trinity 1d

so i will take your hand
and you will take mine
and we will stand.
sometimes still and sometimes grieving,
sometimes silent, sometimes numb -
there is a time to mourn and a time to heal.
We will recover kindness from the debris
not to kill with,
but to bring life.
gather the things we've lost and rebuild
and again
and again.
yes, we will all die one day
but on all the other days, we will not.

adr 3d

until the morning
there’ll be times
the world seems out of control.
days will come that make you feel
you never can be whole.

until the morning
“happy” may be
your greatest challenge faced.
little smiles come painfully
and every effort is waste.

until the morning
yes, you will cry.
the tears will flow (with reason):
maybe you won’t feel any love
or love will change with season.

there will be mourning.
and sometimes, dear,
you won’t know why you do it.
you’ll weep and weep into the night
and won’t see reason to it.

until the morning
you won’t find
the purpose to keep going.
you’ll cower when the light fades out,
when the darkness starts its showing.

but then comes morning.

and, ah! the sun-
it will burst in through your cracks.
your lungs will fill with air again
and you’ll finally relax.

dear, until the morning
there will always
be my hand to hold.
now close your eyes; the hour is passing
and night will soon grow cold.

Take me back to that night,
where the lamppost was the only light in the sky.
Where you turned around and looked into my eyes, I held my breath and your lips met mine.

I felt you die in my arms that morning,
You left without any warning.
You left without a word,
You broke my wings so it would take me longer to walk away from the hurt.

It was your last chance.
And you left,
Without any regret.
I wish you held on,
I can never move on,
this for you is my swan song.

I'm Mourning you every day.
No one compares,
you were the one for me.
But I wasn't enough,
I've tried to become tough.
But his love wasn't strong enough to stay.
I wish you could see my pain.
I'm mourning you until my dying day.

Story 5d

I pressed my hands into the small of her back, and
Up to my elbows, in the thick and sorrowful
She wound so tightly around her waist.

She said our bodies hold our trauma so maybe, sometimes,
Can know mourning.

The world is changing everyday
And nothing ever stays the same
It's like I blink and you are there
And now you're gone, I don't know where.
The things I access in my brain
Just make me feel like I'm insane
And can't go on with out a fight
So I just might get out of sight
To be alone just for a while,
Not too long, but long enough
To make some sense of all the pain
I see on repeat on the screen
Inside my brain,
Which will never be serene...
Take me back just for a moment
I don't see things the same way anymore,
All I see is torment.
That's too bad, those were the days that
Had true meaning
But now it always seems that
I'm screaming and dreaming...
Longing for the past
That wasn't going to last.


melanie 7d

hollow & cold,
I find the vapid touch
of a longtime lover
to be my only friend

death has come knocking
twice today
& I've tried to answer both times

you will be forever missed

Loss is always difficult. Maybe talking about it will help someone.

Said if you were free my love.
We could never be in love.
Looking at the stars above.
Whisper in the breeze my love.

We used to fit like a glove.
We thought that it was truelove.
But now you just let go of.
And sing like a mourning dove.

Mims Nov 5

He tells me my hair looks better in the morning,
Wavy and untamed

I told him his opinion is better,
Kept in his throat
"what am I to do when I've fallen in love with you?"

"get over it"

Don't say love, that word disgusts me


Do you know anyone who doesn’t die?

Who hasn’t died?

Who will not die?

Not I.

How to accept?

Not mourn?

Think through to not have pain,

(For pain seems fruitless), for

To not accept

Is like rejecting sun and moon,

Existence, proven, measured, seen.

Do I lament when atoms split?

Grieve, regret,

Have sadness that I can’t get over.



Pain [we have] when others die –

That ‘other’ human, cow or dragonfly.

The local forester sawed down a fir

Which was for sure,

A hundred fifty years or more.

I mourned,

Stump and its rings all it passed down.

Is it absence or remembrance?

Is it longing for a something now a non-thing non-existing?

Is it clinging to a someone

Over whom we have no power,

Never had? Could it be wrong-er?

Fate and destiny his, hers or its

Through all of time and history.

I cannot think of one good reason

Vindicating mourning.

Were we meant for suffering?

Though I [clearly] cannot clarify,

We’re seeing wrongly,

Thinking strongly wrongly,

Wrought of ego’s braggadocio,

The hallowed hoaxer of emotions.

Nover: me, born Arlene Faith Nover

Why Mourning 11.4.2017

Birth, Death & In Between III; Nature Of & In Reality; Revelations Big & Small; Circling Round Reality; Circling Round Egos;

Arlene Corwin

Two days ago it as All Hallowed Saints Day, or the Day Fo The Dead.  It prompted this.
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