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Bekah Halle Jan 25
There’s much more going on in my life,
Than just in this moment.
There’s a bigger story at large,
The story involves love and atonement.

Not just a job, a husband or health restoration,
But eternity.
Lift your eyes,
Keep them fixed above and not on modernity.

Go deeper still,
Get in under your skin,
Go to the heart,
And let true life begin.

The mind is amazing,
But it can often get us fixed.
Fixed on things of this world,
So lift your eyes higher to the mystery betwixt.


In the vast expanse of existence, we humbly stand before you, Almighty Gad. Your divine presence echoes through the cosmos, shaping the universe with your boundless wisdom. As the sun rises and sets, so does our gratitude for the gift of life bestowed upon us.

In the tapestry of time, your love weaves through the threads of our journey, a constant source of solace and inspiration. Through trials and triumphs, we find refuge in your eternal embrace, knowing that your grace is an unwavering beacon guiding us through the storm.

Majestic Gad, the orchestrator of galaxies and the whisperer in the wind, we sing praises to your name. Your mercy rains down like gentle dew, refreshing the soil of our souls. In moments of darkness, your light illuminates our path, dispelling shadows and instilling hope.

In the symphony of creation, every note resonates with your divine melody. The mountains declare your grandeur, and the rivers sing of your endless flow of compassion. The intricacies of nature reflect the artistry of your hands, a masterpiece that testifies to your infinite majesty.

Oh Gad, our Rock and Redeemer, we offer our gratitude for the gift of salvation. As we navigate the complexities of life, may your word be a lamp unto our feet, guiding us towards righteousness and love. Let the echoes of our praises rise like incense, reaching the heavens in a harmonious symphony of devotion.

In unity, we gather to honor you, Almighty Gad, recognizing the sacred bond that unites us as your children. With hearts overflowing with
reverence, we surrender to your divine will, knowing that in your presence, we find everlasting peace.

In the stillness of our souls, we seek you, Almighty Gad, as a sanctuary in the midst of life's tumultuous seas. Your presence, like a gentle breeze, calms the storms within, and your love, an anchor, steadies our fragile vessels.

Through the vast expanse of time, your eternal wisdom unfolds like the pages of a sacred manuscript, revealing the intricate tapestry of our existence. In the chapters of joy and sorrow, we find solace in the narrative of your unending grace, a narrative that transcends the limits of mortal understanding.

Oh, Divine Gardener, tend to the gardens of our hearts. Cultivate the seeds of compassion and kindness, that they may bloom into flowers of love that fragrance the world around us. Water our spirits with the dew of understanding, that empathy may grow as a mighty oak, sheltering those in need.

As dawn paints the canvas of the sky, we acknowledge the beauty of creation, a masterpiece woven by your hands. The sun, a radiant symbol of your enduring light, dispels the shadows of doubt, and the moon, a gentle reminder of your constant presence, guides us through the night.

In the symphony of life, we are instruments of your divine harmony. May our actions resonate with the melody of justice, kindness, and humility. Let our words be notes of encouragement, lifting the spirits of those who traverse the winding paths of existence.

Almighty Gad, in times of adversity, be our fortress; in times of joy, be our celebration. Bind us together as a community of souls, interconnected by the threads of faith, love, and shared humanity. We stand before you, our hearts open, seeking the whispers of your guidance in the gentle breeze of existence. Amen!!!🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏

Kindly share to as many page & group, help people learn of their Creator. Create HIS awareness. & comment
grow the kingdom of the ALMIGHTY.

May the echoes of our shared prayers resonate in the sacred spaces of your heart.
Amen! 🙏
When I stood awe, looking the world and the wonders surrounding it.
Anais Vionet Jan 21
Why isn’t “*******” a complement?
I mean, when “Thank you” isn’t enough?

You get a great meal and fantastic service at a restaurant.
You leave a nice tip and as you leave, you add, a waving,
cheerful “*******!” Which says it all.

You have your car repaired, it cost ½ the estimate -
you’re thrilled - and as you view the bill, you grin
and say, “*******!” The mechanic smiles
proudly and says, “You’re welcome!”

You’re at work and your boss says that you’re getting a raise.
You say, “*******!” And you mean it.
He/she laughs and says, “Right back at ya!”

Isn’t getting ****** - at the right place, with the right
someone, one of life’s elysian pleasures? I mean honestly.
It should be up there with ‘God bless you.”

‘*******’ should be a standard courtesy expression,
there should be Hallmark ‘*******' cards,
with happy faces on them.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Elysian: blissful or delightful in an almost otherworldly way.
I walked this earth,
Unaware of light.
A blindfold covered my weary eyes.

From day to night,
Roaming all alone.
My skin,
Like snow,
As cold as ice.

But you came along,
To warm my blood.
Took off the blindfold,
To show me love.

I am true and renewed,
And grateful for us.
This poem is an appreciation of the ones we love !
silvervi Jan 1
Now, in the middle of the night
I have this urge to tell you
How much I love you
And how much I appreciate you being by my side as I am walking through life sometimes graciously and sometimes not.
I want you to experience more of my happiness
I'd like to share all of it with you.
I love that you are the one by my side when I am learning to trust and love life again.
Thank you.
Something I wrote for my partner but never showed them.
jǫrð Dec 2023
I'd take your
Happiness if given
The chance again
That infected smile
A thin coward's lips
That sour expression
The eyes never lie
But they do fib
Enjoy your demise
You've earned it
The History: You don't know what you got, 'til it's gone.
Bekah Halle Jan 1
The time taken was not what I dreamed
of, craggy paths, dead ends, or so it seemed.
But now, with back a turn, I see a glimmer,
Of the bigger picture, that calls me nearer.
With eyes wide open, listening ears;
A heart full and a spirit clear,
Peace and acceptance: my purified pearl.
Bekah Halle Dec 2023
Pen on paper is like breath in my lungs.
It is my write to live;
Describing, birthing, embracing.
Permission to give.

But the pen used ineptly,
Causes death.
Like throwing my pearls to swine,
Snuffs breath.
I am spatial, /
I understand, /
I fathom, /
Through distance, space, & time, /
I see clearly, pristinely through you & I. /

'Do not forsake me, /
I am everywhere,' /
He says to me, /
And I unfalteringly, /
Unwaveringly, I believe /

In Him, are treasures: /
The opulence, /
The affluence, the direction, /
Of one-million /
Guiding stars. /

You are a sign, /
A beacon of hope to the lightbearers; furthermore, /
A portent, /
Ominous, pernicious, /
To the Cimmerian shadow. /

I know you /
You, /
I love /
You, /
For that I am grateful. /

What is love? /
An existential vagary? /
Perhaps not. /
It is real, it is tangible, /
When He is in my arms. /

Mi amour, /
Mi amour, /
Mi amour, /
Mi amour, /
Me encanta, mi amour. /
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