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Keiya Tasire Feb 6
Dear  My
Is Earth and heaven between
Balance reaching, harmony creating
Connection finding roots and branches
Generations, many expanding blessings
Joining in the Oneness
The Oneness in joining.
Blessings expanding many generations.
Branches and roots finding connection.
Creating harmony, reaching balance
Between Heaven and Earth is
My Dear,  Tree of Life.
Each of us carries an arc and covenant within our core.  
It is connected through the River of Life that flows from Heavenly Father
through   us and on toward the heart of Mother Earth.  They each send life force energy from above and from below, respectfully, joining together within our personal Arc and Covenant , whirling and dancing as one, creating a center point between them. A zero point, where there is infinite peace, a place where within our heart we stand in the Spirit; within our own personal universe. When we stand within our infinite peace and carry it with us; we stand whole; as a Spiritual being; a Hu-man being.
I am drawn
Over and over
To a dead man

One whom I never
Even heard of until
This year

But know
I can not
Avoid him

From Wikipedia

Eckhart von Hochheim
OP (c. 1260 – c. 1328)
Commonly known as
Meister Eckhart
Or Eckehart

Was a German theologian, philosopher and mystic, born near Gotha, in the Landgraviate of Thuringia (now central Germany) in the Holy Roman Empire
Master Eck
Arvind Bhardwaj Mar 2016
Mere Dil ne jab bhi unke pyaar ke kaside padhe,
sach kehta hu dil to chup raha par panne ro pade.
Anne-L Mar 2015
I wish that i could fly
Way up in the sky
Like a bird so high
Oh i might just try
**Oh i might just try
THIS IS A LYRIC TO A SONG! (so no it's not made by me)... but i was touched by it so i decided to put in on here, the song is called Bullet by Hollywood Undead

— The End —