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Anais Vionet Sep 2021
Be reborn, departed Shakespeare
for now is truly the time to quench
your perpetual attraction to madness.

Threatened by the cruel hounds
of distemper and heated atmospheres,
our broken trusts and unhealthy emotions
set a luxurious bed for extravagant madness.

Be freed from truth, beloved bard
and unbound by complex thought
- relish in weakening America’s
obsessional social dysfunction.
Shakespeare was obsessed with madness and it's many causes.
WickedHope Aug 2021
You wouldnt like me when I'm drunk
Or perhaps you'd like me too much

Push pins sting
As they slide into my skin
But after long enough
They go numb
Can hardly notice the blood anymore
Fourth skins are shed
Leaving a raw innocence in it's place
Uninhibited by restraints
Such as logic
Or forethought
Blinders on too tight
Choking out anything that would be
Scandalous in daylight
A deafening scream
That's part siren song
Vice grip fingers
Holding on for too long
The Devil's wife has come to dance
Please walk away
Or I promise we'll both hate me sober
You always wanted me to get drunk...
But then got angry when I went home with your friends
Michael A Duff Nov 2020
A small string of memory a connection to the soul still pulls at my heart

With each year that passes it recedes and reclaims space in my mind like the rise and fall of the tide

She left me to drown herself in tragedy and the tears of her childhood  looking for more of what broke her

We would've been a beautiful struggle a dysfunction to last a lifetime ironically I write about longing for what broke me.

We are the same
Some come to your life and make a spot that seems their were designed for, an other half of yourself lost and found... bit then they break you apart to leave you in that half for their own selfishness and dysfunction. Why do we still want more even after all they did and all you've done.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
I wish I was less selfish

Would that not be great?

To speak kindly to you more a few days a week at least

If I knew the way
I would try

We could have better

This heart yearns for peace

But it is stuck in dysfunction
It doesnt quite work right
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