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The phrase "a broken home"
attaches much value to
the nuclear family.
As if to ask
whether the people

aren't fractured
in some way. Were it
intrinsic, we wouldn't last.

The phrase
is indicative
of a shame I'd
reject, but
at the heart of it

there's some
A little girl that did nothing wrong is alone

Alone, in her bed, screaming for mommy
Alone, playing ever so quietly for hours on end
Alone, surrounded by the screams of thy mother
Alone, encased by the silence of thy father
Alone, glass crashes on the floor
Alone, with questions of life
Alone, when the police arrive at my home
Alone, with questions of where is daddy?
Alone, hiding is a sacred place
Alone, dreading the storm that will end
Alone, as she cares for her mother
    Sobbing, cursing, bleeding, broken
Alone, with silent tears of fear
Alone, abandoned and scared
Alone, running and screaming for help
Alone, amongst the chaos in which we called family
Alone, to figure out what love is amongst this devastation
Alone, to allow boys to use her as they like
Alone, in a world created in her mind
      A fantasy of a mother, father, daughter and sister
      Surrounded by laughter, caring, support, and love
Alone, wishing I was special and dead alike
Alone, staring at the trickling blood - just to feel something
Alone, pleading with God to take me instead of a beloved child
Alone, swallowing pills in the night
Alone, saving herself
Alone, she awakes

A little girl that did nothing wrong is all alone
Keiya Tasire Jan 6
Who am I?
Why am I here?
How do I grow?
Where do the words that I utter spring from?
How do my actions unfold to take flight?
What are the roots of my habits both desired and not desired?
When did my character become undesirably ripe?
As defined by Another?

Piously pompous extruding expectations
We both wagged the tail of judgment from our respective roles.
Each casting the wands of incantations, illusions, and lies!
One to change the controlling illusion
Another to maintain it's web and power.

It was handed down from the very first mothers
It was handed down from the very first fathers
It was set into motion from the very first breath of the very first lie.
It created the very first shadow of darkness that fell upon Truth.

Tainted, "It" fell from realms of Light, the realms of Love and Joy.
"It" tumbled and rolled down the family Tree
Branch by branch, twig by twig, and leaf by leaf
Deeper into the darkness, grief, sadness and pain.

We were taught to ignore the dragon of dysfunction
Lying among the branches of our human family tree.
As "It" grew and grew, and grew.
"It" matured and gave birth to expanding prodigies
Who fained deeds of compassion, fained loyalties,
Fained emotions, and fained love

To twist and to alter reality,
Aimed toward total power,  riches, and total control.
Using the swords of Expectations,
Judgments, half truths and lies, they waged war!
With their army of
Every wolf in sheep's clothing
Every entitled the fair-haired child
Every hero - rescuer
Every "I am the victim"
Every fearful guilt burdened peacemaker,
Every misunderstood black sheep,
And all the unaware lost lambs.
The cycle of dysfunction turns
As a companion within the wheel of time.
We are told to never speak of It and deny It's existence.
This is the power that feeds It as It expands.
And we find ourselves beyond the ability to contain "It."

One day our eyes open to awareness
We come face-to-face with "The Choice."
Do we go back to sleep? Or do we get up?
And if we stand up, what is next?
When we see our unveiled past, will we fear and hide?
Or arise as a seeking warrior of Light?
If we choose the Light will Love begin to arise from the darkness
Will Love transform "It" to find It's-self Immortal & Eternal?

Give me understanding of Love!! With Understanding I will seek!!
Standing between the windows of time past, present, and future
With the root of addictive desire, laid upon the alter
Banished! Gone!! Released!!

Will the Darkness  release "It" from the depths of grief, sadness and pain?
Without a word "It" became a He
And He draped the blanket of courage over His shoulders
with the Light of hope in His eyes.
Refusing to never give up
He dawned His Innate strengths
Refusing dire circumstances
Letting go of confusion, ignorance, vises, grief, blame, and all ill desire
He stepped straight and firmly into the Light which expands!
He stood with joy in the Light and looked back

As "It" became a She
And She draped the blanket of courage over Her shoulders
with the Light of hope in Her eyes
Refusing to never give up
She dawned Her Innate strengths
Refusing dire circumstances
Letting go of confusion, ignorance, vise, grief, blame, and all ill desire
She stepped straight and firmly into the Light which expands!

The Light embraced Her and embraced Him
They stood together seeking understanding
Their hearts opened
Each to sing their own song of joy, of love, of peace
Together in harmony
Dancing  in the Light as One.

So with courage, do my actions unfold to take flight!
With joyful Love the words uttered within my heart sprang!
How, I do grow!
I am fully here, awake!
I know who am I, really!
Because  in silence I sat upon the earth
As He sat upon the Earth
As She sat upon the Earth
Looking toward the heavens
She female and He male
Focused in silence, they taught me how to breathe.

Now throughout the generations of Time
We began to breathe as One
Together in Love, in Peace and in Unity.
Reaching and holding each other
Beyond and through the Wheel of Time.
The questions of our life stirs each of us to some kind of action. The actions we each choose are unique to our own personal life path. We each bring to our personal path ofseeking - our personal understanding about truth, our beliefs, acculturation, and family patterns. Of which culminate into our strengths and weaknesses.
By choosing understanding in the challenges of life, we are armed to step into a path of increased love, forgiveness, heightened spiritual growth, increased awareness and higher consciousness and love.
If we choose the path of ego defences we continue the dysfunction and the further weakening of our humanity, families, selves, hearts and spirits. This poem is about becoming aware of this process and the choice we each have.
Em MacKenzie Dec 2018
You’re undecided whether you like me better blonde or brunette
it doesn’t matter as my hair is dying and coming loose.
I’ve abided to the unspoken terms of complete regret,
I made my bed, I’ll lie in it, tucked in tight as a noose.
Lifeless eyes that are overwhelmed with saggy lids,
so very tired but they’re still searching for a spark.
Feeling unwanted and rejected but still accepting bids,
but I belong on the sidelines and kept in the dark.

We can talk to each other about anything and everything
as long as it’s spoken in non corresponding code.
I’m at a dinner party fasting with nothing to bring,
at the wrong house on the wrong road.
You’re trapped in the maze that is my mind,
and that place may just become your home.
I’d direct you out if there was an exit I could find,
but even breaking down the perimeter reveals a dome.

Won’t you please be kind,
and please rewind.
Travel back and find,
the roots where we bind.
Stained from tear streaked flushed cheeks
and shredding through each line,
months became years but first days became weeks
and I still reply “I’m fine.”
It gets weaker every time.

She said “if your scared of ghosts then you’ll hate falling in love.”
It’s like an empty house and you’re the host
but there’s noises coming from above.
Every single door is closed
no matter how persistent you knock,
and you’re left feeling like you’ve imposed
on the person who convinced you to walk.

You can keep repeating it,
until you start believing it,
but my dear, we both know the real deal.
And I’ve been retreating in,
pouring out and bleeding in,
I’m already dead but when will I keel?

Won’t you please be kind,
and please rewind.
Travel back and find,
I’m half deaf but fully blind.
My home’s become the floorboard that creeks,
and my heart’s a vacant gold mine,
months became years but first days became weeks
and I still reply “I’m fine.”
It gets weaker every time.

A star never falls the same twice
and each week the moon has a new face,
I’ve been treading carefully but still slipping on ice,
I thought it was the tortoise that won the race?
And now my heart is booming
and beating straight out of my chest,
cardiac arrest is looming,
it’s been too long since it’s had a rest.

In all my over thinking I’ve never had a wishful thought,
this will be the last time I’ll wait around to see.
In all my over thinking I’ve never been satisfied with what I’ve got,
this will be the last time you can explain it all to me.

So my teeth grind, please be kind and rewind.
Maybe I was blind, please be kind and rewind.
Yes I’ve lost mind, please be kind and rewind.
Made beds to which we’re bind, please be kind and rewind.
That moment when you realize a lot of people on this site aren’t old enough to get the blockbuster reference.
Amanda Sep 2018
I am difficult most days
I'm guessing because I'm a mess
Eats me up to know I'm damaging
People close get hurt and I am distressed

I cannot take their advice
Or tell the truth so instead
I silently float in a pool of omission
At the bottom scribbled words unsaid

Desperately trying to hide and deny
Dysfunction under a thin cloak of happiness
Like fireflies in the cool evening wind
Each smile fizzles out giving way to darkness
I have actually never seen a firefly in person because we don't have them up here in Alaska
Harry Roberts Sep 2018
Having A Day In The Sun On The Town,
Reclaiming My Throne & Shining My Crown,
Been Down In The Dumps & Hunted By Hounds,
No Sound In The Mire Or Light To Surround.

You Make Your Own Gold From The Metal You Smelt,
You Strategise With Cards You've Been Dealt,
Moving The Pieces The Pawns Have Been Used,
Using Your Cards Up It's Like Their Abused.

Know No Ones Holy I'm ******* With Him,
Satan My Husband The Original Sin,
I'm Deformed Further Than The Children Of The Nephilim,
An Imbalance To Gaia I Defy The Globes Spin.

Using The Energy Built From Within,
I've Lead A Whole Glaring These ******* Won't Win,
I'm More Than My Instincts & Meaningless Sin,
Gin Mothers Ruin In Tears You Will Swim.
Harry Roberts - Original Sin © 03/09/18
Madisen Kuhn Jul 2018
why do i crumble
fall into pieces of
oats and sugar
something beautiful
in a white bowl, but
a mess on the floor
when i wake up
in an empty house
why do i wither like
brown leaves
under brand new and
borrowed boots atop
autumn sidewalks
when i’m alone,
i’m alone,
i’m alone
it is not enough
to eat breakfast
however small
to wash my hair with
coconut milk
to not step out into
the busy street;
i freeze before the ice
touches me
i do not allow
the chance to warm
my own hands
i lie down, on
***** sheets,
and wait for someone
to awaken me
Kore Mar 2018
he looks at me
carnal grin in place
with essence of small death
smeared across his face

but these wild nights
existing only in my mind's eye
were nothing more
than the ephemeral kind

vanishing when i wake
these wild dreams and created nights
leave nothing but an ache
in the space left by his flight
Secret Garden Feb 2018
Alone in your presence,
Take me away.
Burning under your touch,
I don’t want to stay.
Living among wolves,
What can I say?
Your grip is so tight,
You **** the light from within.
Your claws are so sharp,
They are piercing my skin.
My voice is gone,
I make no sound.
I’ve searched and searched,
For it cannot be found.
I am trapped,
I can’t breathe-
Your torment is suffocating me.
I need to break away from this
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