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It is as if a wave of tranquility passed over me this morning. Still numb. However, the strenuous longing to feel has dissipated. The wounds have be temporarily cauterized. No empty pain lingers in the darkness like a phantom menace. I felt nothing before, But I knew I was in pain. Now the nothingness consumes any lingering obscure thoughts. I am the hollow man; Such a fragile shell I carry on burden bones. But tis a pleasant day indeed. Thunder storms barrage the sky in open warfare and ominous tear drops soak the battlefield. For once I am not the fool weeping alone; The world takes my place, my pain, my suffering, and I revel in the warmth of it's tears as any good sadist does.
Poetic pros I write in my journal that I reveal to the world in snippets.
Eloisa Apr 23
I’ve written my prayer
upon the wings of this tiny tern
And she shall fly up there in heaven
Carrying my fervent, perpetual dream
To heal the bruise I daily wear
for the painful loss
our fate ordained
TomDoubty Apr 18
Is this what writers do?
Conjure the worst then set you there, contorting
to listen for the beauty that sings in suffering?
Your boiling body fights, trembling
and next to you in darkness, brooding
I see the struggling and the worst
and imagine  your beauty

as a memory that enters a room
full of mourners-
sunlit breeze captured
in billowing fabric
which turning and holding
you there for a moment
lets you go
as the tears and the chatter
go on

Jan 2021
Carmen Jane Apr 16
We both built brick walls in front of us
From time to time we push one brick out
To see the other, but we always miss
We never look in the right place...
The world around is losing its hue
Colourless, lifeless, and boring
The will to live waits for its cue
No tears are left for mourning
My city sings like a siren
Its brash tenor, an incision 
Fading into mundane life

My city rises like smoke 
From a freshly lit cigarette
Until the sickness sets in  

My city mourns like a lover
Begging for more time
Before the flame subsides

My city trembles like a sinner
Before a god 
Indifferent to her pain
I hate it ended so suddenly
I miss the times you've made me smile
When you've made me cry
Gods, I miss your company!

Your words, like a symphony
My favourite painter
Left a crater
How I miss your company!

Your kindness like a subtlety
So selfless
Made me helpless
I do miss your company!

Now, unaccompanied
I go through life
In my back, a knife
Your company
Is lost for me!
How can I be?
Without somebody
To hold me
To sooth me
To say to me
"Don't you see?
You're the one for me!
You'll always be
Special to me!"

You go on without me
I do without you
Yes, I do
No more company!
No more you and me!
No more I love you, no more You love me!
Now it's just me

Don't know what to do
Oh, if I knew...
Don't have a clue
Life is blue...
No more me and you...
Miles and miles into the mountains high
Travels a heartbroken soul
She seeks a place where she can safely cry
A homely harbour where she’ll feel whole
Little land where no liars she’ll face
No shadows to shatter her heart
Mindless pillow to return her warm embrace
Just her, her peace, and the hearth

Gone be the days of her crippling hurt
Gone be the days without a smile
Gone be the days of lying cheats and flirts
Be gone, be gone for a while
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