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the world is fast succumbing
to the left's ideal
for no other has a more
universial appeal
Β Β 
throngs and throngs of people
can't resist the left's message
as it is possessed of the strongest
kind of carriage

shortly the right side shall be
completely obsolete
for no one will be requiring
its once time honoured concrete
Β Β 
the left's take over is rapidly
taking place
and as it does we'll have it staring
us directly in the face
When you message

Your name appears

they see my smile

But inside... my chest, Tense

I attempt to inhale
The air thickens
My lungs like Stone...
Chilling to the Bone

Your Phone silent... Do you wonder why?

What do I say? What will be the conclusion?

lua Apr 29
my words
might wash up
against your shore
in torn up shreds
each scribbled letter faded
obscured by time
obscured by rippling waves
that thrash and tear
each piece left vague
dowsed in mystery
and a lingering
a longing
to be read

next time
i'll be mature enough
to put them in a bottle.
ShininGale Apr 27
I dreamed today, before doing my devotion.
I was fighting with other people that turns out to be monsters, I was with my friend. Half way through the path where we were running, my friend was suddenly stuck in the middle of the way. Monsters surrounded her and she was helpless, for some reason I manage to get through as if the monsters are not anymore interested in me. Their skin touches mine but I don't feel strangled at all, a little suffocated, yes! but still I couldn't explain why I was closer to the exit.

I could never go and leave my friend behind, so I came back. I saw here in the darkness with a spotlight pointed at her, she was covering her ears and her head was tilted down just like a kid afraid of the dark. Held her arm while running, we runned as fast as we can. Do you know how we manage to get out? I just started shouting prayers and calling His name! I was even surprised when I woke up I felt safe because we manage to escape because of Him, surprised because I did not curse on those monster but just called His name.

The last thing I remember in my dream, was a kid. We were trying to escape and suddenly help came, humans, there was some guys and few people who came to tell us that there's a ride waiting for us. And suddenly, the real reason why we are running was because of a lady who I feel like I know but haven't seen clearly...the kid was her child. The child was a boy but he was beautiful and his eyes are as if speaking to me, my friend called me and shouted "Let's go! We can escape now!" But before I did run, I kneeled in front of the kid and continuously hug him after every message I say. I remember the kid crying and kept silent, but his eyes are telling me not to go. I felt like we are related and that I love her mom and she felt like a sister or friend to me. I can feel her watching us from afar but she's not chasing me anymore.

This is what I told the kid.
"Tell your mom we love her, but we have to go now!",
"Please grow up as a good man!" and while sobbing I said,
"You have a good heart, you're a good man, because you have a good God! stay that way!".

I don't know but it might be confusing to other people, but I think I was saying the a good person or a man is good because He has God in his/her life.

I ended up nothing getting into the ride, I woke up. But I felt comfort because I know I can be better and be a good person if I allow myself to be used by Him. And then I did my devotion, the title was "enjoying beauty", the content was "God's perfect time".

I wanted to share more!
The dream was real, it was around 11pm-12am of April 27, 2021.

I'm sorry if someone might get offended of my story, I don't wanna offend no one. Not a poetry, just a story. But I will try my best to create good poetries and nice stories. I am now delighted by the idea of testify a lot of things, I just want to share what I am enjoying right now.

To everyone, fear not for you are not alone! I know that now for sure :>
Tell me a time
U needed me
A time u grabbed ur phone
2 text me.

Have u ever rung me
In the depths of the night
Just to hear my voice
In the darkness?

U could say u had
U could tell me u need me
But I’d see our messages
Or rather, my messages:

The lines and lines
Of my words,
Calling ur name,
That go on for miles.

Punctuated by one of urs
A smile :)
Or a word
And nothing more.

How can ily
When u never respond?
How can I be obsessed
When there’s nothing:

No message
For me to obsess over.
But u never,
ever reply :(
Ben Heart Mar 24
You cannot **** a choir
You cannot **** a flock
You cannot **** a cause
You cannot **** all of us
The letter
I've sent to you last day,
I realized
it won't be read by you.
You've gone from the words
I wrote to.

The letter
I've sent to you last day,
I realized
it won't be read by you.
I never try to write my feeling for,
because there is nothing to write for.
Indonesia, 19th March 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Let me hear the voice of you.
Writing on my page.
I text it to be true.
But that message is underage.

I take some paper.
Folding it to be a pain.
Flying crash it upper.
Still trying to stand again.

I walk on the street.
Looking for you there.
The path gives me more breathe.
Smells of you are the things of rare .

I finish my little journey.
So I can take a rest.
You choose me as a honey.
Vibrating on my chest.
Indonesia, 17th March 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
rig Mar 6
underscore underscore
slash backslash slash backslash
backslash slash in three lines –
add a bunch of spaces,
make it yellow and send.
wonder why you did it.
worked for me in courier new
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