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The stars blink in awe
when the soul gleam from love,
of the gleam of souls
the celestial light
bursts forth
and life miracles
radiate in eternity.
Love was born
and set the worlds alight.
All trying to get somewhere
Your mind has you, lost

Gave you a chance to lie
Now here in, memories rot

Dreams and death reminded me
A smile on my cheeks

Here and gone again I won't mind this misery
So busy loving you that I forgot to be

Ilonka Sep 3
in the cold summer nights of Iceland
I want to sing you a ***** lullaby
and fall in lust when you don’t expect,
pull you closer and feel not only your skin
feel you as you are,
let’s stop being angry all the time
there is so much that we can’t change,
but maybe the little left is a good start...

I want to show you the stillness of nature,
the power of silence, the whispers of now
the cold weather awakens my mind,
I step on cooled lava fields
that deep down await to immerse in change once more,
black sand beaches scream in colors I love you,
waterfalls everywhere remind me how heaven looked once
and green grass is my only witness that I exist, and that this is not a dream I am dreaming
Iceland might be cold, but I never felt so much warmth in my soul!
Over Aug 31
His feet trembling
And my tongue sticking out
His breath numbered
Ant dancing in my hand

My blood too sweet
Heart wrinkled in cold sweat
Cold gaze on his face as
I constantly made him fret

His heart too sweet and
His blood to sour for my tongue
These ants too sour for
The blood on my palm

This skin too pale for
The radiance in his eyes
This chest too open
For someone to hide inside

Gave me his heart he who
Had none for himself
Took my blue heart and
Stuffed it into his chest

My eyes shift into focus
His chubby face is too dumb
The subway station too cold
My skin was too numb
Running away from
It’s life
Human inertia
Stephen James Jul 21
finding the stillness
in the midst of busyness
will help sustain us
a haiku
Dré Jul 16
The candle flickered the way his eyes had done that night.
A slight interruption in a stillness, composed of perpetual motions.

I found him there, where certainty ends and surrender begins;
a space we created together but on our own.

Sovereignty in our togetherness saw fear dissipate with pride
when he held out his hand that night.
elisabeth Jul 14
I think the feeling of being truly alone
is what draws me
awake at 3am
no one speaks my name
a distance from the motion
a certain stillness
Annatman Jul 3
Silence, perfect - no words needed
In the sublime, calm presence of you.
Within, something is dancing
So subtle and grand, so
Delicate and full of life.

Outside, breath is the only
Movement in the stillness
Of eternal presence, gentle,
Warm, the music for my soul.
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