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Such loneliness permeates my days,
No one seems to notice I exist;
I'm as transparent as the sun's first rays
Intermingling with the morning mist

I'm as obscure as a grain of sand
Clinging to the ocean's lonely shore;
Should a wild wind fling me to some strange land,
Who would notice that I'm here no more?

Has my frame decayed and turned to dust
And my restless spirit unaware
That I'm just a ghost tumbling in a gust
Of the pitiful wind of despair?

Too long I've haunted this lonely sphere
Where it seems no one's aware of me;
Let there be a soft whispering in my ear:
"Claim your peace, dear soul, you've been set free"

And how eager I'd be to depart
From this cruel world I've come to deplore!
Yet, if love would lay its hands on my heart . . .
I'd consider staying a few years more
Jay M Dec 2021
Companionship, or solitude?
To be together, or alone?
To have and to hold
The company of others
Share in their warm embrace,
Or to have and to hold
None but yourself,
Keep the lone flame burning
Hoping to stay warm?

While, in times,
Solitude may be needed,
It should not be forever
Throughout the seasons, throughout the weather
Do not leave me in solitude forever,
Growing in yearning for your company,
To have and to hold,

- Jay M
December 9th, 2021
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2021
The arithmetic of murky waters
Is not so clear

Neither are my chances of survival

Here is me
Face down in urgent sea

My wave
My grave
My gateway, perhaps

Whatever the consequence
Suffering is the new salvation

It all adds up
Sum how?
Sum way?

And if I was your ship
Destined to flounder
In the wide open drink

You'd re-enter the equation
And find a way to pull me through

Just so we could once more
Make the hurting count

Carlo C Gomez Jun 2021
He trails.

He turns.

He falls behind.

But always discerns.

Fortunately our tastes for this
sort of life coincide,
except in the matter of sunrise,
which he likes to see up and dressed,
and I from my bed.
Merlie T Jun 2021
I'll love her forever
and one day i'll let her go
with grace.    Or, maybe
she'll let me go with grace

Either way
we'll love each other always.
For my sweet, sweet kitty, Hazel Nutmeg Squirrel
stillhuman May 2021
Stranger in the night
come on, i will bite
now, what is on your mind
as our destinies intertwined
caused us both
to need someone to confide
the worst thought on our minds

At almost 2 a.m time
we both need to remind
ourselves of the imperfection
of humankind
and I really wouldn't mind
a hand to be kind
and a shared glass of wine
to blurt out
all those slimy thoughts
that won't leave

And for less than that
I would listen and chat
acceting your words spat
out to relieve the constant combat
going on in your head

So, drink up with
you stranger in the night
and if the wine doesn't help
I think talking just might
I feel some sort of companionship when I find someone awake at 2 am
Keiya Tasire May 2021
Water the Greenhouse
Water the plants on the deck.
Walk Autumn Moon.

Salutation to the Sun
Yoga on the deck
Angel of Air
Reading & Study with Ken
Sipping herbals & he, his coffee.

Pick up.
Moving the living room furniture
Rearranging. Sweeping. Mopping.
Clean the kennel.
Fresh bedding for Autumn.

A break for Sevenfold Peace in the sunshine.
Listening to the Holy Stream of Sound.

Playing with Autumn.
Laughing with Ken.
Continuing with rearranging & cleaning

Another break
With Ken, Autumn & Habibie
By the firepit in front of the shop.
Auti chasing water up and down and around.

Walk to Alli's, talk and pick up the key.
Cut broccoli, cabbage, carrots, & kale
Add a few pods of peas
Drizzle poppy seed dressing.

Two bowls with 1/2 cup of rolled oats each
Add cinnamon.
Taking a teaspoon
Half full with honey.
Dipping it into the center of the oats
Pouring boiling water over the honey.
Into the oats.

Stirring and stirring
Watching the cinnamon spirals
Mix into the sweet porridge.

Small cacao chips, sunflower seeds
A few raisins
Sprinkled as garnish.  

Eating together
Smallville, playing with Autumn
Habibie resting near by.
She maybe carrying kittens.
Too early to tell.

Tired. Good night. Sleep.
2:30 am.
Ken up watching a movie on is phone.
My, my, how times have changed.

Return to bed.
Writing, writing, writing….now it is done.
It was a beautiful day today. It was peaceful and joyful. I tresure productive, peaceful and joyful days.
Lorraine Colon Jan 2021
Why can I not escape from Loneliness?
It hangs over me like a cloud;
Prowling about like a stray, hungry dog
It finds me cowering in the crowd

From dawn 'til dusk Loneliness calls my name,
With vague terrors it fills each night;
It accompanies every step I take
And no prayer seems to ease my plight

Loneliness etched its name upon my heart
And each day worships at my shrine;
Wretched fiend, your loyalty makes me cringe!
If only Love had your design!

Through long empty nights I curse Loneliness
As it leads me down its dark hall;
And yet, if it weren't for Loneliness
I'd have no companion at all
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