I live in this magnificent world
Whose beauty I sometimes can’t see
Whose strength I sometimes ignore.

I live on this blue and green island
Some call it earth
Some call it hell.

I wonder why I’m here at all
Why God chose me
And who is God?

I feel trapped and wicked
But I am true and pure

Inside I am pure energy
I reflect the world around me.

Humanity is but the albedo
Of the stars
As they lose and find themselves.

This is a brimming galaxy
She is good and strange,
And she is here.
Sometimes you smile at the universe
Offer love, sweetness
Pure energy

Sometimes life smiles back,
Sometimes not

You still keep smiling
In the knowing
That the flower in your heart
Smiles with you

The river of love
from deep within
bubbles with joy
to join
The unending ocean
Of truth, purity and stillness
Eternal silence
In love
In smiles
In sweet gratitude
japheth Apr 29

the people

who just came in,

who stayed,

who said farewell,

and for those who left

without saying goodbye,

thank you.
some afterthought i had in the afternoon to cap off my melancholic noontime
It's the most beautiful women
Who are the easiest to please.
You'd think It would be the opposite.
You would think that less attractive women
Would appreciate the attention,
But they usually don't.
Beautiful women
Like to be doted on.
They just don't want every man out there
To try to pull down their pants
Or skirt.
Inspired by a Facebook Poem written by Kabir Deb.
A way to release
The moments I freeze
A chatter I couldn't cease
When nothing to appease
I wandered like an idiot
Came across HP by Elliot

On HP we socilise
The might of pen we realise
What if my poems don't trend?
My passion doesn't end....
No sunshine not given light
Yet HP has taken me to a new height

"Daily" never selected
Yet people appreciated
Made friends across the globe
Found a new ray of hope
A plateform for poetry
Love you dear HP!
Wrote few lines    Just to express my gratitude.....
sheila sharpe Apr 25
I know little of horses
Save that they entrance
With their manes hanging loose
over chocolate eyes that liquidly sideways glance
Save of their hooves that with castanet click
Accompany life’s dance
Save of their stillness in the frost of morning
Save of their speed in the fret of day
Save of their quiet in the calm of evening
And that they stir me on my way
Past the fields where the morning mist encircles
Past where the shivering grass gyrates
Past where the breezes carry hints of voices
And the remembering poppies sway
I know little of horses
Save that
once upon a dream
They lay in the lull of armistice
Where the memories tossed and teemed
My Great grandfather kept horses.  I think that they are truly magical animals, fully deserving of our gratitude and appreciation   Sheila at Kegworth
chloe Apr 18
i know its not a poem.
its more of a thankyou.
a sorry.
a reply.
a hello. and maybe it could be a goodbye.
I just wanted to thankyou from the bottom of my heart.
for you have followed me.
right from the start.
thank you so much for following me!
im only 13 and am only just finding my spot in this earth. so thankyou x
Fox Friend Apr 17
Oh darling, learn to thank the rain.
Let it crash, soak, and pour.
Don't ask it to go away; don't beg it to be tame.
For it is through the storms that you learn:
We need the water to bloom and be more.
Cadence Apr 16

Sure, i was young and stupid
Its a good excuse its not nice to think you would make the same mistake twice
Im older now, more wise
At least, thats the narrative i live by
I wont be stupid again like that time
I wont misjudge a snake for a vine
I wont get bit, i wont cry
My boundaries stand high
Noone unworthy gets by
So dont even try

I will find good people, make good love
No more stupid mistakes, no more fuckups
My old self was sweet but messed up
Im stronger now, better at coping with stress
Less bullshit, more truth

But is that really how you wanna feel about the younger you?
The one that made it through?
The little kid that stood up time and again
When depression exacerbated everything she felt?
Who made it through her own hell?
Well, maybe its healthier to belittle her than to feel helpless
But know that she was glorious herself and
She was wise and well equipped
To cope with reality's bullshit
She survived the hellish
Stayed vulnerable, wasnt selfish
Hell, if thats what you wanna trivialize, be my guest
But just remember to say thank you
Because if you are better, its because she was the best
Shout out to younger me
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