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I am a creature
Of movement and pain.
In movement and pain I exist
And have always existed.
To cease movement
Will be to pass from existence.
I am a creature
Of movement and pain.
A marathoner's mantra.
Life can derail you sometimes
              but you just have to get

on a new track.

And at each new station of life depart,

                         relax till its time to once again

to  travel the tracks of life...
Oskar Erikson Sep 29
calling a lost lover
to begin to head on over
this bedroom was only a boarding gate
and this bed your layover.
Lilly F Aug 13
I don't know how you do it but with every
delicate, graceful movement and shift you make
heads turn in your direction

pt 4 from the series of poems I've been writing: what I love about you
who am i to say if the mozzer's lost touch?
what does my rough draft have
that is missing from his manuscript?
nothing. so, i'll sit down here
before the microphone and say,
Everyone says I have trauma,
But they don’t know a thing.
I always thought I didn’t do things by halves,
But I only do the last end of suffering.

There is no trauma there,
Should I hate to disappoint you?
(I don’t.)
Everyone thinks I have trauma.

And when I feel strong,
Is it ever good enough,
Or too much, too healthy?
Must I be faking,
Or am I just dissociating?
Everyone believes I have trauma.

There is no trauma back there.
It’s not every second of the day that I want to be bitter
And don’t say I’m not because I know I am, I admit it,
And it’s a colossal amount of seconds that I don’t care about being bitter,
But it isn’t all of them.
Not really.
Oskar Erikson Jul 30
i haven't seen you stay in one place for more than a few days,
like laying some roots will result in some catastrophic meltdown
like being noticed will cause sirens to scream out
"i want to be wanted, i want to be wanted, i want to be wanted".

isnt this the point, to pop up shop and take what little charity those
who know what being loveless is like can provide. in short bursts a heart can be mended, the wounds sewn up and put up for sale like a clean bill of emotional health.

till the view begins to stagnate and the bones of all the half-healed ex-lovers begin to ache inside, the embers of a burnt out husk in the chest smoulders with the promise of "it'll be better elsewhere."

"they might want me elsewhere." "someone will love you elsewhere."
Annatman Jul 3
Silence, perfect - no words needed
In the sublime, calm presence of you.
Within, something is dancing
So subtle and grand, so
Delicate and full of life.

Outside, breath is the only
Movement in the stillness
Of eternal presence, gentle,
Warm, the music for my soul.
sought solace for a high
running laps round infinity rings
it’s irony to chase after peace

a hazy face to lean towards
motion blur
let a unhinged heart cease.
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