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Maybe I'll just sit here
In this stillness
Surf the unbidden
of silence
That fills my mind
Keiya Tasire Sep 28
A pathway that gracefully winds
Into the heights of Heaven Most High?
I have heard what they call this place
Medebah, Medebah, Medebah
The seventh heaven of seven heavens.
Where the cherubim, unicorns
And all the Spirit Children, dance.
Around and round in the meadow
Where the flowers grow
Where the Eternal
Tree of Life Blooms.

Be still, the Dove whispers, be still.
You have a key!
It is the breath
She whispers to me.
"Follow your breath."

To where I wonder, to where?
Am I to breathe?
The intention of my mind
The intention of my heart
Bound by a Golden Ring
The breath circles, in
the breath circles out.

Did you feel it?
That moment of stillness.
After the in and before the out....
I smiled and nodded, yes.
Dear Dove, smiled and began to dance.
Celebrating brightly, "Yes!!" "Yes!!" "Yes!!"
The Dybbuk Sep 21
Silence doesn't come easily anymore;
we have abandoned ourselves
in favor of slot machines.
I have grown weary of spinning bells,
colored lights, and empty words.
Patience is my companion now,
and serenity follows closely behind.
I will walk the path alone,
and revel in the company of stillness,
as wanderlust guides me deeper
into the woods.
topacio Sep 14
i want to make a toast
to the pause in between the wind.

a sweet dance
i partake in of
man and nature,
willingly i observe you
& then
silently retreat into myself.

i will always dance
this delicate waltz
which allows me to
examine the ways
in which i am the
same and different to you
Kara Shirlene Aug 22
Whimsical as it may seem
I still find myself
Getting lost in a daydream.
I look up, and look around.
Beauty surrounds.
Life gets hard sometimes,
That will always be true.
But I have found
Joy in the mundane.
I've learned how to breathe
Through the pain and anxieties.
To live mindfully.
What does it mean to
Daydream now?
To find peace in
Doing nothing—
Except watching the
©KSS 8/2020
Dante Rocío Aug 17
Perhaps a more difficult thing
in further and further life ebbing
is the vividness,
own quality guarded,
and fulfilled attention working
and standing
without any current or prospective actions or events going through,
when there’s no other (mind) occupation now or soon
than the following going on
and living itself.
As is is worthy of praise to be a hero
and a righteous something
when even as nothing happens
your gestures, stance and presence prove it
Samir Koosah Aug 8
Some days the world just seems to be turning the other way around
Some days things just needed to turn the other way around also.
Turn around and away. People, feelings, time, if only they left me alone
For today I mean, just for today.
Cause tomorrow is another day, and tomorrow isn't written still,
We don't suffer for tomorrow, we stand still. We stand in awe, awaiting for grace and counting on beauty.
I should've known better...
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