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Comradery, companionship and caring.

Comradery, that one more drink, that one more dance and that one more scéal.
Each creating its own story of bonding and continuing on its tradition.

Companionship, the glow you feel with their presence. No matter the weight of the heart, it's power will lift it with ease.

Caring, that one less drink, that one less story, but just one more minute. Sitting by their side minding and comforting you
against all woes and sorrows.
With no debt to be paid or collection to be made.

Comradery, companionship and caring.
Tea Bland Aug 16
Some nights I wish I had a warm
body to hold,
or a soft voice that would whisper
words like lullabies to me.

Some nights, I yearn for soft fingers
lingering on my face,
or someone who won't mind that my touch is dry,
and my hands are the desert.

Some nights time is malleable and
endless without an anchor to pull me
back to Earth.

Some nights I want someone to
lay by my side so that even when
sleep is nowhere to be found,
at least loneliness isn't my sole companion.
Joshua Phelps Aug 10
The months fly by,
And my heart longs
for your touch again

Something as basic
As human interaction,
Now gone right before our eyes.

Hindered by a pandemic
We try our best
To keep each other safe
and to keep each other alive.

It's like our life is playing by like
A movie on the screen.

Separated by choice,
Out of necessity,
We fight to stay alive,
In a world taken over by the virus.

The pain cuts through every day,
And I fight hard to rise above the waters.

It's getting harder to stay away from you.

My heart still longs for you after all this time.
And I miss you terribly.

I understand we must stay apart for now,
But I don't know how long I can last.

My emotions are like a sinking ship.
I'm fighting to stay afloat.

Without you, I'm doing the best I can,
To keep me from drowning in this sea of despair.
When the coronavirus pandemic made rounds around the U.S. earlier this year, my friend I decided it was best we stay apart to protect ourselves. He's high-risk, and I'm at moderate risk.

We were very close, and last year, it was on a somewhat intimate level before we decided it was best to remain friends.

I miss him so much.
Nora Jul 27
imagine, my gentle one
slow peace &
a happy truth of
something together
pôr do sol Jun 17
I want to walk with you
through empty parking lots at 2am
And talk about all the things that don’t seem real
At 2am
Like we’re in some kind of parallel universe
Where the world falls silent
And our stories echo through the night
We would be unstoppable
At 2am
When everything that could ever come in our way
Is fast asleep
With only you by my side
At 2am
I swear
we could do it all
Marisa May 27
I am a little peck in the distance,
easily swept away by the slightest gush of wind
and the most miniscule wave.
Crushed among the rocks I see a clock,
it’s counting counting down
until we are not wandering upon the face
of the earth anymore.

Where I go no one else goes.
Where you go I cannot go.
We’re a distance apart
and nonetheless we are in the same nutshell
on this earth-shattering ocean which roars
and roars and will not stop.
Timothy May 5
It’s not my place
To dictate where this companionship goes,
It’s not my place
To cut short something before it even grows,
It’s not my place
To assume the thoughts that are inside of you,
It’s not my place
To assume the role of thinking for two.
Give it a shot
LRF May 4
We found ourselves
building walls
to keep the others out

You, those who jeered
and who couldn’t - wouldn’t -

I, those who whispered
and claimed to know
things long passed

And then, having stacked our bricks
so tall,
so thick,
so impenetrable,
we eclipsed the sky
and each despaired of the
lonely darkness,

Until we had
walled ourselves
so far in
that we found each other.

We lay down our trowels
and cleaned our tired hands of mortar
and instead
wove ourselves
with the softest of threads
into a
cocoon together.
May 2020
when the world ended,
i fell to the floor,
tears rolling down,
the future tore.

heart in my throat,
my jaw felt weak,
you held me tight,
you kissed my cheek.

when the world ended,
your hand on mine,
softly caress,
fingers entwined.

no whispered words,
you let me be,
your quiet strength,
meant the world to me.

And on that day, when the world ended,
you held my hand,
you stayed with me,
you made me see,
my world could be...
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