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Your health doesn't
Seem to improve
What kind of virus
You suffer
Symptoms tell
Your system
Finds difficult
To breathe
HelloPoetry my health depends on your health. Please take care.
Jessica Apr 20
With certainty
Into an echoing cavern
With profundity
Into the depths of emptiness
Watching your words
Spill over the canvas
Like oil paint onto the floor
What door
May open
To introduce my hands to
The familiar hands of tacit love?
Please don't stay neutral
If you don't like
Please dislike
Middle path please avoid
Number of views to unhide
Test break heart
Test break trust
Testing testing
Is it poetry?
What's happening?
Hello Poetry
Michael A Duff Nov 2020
A small string of memory a connection to the soul still pulls at my heart

With each year that passes it recedes and reclaims space in my mind like the rise and fall of the tide

She left me to drown herself in tragedy and the tears of her childhood  looking for more of what broke her

We would've been a beautiful struggle a dysfunction to last a lifetime ironically I write about longing for what broke me.

We are the same
Some come to your life and make a spot that seems their were designed for, an other half of yourself lost and found... bit then they break you apart to leave you in that half for their own selfishness and dysfunction. Why do we still want more even after all they did and all you've done.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
I wish I was less selfish

Would that not be great?

To speak kindly to you more a few days a week at least

If I knew the way
I would try

We could have better

This heart yearns for peace

But it is stuck in dysfunction
It doesnt quite work right
Traveler Nov 2020
Anger is a scary thing
Imagine being angry for year
Never knowing it was caused
from being insecure.

You were
easily enraged
Your daddy was drunk
Your mommy was late
an unfulfilled childhood
was your adolescence fate

Now that part of you
is still raw
And now you’re angry at us all!

But I still love you!
I wish I could’ve raised you with mine!
Traveler Tim

My two sons are very happy as adults!
Keiya Tasire Oct 2020
It was a fear from long ago.
A corner stone of a foundation, dysfunctional.

How you served me and kept me safe
All those growing years.
Thank you for your service.
Thank you for your protection.

Today, with heart and mind
United with intent
I rubbed my hands together
Allowing your energy to grow
And grow and grow
Until it circles between my hands
large and full.

Then with the breath in
Holding on to the stillness.
I see the change.
Ask in prayer. Then give the command.

Breathing out and letting you go with gratitude
As I lifted my hands open to the heavens
My fear floated up toward the Light.
Forever shifted. For ever changed. Forever Transformed.
What happens to us keeps us safe, helps us to grow in awareness and opens our hearts to understanding and transformation. Gratitude releases and opens the heart to love agian.
preston Oct 2020

"What,  you just love me
and then move on..
is that what you do?"

They weren't steps away from her
they were paces

and in an instant, the arrow flew

There is a seam,  
if you are able to see
as there are terracotta dreams
from which

we were  all  meant to be freed

Broken shards  fell to the ground
and inside of every single piece

     is all of the 'hers'
     she thinks that  she needs to be

Not sure if it is the aim
or  the flight  of the arrow
that brings about the aloneness
of an unspeakable,  heart sorrow
and these.. the sufferings of hell.

     Chloe is not dead--
     because  left standing
     when all else fell
     is her spirit's core,  now glowing
     no longer hidden  
     within the confines
     of her terracotta shell

Ah, beautiful Chloe
baby, there were times..

                remember knowing?
      The water-well;
      its  never-ending flowing

      Believe again in that, my beautiful

         not  the shell.

Anything is better than this hatred.
I'm looking forward   to
an eternity spent in hell.

it's a broken kinda feeling..

Melenie Sep 2020
You call me selfish,
ungrateful and mean.
Are you looking at me?
Do you see me?
or do you see a reflection of you?
I am not perfect
nor do I care to be.
You, who want me to bend and give
to accommodate you
are the selfish one.
Manipulation at its best
and it used to work on me
mold myself
to what he or she wants
make them happy
don't upset anyone.
See me, choose me, don't leave me.
I am not that naive anymore
I am on to you
I see the lies.
Say it again,
and look in the mirror
Selfish, do you see it in your eyes
ungrateful, do you see it in your eyes
mean, do you see it in your eyes
Your name-calling  is a reflection of you
not me
I do not own your perspective.
I will survive it all.
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