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Carl D'Souza Aug 1
When we ask questions
about how to be
optimally joyful and happy,
we have a chance
of discovering
some answers.
Johnny walker Jul 26
Never ending stream of people constantly passing
me by all seem to be In a
such hurry and I'm
thinking slow
down take It
or you'll run yourself Into
the ground and you will
then end up like me for
when younger I was just
till I opened my eyes to what was happining the rat race we call working life but retired now but nothing to show for
efforts over the years a pension that hardly pays the bills let alone buys food all and everything that
gone through my working life and just continues on Into retirement so I still ask what the Hells It all
Johnny walker Jul 22
I've search my very soul constantly day and night
to try and find a reason
for this thing we know as
I suppose I'm looking for a reason to believe to what other people say and what this life is all
But my soul still continues to search yes I can see reason for the weathly but can't find a reason for the
For they struggle from the day they're born on throughout their lives untill the day they
Which brings me to my question that of whats It all about and what's In It for the
Onomatopiyya May 25
I'll be asking
Are we on the same page?
Are we giving the same energy?Cause if it's a no
We got a reason to go
I've never done much more than ask
If you were sculpted from glass

I have asked if you're cracking
I have asked if you're chipped
Knowing that scratch was from where you tripped

Words are all I have
Words are all that I can use
That's why that question is what I always abuse

Are you okay?
Are you alright?
I wish I could be by your side this night

I don't have much left to give
I was dropped myself
The shattered mug that fell from the shelf

I cannot relate
My tears are not the same
I do not know how to remove your pain

You were intent on fixing me
You can't repair damage so archaic
That's why I'm now a beautiful mosaic

My shattered pieces were picked up
And smooth glass from the sea
That's why my mosaic is a different me

I have been broken and that's fine, but
You can't go on faking
Now that you're so close to breaking

I cannot mend you either
It could not be done with my mug
There's only so much to be done with a hug

I wish I could do more
I offer you only my words
My love is more pricey and ultimately hurts

So that's why I've never done more than ask
If you're okay to be made from glass
The one I care for is hurting and I'm to scared to withdraw because he might crumble. It's difficult to say if I'm holding onto him for him or for me and I don't want to let him break more because of me.
One day I did open up my eyes to see reality staring
back at me awoken from
a dream like a
taken by  surprise I was wondering what the hell Is going on and oh how
strange my life
become without her nowhere with me taken all these sleepless nights and empty days to realise
just can't without her now oh cruel now the world does seem since It stole my love away leaving the meal
one each and every day to my
for what life once meant to
Helen and I It's taken all these lonely nights end empty days It's only to memory now for
I survive the cruelty of this world I've long since fallen out if love with It taken all these sleepless
and empty days to realise
she's not be coming back to me It's all over now but for dreams and
but never stop asking the same questions why so soon In life
All those sleepless nights and empty days to realise she won't be coming back It over but still asking why so soon In her life Helen deserved so much better In life than she was given bless her I shall never forget her
moon shows
the way without asking
for anything in return.
It is a great
With some help from the stars...
Johnny walker Feb 27
Oh mother my mother though you've long since
been gone, the memory
you left me will forever linger
They linger on In the
nightmares I have, the
times when I was afraid
to sleep lived In fear of
falling to
My mother though long
since gone but the  memory of childhood abuse linger on and fear
of the cupboard under the stairs
Oh mother why? you left with terrible memories of the cupboard under the stairs
Johnny walker Feb 27
Life to me from the day I was born has been a mystery spent most of my life asking
Apart from the time spent with my wife, that's the only time In my entire life I've not asked the
But the rest of my life I really don't why and how It came to
When once asking my mother were we planned with absolutely no emotion shown she answered
not really you
Which about said It all didn't ask If she loved me think I'd already had the answer to that
when I married Helen then I stopped asking why? but since she's been gone I'm back to asking Why?
All my life I've been asking why? When I married Helen I stopped asking why? But since been gone I'm back to asking Why?
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