.
Jonathan Oct 6
Is it blood or birth?
Too dark to tell.
Is it heathenism or hope?
Too dark to tell.
Is it faith or freedom?
Too dark to tell.

The night is now
Too dark to tell.
In the trenches, we dig
Our graves of friendship.
Sacha Sep 16


Kashish Aug 20
There are certain emotions I am unable to process
They’ve left me suffocated. They cause me to stress
Stress over things that might be of no value in the near future
But it is now; they make me feel like I am a complete loser
These emotions go tough on my body but they flow with ease as I bleed on paper
And the feelings I once had for people I loved, are depleting layer by layer.
A forked tongue on display
Desperate to divert apart
as head and heart seem separate
Sometimes we have to surrender to loss as opportunity knocks
Times will come when
difficult decisions are deemed useful
As transitions are a learning tool for all
Pain is part of the process of progress
Acknowledge the logical steps that need to be met
Some set criteria may be inferior
But agree to abide by these guidance rules
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Josh Overson Aug 16
You must know the depth of being the best.
And a little obsessed with being a mess.
In order for life to never come next.

Holding onto news as you tighten the noose
Around your heart, your seed, your breath to breathe, but no one can explain everything...
Jesus help me, when I can’t choose.
Fight for truth, and what I’ve got.
No fear to lose when nothing comes close to you.

Accelerating the process.
Without missing the concept.
Jesus I’m yours to move.
Inspired to write
God with all might
I need your input
Your welcoming spirit
Carried proud on our sleeves
No other deserves this seat
Kate Aug 11
I am not here
an old friend is waiting in my place
taking messages

I lie in bed and ask
where are you?
(I'm seeking myself)
all I hear back is
Not here.
Not here.

I try to remember
when I last felt like me
when my life felt mine
not foreign
I can remember tremendous pain
and since then
time has passed
without me in it

Separated for
hundreds of days and nights
where I am nowhere at all
I wonder, do I sometimes wake up in this world
this new life
and look around
before retreating again
retreat into the dark

I am floating
not here
not anywhere
I am not alive but I am
there is no root
there is no path back
there is no return at all
Only forward

My rebirth has taken 9 months.
send me away
to a place where i can scream
until my face turns blue
to a place where i have permission
to grieve
to a place where despair is a art
instead of a sin
send me away
for i cannot find that here

Esther Krenzin
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