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Heavy Hearted Mar 29
chests heave-
in the dark,
Breathing throughout
Each exhale.
The soundscape
a sleepers tone;
the clock's
      Tick tock,
Counting each second;
Becomes infinite-
The midnight's
"What we've become is the price we've paid to get what we used to want".
neth jones Mar 28
my       teeth       hurt          in       Winter
the   beginning   of   Winter     for   sure
a                      fantastic                     ache
even           when      the      wind      sits

even             the       cleanest       breaths
          draw       hard          on       my       chest
but my heart still draws on the beauty
invites   stillness       to   meet   stillness
from previous winters attendance
Caro Jun 2023
Slowly thinking thoughts
while cooking a late dinner in a
dimly lit kitchen,
A quiet I haven't said hello to
in a long time,
But I suppose she's always been here
Waiting for me to slowly think my thoughts
Ariana May 2023
When I die
plant me like a seed at the roots of a willow tree
so that I may be reborn amongst Her roots,
and travel to the tips of Her ever swaying leaves;
Let me fervently fight the stillness of death,
forever whipping and lashing,
with Her branches.
Ram B Feb 2023
It's been an hour
Aboard this car
My hotel is near
Yet the traffic
made it far.
A magnificent sunset
Outside my window
Beautiful hues
Of red, pink, and yellow
The river reflected them
As we passed a bridge
Beauty doubled
As it was received.
irinia Feb 2023
hands sliding
sounds gliding
minds swirling
in this dance
of stillnes

gaps filled
Farah Taskin Dec 2022
Feelings died
in this archaeological site
discordant music stopped
In a vacant mind
I sit here alone
The Foodie One Mar 2022
I am Frozen
- Still -
in Space

Trapped between
solid Waters
and biting Winds,

All I ever
wished for
were some Wings.
© 07/01/2022
Erik T Blaze Dec 2021
It's another
mundane assignment
as I feel I'm being  trapped

In the Asylum

Cause everyday,  I feel I'm on an
I -- land
and I'm  drift'n

With nothing but consciousness
on my mind

Seeing many visions now
many a times

A thousand times?

Yeah,  the feeling is
Time -- less

But then again?

I thought it was just another case
of my mind just being mind -

( Smh )
How thoughtless

As I feel I'm getting reacquainted with
the darkness
that's trapped under my Eye -

For all I've ever seen under the skies is
in disguises is nothing but vio -

While still sitting still in the stillness inside
as I sigh
in si -- lence

I'm left with  the question of
Who am I?

Undecided but
No Suicide

Cause on the other side of you and I
is nothing but illness and a stag -

Still divided and
too stationary

Vision blurry.. in a hurry
No worries

Cause I'm already invested
Battle tested


In my latter -  Days

And even though I can't see that
clearly the paths or the plans laid
before me

My plate is empty and my stomach is
rumbling while feeling kinda hungry
kinda annoying
But at the same time?
Re- a-ssuring

As the tempters continue to
Tempt me
The Lord is my Shepherd
Psalms 23
Christian Bixler Dec 2021
for awhile
the rain-washed limb
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