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decline the call,
delete the e-mail,
ignore the speech,
ignore the message,
focus on yourself and yourself only
Carmen Jane Sep 25
In response to the knock on the door
I ran to open it and it was me,I was floored
Then my ear itched and I reached
Only to fall out of my ear,oh dear!

I flossed myself out from my grainiest smile
And lay on the tips of my eyelashes
I collected my thoughts and myself in a file
I burned it and  rose  from the ashes.

I swam an ocean so I can arrive in time
To be the reflection of myself looking down
I made myself smile although I was kicked
In ripples surrounding my ankles.

I can spell my name with my eyes closed
I know you can spell yours too
The message in this rhyme is enclosed
I hope you don't mind I chose your alley
                       To pass through...
Aseel Sep 23
أرغبُ بأن نختفي في زاوية من زوايا المدينة، فقط لتناول القهوة و النظر إلى عينيك
لكنّ مزاجي السيء، السيء جدًّا، سيُفسد كلّ شيء كالعادة
لذا أُبقي رغباتي الليلة هُنا بجانبي، إلى أنا يأتي وقتها المناسب
في الحقيقة هو ليس فقط مزاجي السيء، لكنّ رغبة بإعطائك قسطًا من الراحة منّي تبدو أكثر حقيقة هذه الليلة.
أشتمّ بعض مللك، أسمع أصواتًا في رأسك تدور في رأسي: لمَ أتكبّد عناء هذه الفتاة؟
أشعرُ برغبتك بالتخلّص مني، لكنّها تبدو كمزحة أمام رغبتي بالتخلص منّي.
كم سيكون مُريحًا أن تتمرّد عليّ عيناي و ترفض أن تنفتح مرّة أُخرى !

على أيّة حال، إن كان ولا بدّ لك أن تعلم شيئًا هذه الليلة، فهو بالتأكيد أنّني أفتقدك.
I miss you
Jaxey Sep 19
if you're ever wondering if you're in love
just think of that person as a flower
if you came across them
would you pluck it for yourself
or water it
would you water me?
Bevan111 Sep 17
On a cold and lonely day with a hint of a breeze
The red metal box alone and lonely  started to freeze
Would someone need  him today he thought
A lovers tiff, an angry couple who'd just fought

A well placed word on parchment or better still
A poem from the heart to elicit a thrill
Night and day, day and night
the postbox remained resolute hoping to see the light
Keiya Tasire Sep 12
every day
They do happen
All around us
Do you want to see miracles?
Open our eyes  
To the rainbow colors of  Light
Creating playful rhymes
Pros and songs
With joyful gratitude
Set your heart free to Love
As the sun shines
as songs of birds filling the air.
As pebbles of sand
Without number.
Miracles are. 
(now read the lines from the bottom up).
The journey from pain to increased joy and peace has been filled with the little and large miracles of life,   It seemed when the need arose it was met in ways, I did not imagine (synchronicities, gut feelings, hunches, dreams, visions, guardian angels, message through an unaware friend, etc). May of the answers were small. Some took  time. Yet over the course of my life all that I have asked for has come into my life. I am grateful for the assistance we receive from ancestors, and others on the other side of the veil.
Trout Aug 31
Please leave me alone
I’m not the phone
Inscribe your message
Dial at the tone
austin Aug 30
Do you lie awake at night
about when the pain will go away
and when you'll see a better day?

Have you ever thought
maybe you just aren't good enough
and you're bound to live the rest of your days
depressed and distraught?

Did you ever say
this is just too much
when you hit rock bottom
and didn't know how long you'd stay?

This is a message from me to you
Don't forget that you are you
and of all who roam this world
there are none the same as you

Don't ever think for a second
you don't matter, or you aren't good enough
Your mere existence is something special
There's more to this than you can see

If you've been hoping for someone to tell you
I hope I can make my message clear
Set the blade down, please don't disappear
The world wouldn't be the same
if you weren't here

It's not much, but
I hope this is what you needed to hear
I know you're stronger than what you fear
Allesha Eman Aug 28
I know you can see through me
I hope you can read my mind
Because I can’t seem to find words
To tell you that I feel alive
And you’ve slowed your presence
You let me wait for the summer
You showed me a silver lining

I’m afraid of losing you
But you’ve already passed
And now you have a new face
One coloured with kindness and the past
Your benevolent presence
Is starting to fade
now you’re just a moment
and I sit here forgetting you
Thinking about my regrets
Bewildered and dazed
In my second letter to time, I go down the alphabet from anticipation to bewilderment. This one holds the regrets I have for holding onto a past that’ll never be.
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