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Underneath the bridge, I am standing, crying, and writing a message to beg for your forgiveness.
Jamesb Aug 5
I do not doubt
You know I love you,.
I do not doubt
You have seen the man I
Truly am behind the veil
And mis direction

But alas there is
One thing that
I know you will never
Ever comprehend,
And that is the depth,
The agony and the yearning

Chasm within my chest,
The scale of the
You shaped hole
Within me
Or just how VERY MUCH
I ******* love you
Someone knows. I hope she reads this
Ila Jul 11
I was on my laptop playing a high stress game
And I switched tabs and saw that telegram had a notif
My heart beat a million times per second
I could feel it beating through my chest
Much like the time we spent in my backseat, professing our love to each other

My heart beat fast
Palms sweaty
It’s a lot like falling in love
But you aren’t here

I check the message and it’s not you
My heart continues to beat as loud and as fast as it was
Am I relieved that it wasn’t you?
Why did I feel so anxious, thinking it had been you
I wished it was you
I really wished

I hoped you talked to me again
And yes
I am upset that it wasn’t you

Why do we reserve things for special people in our lives?
That thing just gets ruined when they’re no longer there

My heart still beats fast
Trying to calm down
I felt all the symptoms of nervousness all at once
I really hoped it was you
But alas you’ve left my life
I should stop hoping it’s you

I am disappointed it’s not you
Please come back.
Please come back. I keep hoping that it's you.
My soul spoke to me but I didn't write
I didn't cos I felt the time wasn't right
When I was ready, I couldn't write
Cos I couldn't remember what I was told to write

What a loss
I woke up from bed and the poet in me weaved some beautiful words of wisdom to me. I was so drunk with sleep that I went back to bed with the hope of writing in the morning only to wake up with just a fragment of those words. It's a shame I've lost the message.
In the dark luster of the last arrival
Wrapped in the oblivion of our fathers
Surrounded by false promises
They hemmed the tracks of life

Waiting for the train to return
The train was delayed and didn't come
A swarm of sparrows flying above us
Whistling a song about summer

Spread the light; be the lighthouse!
Shine thoroughly within oblivion
Shine! Shine as bright as a lighthouse
Lead the light through the valley's gorges

I do need your shine urgently
To forget about oblivion
Shine! Shine as strong as a message
Come into my embrace at the tracks
Cayley Raven Feb 11
Hey my little one,
I am extremely busy.
Will write to you soon.
A text I got, the sender unaware of the fact, that they just wrote a perfect haiku.
leeaaun Jan 4
i came back to saw
the notifications
but you left a message
which made my day
small gestures could mean a lot.
Ken Pepiton Dec 2022
December's crueler than April.

Survivor stories from my youth,
Donner migrants
Athletes in the Andes
King Rat pragmatist ethic, depiction.

Whose story wins the hearts?
Whose reason causes minds to make
a way appear,
where no way was, yet now, we be
come to the future, from just now,
how come we ask?
Me and thee, alone, I see no other,
thus I read… my life,

my owned experience, true as true
can ever be, on the spectrum,
Perfect proven truth, the idea all
begins with, already

one and a, none, nada mas, only me,
I scan the ever not I
and I see. Only me, most self centered
of things,
the singularity at the core,
whither thought occurred, as what
if we knew, nothing
is a positive, point in re-ality, under
time constraints,
and breathable atmo bubbles,

dust of ever before, the just imagine,
living by faith as defined,

here, by faith, to thine ownself, be true.
Good and faithful,
servile being, you, the submitted mind,
heart-core, gung-**, rock roller,
happy Sisypheanist,
on life's downhill side.

Too true to be simple, loop de loop.

The road is a Mobius strip,
with as many twists as your average
protein molecule,
produced from dirt, ultimately,
formed from former stars's dusts.

Of course, that is, to stay valid,
on course through human events,
opportunities for the whole world

to know, a means, a use of held thoughts,
phenomenal-logos chains holding
weight a minutes needing thinking

through, dia-logos, thought filled words.

The elderly Voltaire enters the frame,
carrying -- or carried on
a stipulation, a term limit, bounding
pre-suppositions… ag-response, control.

A keel and a rudder and a mast and sail,
in our mind we all have imagined,
we could, should necessity demand.

Suppose, I go light on my own  reliance
on artificial knowledge, I lean
on my leading spirits spoken words,
as spoken by my culture's steady state.

Salt, for centuries, served life. Agree,
we know Sodium is real, as a model,
made with representative shapes,
Tinker-Toy structures visible
to current-tech eye-use-enhancers,

scanning instants in the gestalt.
All the uni- units in the universe,
one time tic past last… waiting to go.

------ hours from go, begone, we are
being come
so far, so good, no pain, no sorrow,
at the moment, mindful
practice, right
in that moment, stick and stay and

make it mean something, today,
while it is called today, you may
come along, as you wish,
or feel drawn, as into a vacuous event
horizon claiming,
right, this was the edge, yesterday.
Today, this was first and next came after, the medium is the message/ like
Andy Chunn Nov 2022
Christmas is the time of year
We celebrate with family near
The holy message from above
The glory of God’s perfect love

We see the woods and snowy fields
Thankful for their summer yields
That keeps us through the winter frost
Running on faith that’s never lost

See the bright lights and hear the bells
Warming fires and stories to tell
Sugar cookies and Christmas pies
And wonder in the children’s eyes

And as we sing, and run and play
We come together all to pray
And celebrate Father and Son
Christmas is the victory won
(1st Corinthians 15:57 - KJV)

“But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Àŧùl Jul 2022
Decoding Her Reply

I text her, “I Love You, Missy.
Do you love me too?”
She replies,
“In a particular language,
I want you dead is coded as wv bl dy rr
My love is eternal is coded as vg rh ol nb
You are very sweet is coded as hd ev zi bl
I hate you stupid is coded as hg bl sy rr
She pauses, as if for an eternity, before continuing,
“In that language, my answer is,
gl bl ol rr
You decode it, lover boy.”

Now what does she mean???
My HP Poem #1952
©Atul Kaushal
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