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I gaze into your eyes to see
You no longer have that love for me
Your love felt so destined
I couldn’t see an end
You’re the one I want forever
It was supposed to be you and I together
I constantly reminisce how you’d call me your lady
Now I miss you so much I feel I’ve gone crazy
You’re always on my mind, regardless of what I do
I pray you never forget how much love I gave to you
Keiya Tasire Jan 5
Dear Inquirer,

Thank you for your beautiful expressions.
Asking about opportunities and possibilities.

Love is full in my life.
Experience and expression flows from my heart
From the imperfect experiences
Expressing a desire for something more
To raise the vibrations of lower emotions
Discovering how to embrace a higher light.

I am blessed with a husband who is imperfect
He challenges me to grow within our love.
By understanding the underlying needs
Echoed through his imperfections.

These roots of our yearnings
Reveal a child neglected.
A child conditionally loved.
A child buried within the man
Who desires to give and receive love.  

Yet because of his imperfections
Expression can be awkward, at times.
His child who mirrors so perfectly
My own imperfect inner child.

Through the ups and downs
We agreed to keep a promise.
That no challenge, no issues
Will ever be more important
Than our hearts desire to
Learn and grow deeper in love.

So we journey together along the road.
We bump into our hurt feelings and misunderstandings...
The very opportunities within our garden
That bloom into greater wisdom and undying love.

Long ago when our love was young
It was necessary to put our pride aside.
As the fire of anger roared
He taught me how to open my  arms.

Together in an embrace.....
We breathe ....
Until the hammering stress subsides.......
Calming, cradling our pain.  

Together, in turn, we explore:
What do I need to understand, right now, in this moment?
What was my trigger? Who or what am I reacting to?
And the pieces of the puzzle fall together.
Our Promise remembered.
Our promise fulfilled, once more.

Over the years
Our wisdom and love grows
Knowing 90% of our anger
Is from our hurt and sadness, rooted in the past.
10% from our protective ego's, "How dare you!!"
Aimed at the teacher, my mirror, my love, my companion
Who is but keeping his role, very well.
As we bump into each other
To dance with the shadow within, each of us.
We step into the darkness with faith
To find our courage and embrace
Our lesson wisdom and Light.

Dear Inquirer,
I am grateful to be loved unconditionally
I wish for you this beautiful form
Of ever growing unconditional love and joy.
May it bring you adventures
Deep appreciation and a beautiful growing
Courageous love, in this lifetime.
Please, count me among the ones
Who hold this blessed prayer for you.

With Best Regards,
I respect the bravery it takes to reach across miles to someone to ask if there is an opportunity or a possibility of finding love together. This poem celebrates that bravery; plus is an answer that my life is full of love, challenges, growth, and expanding unconditional love. This poem ends with a prayer for the Inquirer to find his love and bliss too.
Nolan Patterson Dec 2019
Even when you are shattered
When nothing remains but shards of glass
Some people are willing to sweep you up
Gather you in a bucket
And slowly help glue you back together
That is unconditional love.

Even when the shards cut them
When everything you do seems to hurt them
They are still willing to keep help you
They work through their own pain
To help remediate yours
That is unconditional love

Even when it feels like you deserve nothing
When nothing and nobody seems to accept you
Those who love you welcome you with open arms
They surround you with their warmth
And continue to help you grow
Because that is unconditional love.
I know the rhythm in this isn't the greatest, but this sits strongly with me due to some recent events in my own life and I thought I should share how I see unconditional love.
Violetempath27 Dec 2019
Attempting to hold on to what is left because I never knew my first.
Imagine, I believed it was mother.
Reminiscing how I long for her nurture and flourished in her scent needing to be everywhere she went.
I wrote this poem after realizing all that I have been longing for was Myself. I've focused so much on doing for others, loving, caring that I forgot myself. After noticing what people around me has gone through in life it was apparent they lost theirselves in the process without realizing. Society in all have lost their innocence, compassion, patience, humility, comprehension that we are all one.
Violetempath27 Dec 2019
Run or stay?
Is it too late to pave a way?
I have faith even though
I've been manipulated by the one you all follow.
Long before you all knew how to say your names.
Rebirth without the natural process doesnt feel like thats what you all
I left but came back, is that possible?
Let it be.
Time to be free.
Love is a luxury
Yet no one can label it
Some have a lack of love
The land in their heart unfertilized
No fruits to be produced
I must admit
We could use a little unconditional love
Let the land be fertilized
Fruits of peace
Fruits of patience
Fruits of joy, kindness, gentleness
Oh, the feeling of goodness
Yes, it is a luxury
Love is a luxury. We can stay alive without it but living without it is different. Who can truly live without some kind of love in their life? We all need a little bit of love in this crazy world. Love makes life better and easier.
Aaron LaLux Sep 2019
Okay okay alright, I give up, you win, I surrender,
I’m waiving the white flag, I’ve had enough, need to sit down,
I’m folding the cards in my hands, laying them on the table,
wiping the sweat off my forehead then throwing in the towel,
been running so long legs’re about to give out want to give up,
& I don’t know how but I’m totally open to figuring it out,

relinquishing resentments, adopting pups, & releasing doves,
reducing defenses, developing myself for receiving the love,
needing some hugs, making amends, making out, & making up,
ready to give it all up right now, cuddle up & do snuggle stuff,
just to be fully present for you directly, for us, stepping up,
& I know this ADHD makes it difficult to focus,
but babe you know I’m dedicated to making it work out,
yes my mind gets easily divided at times but love will overcome,
I’ll tame my mind it can be undivided when in your presence,
until my death which will likely come when least expected,
like so many other legends that have passed away suddenly,
probably in a plane crash or other similar event wreckage,

RIP Aaliyah, once gone can’t Try Again,
RIP JFK, probably our only real president,
RIP Otis Redding,
show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Try A Little Tenderness,
RIP Rocky Marciano,
KO’d after the plane dove on his 46th birthday,
RIP Buddy Holly, RIP Ritchie Valens,
both died on the same plane, so gone, so long La Bamba,

the Brightest Lights always cast the Darkest Shadows,
the brighter the light the darker the hues,
it’s the 4th of July we’re on a lake in Chile,
enjoying the company & enjoying the views,
post solar eclipse glory letting go of any lingering regrets,
though I do wish She were here,
they say heartbreak makes the best art,
but I don’t know if the effects are worth the burn I feel,

only here for a moment, so tell me why you came,
want to love liberated, but still inside my self built cage,
you possess priority in my life, your impression left indentions,
& I’m still trying to learn, how to show non ****** affection,
but it’s difficult when you’ve been abused,
it’s different when you’ve never felt love that was pure,
so I’m still working on it all or nothing, it’s up to you to choose,
if you’re willing to work with me until I’m cured I’m yours,

Okay okay alright, I give up, you win, I surrender,
I’m waiving the white flag, I’ve had enough, need to sit down,
I’m folding the cards in my hands, laying them on the table,
wiping the sweat off my forehead then throwing in the towel,
been running so long legs’re about to give out want to give up,
& I don’t know how but I’m totally open to figuring it out…

∆ LaLux ∆

poem #80 from THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
available worldwide here:
Mackenzie Downs Sep 2019
Okay but get this.
He said to me, you know my love for you is unconditional right
HA. I laughed in his face.
In my head I was know the definition of unconditional love, right?
Because your love is anything but unconditional.
It is absolutely situational.
Your unconditional love is heavily affected by one condition, therefore disqualifying it as unconditional love.
So don’t lie to me.
Don’t tell me your love is unconditional, when you don’t love me under certain conditions don’t tell me that lie.
I’ve never understood why people tell that lie why that make that commitment when they’re not ready to.
It should be that simple it should be that cut and dry.
Don’t tell me you love me don’t tell me you care unless you’re **** well going to back it up with your actions.
Liddi-k Sep 2019
My biggest fear in life
has unfolded before my eyes.

I feel so misunderstood.
They don't see the tears I've cried.

Peoples lack of grace and compassion have violently pushed the wind against me.

So far they bend me.

With rejection and comments and their own projections.

People just want the quick fix
so they can return to their lives.

They want someone to blame
so they can take a side.

But divorce is messy,
traumatising and dividing.

No matter the cause,
people will find their cause.

You can look at the surface.
What was said and what was done.

But it goes deeper than that. Your values and world are being undone.

You look to me for the answer,
for honesty and explanations.

But when I give it,
all you hear is justification.

That I possess no remorse and that I have no compassion.

You want to see me burn and
regret all of my actions.

But I won't.
I refuse to cower to power.

Every since I was little, this was always my mantle.

I stand strong in the face of the deepest adversity.

Amongst my best friends, mentors and even some of my family.

For all this time, I know in my heart that I've chosen love.

And I refuse to be mistreated, neglected and judged.

You can focus on how I went about it, but I'm still figuring it out.

Sure I messed up a couple times, and you're using this as your out.

You say I'm in the wrong, when I'm just living my life.

I'm trying to move on, yet you find fault that.

You don't want to deal with it.
Deep inside you want to run.

Maybe it's undoing your own security and you're questioning your own life.

You won't admit that I might be right and this kills you inside.

Because then you'd have to face your demons and then you cant hide.

For once it consumes you,
the bomb your life is fake.

You won't be able to forget it,
you won't be able to escape.

You see me living my life, authentic, happy and free.

This makes you uncomfortable.
This isn't meant to be.

For you have a value.
My mistakes should make me **** of the earth but I came out on top, you try to attack my worth.

But I know I'm worthy of love, this you can't take away from me.

For it comes from above and it comes from within me.

For people like me, challenge people like you.

I inspire so many, but others feel hatred or envy.

For these relationships that pull me back and forth,

Trying to remind me how hurt they are what a mess I have caused.

They're not for me. In fact,
I'm convinced they're against me.

For if they loved me, they would forgive me and accept my apology.

They'd see my heart.
That I kept quiet to protect my privacy, but also to protect the hearts of everyone around me.

For you didn't need to know, the details only brought you pain.

But your pride made you nosey and now you're suffering when you strived to gain.

Do not put this on me,
This was your call.

You cornered me into spilling, the impact is now beyond my control.

You need to take responsibility and stop blaming me for your issues.

We've barely spoken, how could I be responsible for you?

Stop looking to me, I'm not the source of your depression.

It's the people around you, your fear and your suppression.

You don't want to admit it, but you're surrounded by evil.

They're only out for themselves and the proof is right in front of you.

There's no patience, no self control or goodness.

There's no humility, no understanding or gentleness.

There's no faith, no respect or kindness.

This isn't love.
Don't play it off as righteousness.

Love seeks to understand,
to forgive and to restore.

Love is patient, it protects and removes all ego.

Love is all that matters.
The most powerful force in the universe.

Love is what I fight for and
I will lose it all, to find it.
Jenny Ochoa Aug 2019
Gentle touch, a touch of gold...
My heart is complete when my hand you hold!

Mommy of mine, ohh mommy dear...
my heart is complete when your heart beat is near!

I love you so much, my heart you hold...
You carry within part of my soul!

Mommy of mine, my beautiful soul...
My love for you will eternally grow!
For you are the reason I live, laugh, and play...
the day you are blessed with wings my life will turn grey!

Angel of mine, my baby dear...
As long as I'm around you shall never fear!
For I'll be by your side to make memories from the heart, & promise to guide you & protect you even after I part!

Unconditional love, two hearts made of one...
the bond between a mother & Son!
A poem inspired & dedicated with lots of love to my dear friend June and her baby boy Sovereign <3
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