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Laura Dec 6
The music starts and I can’t stop it,
The melody runs through my veins.
The rhythm like my second pulse feels,
My heart, the beat, they are the same.

The lyrics like my soul’s the author,
The voices filling all my cells.
The movement bursts up to the surface,
My body doing just what’s right.

The energy flows through my body,
The feelings dancing straight along.
The music stops, the song is over,
My passion still continues on.
The suppressed are the powerful
The weak are the suppressors
The cry for democracy
The Will of the people
Cannot be tempered with  
An unjust law is no law at all
Governments should fear their people
The people are the government
Power to the people
People's power is in their freedoms
Set us free
Unshackle us
Keep your chains
They are tiring us
"The cry for freedom and all the rights humans are entitled to must be repeated over and over. Sadly if not said over and over it will be forgotten.
This must never happen. We must all engage in this battle if the foe is to be defeated'', @Lorraine Colon
Alexander Foe Nov 22
He lost his job yesterday
But the bills, they just kept comin'

I feel young recently
But time itself, it just kept movin'

She lost her beloved
But the memories, they just kept emergin'

I saw my ex-lover
But when we laid eyes, we just kept goin'

He met his lost friend
But when he tried to talk, he just kept leavin'

The dog dropped its treat in the river
But when it tried to get it, it just kept driftin'

The poem tried to end itself
But when it reached here, it just kept goin'

The poet tried to find himself
But he failed, he just kept writin'

The couplets tried to find reason
But alas, continuation just kept happenin'

Time must go on, even if we chose to stay
But time is impartial. It just keeps goin'
We are insignificant creatures of this world and a ***** to things like time and change. We may get taken aback by negative experiences, suffer through them and despair about them, but people move on. We may enjoy happiness and great moments, but time moves on.
But what power we have, is to write about it. And keep time inside of our writings. And to express our feelings about it.
How are you?
But I've been saying it
Since the beginning.
Are the whispers inside true,
That maybe I can finally start to believe it?

What did it take,
Some may innocently wonder.
With every single breath I make.
I've been half trying to ignore the improvement,
Fearing one moments notice will
Surely steal it all back.
"No," I whisper alone, "I want to be better."

The other half
I try to be proud for the little things now,
So really I should feel

I swear I do very much venerate all of my achievements,
It was the only way,
That I could continue to survive.

Unequivocally honestly,
I'm afraid.
Scared of it all going wrong again.
Waiting to feel the terror of all the endless times I've tried,
Getting thrown right back in my face again.
Because isn't that what's been destined to happen
From the very start?

I've been having an almost
Two month long rest,
A complete break of everything.
It was only meant to last a month, but after that month had been and gone,
It started to actually feel
A little better, brighter,
Less dark.

I'll admit it,
I'm guilty,
Guilty of getting comfortable with how it started to feel.
I didn't want it ripped away from me,
I know once it's gone it will be hard as **** to get back,
I've already been through all that,
I am still.

I want to get back to pushing myself.
(Like this)
I never wanted to stop,
But I had to listen,
My body was screaming at me, for me
To stop.
And this evidence is telling me why I had to listen.
It seems you can't beat your body,
Ever, but especially not when it's fighting for you and against you.

And the symptoms yelled
Please stop, please be still,
Like they wanted me to sleep all day,
But still it will take half-a-year for there to be any difference.
But I waited.
I didn't get any choices.

So now, I'm sorry
It just terrifies me that trying,
When I finally let it be,
Might tear me back down, to where I used to be.
I'm not foolish enough to expect this is the end.
Surely when I try again my symptoms will join in too.
They only started to improve
The more I tried to rest.
Yes, eventually - After a lot of effort I got here,
But you have no idea how I tried.
How I limited my actions,
So in a month maybe it won't be so hard.
Now I'm here, I'm worried my efforts will send me back.
Don't make me go,
I don't want to be useless anymore,
I'm still bad but so much better,
Please don't
Stop me,
Hurt me,
Trip me,
Trap me,
Lose me to my own body.
Not anymore.
I'm still here
Bibby Nov 7
Do not belittle the power of lonesome gusts of wind
meeting to start a hurricane.
Faryal Oct 29

life; it’s a precious thing that can vanish anytime
Don’t let it slip through your fingers, dream big and start the action, take control of your life, make wild choices but good ones

Live wild, laugh at the good times, cry when you go through a heartbreak, cry when you come in first in a race because last place was what you always achieved, smile when good achievements are made

Travel and adventure the world, before all of it can vanish in one second,

Don’t let the small things agitate you, be patient, make music with the sound of nature, strum to your own heart beat, because we only have a few seconds to experience the joy that life can bring us, don’t let it slip through your fingers
I don't feel like I can,
What's the use?
They all want me to admit I'm broken,
So I keep refusing.
The few times I believe I'm suffering I can't admit,
Because they'll see it as proving them right,
And I need them to understand they've got it all wrong.
I want them to hurt like they've hurt me by their dismissal.
I don't want to see another psychiatrist I just want them to leave me alone,
It's not like they're ever going to help me.
Then there are times I know I just need to keep pushing,
To keep trying to find someone who will believe me,
Someone who won't just say it's because of my anxiety,
Except then my social anxiety comes back,
Because they keep proving to me that there's no way they'll think I'm not just mental.
And maybe sometimes they actually think they're being nice,
But seriously? Are they blind? They would never put up with that themselves.
They push me to my limit,
If it's evident I'm going insane then they should know,
That it's all because of them!
It would drive any emotionally/mentally stable person close to the edge,
But then by wandering over to it, they're proving themselves right,
And I don't want to help them.
They're not helping me.

I just want someone to hear what I'm saying,
And not immediately see "social anxiety"
After all, their labels of "needing psychiatric help" were never there when I needed them,
And I took it like the deepest stab back then,
And now, instead I can't push them away when I don't need them,
I can't escape the "should probably see a psychiatrist", "would probably benefit from counselling" and "symptoms are dissociative and functional"
I can't run fast enough from it -
*** knows I can't even run at all,
But professionals tell me that "I can do it" as if I'm making it up,
Or should just try harder.
Do you really think I don't want to be capable of feeding myself food and drink?
At points I could try a thousand percent a thousand times to pick myself up from the floor again,
Will power doesn't work!
It doesn't get rid of physical barriers that everyone else is telling me are some result of trauma, stress or anxiety.

I feel like I've been beaten down so many times already,
I want to find out the truth but I'm too scared of being laughed at,
But I got over that fear that my social anxiety taught me when I first sought help,
I've tried so many times though,
And each time I've guessed the same negative outcome.
It's as if someone really is planning and plotting against me,
Will they not stop till they've gotten me admitted to somewhere I don't belong right now?
Even my reactions would serve as proof to them,
I must just be insane, completely deranged.
"Not normal"
Come on, I won't pretend to miss the meaning of that,
What they really meant was: that's not a mentally healthy person's reaction. Maybe she really is making it up.
The truth is you can't make stuff like this up!
You can't fake shaking the way I do,
Not even more than enough diazepam would cure it.

I know this doesn't help prove my sanity,
And this doubtfully sounds like anything poetic,
It's just I didn't feel like writing, and when I feel sad I can get angry,
I'm just trying to vent and tell the truth,
Because maybe one day, someone who feels as alone and disheartened as me,
Won't feel as bad as I feel.

It's really not glamorous,
And I don't know where I am finding the strength to share this from,
I need to get it out though,
And if anyone who needs to hear this, like me, to find out they are not really all alone reads this and finally feels a glimpse of safety,
Or even to open the eyes of people who wouldn't otherwise understand,
Then maybe this had a purpose.

And if anyone who ever reads this,
Happens to be a doctor,
Or mental health professional:
Please listen.
Please listen to your patients without judgements,
Without immediately linking physical symptoms that sound out of sorts, or that don't make sense, to what it says in their notes about their mental health.
The thing is a lot of people pick and choose what to listen to and when,
And in my experience it always seems to be the wrong choice at the wrong time.
If you have a patient who tells you they desperately need your help,
Or even the ones who are too afraid to ask but are despairingly trying to make you notice, to make you understand what they put up with day by day,
Please, please help them.
And don't you dare tell them, like one told me, to "throw away your crutches, I don't like you using them"
Because you are killing every shred of dignity that they are trying to cling onto.
All we want is to be taken seriously,
WE are trying to get better,
But are you really trying to help us?
You may think you are but perhaps you're probably not.
Please realise, that you're in such a respectful position that it's important how you handle what you say, your responses.
Please understand how you have the power to break vulnerable genuinely sick people.
Please believe people like me and listen when they say they don't think it's psychological.
Please listen.
I know this is basically just a load of venting and ramblings but, please listen.
Wanderer Oct 22
Sitting still and doing nothing
is not an option when motion is impending
A surprisingly poetic quote from my Statics professor - Dr. Abbott
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