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How dare I sulk
over dust which has
slipped between my fingers
when poppies are rattling
in damp air
when daises smile up
beaming at their sun
clover and grass gleam
green and iridescent;
the dust which I lost
panged me so to no
avail until today I saw
this was the food
for early June creation.
I wrote this on my Iphone 5 after a run last May. I ended up running through a field of poppies, daisies and other gorgeous little baby flowers whose names I don't know (but would love to get to know)..

I was feeling angsty and melancholic, still processing this situation I was in with this immature dude. I realized he wasn't really into me when I had invested so much emotion.  But who has time for moping around when the world is so vibrant and amazing ?  So, essentially this is about Gratitude and Getting Over It !
You held the softest part of my heart
while I refused to view this
as nothing
but a flaw.
Let your life
Be like the poetry

Deep enough to
Penetrate the mind
Tender enough to
Touch the heart
Beautiful enough to
Take the breath away

Tell me
What else you need?
No matter what
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: All good things
Jon Thenes Aug 29
evening beds the daytime


gather in toward yourself

the care and benefits of the day span

Welcome Vessels and Vessels go

It’s made overly complex

But Satellites ;

Are not we all ?

In jeopardy

a froth at sea

we raft together

like a healing tangle

once we are tossed to shore

we dismiss our gratitude

comb out our hair

and rebuild a dignity

we structure a calendar

scribe in the journal

and orate ourselves

a branded new history
Nupur Aug 21
I know i am involved in so many sins
I know i am not worthy of forgive
You my Lord has seen me into pieces
I ll soon be turn into ashes

As a human i do mistakes
i do repeat with abundance of retakes
You have always hold my hand in trouble
I am at your feet and asking to get me out of this struggle

You my Lord always treat me like your own child
On each and every mistake, you punish me on time
You taught me a lesson upon my every fault
before you, my Lord, my life and my soul put at halt

The stars showed me the light
The hope and to make my future bright
After all the shadiness that I am been into
The heaven calls me to take a look of the sight

O lord! I may be no one for you
But I always thankful by showing my gratitude
You showed me the path and the hope pf ray
To deal with the problems which comes my way

You give me so much in my life
Love me, hate me while keeping my sins aside
The love that you bestowed upon me
Keep me spirit so high

The time when it was difficult to survive
I had no one at my beside
You took care of me whole heartedly
And show me the light that guide
Chris Neilson Aug 11
Viewing beauty through your eyes
hearing melody via your ears
feeling comfort from your touch
tasting success with your work
scenting your candles via Yankee

You stop my life turning manky
from my troubles you never shirk
you love me so very much
you dry my sorrowful bitter tears
you build bridges for my sighs
Format: see what I did here?
Loving who I’m  becoming
the sound in the steps
i’ve made to progress,
the authenticity I hold
in evolution. I’m welcoming
optimism and gratitude
into the days ahead.
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