I found my soulmate in the cracks in the sidewalk
Appreciate the little things in life
A man that has no music in him is fit for violent deeds,
And such a man is deserving of death.
A man that sings whole heartily utters beautiful clarinets,
That can mend a broken spirit.
And such a man is fit to be cherished.

A voice like yours;
Low on pitch
And high on meaning,
Can never fall on deaf ears,
For it is spirit filled like the band of Cherubim.

In all honesty;
It leaves my conscience hanging about the neck of my heart,
And foolishly away from all worldly matters.
It weighs away the embrace of heaviness I carry,
And leaves me in comforting rest,
with extraordinary emotion;
You put little effort in showing unthrifty love and care.
And your good and caring spirit has never gone unnoticed.
Dates back to 05/01/17
Inspired by The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare.
Dedicated to once a good friend of mine M. Dlamini
Take my fingerprint what have you got
To be perfectly honest actually not a lot
It might get you into my phone
But there's nothing there that isn't already known

Take my photograph what have you got
With a few basic skills and a copy of Photoshop
You could make me look foolish and daft
But I do that anyway just for a laugh

Take my DNA what have you got
Well you could arrange a crime so I got caught
You could give my persona a darker dimension
But quite frankly I'd probably welcome the attention

Take my identity what have you got
Well seizing my life and some money of course
Most likely all of the above one way or another
To be honest I couldn't really be bothered

Take my poetry what have you got
My thanks for giving me a moment of your thought
My gratitude for the compliment implied
The one theft of Me to which I totally subscribe
Gratitude is a door
between the heart and heaven
––be thankful for the thorn.
When I was a boy
you held my hand.
When I went to school
you held my hand.

When grandparents died
you held my hand.
Every time I cried
you held my hand.

Now when I come back home,
you hold my hand.
When I leave again so soon,
you hold my hand.

When I have my own child,
I’ll hold their hand.
Remembering your smile,
I’ll hold their hand.

When you go to the hospital,
I’ll hold your hand.
When you’re no longer here,
I’ll miss your hand.
Today, I'm missing my family. But at least I get to see them all again soon, and in good health. Feeling grateful, mortal––not morbid.
Star BG Jan 28
Your now anointed with love.
Breath deep to feel its pulsations .
Invisible but strong - from me to you.

Your now anointed with prayers
Inhale its gentle power
they whisper divinely - from me to you.

Your now anointed with  candles glow.
Feel it's energies in breeze.
It drifts in third eye vision - from me to you.

Your now anointed with intent
Accept the blessings on route
It comes with gratitude - from me to you.
I wrote this for all those following me. I just reached 300 followers. Thanks fellow poets. May you all be well to walk in your paths enlightened
to feel joy, peace, and prosperity.
Apporva Arya Jan 21
Choose gratitude over regret,
Before the time ticks away.

So throw off the bow lines,
Sail away from safe harbor.
Catch trade winds in your sails.
Choose in now, choose your happiness. Choose wise. Take the first step in faith, universe will guide u ahead.
Dr YumnaKay Jan 17
and I'm certain that there are things that I'll always be uncertain of. The need to let you go, the surge to feel your words wash over me,

and I'm certain that there are things that I'll never tire of. To gaze at the moon late at night, the [soothing] effect I experience while reading your words,

and my mind, which thinks up ways
on how to irk you, little by little ...
Dedicated to V. Just a mere realization on my part on how much special a person you are (to me). And some others ;)
returning to familiar ground
is, at this point,
never pleasant
or at least it isn't now

faces i hoped never to see again
smells i can only pick up there
sounds that attack my ears, unique to this space
it's all coming back to me now

jagged edges of the lights
the colors
the voices
ripping me apart each day

the same mechanical words rise like bile in my throat
burning vomit fills my mouth, escaping through my nose unbidden
the same mechanical words, once thought purged from me
leave me uneasy

my mind is crying out
not again
not again
and i'm meant to smile and be joyful

i must be grateful for the friends i don't deserve
love i don't cherish with my whole heart
spaces and feelings that will never be mine
family, torn asunder from within and scattered to the winds

am i meant to believe that things will get better from here?
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