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damdamin mahirap wikain
dito sa tula aking isasatitik...

puso'y puno na ng sakit
sa damdami'y puno ng tinik

hiling ko'y inyo din' makita
itong sakit sa aking mga mata

sana'y inyo din' pakinggan
mga bulong na hikbi nitong puso

may katapusan ba itong
sakit na tila walang hanggan

tingin ko'y hindi na kaya
maari bang wakasan ko na..
I can't have the passion
It's just ****
Empty persona

Hint of malice

Messages don't reach
Responses zero
Hollow existence

Just self-love
To wither
Ian Robinson Feb 4
Maybe it is me
Actually it is me
You are quite the dream

Truth is a burden
Heavy sets the beating heart
Even on that day

Beating hearts and a falling start
Recreate the scenes of us falling apart
Incandescent lights
Disrupt the flame
Giving off a new sort of spark
Effectively entrapped in an entangled waltz
Spiraling into the wall


Beaten and battered by frivolous exchange
Understandably we're upset
Reacting not acting
Nevertheless we swing

Lightning flashing
Inside the mind between the hearts
Grasping what we understand
Hoping for the rest
Truly serene

Truth may be a burden
Hardly to fallen stars
Enticed to try again

Wishing for a chance
A way to find the end
Yet I'll I hope we'll never see
If by chance I call & you don't pick up.
Take a message.
Take a message.
If by chance I call & your fast asleep.
Record me in your dreams.
& when you wake up I'll see you soon.
Greeted by the sound of your voice.
Only a call away.
If by chance I call & you can only talk for a moment.
Then I'll spend a moment in honest truth.
The moments quickly falling in the past.
Your smile always with me.
If by chance I call & you don't pick up.
Take a message.
Take a message.
Take a message so when you play it back
You'll always have a reason to smile.
Whether your busy.
Or simply just don't have the time.
Take a message.
Take a message
Kelly O'Toole Jan 28
Don't be sad because I am gone,
Be happy time was shared so long.
For the memories we created and the love we treasured.
For I am never far, I am always there.
For I watch over you, as you soundly sleep.
I visit you in your dreams, so you can see me.
I listen to you in your prayers,
I am the breeze of the fresh summer air.
In the familiar smell, I am the memory.
In the tears, I am the weight off your shoulders.
In the warm embrace, I am the hug.
I am the goosebumps, when you think of me.
In the happiness, I am the sun shining bright.
And In the photograph, I am the story of a beautiful life.
Matthew Jan 19
Little words
So small and sweet
and giving to all
they are something to all

that's why i think they can be better than big words
Trying to write in a different diction
Ken Pepiton Jan 19
See the reasons warring

who fools fools for money then makes the king pay

that one m'y be the culprit

whence came the king thing?
I mean it did not pop full formed
into mito mom one

day as a re of sun set its eye on a
particular nail hole
in the tin roof corrugated

good word, rug ated, like walked on, y'llthank?

a collective loss of soul
noticed by the few

mad men who felt some call to lie'n when
camera obscura facts, proved they saw
I saw
light bent
through a nail hole
brought the sunset to my wall

or all of it that mattered,
the part I saw...

face? No,
yeah, I could see that,
If I could see what you say you suppose

supports your pre-sense presence if it ivity
whither Grammarelyearly versions

howled as I claimed the idle words holding true

riches from the stone re
jected jeckled and hidden, lapis,

was there a gem with in and a gen with out?
Ah, he sang that line

Ragpicker evolved to Recycling Frontliner Earth day Youtube stars
what a job. Save the world...

stumbled and
lost the thread

fracture  ice cracked ice mud shrunk in from
hidden  edges where the weakest

or most open

imagine you are with me in the mud

bubbling old ideas settle peace

fully here fully there, the ever over
flowing where
we met.

?¿ yen yanker ****** ain't it?¿

hiero-glyphic ifs effeing ity ness. per se.
mud shrunk in from
hidden n-degree edges where the weakest

or most open bonds are loosed on earth as they are
let go let be let

until he be taken, obscureference,
Bubble Bible fact' never acted as if I knew

he who letteth shall let until he be taken out of the way.

may be today. lest we forget

imagine you are with me in the mud
I find I am enter tained in ways no hermit ever imagined. Good days are to be commended for having been, I pose or posited.
I wanna be great.
The same way that everyone does.
I wanna share my art with the world.
The same way that everyone does.
I like to help people.
The same way that everyone does.
So I will share your art.
Not like everyone does.
There is so much out there.
A lot of it under appreciated.
I will share your art.
If you are willing to speak it.
I am starting a project.
I hope you are interested.
As much as I am for this.
Please leave me a message
I will get back to you quick.
I wanna Share your work. This is real. Speak your poetry to the masses. Touch people emotionally. Message me please!
Prince eduard Jan 14
Realize that the end is near
Realize that time is at hand
The place is here
Act! Come to your band
And say that there is no time
there is no time and place for sin
Cause the King will come
Like a thief in the Night
Look! Can't you see the world is in dark!

There's nothing that can bend
Or shorten and even lengthen
The time that we have been given
but the Father, all-knowin'

He alone knows
And says: Behold I come
For time is at hand
oh, it's repeated
because yes, it's of a great importance

Repent! He says!
Know my word
Heed my face, He says
Mark my words!
I love it
I love God
He cares and warns us
He waits for everyone to know
He gives you chances to repent and change and He waits for you
The question is.. are you waiting?
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