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I crave the silence that used to be a disease.
I miss the feelings of stillness that would make my empty head pound.
The quaking nothingnesses would make the bravest men cower.
I crave the silence I used to hate.
The misophonia brings me to tears.
Because when the world won’t stop whirling,
the people won’t stop shouting,
you realize how great the quiet really was.
You realize how beautiful the silence is.
Apollo Hayden Sep 30
When the silence gets to you
Hold on just a little while longer, you'll get through
Stillness is better than being  anxious when we know we shouldn't move
Place your mind in the darkness
Close your eyes inside your room
Breathe out and then breathe in to find a calmer you
Sometimes a resting tongue is all we need, to our temples we must always find a way to retreat
Away from the world that can become so busy
We get lost in all the rush
Return to the center and remember peace can be found in the stillness
Oh, yes you will find your way in the darkness
if you're ready and you're willing
There's much to be heard
There's so much to be settled within those emotions
that can create a storm unfit for sailing, or calm the waters for your ship to go floating
Upon the sea of your thoughts
cast your net of introspection
For it is only in times of stillness that we
can find answers to our most difficult questions
Be still...
Blade Maiden Sep 19
Radio Silence
in my head
in my bed
as I've met
many dark creatures
in my dreams
all in my dreams
so as it seems
This Radio Silence
is leaning over
I can't take cover
my thoughts they hover
around my dark-minded lover
ruins my eyesight
as I hide
in this shadowed light
and I abide
I abide
no care for pride
It's for the fool
the one that knows better
I rather drown in a pool
suffocating in words I drool
as I ascend
as my physics bend
blood-colored steam rises
my guilt finally liberalizes
Radio Silence
as I shout defiance
Radio Silence
as I speak of compliance
Radio Silence
a sort of reliance
when I lie in stillness
contemplating my wrongful illness
and ask for forgiveness
Flowing from a mesmeric flute,
soothing chimes of celestial stillness
****** every grain of my being to a lullaby.

Like a gentle mist
illuminating a willing landscape to esoteric radiance,
every cell glows to a call from the depth of stillness.

Dust returning to dust
to free the spirit from the hold of mortality
diffusing it to a galactic wonder of thoughtful mystery,
with new wings to migrate to a land
shut to mortals blinded by illusions.

On the wings of the mystical whirlwind
I dance to the call of bliss
that escort me to the heart of its radiance.
Blade Maiden Sep 17

In the damp morning streets of my mind
a smell of words so foul
phrases that bind
and forever hidden underneath a dark cowl

Walking neath a hollow sky
a living, breathing, stone-cold vaul
as a lovely darkness constantly spills over my mind's eye
but never reaching thy heart, this empty hall

Words luminous like stars
reflecting on the sea below my feet
my mirrored self gripping onto bars
this is where truth and make-believe meet

I ask the Great Ones to give me the wounds
I ask for those that I deserve
Waited to bleed for many moons
this body is eager and so is every nerve

I cannot live another day
living of the starlit night
hiding my sole purpose away
this fragile human shell, my endless fright

Is this my Anathema?
I feel endlessly accursed
This mind's life is nothing but a phantasma
and it seems nothing can collect what has once been dispersed

Am I not dead yet?
Is this not dying?
I was not hit but still I bled
Why have you taught me how to be death-defying?

Blinded by what is illuminated
I'm always drowing in the space between
a warm light that has faded
and a bright and terrifying fire burning so keen

So just finally set my flesh ablaze
break through this agony, a heart so tame
let this sea of blood erase
and overflow this frame
Tim Mansour Sep 5
It’s getting harder to realise

the need to be driven

I want to be where the earth is

in a void, but always held

Stillness is the moments when the

crow and grevillea find me

Holding release, I think of you

in my bed and am flush warm

And I remember beauty, as if

it were there all along

Putting down my thoughts for a while

I pause, to let your memory catch up.
I like calm in my eyes,
They don’t wander anymore,
Searching for something ,
Picking and nitpicking ,
The small troubles of the world.

I love the silence of the void,
It hums me into its stillness,
Takes me everywhere and nowhere,
Places beyond these dimensions,
Away from the all the chatter.

I adorn the nothingness,
It puts a blissful countenance,
It fills my senses to contentment,
I want it and yet it’s nothing I want,
It sends me to the above and beyond.

I feel this harmony within,
Tugging and pulling my strings,
Arranging the notes of my being,
A harmony born out of chaos,
And synchronised into a melody.

My kindled life shining bright,
I see everything in its wholesomeness,
Untouched by the worldly elements,
I embrace now that exists in nothing,
This universe leads me to everything.
To be :)
Ram B Aug 18
When my world
Was whirling
I found you
In stillness
When my mind
Was troubling
I found you
In peace
When my emotions
Were too rough
You made everything serene
When I stopped
In standstill
You flowed in
When I let go
And allowed
I received
Unconditional love.
Caia Halmas Jun 12
If I keep still
For much longer
I'll disappear

I won't vanish into thin air
Like a blow of a cigarette
Or a cry of dispair

I'll stay,
Pinned to this bed
A petrified marionette
No longer attached to the strings of this net

So you ask,
What trick do you play
To fool your own self
To step out on this day
As lonely and grey
As it might come your way
Or as you may portray?

A touch of oneself.
"A sheepish remedy!",
You might complain.
"You should feel shame!"

What can I say...
At least,
It gets the heart pumping
As I go out lumping
To tick the boxes on this never ending list
Hoping to find unexpected bliss
Ram B Jun 5
With closed eyes.
I am Peace.
Then my world is.

In stillness,
my world is perfect.
It is.
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