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I tried so hard but the crying never stops.
same old story, discreatly having a pan!c attack. ******* i hate seeing the people i love hurt, i dont want another death. im scared of losing another one i love.
You were a
child, and I was so young too.
Still scared of shadows and monsters. The world was a canvas
for me and you. And then you left and I was scared and alone. But now that your back I just wish that you would go.
I'm todally ok, just another normal day. There's no need to get overzealous, because I'm definitely not jealous.
yeah i know, i may be lying to myself just a little bit. but i just can't be jealous. it seems he's happer without me anyway.
No matter how ****, how rich or how frail. At the end of the trail the ideal may go pale.
I shall die alone, and so will you. For all we were all born alone so it must be true.
a friend told me im supposed to rhyme, so im trying somthing brand new this time.  Are you happy ya weeb?
And with all the air left, in this beautiful world, true love drew her final breath.
it seems as if true love existed a long time ago, making the world into a beautiful stranger.
Love Addict Feb 13
don't let your broken heartbeat stop beating to your broken rhythm, for the most beautiful Melodies come from broken composers.
Love Addict Feb 14
the most beautiful words spill out as lies in the end.
happy valentine's day
Love Addict Feb 11
As beautiful life begins to cry, tears of cold lies stream out of her eyes.
you may believe that beauty, life, and lies are alike but as you may look closer you see that they are almost one of the same.
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