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Bella Isaacs Feb 18
Came I hither with all the gold possess'd,
Came I hither with all the wisdom gain'd,
Came I hither with all the truth and jest,
Beauty, health, kindness, luck, thou'd'st have complain'd
That I came hither with an underhand
Desire of something greater thus exchang'd,
Unable to conceive or understand
How one who offers free is not derang'd.

Came I hither with all the gold possess'd,
And came I bearing rubies and pearls, too,
Came I hither bearing all the rest
To thine own mortal self, still erring true;
Came I hither, and ask'd nothing, giving
All that I have, and more, and still I err,
For the Lord ask'd nothing of the living,
But sacrifice is matter of a cur.

Mistrusting as you do, with sense, I see,
Love's made not for this world, nor I for thee.
daphne Jul 2023
i do well with criteria, i must confess,
it acts as a guideline to avoid a mess,
i always fulfill criteria with dedication,
to earn your love, my aspiration.

but anxiety takes hold within my heart,
when love is shown without a chart,
without standards to guide your affection,
i question if it's really a genuine connection.

if you were to leave, i'd blame my own strife,
my inadequacy would be the result of this life,
for without criteria to prove my worth,
then i am nothing but a piece of dirt.
Ashwin Kumar Jul 2022
Who gave you the idea
That love is all about romance?
Love can be towards anybody
In this massive planet
Whether it be your parents
Or grandparents
Or siblings
Or cousins and relatives
Or even friends
And apart from these people
Love can exist in other forms too
Helping an elderly gentleman or lady
Cross a busy road full of speeding vehicles?
That's love
Running a langar to feed the poor and needy?
That's love
Running an NGO to treat cancer patients
As well as rehabilitate them after treatment
And engage them in useful work?
That's love
Cancelling your job interview
To take a victim of a road accident to the hospital?
That's love
Dropping your colleague off at his/her home after work?
That's love
Standing up to a bully who is picking on a few kids?
That's love
Feeding chapattis and biscuits to a few cats on the street?
That's love
Again, who gave you the idea
That love is all about romance?
Nothing rhymes Mar 2021
Oh...To live with love..always...
Without having to be reassured each day..
Just to live knowing you shared great love that can't be changed by anything..that you loved and were loved to the fullest.. in every possible way..
To have eternal love..
That you carry in your heart all your life.. long after they are gone..
Nothing rhymes Mar 2021
I don't long for you
I never have
Your love was always enough
It filled me up from the very first day

I never miss you
Because we never met
and we never parted
Yet I cherish you every second of everyday

I am eternally grateful
to have you
to love unconditionally,
to admire,
To treasure wholly
With no need for reassurance
Roxana Feb 2021
I stared at your eyes as you poured into mine, together we were alone and alive, so full of love and all that is good but, yes there’s a but in every love story.

You stared at my eyes as I poured into yours, giving myself to you with no choice because I wanted to become one with you but, yes there’s a but in every love story.

Let’s recapitulate, recalculate, put it on pause and really meditate upon the events that transpired, because at first we were so wired, secretly in love at the wrong **** time, fire was burning and we were just learning, really understanding what was happening, but the thing is the moment wasn’t right, we tried to make it fit but it really didn’t sit well with the universe’s plan... whatever that is.

This is for you, to understand my truth. To understand and comprehend that I owe you my truth. I can’t stop thinking about you, and that’s the truth. I’m hoping the universe delivers on our love story, because you’re the only one I love unconditionally and truthfully, it’s kind of scary. Time is going on and I’m waiting for you, but truth is I’m getting worried it might not be you. Maybe I’m fantasizing about something untrue, but I’ll always keep a place for you in my heart, in case you come back and decide which path is the one for us because I trust you with my soul, and that’s the unconditional truth.

I am in love with the pain in your eyes, it has me regretting all these lies that were enmeshed all over, entangled with power struggles and manipulation, when all I really wanted was honesty and your affection. I know I didn’t show it and my actions weren’t always what I wanted to portray, but it is what I displayed and I’m left alone licking my own wounds until they scar while you’re somewhere far, it’s so bizarre, how we collided once upon a time and now you’re out there while I’m taking lime with my tequila to mask the pain...

I believed for so long that we were meant to be, but I can’t go on thinking it will be, for this hope has me holding onto you and I can’t cope knowing, and not knowing, what you are thinking. Sometimes I reminisce and think about our kiss, fireworks around us while I was your miss, full of love and passionate, you were definitely my favourite. My inspiration and the reason for my poems and ideas, can I get a subpoena and get you to come see me? Is that a possibility? Would you promise me the world like you did before or would you run away to even the score from when you once loved me and I did not, a regret I will not forget...

Through the ups and downs, the happiness, the sadness and the madness, we have failed to make it work. I used to go berserk when things didn’t work in my favour, for I would lurk just to feel close to you... but the time for endings has arrived and deep inside it feels like suicide but I will let it slide for I won’t be defeated or succumb to negativity, and at last go on with my life blissfully, for there is so much to live for and I believe in my core of cores that beautiful things await. For you, for me, and for all; just know I would give my all for one more talk with you, oh the things I would say, I always pray it happens and maybe one day we shall cross paths again, but this pain doesn’t make me want to gain another rendezvous with you, so I’ll just leave it be. You will always be in my heart but this is the part where I say, goodbye.
Frannie Feb 2021
Dear Morgan,

Hey Tink, I just want to be able to give you the world. I want to give you all of the opportunities I was never given. I want to hold you in my arms and protect you forever. I just want to see you smile every time I am in your presence. You, my dear are chosen, you are destined to be great. You will go on yo do incredible things, we just have to be strong and have patience. You are filled with such curiosity, creativity and compassion. My life before you was pretty simple, but life without you, I couldn’t imagine. I wish I could solve all of your problems before life throws them your way. But *** is impossible to avoid life’s obstacles so be sure to paint many rainbows for times when your skies are grey. Life is a balance of both good and bad and I witness this every day. I promise to always listen to you, even when I can’t take your pain away.


          P.S. Be Brave, Be Fearless, Take Risk
Frannie Feb 2021
From the moment I first heard your heart beat, I knew my life would be forever changed!

From the moment I felt your little flutters, I knew that our connection had been perfectly arranged!

The first time I held you in my arms I felt a love like never before.

The first time my eyes connected with yours I knew that my heart had been chanced at the core.

You have shared my life in many ways that I would have never imagined.

You have helped me to refocus my hopes and dreams by helping me find my passion.

From the start, I was a frightened young girl just waiting to conquer the world.

But you have taught me how to be brave and how to take on the world unfurled.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that God trusted me with someone so precious and pure.

But with my life, I promise to love you, nurture you and keep you secure.
I‘m never scared of losing you
because whenever I can‘t find you,
I just look into my chest,
I open up my heart
and there you are.
you‘ve got the key
to the most precious ***** I carry,
and some emotions might vary,
but my love for you has no limit.
and once you entered my heart,
you will forever stay in it.

- gio
GothicWonderland Sep 2020
Dearest Flower,

I know you have suffered
that you suffer still
but know this
that I love you
no matter your name
no matter your pronouns
no matter your size
no matter your shape
you are you
and that is who
I fall in love with
every day
I love YOU
no matter how
you define yourself

Love your Boyfriend
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