Forgetting is the hardest
part of losing you -
but I’ll continue to jump rivers and
climb mountains for a chance
to see you again
and engulf my world
with your tilted grin.
Mother Nature was on the naughty step,
Only the grey pallor of the moon to contempt
What little resonance she still claimed
On the consequence below, product
Of her own foolish invention, intention
That the stars so detestably famed.

Sun, sending reason behind Natures treason
Begged like a lowly saint, knees burning
In faith, fear, and friendship; she knew
The horrors of humanity could wipe
Candle creases in her bright blesses.
Was it to be one of those glorious messes?

Flesh in hand and doubts all but sand,
Nature laboured, lorded, laughed timely,
Work soon to reach the world, worries
Striking rarely in quaint little flurries
For, as all children in the eyes of mother,
They were beauty beyond the ocean.

They loved like the forests, lived as human.
As the sun beat down rays in dismay,
She too learned of another light, bright
Beside the evergreen, dark against the
Ever changing blinding of her own hate.
But, in crimson, carnations became carnage.

One could ask Mother Nature this tale,
Crying on the step as she withers away
As a product of her own pestilence, or
See the screaming sun in all her silence.
Or taste the bitter tongues of our children
For Mother Natures truly beloved

A mother cannot see fault in her flaws,
Only what change she hopes it still stores.
I've only been on this site for a matter of days, but already it has been brilliant.
I've heard artists always create more when they're in mourning.
I understand that now.
Your name will still go on as a legacy
You turned everyone’s dreams into a reality
You put out the stepping stones leading to success
You were the Walt to my Disney but only so much more
Every door that was closed by doubt was opened with your infinite outpouring of hope and love
My Momma told me this,
"Be strong for your Dad."
So I stood tall, strong for him.
The day Grandpa died.

I put on my snow pants,
I was just a kid,
And walked out into the cold.
Only then, I cried.

I walked alone, through snow.
I barely minded.
Everything was cold that day.
I thought about him.

Larry was a good man.
He liked photographs,
And  he taught me how to wink.
Grandma loved him much.

I walked quite far that day,
Before coming home.
I wanted to be alone.
I had to be strong.

On the day Grandpa died,
I didn't eat much.
But I stood tall for my dad.
The day his dad died.
Emily 7d
Make love to the monsters under my bed
Hear the moans of the waking dead
I miss my scary dreams
Horrors, terrors, and screams
Instead I hear enigmatic speech
From a ghost, beyond a breach
Of sadness and sourness
Derek Moran Jul 11
today is a mourning day
black hurt rushing over me like skin
everything I could have said to you
crying out
“thank you”
“you taught me everything”
“I’m sorry.”
words cut me like teeth
I could have said this to you
I should have said it to you
while you were here
but I didn’t
and now
it is today
a mourning day
I’m crying not for myself
and what I should have done
but for you
there is no selfishness
Red Brush Jul 10
In icy winds, the leaves rustle.
In whispers hoarse they lament
How the nights would soon be quiet;
They'd never again know spring's scent.
Amelia Reeves Jul 10
Between lazy drags and humble brags,
Daft and dafter, uproarious laughter.
Perpetually sought, an extra thought,
A missing chair.

Loving kindness may be innate,
But a great somebody raises somebody great.
So she was the Sun incarnate,
Because they have warmth to spare.

An ajar mouth, a dusty frame,
An eager eye, a familiar name,
“You would’ve loved her; she was just like you!”
Between freckles and smiles, I already do.
MEReidow Jul 9
We struggle to die
Running right into life's trap
Racing with time ,
We want to grow up
No one to blame that's just us

We age and we differ
Our bones becoming weaker
Our skins lose the  glimmer
Our teeth have no holder
We look back onto the days we were young and merrier
No one to blame that's just us

We seek home in holes
Love ,lust and betrayal
Cries, laughs days pass on
History writen ,they say it lives on
Legends writen over our dry bones
No one to blame that's just us

We can't see these wonders anymore
The sky no longer embraces our world
6 feet deep it feels stone cold
Our souls in rest in the world unknown
As the recite these words on our tombstone
There's No one to blame that's just us

About man's life circle . Remember It's unstoppable
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