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In every silent moment
With every passing day
Allow me to reassure you
I will be here for you, always

Whether you choose to be alone
Or love another someday
Know that I'll still love you
I will take care of you anyway

But know that love has two sides
Where we must meet halfway
Let me in to accept my love
For you, I am here to stay
Pepper Dove Feb 12
Outside my window, dull light peers through
bringing with it a solemn feeling, cold and still
an ache deep within, to escape to faraway places
filled with the warmth of the sun, warming me to my bones
awakening my soul, like an old candle finally lit
a burning, a yearning to brighten this room
casting whimsical shadows on the walls, stories to tell all
of worries turned into hopes, learn to cope anyways
move on with the day, skip along to the song playing
playfully in my heart, dancing like a child
alone in her room, singing into her brush
hair in a tangled mess, I must confess
the music caressed, moving me to a rhythm only my soul knows
blind to the outside world, on the other side
of my window.
When the winter blues kicks in at full, all you have to do to cope
is let the inner child out
Grace Feb 2
Little snapshots of life
Moments of
Memories of days gone by

How far back
Would I have to scroll
To see
The light
In my eyes again

To erase
The dark circles
Which seem
Permanently etched
On my face

To find
My true smile
Which has long been forgotten

To remember
My inner

How far back?
Ellen F D Jan 25

I realised that my problems were in my head,
That my hidden fears had been poisoning my life,
My relationships,

But then I saw them,
They couldn’t hide from me anymore,
I saw what they had been doing,

And I smiled.

A sense of peace washed over me like the waves of the ocean.

I said hello and befriended my fears, my shadow,

The scared child within me, that had been acting out to protect me from being hurt,

Stopping me from seeing that I was the one hurting others, and myself.

Yet still I smiled.

For I had found her,
So I took her in and loved her,
Showed her why she didn’t need to be scared anymore,  

And she wasn’t scared anymore, so neither was I.

I woke up different today.
I found a missing piece of myself,
And if I can promise one thing to her,
It’s that she shall never be lost again.
Keiya Tasire Jan 5
Dear Inquirer,

Thank you for your beautiful expressions.
Asking about opportunities and possibilities.

Love is full in my life.
Experience and expression flows from my heart
From the imperfect experiences
Expressing a desire for something more
To raise the vibrations of lower emotions
Discovering how to embrace a higher light.

I am blessed with a husband who is imperfect
He challenges me to grow within our love.
By understanding the underlying needs
Echoed through his imperfections.

These roots of our yearnings
Reveal a child neglected.
A child conditionally loved.
A child buried within the man
Who desires to give and receive love.  

Yet because of his imperfections
Expression can be awkward, at times.
His child who mirrors so perfectly
My own imperfect inner child.

Through the ups and downs
We agreed to keep a promise.
That no challenge, no issues
Will ever be more important
Than our hearts desire to
Learn and grow deeper in love.

So we journey together along the road.
We bump into our hurt feelings and misunderstandings...
The very opportunities within our garden
That bloom into greater wisdom and undying love.

Long ago when our love was young
It was necessary to put our pride aside.
As the fire of anger roared
He taught me how to open my  arms.

Together in an embrace.....
We breathe ....
Until the hammering stress subsides.......
Calming, cradling our pain.  

Together, in turn, we explore:
What do I need to understand, right now, in this moment?
What was my trigger? Who or what am I reacting to?
And the pieces of the puzzle fall together.
Our Promise remembered.
Our promise fulfilled, once more.

Over the years
Our wisdom and love grows
Knowing 90% of our anger
Is from our hurt and sadness, rooted in the past.
10% from our protective ego's, "How dare you!!"
Aimed at the teacher, my mirror, my love, my companion
Who is but keeping his role, very well.
As we bump into each other
To dance with the shadow within, each of us.
We step into the darkness with faith
To find our courage and embrace
Our lesson wisdom and Light.

Dear Inquirer,
I am grateful to be loved unconditionally
I wish for you this beautiful form
Of ever growing unconditional love and joy.
May it bring you adventures
Deep appreciation and a beautiful growing
Courageous love, in this lifetime.
Please, count me among the ones
Who hold this blessed prayer for you.

With Best Regards,
I respect the bravery it takes to reach across miles to someone to ask if there is an opportunity or a possibility of finding love together. This poem celebrates that bravery; plus is an answer that my life is full of love, challenges, growth, and expanding unconditional love. This poem ends with a prayer for the Inquirer to find his love and bliss too.
Sky Oct 2019
The sun is rising every day
Sometimes the shield it has is grey
But on the bright days I will say
I want to go outside and play

It's nice sometimes, to be a child
To have no fear, just go all wild
No adulting to have get piled
At that age all we did was smiled

As years go by your life develops
We find something that really matters
Apporoach it with the best intentions
That is just one of many chapters

Important thing, we have a voice
For some it is annoying noise
The best thing is, we have a choice
Let's chose all wisely and rejoyce
Another year has past
Time still runs too fast
Many times I failed to catch up

But I found those who wait for me
For it is they who has saved me
I am grateful for all who I came to love

For I still struggle to let them in
Because my inner child from within
Is still frighten from all she was deprived of

I am not the brightest star
Nor do I have the kindest heart
But I thank those who made me feel like I was enough
I want to keep my inner child alive
The more mature I become, the faster he dies
I want to keep his wonder in my eyes
As my curiosity blurs along with time

Who he is, is getting harder to define
Losing his small hand's grip from mine
Maturation is going to make me blind
The vibrancy of my colours subsides

His childish traits are falling back inside
The outside world and him do not coincide
Hardening my heart that use to be kind
Leaving with his pieces that use to be mine

He retreats to the corners of my mind
Burying himself in memories of time
Because that is where his happiness lies
In my childhood when the world was wide

I place myself behind too many lines
Building a box using all the right signs
Growing up into expectations assigned
Resorting to a life so simplified
Caged inside of my ribs
She is the inner child in me
Holds my heart as hostage
In return, for her to be free
How do I satisfy her
A wild child, is she
True freedom and happiness
Cannot be given entirely
As she rattles my heart
Against my ribs so violently
Causing my chest to ache
Reminding me indefinitely
I have neglected her for too long
I pay the price regretfully
For as long as I am alive
She is trapped within me
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