Thank you Mom, and thank you Dad,

On your belaf, every moment ive had-

To store colours and sounds, within my head;

To revel in passions unsaid.
I owe my art to my parents, who let me practice entirely own my own terms.
Denny C 5d
You gave me shelter
You made it a home
You gave me a friend
When I felt alone
In this life
You've given me
You've shown me the way
You set me free
There is no me
Without you
By way of me
Your soul shines through
There's not enough
All I can offer
Is all my love

Appreciation is the essence of humanity -- let it show.
rob kistner Aug 10

it's in not knowing
how long
that makes the time
so sweet


rob kistner © 2018
Contemplating the future.
Geneva Aug 6
thanks be to god the ever
holy hand that brushes the
hate from our eyes and
absorbs the pain to give to
himself or some other
demon to devour as a delicacy
he who glazes the brain with
a thin wash of sanctity or
blessing or love or something
of which we cannot speak
but nonetheless the rats that
he animates continue to
unknowingly praise his power
in a song that beats on eternal.

he glazes us with a love that
sends shudders through the
unclean base profane vermin
bodies that he persists to bless
with the utmost holy gifts
unclean rats congregate and
deteriorate and demolish and
hate and defecate and spit
at god but still the bodies
shudder with the unearth
the element that cannot
exist without his presence
and then again it happens

the ugly unclean
profane shit eating
parasites are the
receivers of a
god’s touch that
even the angels
are not worthy
worth is a distorted
concept god is all,
yet worth none
the trash is
graced with
the utmost
any being
or unbeing
is capable
of processing.
Restore me,
those words are stones
dropped into a lake of voices.

The loudest of them,
repeat ad nauseam.

In this nexus,
i am the oppressed.
Jackals swim concatenating the worst of thoughts,
plotting tomorrow’s coup d'é tat.

My proclivity, to take the wheel
Invariably pulls me under.
Here in this place I am greased like Atlas
Punished to become the choices I’ve made
And for that I’m grateful.
The Recipe for a good life
Count your blessings not your problems
Value people not possessions
Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever , so make lasting memories
Try to give more than you receive
Give to those in need
Have more friends than regrets
Be grateful for the start of each new day
It is a chance for a new beginning
Stir in kindness compassion and understanding
Share generously  with those you meet
Serve with a smile and with gratitude
Double or triple the recipe by seasoning it with Love
Watch it grow in yourself and others.
You don’t need gift wrap
Tape or any fancy bows
It’s sometimes intangible
That’s just how it goes.
You can’t put in under the tree
Or hide it up in the closet
But the person you give it to
Will surely know they got it.

A gift can be hello and love
And sometimes goodbye
It can mean we’ll meet again
It speaks of the reasons why.
A gift is a token of one soul
To another, closing gaps.
A gift is a message of care
And maybe of hope, perhaps.

Some gifts can be lined up
On shelves for all to see
And others are invisible
But taken just as seriously
As a jewel you can hold on to
And feel it there in your hand.
Sometimes it’s a treasure
Only you can understand.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 29
In the shade of my carriage,
I think of all the times where
I just wanted to surrender to
my own inner darkness
I have been so afraid of life
of being a seed that never sprouts
My mind would become a storm
of emotion that would take over
me. But just like in the carriage,
there were cracks of light and I
thought of the many friends that
I had made. The many friends who
have supported me, even when I
didn't see my own self-worth and
my own talents. One being the ever
patient, very kind, Queen Sue, one
of many Queens of HP who I am
indebted to. A truly kind and gentle
soul who has broken from her chrysalis,
and flutters her iridescent wings.
Everything she touches grows, and
everyone near and far knows that hers
is a soul that gives so much. When I
boarded the ships and faced the
turbulence of my own stability,
when I was drowning and ready to
close my eyes, I could hear her.
"Don't give up!" her voice as sweet as a psalm
and as one made of pure light, offered me
her hand, and pulled me up so I could
breathe. Though it was hard, I managed
to calm my inner storms and return safe
and sound. As my carriage stops, I peek
out of the window and I can see her
waving from her tower. In her Kingdom
I arrived, and she continues to thrive
And her dynasty will be one of true
In honor of Queen Sue, one of the many Queens of HP!
And the Angel who Burns with a Kind Heat
Sending you hugs, love and blessings!
Jon Thenes Jul 29
At home we have instrument
We have task for our senses
And chore to cement company
We have duct
We have other
And we have other in practice
Home can operate with being
And can factory improvement
It has appetite and seasons
Cavern and congregation
It has gratitude and matters
Chatters and conflict
And conflict resolved
Lyn-Purcell Jul 28
Air is perfume-light
Elbows sank in my pillow
I wake from slumber

Chamber door opens
Handmaiden brings good tidings
from outer Kingdoms

Holds a silver tray
With scones, jam and honey for
some chamomile tea

Steaming hot china
which I blow and gently sip
I hum in delight

Come, some scrambled eggs
With toast and ice-cold fresh fruits
Lemon slice in tea

The handmaiden speaks
As she opens the curtains
The sun shines brightly

Many ships have docked
My kingdom grows in strength
and in its beauty

Another handmaid
Holding a tray of pure gold
I see its contents

White and gold letters
Written by your regal hands
Kingdoms near and wide

Handmaids open them
So many sweet messages
Blessings and congrats

While sipping my tea
I ask for my page and quill
Write with golden ink
THANK YOU GUYS FOR 140 followers,
my fellow Kings and Queens of HP!
And thank you for all your sweet messages- for wishing me well on completing my film course! I had such a good week and not only did it do wonders on my overall confidence, it helped me with my writing also!
Welcome and thank you for helping my Kingdom grow here! ^-^
Sending love and blessings to you all!
Love you guys!
Yours sincerely,
Queen Lyn of Aurelinaea.
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