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let each leaf in the forest
be a love story that anybody can walk through when
they feel alone.

let each late night car ride
carry sonnets, starlit whispers and murmurs
in case it feels a little too much.

let each poem in this logbook
be able to reach into your longing heart and empty hands
for whenever you thought you weren't loved.

i am always one poem away from saying "i love you."
Indigo Sep 23
This is when i write my best poems

When there is
So much
Kept aside
Brought back
You Decide
And then one hundred words fall into a piece of paper like drops of rain hurling from the sky.

You can not expect it
You may not understand it
But you

Feel the moment
It collides
With your soul
Finds a home
In your ribs
It's a trauma
In disguise.
Antino Art Sep 7
Who draws sword strength
from watching the passage of bullet trains
blow through dark and hollow spaces
like tunnels
or abandoned warehouse districts,
rattling toward ends uncertain.
Who walks most balanced
on the beams of empty tracks.
In the shuffle of strangers
at crosswalks, who finds
direction. Who sees
clearer through rain.
Who can keep track of time
in the improvised chaos of jazz,
of notes scattered
in the winds of horns.
Who finds their place
in airport terminals,
in flights
between chapters,
on open roads between
tales of cities unseen,
of pages unwritten.
Who understands
that wind moves
fastest through
tunnels, during storms in late August.
Who finds their center
hurled in flight,
always coming and going.
Storm flight trains movement
After wide-set earthen towers mask
the highway runoff, campers come off lofty
horses, signal boorishness to breeze. Sat alone
where rolling orange will tease
the peace from perfect dark - the hint of dread
forgoing litness to expose a martial bode -

the low-slung limbs of stern bring
trained to-wrist like faithful,
catching glimpses of what common good
afforded us naff hazes like the present
sickle answer, whale-bone grief and prescient
danger. Fix a poultice,
love’s soft landing seldom not
for treasures come.
Revive the brazen lungs

in boasts of rushes, random-lit,
forestalling sodden semblances of wit
from Sunday’s arsenal -
right-matched to cleaner absences
than your limited souls could ever pare.

She’s felt - a fabric after our own hearts,
a loan from common waltzes,
taciturn in downshifts of this archen land -
of course - of hand, a slight
anomaly for watchers to observe.
Each roadblock touches nerve.
lifelines Aug 31
i know we're not on the same team anymore

but is it wrong that i still root for you?

i know you know
that i know this is best for us

we were never burning nicely

always to bright or too soft

sometimes the wind would leave us

stuck in the dark

when i think of our conversations
i know it is clear

that there is good reason

for you being somewhere else

and me being here

but when i lay down at night

and i hear your favorite song

the only way to sleep

is to pretend im in your arms

so is it OK that i need you
even though i don't want you

is it OK to still miss you
while wanting nothing to do with you

so when im on the field all alone
is it OK that i root for you?
don't even ask me bro im over it but that one song brings me to tears
Nab Karbela Aug 26
I don't only  bring my self
I bring their hope on my back
Cause it's a fortune that given when
You realize it,  you have to take.

I'm feel so heavy,  not because far with family
It's more than just take a PhD
Nor to get people insentivity
When you get up and people smile on you

There's a big hope burden in my back
Study in years never enough to paid it back
And here...
I am on my way
Won't get a slay
Idk what to say

‌May 14th 2017

Destiny C Aug 15
They say energy cannot be created or destroyed,
simply poured out into another person.
A shared cycled of movement.

Keep it kinetic,
or it'll never reach its potential.

It is to be ..
Shared wisely -
Never to be graced upon forces darker than your own.
Valued highly -
Gifted upon the likes of a throne.
And held tightly-
Where you can feel it down to your bone.

Energy is a man's life force.
The power behind every thought & action,
bringing forth like energy-
in the law of attraction.
Nicky Aug 5
As she moved it was poetry in motion
A product of her chaos and inner commotion
Graceful yet destructive as she leapt through the air
Through her movements her mind was laid bare

Yet those tears still fell softly down her face
Embracing the tears, she picked up her pace
Moving through the motions her mind starts to clear
Releasing her emotions a smile starts to appear

The music ends, she falls to the floor
The turmoil is back.........forever more
Lady Luna Aug 5
An emotional block somehow filled
with depths and walls,
hills and holes
you can't climb over or out of.

Yet I manage to float over it all.
Fluid in movement like the water that forms in the skies
and nourishes the earth,
like the water that molds the fire
into stable grounds for life.
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