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Mose Oct 14
Grief-stricken bones that rattle of nostalgia.
A grief-stricken daughter in the presence of her father’s passing.
I wanted to scream please don’t go.
But I only murmured I love you, you can let go.
I pulled your hand closer.
Tried to study every wrinkle.
Mapping all of the rivers that filled the Grand Canyon of which was you.
I tried to find the rivers of grief and mourning within myself.
All I found were wells of pain.
The only reservoir left of me was my love for you.
I curled your finger upon the palm of my hand.
Whispering dreams into the temple of your head.
You’ll be a bird with an endless sky to soar.
So you can see all the love which has grown from the seeds of your heart.
I’d wish you to be right in that moment.
That this was not a cruel humor of the gods.
A test truly warranted by a key to the everlasting land.
A hope in which I watched you spend your life praying for.
That your most beloved had been waiting for you.
That the breaching of your spirit was only a lapse in presence.
On this day, was the first time I prayed for heaven to be true.
Mose Oct 6
An unsolicited cry for help
The bodies of brothers stacked as fences.
To separate I from you.
Erasing black from the color spectrum.
There are no grey colors here.
Grief painted in rainbows.
Our *** of gold is the silencing of church bells ringing.
The choir of mourning mothers can’t be heard over the gun shots.
Gasps for looting, but not for the lapses in breaths.
George Floyd was not one man.
He was every black soul lost to social injustices.
A solicited cry for help.
When I cry my self
To sleep because of grief
Over Faisal
My beloved
I hear it raining
Allah is crying along with me
Over a life cute short
Ma salaam a habibi
As I hope that
Allah can believe you
More then mortal me
Or my mortal
Ma salaama habibi
I wished
That our love became
A reality

Good by my love
Fate is cruel
mark soltero Sep 25
is grieving for a stranger unfair?
it feels wrong to follow suit to causal continuation  
the moon awaits
the stars await
god awaits
the reaper sows
no glory will be to those who live without fear
blessed be to the exalted
dawning to the new age
I wrote this when the protests began here. It’s never seen the light of day because it just felt too early.

Scrying through a broken glass
The time has come and it has past.
The illusion go of what could have been is what hurts the most

We need to let it go-that things could have been different
Scrying through a broken glass

Left with a shattered glass heart
The ripples dance on the waters reflection
The sisters of fate put us in different directions.

Scrying through a broken glass
The hurt still lies underneath
With the stains of time etched in our palms

You are someone else
I am still right here.
A recently lost one of my best friends.. It's about a longing to get them back..
Steve Page Aug 20
He's lost,
miles away, miles deep,
detached from his body
even as he wears away the groove of thought
ploughed across one brow
And then he see me and says,
oh, hi -
that last syllable drawn out
to invite me in with a beguiling smile
and an innocent chuckle
at the ridiculous,
at what has brought us
to this point,
a dual study of single-minded
singleness about to diverge
into a joint pursuit with women of worth
and a marriage of ideas
from which who knows
what will birth

And now,
15 years past his singleminded passing,
I recall his laughter
and the friendship that came unasked for,
unexpected, and unmatched since
and I miss him still.
In memory of a good friend.
Void Aug 20
I can still see you everywhere I go
My memories paint your image clearly
Your voice still speaks to me, even in a crowded room
I'm the only one who hears it

You meant the world to me
You saved my life
You saved me from myself so many times
I miss you so painfully
It hurts to know you're missing at my side
I wonder what it would look like to listen to others,
Would I finally be able to see all the beautiful colors?

What would it be like to genuinely be okay,
Would I be able to smile and make everyone stay?

I wonder how easy it would be to get up every morning,
To get up and get ready instead of crying and mourning.

I wish I could feel really happy for a day or two,
That would be the greatest wish come true.

But until then I will sit and smile,
I don't want to make others worry for awhile.
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