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The girl came in a dream to me
night after night
with red and pink roses in her hair
and freckles in her eyes
she held my hand tight
leading me away with her sweet, sweet song
If I could, I would,
make you happy, make you smile.
But I will not be your entertainer,
just to be here for awhile.

I am the wind, blowing through sails,
from places left unknown,
to linger by your side,
the place where I've flown.

And I try to prove, to provide,
to create my happiness through you,
but the longer that I stay and fight,
the fast you're proving untrue.

So I'll leave soon, garner peace
in another land with new folds,
to see if you'll chase me,
just without being told.

Because if I am your provider,
you breath of air, your kindle,
I expect at least your gratitude
for my presence, just a little.
be thankful for those whom you have.
When the season comes
to rest,
and a drought sinks
your heart
into your chest,
do not fret.

Tend with the care
the garden needs.
The soil,
The seeds,
The fertility,
The weeds.
Leeli Barton Nov 30
you give
a lot more
likes on my selfie

than you
give to my
attentive words.

i get
a bit more
sense of my self-fee--

thank you--
now i know
what you preferred
Sing me the poetry of the world
With hyphens and bona fide verses
With simplicity conveying secrets of beauty
And gratitude's in every full stop aroused.

For what music, should ever please the ***'s ?
To have them say
'Mankind has found its way'
To show them the justification of keeping us never astray
And playing sweetly, the mistakes we make.

Forgiveness we gave.
In perfect sequence and shade
Only to abstract,
The sweet song
of poetry in faith
Nathalie Nov 27
Doves cooed at morning dawn

Encapsulated in pure light

Every spark of brightness

Magnified the blades of grass

Shining with pearls of dew

Trees swayed, keeping

Their majestic presence

As the wind ruffled

Their leaves, a medley

Of beauty and colour

Rustling brook sang

Merrily as it met

With the riverbank

In gushes of

Ebbs and flow

Nature’s bounty

Becomes it's own reward

For everyone who

Appreciates and rejoices

In celebration and song

Of our world’s harvest

Jesse Cochran Nov 25
1) Going on a ride
2) Nice weather
3) Convenience stores
Jesse Cochran Nov 25
1) My jacket
2) Having clothes
3) Food in the fridge
4) Having a brain
5) Haikus
6) Numbered lists
7) Freedom of speech
8) Money
9) Being an adult
10) Reflecting on my mistakes in life
11) Feeling happy as of right now.
Jesse Cochran Nov 25
1) The money I have
2) YouTube videos
3) Having good friends
4) Expressing myself properly
5) Retro video games
6) Being approved for Hello Poetry
7) Gratitude bring a form of poetry fir me
8) Loss of anger
I am starting a new trend where lists of things to be grateful for should be a form of poetry.
japheth Nov 25
the glass of water
i’ve filled for months
with the slight touch of your finger,
it poured over.

i’ve grown enough
to easily fill up a pitcher.
self love, *****
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