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Keiya Tasire May 16
I am?
Be Still.
Be Love.
Be Peace.
Walk with Faith.
I Am  Peace.
I Am  Love.
I Am  Still.
I Am.
Moving through Fear, challenges and pain; to find the connection within.
The stillness of the earth, after the rain;
Takes my breath away, once again;

Your memories at rest,
My soul bequeath;

Those forgotten days,
Reminders of the haze;

Scars in the heart,
Barring the art;

The flow of emotions,
Became a halo of notions;

Those heartfelt things,
Were nothing but ruins;

Some escapades,
From my failures;

Beautifully carved,
On the canvas of life;

Presented to you,
My mistake;

Will try not to,
Repent what had been a stake..

Your eyes were the culprits,
They made me their victim;

We suffered together,
For neither could speak;

Afraid to love,
Unable to express..

Withering away,
With the bond intact;

Two blooming flowers,
Caressed by the showers;

United by fate,
Separated by twaite;

You & I waited,
While our souls mated..
Distance cannot separate you.
Josie Stewart Dec 2020
In the stillness



A soft melody of the breeze

A mind awoken

Two asleep

In the stillness, I find you.

In the stillness, I find me.

In the stillness, I am.
Written in 2016, rediscovered in 2020 after years sitting in Facebook drafts, intentionally left untitled
JKirin Dec 2020
Snow descends in white flurries,
somewhat hovering, drifting.
All is still, nothing hurries;
only shadows are shifting.
Night retreats,
moves on
at the break—
of dawn.
about worries leaving and calm taking over
SiouxF Dec 2020
Look for the stillness,
The peace and
The quiet,
For that is where you will find
your purpose,
Along with
And salvation.

So quieten your chaotic demanding cynical monkey chatter,
Take time,
To breathe,
And breathe again.
Then notice,
The diversity of
Sights, sounds and touch
That’s all around you.
The vibrant colourful hues of nature’s forest,
The gentle touch of wind’s breath upon your skin,
The melodic mesmerising waves of the sea,
The warming glow from sun’s golden orb.
Take time
To breathe
Long, deep and slow,
To go inwards,
To reconnect,
Mind, body and soul.
What is your body saying to you?
What message is it offering you?
What sensations are crying out
For you to listen, to hear, to understand?
What do you need to learn
From the deep wise voice
Deep inside you?
Adi N Nov 2020
Sleep breaks, body awakes,
Still dark but it's too late.

Thoughts rush in, old and new,
I lose control, toss and turn.

I try hard, but the sleep is gone,
The mind has won.

But there is time, to still the mind,
I will try harder next time.
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